The pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual

Artificial pond – excellent decoration of any, even a small area, so it is very useful information about how to make a pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual will talk about what materials will be required for the arrangement of beautiful water mirrors and all the intricacies of this simple process.

Creative idea of creating a pond at their summer cottage

The contents

  • 1 Choose a location for the reservoir and form
  • 2 Pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual
    • 2.1 the improvement of the pond with ready-made forms
    • 2.2 Equip the reservoir with film
  • 3 Filtered water and planting trees
  • 4 decoration of the pond at the cottage
  • 5 Some tips for the arrangement of artificial pond
  • 6 preparation of the pond for the winter
  • 7 the Pond at the dacha with his hands (video)

Choose a place for the reservoir and form

Any rules choose the shape of the pond there. It can be any size — round, square, asymmetrical. To make the pond fit perfectly into the countryside, when you should pay attention to the overall style decision of a suburban area.

The cascading form of the pond

It is very important for this element of decor to choose a suitable place. You need to consider soil characteristics, assess the terrain. If the terrain is hilly, it is better to equip a stream or fountain with cascading water runoff and prepare a flat piece of land better than a small pond. You should also consider the location of trees relative to the reservoir. Over time, the roots can compromise the integrity of the reservoir. In addition, the water from the trees will crumble the leaves and other debris, making often have to deal with cleaning of the pond.

The modern decoration of the pond

Can not hurt the pond and the sun’s rays. They warm up the water, allowing you to fully develop plants that live there, fish. To have the pond on the sides of the light stands so that the sun was on his side most of the daylight hours.

The pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual

There are two ways of arrangement of the pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo collection demonstrates both. For simplicity, you can purchase ready-made form. Modern manufacturers offer tanks of reinforced plastic or rubber rubber, but if the funds are insufficient, you can use the conventional insulating film, only a thicker structure.

The edges of a small pond rockery arranged

The improvement of the pond with ready-made forms

To find the optimal location for a future reservoir, it is necessary the completed form is to lay on the ground and mark the outline. At the marked lines dug in a pit. Its size is approximately 8-10 cm must be greater than the form itself. When the tank into the prepared pit, it needs to be filled with water about a third and slowly pour available around the void with sand.

1 and 2, selection of plastic shapes and mark the outline of the future reservoir, 3 — preparation of pits, 4 — set form in the pit

As to the bedding, fill the tank to the top with water. The edges of the established form laid wild stone or planted plants. It is authorized only after complete shrinkage capacity.

5 — laying stones, 6 — planting flowers

Equip the reservoir with film

In several stages is carried out the improvement of the pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual will help not to get lost in the intricacies of the process. For the construction of such a design element you need:

  • rope or fishing line;
  • the film of polyvinyl chloride;
  • brick;
  • sand or gravel with the fines;
  • round stones or slabs;
  • spade.

Step 1: digging the pit

Using fishing line or string, mark the outline of the future pond. Dig a trench of required size and with its bottom removed all obstructing debris: rocks, tree roots and other objects that could spoil the film. After training at the bottom of the pit poured the sand. To the insulating film is not damaged, the layer thickness must be at least 10 cm then it is possible to lay the film.

Step 2: installation of waterproofing material

A useful tip! If the width of the film is small and it is not enough to cover the whole pond, the pieces connect with adhesions.

Step 3: filling up the future of the pond water

Appropriate hole for the reservoir to do multi-level, even if you do not plan the creation of a simulated stream. On the attacks you can plant out the plants. They are planted in small pots, because land in that pond is simply no.

Step 4: securing the edges of the waterproofing material

A useful tip! Film before use it is best to spread for a couple of hours in bright sunlight. As a result, it will heat up and will acquire greater elasticity.

Step 5: laying the stones around the circumference of the pond

Along the perimeter of the pond to dig a small ditch with a depth of 15-20 cm, It will serve as an assistant when attaching the edges of the film. Subsequently, they are covered with stones or gravel. Allowance of the remaining top should be not less than 50 cm, only in this way can be fastened securely to the edge of the construction. Finished pond can be filled with water.

Step 6: making the walls of the pond with stones

As you can see, it is easy to create a pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo below is a good example.

Step 7: planting plants

Filtered water and planting trees

The next and mandatory step in the regeneration of the waterfront should be setting the filter station. It is especially necessary if the pond is planned to run fish. Kits of filtering can be found in stores. It is applied to manual, which is easy to carry out the installation and configuration of the stations themselves.

Pond with waterfall

After running the filtration equipment you can start planting. For the first depth level suitable for such plants as hvostik or arrowhead. Look good floating plants. Among them you can choose lilies, water hyacinths, and others. To get the space around the pond using ferns, reeds or cane.

For the design of pond you can use a cane or reed

A useful tip! A pond with water plants and fish requires periodic care. The bottom clear of silt, remove rubbish, leaves. Overgrown grass cut or partially removed. Cleaning definitely make twice a year.

Pond asymmetric shape in the country

Decorating the pond at the cottage

An artificial pond on any site is its Central ornament. Decor pond in addition to plant are the stones, the statues, the interesting figures, small trees. With the help of such elements you can create a unique work of art.

Near the pond has a gazebo for relaxing

The bottom of the reservoir it is necessary to decorate only the rounded rocks without sharp edges. Masking edges can be carried out by planting on the banks of broad-leaved plants. If you wish, you may provide the backlight of the pond, it is necessary at the stage of digging to reach the wiring.

Decorate a country pond and flowers and plants

Some tips for the arrangement of artificial pond

Creating something for the first time, it is very difficult to avoid mistakes. The arrangement of the pond is no exception. The following tips will easily help you to create a pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo gallery will help:

  • pond equipment stones of approximately the same diameter will give it quite boring. It is best to combine large blocks with smaller size stones;

The pond at the dacha

  • it is not necessary to dig a deep pond with steep walls. Decorate this body of water is much more difficult, also hard to plant water plants;

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  • container gardening is much more convenient, but do not allows plants to grow strongly. You can try to fill the bottom of the pool a special soil designed for water-herbs and drop them off directly there.

In the pond at the cottage, you can breed fish

Preparation of pond for the winter

Start to prepare the pond for the winter period is necessary before the onset of cold weather. At the first sign of leaf fall should be covered fine-mesh netting to excessive dirt and leaves do not fall in the pond. Deciduous foliage rots, leading to a spike in the concentration of marsh gas. It is very harmful for plants and fish. The mesh is removed after the first frost.

The pond is surrounded by wooden and stone paths

Now you should start cleaning from bottom silt and debris. This procedure is required because all that rotting, poisoning the inhabitants of the pond. To clean just prefer a water vacuum cleaner. Do it after pumping water. Winter any body of water needs no equipment, so all filters, pumps, nozzles and fixtures are carefully cleaned and in the clean room.

A small pond, created by your own hands

Small ponds during winter freeze completely to the bottom. From an artificial pond for winter, remove all plants, fish, and send them to spend the winter in a warm room. If the basis was the finished container, it is necessary to omit a few bottles filled with sand, in the cold form is not cracked and burst. Start a pond once the night temperature will be above zero.

The pond at the dacha with his hands (video)


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