The standard sizes of interior doors. Accurate measurement of structures

The lion’s share of beauty and uniqueness of the design accounts for interior doors. A variety of styles, sizes, materials, opening mechanisms will satisfy the most refined requirements. Greatly simplify the process of selection and installation of doors standard size interior doors. Let’s try to understand what the dimensions of the canvases are standard.

The door to the interior, maybe can play the role of bright decorative element

The contents

  • 1 Functional features of the doors
  • 2 Standard dimensions of interior doors: condition of GOST
  • 3 fit sizes double-leaf interior doors with box in the entrance hall
  • 4 the size of the opening for interior doors. Make the correct measurements
  • 5 Examples of calculation of proportionality door frames and passages to the premises
  • 6 the Range of door designs
  • 7 Sizes of interior doors (video)

Functional properties of doors

Depending on the room where are installed the door, they can vary in width and height. If we are talking about entering the premises of the room or hall, this will allow to use wider doors. When the door is the bedroom, the width of such doors allowed a little less. Openings in the service and utility rooms can be equipped with the narrow doors.

The double door of dark wood in the bedroom

Depending on the purpose of the room, in which are doors, they can be deaf or glazed, sliding or swing, folding or cassette. Many models are designed to save space. A General criterion for any type of design remain the overall dimensions of the product and of the opening which they close.

For children’s rooms and bedrooms it is better to choose deaf opaque door

In typical projects of apartment houses doorways and boxes are available in specific standard sizes. Modern Russian and European manufacturers offer a limitless range of products, using the dimensions of the standard sizes of interior doors. If the repair of your home does not include demolition of interior partitions and air transfer openings of the rooms, replacing old door will be possible, focusing on the model parameters. In the room where built new walls and wall openings must be arranged, guided by the existing standards, as the individual parameters of interior doors will lead to a significant increase in the cost of door assemblies and their installation.

In the interior for different rooms used doors, made in the same design

A useful tip! By establishing the premises of a typical interior doorways, you will ensure yourself a quick choice of the necessary models and relatively easy installation of the door Assembly.

Standard dimensions of interior doors: condition of GOST

Here are the most common supported Standards, the sizes of interior doors and openings:


  • The door height 1900 mm corresponds to the typical width of 550 mm and 600 mm.
  • The door height of 2000 mm corresponds to the width — 600, 700, 800, 900 (mm).


Values are given in mm:

Options door полотенВысотаШиринаОдностворчатые modelillustrated модели190055060020006007008009001200 (600+600)1400 (600+800)1500 (600+900)

Adhering to the values of the standard sizes of interior doors, manufacturers of doors oriented to meet the mass demand of customers. Usually, the default settings apply not only to the usual hinged models, as well as the popular door coupe or a pendulum analogs.

Standard sizes of doors in a typical house according to GOST

The existence of a single system of parameters of interior passages and paintings covering them, making simple and accessible the process of calculating and determining the right option for you. In the case where it is necessary for technical or aesthetic reasons, to extend an existing gap, this can always be done by increasing it to the desired standard value.

In addition to the usual width and height, there is another size, definitely taken into account during the selection of doors. Is the thickness of the box. The model is the thickness — 75 mm. of Course, partitions in high-rise buildings correspond to this size, and he is considered by the manufacturers of door units.

Usually the door is mounted so that in open position it was parallel to the wall

Fit sizes double-leaf interior doors with box in the entrance hall

Business card of your house interior doors to the living room. As a rule, the openings for such doors are much wider. And this feature is also considered the projects of apartment buildings. If you are going to replace wider blocks in an ordinary apartment, you can be sure that the openings and the blade will be standard.

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For the most part, it’s the interior aisles height from 2.01 m to 2.05 m, and a width oscillating in the range of from 1.28 m to 1.6 m For closing such openings used as door leaf with the same width of 0.6 m and different width doors (0,6 + 0,8) m or (0,6 + 0,9) m. All these are typical and can be ordered from the manufacturer, as a standard interior units.

For non-standard wide opening you can pick up or order a sliding door coupe

The size of the opening for interior doors. Make the correct measurements

Standard sizes door opening interior doors shown in the table below.

Values are given in mm:

Settings проемовВысотаШирина1940-2030630-650660-7602010-2050660-760770-870880-970980-11001280-13001480-15001580-1600

Make sure that the sizes of the door frames of interior doors opening is possible, performing simple calculation. This involves measurement of the width and height boxes. To the obtained digit is added clearances for installation (15-20 mm on each side, top and bottom). If the floors in the room is not arranged, one must consider the thickness of the material from which made flooring.

Scheme correct sizing of the opening and the door frame

For exact determination of parameters, you must:

  • remove the old door unit, remove the remnants of putty or plaster, until
    emerges a clear outline of the passage;
  • width it is desirable to fix three positions (bottom, middle, top);
  • the length of the resulting measurement from the top of the passage to the floor, makes sense
    to do this in several places across the width;
  • the thickness of the wall is also measured in several places on vertical slopes and along the upper horizontal slope.

Bright green interior doors effectively stand out against the white walls

A useful tip! To obtain the exact dimensions of doorways, you need tapes to keep horizontally, measuring the width and vertically to measure height.

If you urgently require the size of the openings, and the old door is still installed, should do the measurements between the centres of the left and right frames for width and from top of architrave to floor for height.

The original design of the pivoting axis of the doors in the interior

Examples of calculation of proportionality door frames and passages to the premises

For clarity, we consider a standard doorway interior door size is 900 x 2040 (mm). What sizes interior doors with box suitable for him?

Calculate: width of the leaf (800 mm), add the thickness of boxes (25 mm on both sides) and technological intervals (gaps) for 15 mm. This number take two times (the clearance left and right). The output is 880 mm. Similarly, calculate the height to 2000 mm add 25 mm (box thickness) and the upper clearance for mounting 15 mm. We have seen that the standard interior door with a box, size of the leaf of 800 x 2000 (mm) clearly fit into existing standard doorway.

Example of calculation of proportionality of the door frame and the opening in the room

But very often it happens that it is purchasing the door leaf with box, you understand that its dimensions are not exactly matched. The return of such products — it is expensive both in time and cost. There are several ways to change the situation:


  • If we are talking about a few missing millimeters of width or height of the opening, careful to enlarge the hole a wider opening.
  • If the door box was more narrow than the thickness of the pier, you can use additional element, which closes the unreached part of the thickness of the pier.
  • If the thickness of an aperture much larger than the thickness of the box (this could be, if the opening is in the retaining wall), the door frame around the perimeter (except the bottom) is framed in high-quality smooth slope.
  • If none of the methods did not fit, then you can easily order a door with individual parameters.


Glass swing door in the bathroom

The range of door designs

Modern construction market is replete with a variety of options for interior door designs. A wide range of products, colors, variety of materials used is striking: from budget to luxury samples and exclusive instances. Important is the correct selection of the model relative to the chosen style. The most popular interior paintings, made of wood, glass, sheet materials (OSB, MDF), plastic (PVC), metal.

The correct version of doors — the key to easy installation and precise execution of assigned functions.

Interior door non-standard forms in the attic

Wooden door designs are quite massive in weight, but create a unique impression of natural the naturalness and refinement of the interior.

Metal or glass doors will complement modern designs in the style of hi-tech.

For a budget option you can use lighter materials of doors. They can be very attractive and mimic the natural composition.

The door from a natural tree between bedroom and bathroom

A useful tip! Ordering swing doors, consider the direction of their opening. To determine left – or right-hand door in front of you — become to face her so that she opened on you. If the door handle on the left side, the right door, if right-to — left.

All door designs have one thing in common — they must strictly comply with its functional purpose:

  • door should close easily without effort;
  • open interior doors must remain in the position in which you installed it (it should not move in one direction or another);
  • all the accessories should harmoniously fit into the overall ensemble (no bulging of
    plane where it is attached).

White interior doors in a restrained laconic style

Interior doors are an essential fragment of the overall interior. They support the intended style, giving the impression of integrity and completeness. If the size is chosen correctly and the door is set perfectly it will last you for years to come.

Dimensions of interior doors (video)


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