The use of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses

Heated cottage or suburban housing of any type mainly gravitate to using equipment that does not depend on expensive energy sources. With the development of production technology of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses, which is now available for a long period of time to provide heat from one tab, they become an effective, economical and convenient when compared with other types of heating equipment.

The use of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses became popular again

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  • 1 advantages of using solid fuel boilers
  • 2 Types of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses
    • 2.1 conventional Solid fuel boilers
    • 2.2 Pyrolysis boilers
  • 3 Disadvantages of using solid fuel boilers
  • 4 the Choice of solid fuel boiler
  • 5 Installation of solid fuel boiler
  • 6 Conclusion
    • 6.1 Solid fuel boilers, video

The advantages of using solid fuel boilers

The benefit of using long-term giving the heat solid fuel boilers of heating of private houses are valuable because they are already in the install phase it removes the most difficult and costly tasks. Only one connection of the house to the gas costs the user much more than the cost of any solid-fuel equipment. But if you consider that for this money you can buy a boiler that produces heat for half a day from one bookmark solid cheap fuel, this equipment fully pays for itself in one fuel season. TT-the boiler is able to remove the burden of paying for continually rising in price gas.

The scheme of work of solid fuel boiler

Solid fuel boiler for heating of private houses can be loaded with all available types of fuel: wood, peat, coal. Recently gaining popularity in use as a solid fuel special pellets from wood or straw otelco. This environmentally friendly energy source is in itself capable of providing even higher efficiency of heat energy. For maintenance of modern fuel equipment not required time-consuming and frequent maintenance. Quite a few times a day (it depends on boiler type) to load it with fuel.

Solid fuel boilers can run on wood, coal, or special fuel granules (pellets)

The types of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses

This list is small, which allows anyone to easily determine what boiler is better suited from the point of view of the cost of buying, maintenance and General utility. Solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses are classic and pyrolysis.

The internal structure of the solid-fuel boiler

Solid fuel boilers conventional

If we talk about this kind of the fuel that traditional boilers, which have a simple design. The fuel burns in the usual way by heating water, which transfers heat throughout the house. The advantage is that the price of solid fuel boiler for heating of private houses will be low. Among the disadvantages are the following: loss of emitted energy, the need to frequently lay the fuel.

Modern design of solid fuel boilers will enable them to fit in any living space

If earlier, when technology effective fuel boilers are not used for private use, it was the most used equipment. Currently, it is possible to buy for cottages, where it is planned short-term stay in the cold season.

Firewood is available and economical fuel

Pyrolysis boilers

Design of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses pyrolysis type has its own characteristics. The tank where the fuel is divided into two parts. Chamber where solid materials are being loaded, is in the upper half. The air flow control is performed in such a way that it is sufficient to support the process of decay of fuel. The result produces gas, which can also burn. It flows into the lower chamber. The performance of a pyrolysis furnace of the boiler is increased by 80-90%, and the time of burning one bookmark up to 12 hours.

Design of pyrolysis solid-fuel boiler

The compartment in which burned gases must withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is manufactured using heat-resistant materials. After combustion of the fuel in the pyrolysis Coly, ash and soot are left. A complex structure, the need to use special materials, install an exhaust fan, an electronic control system cause the price of solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses are much more expensive than classic. But the benefits speak for themselves.

The stages of operation of the pyrolized boiler

Despite the high cost, pyrolysis boilers do not alienate buyers. They know how to count money and can identify benefits that will pay all costs in the short term. Therefore, the present and the future in the process heating private houses, connected with the pyrolysis boilers.

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The disadvantages of using solid fuel boilers

The main one, and it can rather be called a disadvantage, but a disadvantage is the need from time to time to load fuel. Depending on the type of boiler, such actions may have a different periodicity from two to six times a day. Also the equipment requires regular maintenance associated with cleaning from spent fuel. If this is not done, the solid-fuel boiler for heating of private houses will become less effective or cease to function.

Solid fuel boiler must be periodically filled with fuel — wood, coal, peat or special granules

The supply of heat does not occur immediately after its launch. Also, difficulties may arise when fueling after long periods of inactivity. Regulate the flow of heat is possible, but it is less manageable than, say, gas-fired boilers. In the same way it is impossible to immediately stop the operation of the boiler. He stops to heat after you burn out all of the loaded fuel. Wood, coal or peat, you need to place somewhere for safekeeping. It should be dry and located near the boiler. Solid fuels is a source of dust and debris. Despite this, all tasks that do not interfere with to make the house warm and cozy.

Arrangement of chimney for solid fuel boilers

The choice of solid fuel boiler

So once and for many years to choose a convenient and efficient boiler is required to calculate is necessary for the space heating capacity. In the building of proper insulating of the event, and the ceiling height does not exceed three meters, the rate of heat transfer of the boiler is calculated as 1 kW per 10 m2 of space.

The choice of solid boiler is affected by the area of heated space, the presence and type of insulation of walls, individual climate conditions

You should also consider other factors: required average indoor temperature in the coldest time of the year, the number of Windows, their location, the length of the outer walls, etc. taking note of all of the features will help you to choose the most efficient solid fuel boiler for heating of private houses the price of which will meet the needs and capabilities of the system.

An example of placing the solid fuel boiler in the apartment

The installation of solid fuel boiler

The boiler should be installed in a separate room. This isolates the equipment from access by infants, as well as improve the safety conditions of work. Place installing poured screed of concrete. Given the heavy weight of the boiler, which will put pressure on a small surface area, the thickness of the footing should be at least 0.7 meters. Between the bottom of the boiler and the base should be no clearance. If it does occur, then you need to fill this space with heat-resistant sealant.

The best option of placing the solid fuel boiler is in a separate room — boiler room. Often a boiler in the basement (ground) floors of the building


Solid fuel boilers for heating of private houses are still popular, affordable and reliable source of heat in private homes. It can be primary or secondary heating appliance in the system. Upgraded and improved solid fuel equipment is strong competition from gas boilers. In those localities where there are no pipelines, real viable alternative they just don’t exist.

For use as fuel only wood pellets — it is necessary to equip one room with pellet tank

Solid fuel boilers, video


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