The lighting in the loft

Actual Loft style today brought into the interiors of the spirit of rebellion and freedom of expression, moved the established framework of property registration by the wayside, and helped create a memorable, very stylish atmosphere in many homes and city apartments.

We decided to pay attention to our dear readers to a separate, quite an important topic interior lighting in the loft-style, because light plays a special role, and its sources are very specific instruments.

This type of light industrial style is very recognizable, since no false instruments on long cords or chains is hard to imagine dining, sofa and kitchen area.

The advantage of suspended luminaires not only in their originality, but also in functionality. Such a device can easily be raised or lowered at any convenient height for you.

Recently, a variety of lamps, hangers can satisfy the taste of most demanding customers, that will certainly help in the creation of a unique situation in the industrial style. You can choose fixtures that resemble barrels, ordinary incandescent light bulbs, street lights or oil lamps made from glass, metal, wood and even leather.

Floor lamp – it is a special kind of lighting fixtures, which gives a feeling of tranquility and helps create genuine comfort even in an atmosphere of a loft, with its brutal textures. The secret is the use of floor lamps in their size and peculiar shape. The appliance must stand on the floor thoroughly, and be not less than the average human height growth. Furthermore, appreciated the unusual silhouette, for example, in the form of railway spotlights, bulbs photo studio, or with a large and concise metallic (glass, fabric) shade.

LED or fluorescent lights are also very popular in industrial interiors, because it gives a stunning effect of “floating” light without using obvious devices. Highlight and thereby make visually lighter can be any objects in the interior of the loft: the impressive march metal staircase suspended from the ceiling design, kitchen furniture and countertops (island).

This type of lighting is particularly good when creating an interior in the style of a loft apartment you will be in standard sizes – space will become easier and more voluminous visually.

Without special worker, as well as decorative light can not be avoided in the industrial interior, especially if the room is quite spacious. So, in the evening after a day of want to relax and cozy atmosphere the apartment, illuminated soft light, a break from the worries. In this case, it is to create an atmosphere of ease wall sconces help – they do not give too intense light, but with two or three such devices can be dispensed to the room remained quite bright. Exterior wall lamp for interiors in the loft are also covered with the spirit of freedom and the rejection of the usual standards: lights, spotlights, tin buckets, glass balls and wire lampshades.

Main light in the interior in the style of a loft is often not enough for comfortable working at a desk in an office or bedroom. In this case, you should use the original table lamp resembling, for example, the architect of the lamp (on a flexible stem of metal).

In general, the appearance of lighting products for the industrial style of the interior is no different sophistication: simple shapes, natural materials, roughly shaped silhouette devoid of any unnecessary decoration. And yet, in some lofts can be found, it would seem, it is not relevant here device – a massive chandelier with horns.

The fact that such an object, if you use it skillfully and in a quantity of one, appears impressive contrast and underlines the special charm and laconic style loft. Installing a chandelier with glass shades (small pendants, beads) and distressed metal frame or aged wood should be at the center of a spacious living room and dining area.

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