The unit truss system gable roof with his hands

Structurally, the gable roof design is the most simple to manufacture. It could have several different types: polygonal, asymmetrical and symmetrical, but on the whole, its design looks about the same in all cases. Unlike other species, the unit truss system gable roof with his hands to run can anyone with construction skills.

Gable design is the most popular for decorating the roof of the house

The contents

  • 1 Design of trusses gable roof
  • 2 the unit truss system gable roof with his hands
    • 2.1 Installation of rafters a gable roof with his hands
    • 2.2 connection of rafters to mauerlat
    • 2.3 Device crates and small items
    • 2.4 Installation of the truss system gable roof (video)

The design of trusses gable roof

There are two main types of roof systems for the gable roof: naslonnye and hanging. In the first case, there is a Central pillar of the abutting inner longitudinal wall of the building. In the second case, these supports and no attic space. The unit truss system gable roof it is possible to allocate some the basic parts made from bars of different sections:

  • mauerlat serves to transmit the load of the entire roof on the exterior wall of the building. It has the appearance of a square cross-section beam with sides of 100 to 150 mm. For brick or concrete walls it is attached by means of bolts, and in the case of wooden walls, the role of mauerlat can play the boards or logs of the upper row of the outer walls. In such a situation, fixing of rafters to mauerlat is made immediately without additional elements.

The structural elements of the truss system

  • stropilnaja a foot is the inclined beam from the bar with a cross section of 150х50 mm connecting ridge and mauerlat. On this element rests the main burden of the whole roof so the rafter feet should be placed at a distance of 60-120 cm between them, depending on the type of material for the roof and planned loads;
  • groundsel is a beam, similar to mauerlat, which lies on the inner partition. It is based in the Central rack. At hanging truss system gable roof, which is somewhat different from naslonnye, this element is absent;
  • toke connects two opposite truss legs dangling in the system, forming with them a triangle. Is to ensure that they are not dispersed;

Rafters gable roof

  • stand back ridge and rests in the Central bearing wall of the building. They take some of the load throughout the roof and transferred to the wall. Produce stands of timber;
  • the struts connect the rafter feet with a hard bearing elements: struts and puffs. This is several times increases the rigidity of the structure;
  • the crate is stuffed to the rafters of a gable roof on top. Make it from boards in the thickness to 30 mm. May be solid, and thin sheet materials. The crate bears the function of the reference plane for the roof, and gives additional rigidity of the whole truss system gable roof. Device for sheathing one or another type depends on the requirements of the roofing material;

Naslonnye roof system type

  • the strong point is the bar that connects all of the rafter feet in places of their attachment to each other at the top of the roof. It has a horizontal arrangement;
  • overhang is called, stands for the wall to 40 cm, the portion of the rafter. It needed to rain water drenched walls;
  • filly is a plank, nailed to the rafters in the absence of overhang. They play the role of the extension elements.

A useful tip! To use horses rather than doing a long truss legs. Rotten filly to replace is much simpler and cheaper. Indeed, in this case, you do not have to disassemble the entire roof.

Truss system hanging type

The unit truss system gable roof with his hands

Before you start the unit truss system gable roof with their hands to determine the type and calculate material requirements. A hanging system is satisfied in cases where the design of the building is not provided for internal load bearing wall, or if you need a spacious attic space, for example for the construction of the attic. The quantity of timber calculated from the square of the overlap and height of the roof.

A useful tip! Stropilnye feet can fasten together on the ground, not “on the spot”. This gives you the ability to better withstand the corners of the template. In the case of the cantilevered construction, this method only possible. Mounted on the ground triangles are simply placed on their intended place and fixed.

Installation of roof system with your own hands

The procedure works in the construction of truss construction can be as follows:

  • installation and mounting of mauerlat on the exterior walls. He laid on the side where you plan to do the roof slope. Preferably, these walls are parallel to the internal bearing wall of the building. Under a bar it is necessary to put a waterproofing layer of any type;
  • laying of groundsel is similar to the construction of mauerlat;

The device of rafters for log

  • on groundsel vertically installed racks. Secure them in the groove or metal corners. The height of racks directly affects the angle at which the slanted roof, therefore, if you want to make a roof with a predetermined angle, calculate the height of the stands is possible using simple trigonometric formulas. For example, for an angle of 45 degrees, it is necessary that the height of the stands was equal to the distance between the mauerlat and groundsel. The distance between the posts should correspond to the desired distance between the rafters of a gable roof;
  • all racks are connected by a ridge, which must lie horizontally.

In this device the main load-bearing elements can be considered complete. The next step in the unit truss system gable roof with your hands is to install the rafters.

Truss system for gable roof

Installation of rafters a gable roof with his hands

As mentioned earlier, the rafter feet can fasten together down on the ground. This pattern is made of small bars with a specified angle and length. Then it is the required number of rafters. If the system is hanging, then they also are connected with delay. This is followed by the installation of rafters a gable roof with his hands in place and fixing them on the ridge.

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In the case of the device of the rafters are in place, they simply are placed on the ridge in places where there are racks and are interconnected in the upper part. In the lower part they are attached to mauerlat. Then the rafters can be given rigidity by using struts. Performing the installation of rafters a gable roof with your hands, you should consider that these design elements have the biggest load.

Scheme of structure of rafters for gable roof

Mount the rafters to mauerlat

To ensure the reliability of the whole structure only if all connections and mounting are done properly and efficiently. One of the most important places in all of the design is the point where the rafter foot is in contact with the mauerlat. This place is the resultant of all the forces acting on the roof aimed in the direction of the truss legs, “looking” at an angle down. So the rafters can disperse. The problem is such that this resultant is perpendicular to the guide walls, that is, in the direction of the force of gravity.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Balk rafter foot at an angle in mauerlat and nailed. In this case, you will need to do little filly, since the overhang is not formed.
  • Make a rectangular cutout in the rafter foot, which it will be based on mauerlat. This design is more reliable.


The elongation of the rafter with the help of grasshoppers

Mount the rafters to mauerlat any of these methods will allow to avoid deformation of the truss.

The device crates and small items

When all the basic design is already established and there is no doubt of its reliability, you can begin installation of the remaining elements. First, you can close the gable boards. This will allow you to cut the lumber in place more smoothly. If mounting the horse for the device of eaves, and produced these works. The fillies attach the cornice Board and cornice hem.

Crate made from planks, with necessary step or continuous. Starting from the bottom, nail the boards to the desired distance from each other. The first Board should be nailed down strictly parallel to the eaves.

Truss system gable roof — inside view

A useful tip! If it is not possible to purchase a large quantity of edging material, the sheathing can be made from edging boards. It is important that the bark has been removed, and the first Board was still edged.

Installation of rafters a gable roof it is responsible, as this determines the strength and durability of all constructed design. To do this job you need efficiently.

The installation of the truss system gable roof (video)


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