The snow-plow for walking tractor: the principle of operation and basics of self-Assembly

With the onset of cold weather, the owners of country houses have again and again taken for snow removal. In this article you will learn how to make DIY snow plow for walking tractor, working principle, characteristics and features. As well as tips and recommendations for choosing the best option among the proposed market models.

Tillers are often equipped with a special attachment for clearing snow

The contents

  • 1 How does the snow plow for walking tractor
  • 2 Snowthrower for motoblock Neva
    • 2.1 is it better to buy a snowthrower for motoblock Neva or make it yourself?
  • 3 Rotary snow plow for walking tractor with his own hands: drawings and photos of examples
  • 4 How to choose and buy a snow plow for walking tractor
    • 4.1 Snow-plow for motor-block salute: characteristics and features
    • 4.2 Snowthrower MTD: what model should I choose
  • 5 Recommendations for the operation of the walk-behind tractor with a snow attachment

How does the snow plow for walking tractor

If we consider models that are commercially available, their principle of operation is as follows: the device consists of motor, front of the blades, which produce a selection of snow and rotary node inside the mechanism. Due to the operation of the motor rotates the auger which breaks the snow in front of him and rakes his crushed parts. The rotor blades, raking the snow, it is served inside the device, and then pushed out through the outlet at a distance of several meters.

This two-stage design is quite easy to use, however, it is more common for ready devices and independent implementation has some difficulties. So when we are talking about making snow plow for walking tractor with his own hands, it is better to use a simplified mechanism.

A walk-behind two-stage snow blower

Options for self-production of devices a lot: someone who uses blades, which are located on the auger for snow removal, and who on the contrary favoured the rotor, while simply raking the snow by yourself using the ladle. In any case, and the other option can significantly ease the process of snow removal.

Yourself to determine the type of snowthrower tillers, you want to do is quite simple. There are only three basic types of devices: auger, rotary and two-stage. Shadowing the production version, you’ll understand what their differences and will be able to make the right choice.

Snowthrower for motoblock Neva

Snowthrower for motoblock Neva with their hands, perhaps one of the most popular options today. This design will be quite easy to assemble and very effective in operation. Simply select and install on motoblock Neva snow plow attachment.

Snow plow attachment for motoblock Neva you can make your own or buy ready-made

However, the price of the snow nozzle for motoblock Neva often becomes a stumbling block. Depending on the model, its value can range from 16 000 rubles. For this reason, a common enough phenomenon – a homemade model. Consider the three most popular options:

  • bulldozer attachment for snow plow for motoblock Neva. The price of this option ready will be high enough, while to do everything with your hands is quite simple, and the result will not be inferior to the factory unit. Using a special adapter, attached to the cultivator attachment as a bulldozer. In this case, to break the snow cover using sheet metal with a pointed end, which is also called knife. Snow literally cut off device, after that just hung to the side;

    A useful tip! To ensure a long and uninterrupted operation of such devices, for the manufacture of all fixtures and parts is better to use steel elements.

The easiest option is to use a blade for walk-behind tractor for clearing snow

  • the second option is difficult to implement, and it will require drawings. However, if you choose the right scheme, and have a welder, you can make a very convenient and efficient snow removal machine. The principle of operation of this snow thrower for motoblock Neva with their hands the following: as in the ready rotary nozzle, there is a box, the auger and the pipe responsible for the release of snow. This two stage system allows for maximum efficiency of the device, but its production will require a little more time and effort;
  • the third option – fan snegootbrasyvateli. The mechanism of this device is similar to the operating principle of a conventional fan. Special blades scoops the snow, which immediately dropped to a certain distance through the tube. Despite its apparent simplicity, this option is quite complicated for self-realization and requires certain skills. But if you have enough free time and desire – it is possible to give preference to this method.

Drawing snowthrower for motoblock Neva

Is it better to buy a snowthrower for motoblock Neva or make it yourself?

To unambiguously answer the question is it better to buy a ready snowthrower or make your own – difficult. On the one hand, the acquisition of factory model cost is not cheap, and often not affordable to the common user. But on the other, to produce such a device is not always easy for those who have not previously encountered a similar problem. It requires certain skills and effort. So before you make a decision in favor of either option, it is better to soberly assess their capabilities.

Such a device as a mounted thrower for motoblock Neva requires care. Otherwise, its service life will be short regardless of whether you bought it or made themselves. First and foremost, make a periodic inspection of all fasteners and re-torque if necessary. In addition, does not hurt to regularly check the condition of bolts and straps, to avoid damage in the process.

A useful tip! If you are planning a long snow removal, make it a rule to carry out inspection of equipment every 5-6 hours. This is the optimal time interval between inspections.

Ready mounted snowthrower for motoblock Neva

Rotary snow plow for walking tractor with his own hands: drawings and photos of examples

Having a working tillers and drawings, rotary snow-plow for walking tractor with their hands – the task is quite feasible. Using Assembly drawings, you can fabricate the missing elements of the device and use the device for its intended. At the same time, picking up the drawing to work, pay attention to these parameters of the product. Picking up the drawing, you will see that mandatory it shows all necessary details with instructions of their sizes in millimeters. You will need a sheet steel, a welder, and access to a lathe (or the ability to apply to the master).

The main part of any snowthrower – auger. For its production we use the pipe and Paldiski, made of sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm. Discs are welded to the pipe, forming a double-sided spiral in the left and right parts. To the design is sturdy, the welds should be given special attention.

A useful tip! If available, you can use the old screw, which could be from agricultural machinery.

Screw rotary snow plow tips are made manually

The next phase is to ensure the mobility of the screw. For this purpose, the ball bearings 203. Using the bolts and nuts, of the body need to attach to each side of the snowthrower. Thus the auger will rotate and serve the snow that cuts on the rotor.

As a base for the rotor is fine the boiler is made of aluminum, with a volume of 20 l Using chetyrehkilometrovoy rivets, it is attached to the front wall of the housing. So, getting into the drum, the snow will throw the blades at a distance of several meters (typically 3 to 5 m).

Also pay attention to the torque which is transmitted to the snowthrower from the tillers. It is transmitted directly from the engine of the cultivator to his shaft which is already connected with the shaft of the snowthrower. For this purpose perfect strap A-100 and the corresponding pulley.

Diagram of the drive shaft. 1 — drive sprocket; 2,4 — bearing slides; 3 — shaft; 5 — a drive sprocket; 6,9 — prismatic pins; 7 — oiler; 8 — bearing sleeve; 10— the lock

The body of the thrower is easy to fabricate the circuit using steel sheets with a thickness of 2 mm. For fastening is perfect rivets 4 mm in diameter, and the M4 screws.

A useful tip! In order to be able to control the height of the snow clears away, can make special design at the bottom of the ski.

How to choose and buy a snow plow for walking tractor

But it also happens that, looking at instructions and diagrams on how to make a snow plow to the cultivator with your hands, you have come to the conclusion that this occupation is not for you, and you will be much easier to buy a ready device. However, the price of snow removal attachments for tillers, as their characteristics differ markedly from each other. Make the right choice is not always easy. As an example, consider the most popular options that are most in demand today.

Today’s market offers many different designs of hinged snow plows for walking tractors

Snowthrower for tillers salute: characteristics and features

Snow plow attachment for motor-block salute allows to clean the surface of the earth from the snow in temperatures from -20 to +5°C. Recommended for use only on flat surfaces, and can be purchased in two different versions, which differ from each other method of attachment to the cultivator.

Main technical specifications and parameters:

  • dimensions – 600х640х820 mm;
  • width surface – 500 mm;
  • the maximum layer of snow that can be captured – 17 cm;
  • the frequency of screw rotation – from 1900 to 2100 rpm;
  • weight – 60 kg.

Working principle:

  • the current part of the design, the screw rotates and scoops the snow is on its way from the edges to the center;
  • special blades, located in the center, push the snow to the nozzle housing;
  • then there is a drop of snow to the side.

Snow blower for motor-block salute recommended for use on smooth surfaces

In this model, there are a lot of adjustments, including the distance of thrown snow, which can be changed using the hood of the engine speed. You can also change the direction of snow ejection by rotating the screen.

Installing snowthrower on the motor-block salute is as follows: step tillers detaches the cotter pin and the axle mounting pegs removed. On a flat surface snowthrower attaches to the tillers. You need to enter the hitch to the frame so that the bolt with a bushing seated in the groove of the coupling. After that, the coupling to connect the snow thrower housing using two screws.

After that you need to wear a belt snowthrower after removing the protective coating of the pulley shaft of selection of capacity. Moving the coupling of the beam to adjust the relative positions of the elements so that the belt was geared exactly, without warps. After that you can tighten the bolts. Further, in place of the installed protective coating pulley PTO shaft and secured.

The scheme of fixing the attachment of the motor-block salute

MTD snow blowers: which model is better to choose

Another popular option to avoid the manufacture of snow-removing tips on the tillers with your own hands – to acquire specialized production equipment MTD. On today’s lazy she is one of the best, and has quite a selection of models, among which the most popular MTD M 61, MTD ME 66, MTD-and MTD 640-M56.

After reviewing the technical characteristics, as well as the main tasks, which are designed to address these devices, you’ll have to determine which option is best for you. For example, the model M-61 is excellent for clearing a large flat surface, while the ME-66 is more focused on severe weather conditions and serious icy snow.

The cost of snow also varies depending on their purpose. So, the most budgetary model M-56. Its value is in the range of 35-37 thousand rubles. A little costly to ME-61 – about 49 thousand rubles. The medium variant can be considered as M-61 – 44 thousand rubles.

Snowblower MTD production

Recommendations for the operation of two-wheel tractor with a snow attachment

Regardless of whether you buy a snow thrower for tillers, or use a homemade device, there is a set of rules which are approved for use with equipment of this type. Adhering to these methods, you can not only extend the service life of the device, but also to avoid many dangerous situations:

  • before starting, be sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the surface on which you plan to clear snow. Otherwise, with the snow, the mechanism can get debris, which will lead to breakage. In addition, throwing such a thing at a decent distance, the thrower can harm someone else’s property or health;
  • be sure to take care of their own safety: clothing should be comfortable, in season, without the long pieces that can be caught in moving machinery. To the choice of shoes also need to be responsible – it should not slip. In addition, to use the snow thrower without wearing a pre-safety glasses, is strictly prohibited;
  • in case of any emergency, first completely power off the device. To begin to remedy the problem only if you are certain that the snowthrower is off;

When using snegourotchka observe the precautions and safety

  • nozzle on the walk-behind snowthrower is designed to work on relatively flat surfaces. You should not use it on too steep slopes or slopes;
  • according to safety regulations, the distance which must be observed in work on the part of the snow discharge is 10 m. Check that the cleaning of snow in this period there were no people, cars, etc.;
  • when working with wet, slightly melted snow, be sure to take breaks in the work to make sure that no part of the snowthrower is not clogged with snow.

If you follow all these rules, the rotary snow-plow for walking tractor can be considered a safe device. The main thing to remember is that such devices do not tolerate haste and bustle. If you decide to shovel snow, select a sufficient amount of time, and approach this task responsibly.

As you can see, the annual need to clean the snow may become less tedious for a very affordable funds. Depending on your desires and capabilities, you can purchase the snowthrower from the manufacturer, or make it yourself. In any case, it will greatly facilitate your work and allow you spend on snow removal much less time than would be required for manual work.


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