The stove-fireplace to give long burning: create warmth and comfort in a country house

Modern gasification even close to cities towns actually frozen for almost a decade. Even in prosperous suburbs, you can easily find old ones in the 50-kilometer zone where there is no gas and no one knows when it will be. In the construction of cottage settlements documentation and the supply is there, but the buyer of the cottage or area is often faced with the fact that on the Central heating and can be no question. But if there is a stove to give long burning, the lack of Central heating is not a problem – rather the contrary.

Stone hearth with built-in firebox-fireplace prefabricated

The contents

  • 1 Advantages of Autonomous heating
  • 2 Stove-fireplace to give long burning
    • 2.1 Principle of operation and design
    • 2.2 varieties of ovens to give long burning
    • 2.3 Selection of stoves for home heating
    • 2.4 wood-burning stove for the house with his own hands

The advantages of Autonomous heating

In Europe, all the Northern territory does not actually have Central heating. Almost any plan or photo of the house from a brick oven, a fireplace or even at the stage of the project allocated to them.

Fact! Even small size cast iron stoves (fireplaces) in a wooden house is able to cope with the voluminous warm-up areas.

It just so happens that, unlike the former USSR, in Europe there are no areas with huge deposits of coal, oil and gas, so burning the already expensive fuel with the loss of over one third of the heat in the pipeline from even the most efficient CHP nobody wants. In the post-Soviet space, on the contrary, is accustomed to a gigantic boiler, but because the word “stove” most recalls with a smile, “stove” 20-ies of the last century. However, even lopsided makeshift “stove” has an efficiency of over 80%, while the CHP and at least gives 90% in the form of heat, but a heating lost 35%, while the distribution in the apartment house through the pipes goes from 5 to 10% depending on the peak demand.

Stove with a water circuit in a combined heating and hot water country house

Electric heaters ineffective (of course, there are Asian technology strip nichrome filaments-spirals straight into building blocks, but in Russia, far away), as it will only warm up the air and it naturally blows out the vent. If a winter night with the heater off, the temperature in the room in 15 minutes will fall by 2-3°C. Since the fresh air is also needed, to allow room 16-30 m2 were able to warm up, you will need a unit with a capacity of 3-5 KW, working all night with fully insulated Windows, and at the open window on the meter is better not to look.

Modern cast iron stoves for home design and effectiveness far removed from their predecessors.

Compact stove modern design

A useful tip! For a country house oven-fireplace with a water circuit or air heating is significantly more efficient than connecting to a Central heating system.

Current stoves have several advantages:

  • frugality;
  • easy ignition;
  • quick warm-up room;
  • versatility — some models have cooking surfaces;
  • mobility and compactness;
  • the simplicity and safety of operation;
  • the ability to remove ash during operation;
  • diverse design;
  • long term of operation.

Live fire in the fireplace makes the atmosphere in the house especially cozy

Of the shortcomings can only lead to the need for firewood and space for their storage.
The stove with the water heating circuit is gradually becoming a common attribute of modern country house. If this question “How to install the stove in a wooden house?” at modern development of technologies of construction of small insoluble complex is not.

The stove-fireplace to give long burning

Than the unit long burning differs from a conventional oven for the garden or a fireplace, shows in his name. Unlike stoves and fireplaces of conventional design, modern stoves for home long burning able to function on one tab of fuel (firewood or pellets) a few hours.

Modern stoves are a good alternative to Central heating

The principle of operation and design

In normal burning (in the fire or in the furnace conventional wood furnace) big part of what is able to burn, evaporates from the flames without the use of: nedozhzhenny carbon monoxide, methane, propane, hydroline and a combustible material convection air flow from the combustion zone, where it is instantly cooled.

The principle of operation of furnaces of long burning, and pyrolysis boilers, one complete fuel combustion to CO2, H2O and ash, i.e. the mineral residue.

It is interesting to know! Pyrolysis (from Greek. pyr — fire, heat and lysis — decomposition, decay) — thermal decomposition of organic compounds (wood, oil, coal and other things) without access of air.

Heating furnace is selected on the basis of the volume of the heated space and the installation

Full burning of fuel in wood burning stoves-fireplaces long burning to give is due to the design characteristics of the combustion chamber. It is divided into two sectors: at the bottom of them burned wood, which is slow due to limited access of oxygen. In the upper sector of the installed injector and the injector, which operate in the afterburner. This configuration makes it possible to burn raw materials in the regime of corruption, which leads to pyrolysis. Gas produced during high temperature burning of wood in a pressurized chamber, called pyrolysis, and themselves the furnace, creates such conditions, also called producer gas.

Varieties of ovens to give long burning

The main division is designed for installation in wooden houses fireplaces-furnaces – separation of the material from which they are made. Furnace can be made of steel or cast iron.

Design Kolpakova furnace long burning open oven and surface cooking

Steel ovens heat up faster and give off heat to the surrounding space by heating the room to a comfortable temperature. Therefore, it is preferable to install them in those country houses which are used occasionally and for short visits. If country a structure intended for continuous or permanent residence, including in the cold season, it is better to install it in the cast iron stove, ideally connected to the heating system with some coolant (water or air).

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One of the most popular models of oven type “buleryan”. A furnace of this type has an improved design of the heat exchanger and provided equipment manifold and water jacket may be used for heating several rooms. In addition, it could serve as a stove for cooking.

The principle of operation of the furnace “Bullerjan”

The choice of stoves for home heating

Basic principles of selection of the furnace (fireplace) for the house of brick or wood is simple. Specific model is chosen on the basis of:

  • the peculiarities of operation of the heated structure (how and how long to keep it warm);
  • the volume of the heated space;
  • placement of the heating unit.

Stove with hob and oven — universal unit for cooking and auxiliary heating of a country house

Depending on the speed of burning one bookmark stoves and fireplaces for heating private houses are divided into three classes as follows:

  • A – less than 3 hours on a single fuel tab;
  • In from 7-8 to 10 hours;
  • With more than 10 hours, which in reality is hardly achievable (it can only gasification furnace).

Quality oven class B must provide 8 hours of heating on one tab.

Modern recessed fireplace inserts are easy to install in the old ones

Many photos stoves, fireplaces made of brick for the garden will help you to choose a constructive option to meet and the necessary parameters, and environment areas.

Wood-burning stove for the house with his own hands

Installing the stove-fireplace to give brick his own hands – not a myth. To choose the stove to the house and garden is not difficult. Existing models are available in various sizes and configurations. Catalogs of heating equipment in chain stores in most cases provide descriptions and pictures furnaces-fireplaces in the house.

For the smooth operation of stoves, you need to take care of the firewood

Prerequisite for the installation of the furnace or the fireplace of continuous burning in any country house – the chimney needed to create thrust, and remove unburned gases. Also the heating unit must be away from flammable furnishings and the floor under it is necessary to protect metal sheets.

But to redo finished masonry fireplaces-furnaces for homes in a wood gas generator is in principle impossible, if you literally stick to the terms. The combustion process requires very precise control – “by eye” there is not enough, the necessary sensors. Only a couple of minutes leaving temperature, and the pyrolysis process will be “extinguished” — it will have to restart, starting with the ignition. Hence, there was an old poluvirtualnyh the term “setter” or “Stoker” – a specialist who was able to control the mode of operation of the furnace, valued as an experienced locomotive engineer.

To install the stoves necessary to heat resistant bases

So fireplaces and stoves long-burning is produced or in the factory, or according to the drawings of craftsmen with their welding machines and experience. But the market reacts quickly: there are plug-in firebox made of cast iron or steel for already tiled stoves and fireplaces made of brick. However, because of the physics of pyrolysis, these “inserts” have a fixed size – not more than 70-80 cm, so that the power of their average. However, the installation of stove (fireplace) in a wooden house, its connection and service are no different from standard furnaces-fireplaces.

Optimal selection and proper arrangement of a modern stove in a country house not only helps to create a cozy atmosphere, but also solves the problem of Autonomous heating and hot water.


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