The void in the interior a special style

Simplicity in interior design – a special approach, the essence of minimalism, which is not capable to pall, pall on. Lines and shapes, devoid of pretentiousness, excesses in the decoration, clarifying, clarity in the overall composition, can be attractive, even entice. And, most surprisingly, does not become Intrusive, annoying, and even repulsive. Naturalness, ease, austere – this is easy.

Cleaning the house very often horrified by clusters like these, favorite, things that’s when it gets insanely annoying. Why are they here? Is it so necessary? It’s time to revise and get rid of trash, until he got rid of you.

The house in which they live, is very different from their counterparts, is temporarily vacant. It is isolated heaps of different everyday things, knick-knacks, magazines, Souvenirs, which are met at every step. And one day understand how it is annoying, interferes! And the soul to the light, purity, freedom. When such ideas come more and more often, then you are ready to minimalism in the interior.

Emptiness does not mean empty

Perhaps some of us consider that a void-free, devoid of the extra space drives the melancholy, diminishes the fantasy, just depressing. And perfect order suggests about the severity of something inanimate. Perhaps you are convinced that minimalism – the inheritance of public premises, offices. This is not so.

The minimalistic style gives the interior harmony, ease. It seems, there is a light spirit of freedom and peace. The lack of unnecessary parts and objects, often distorting atmosphere of the room, gives people the opportunity to be the center of attention, to decorate themselves, their presence in the room.

It is not necessary to assume that simplicity in the interior design deprives of necessary for a full life of things. The question is WHAT really is for us the uncompromising importance. The creation of this interior design is suitable for large areas and spaces. They are the most convenient for placement of accents – visual spots, shielding the rest of the decor. The best choice of light colors, most close to natural, natural. Furniture can be part of interior design, and can be used as an accent. Thus, the effect of “flying” space.
Emptiness is its content

The Japanese have invented many useful things. Including expressed the idea that the most comfortable state for the body and soul – emptiness, and peace. If you go into a Japanese house, you can marvel at how everything is simple and unpretentious. An ascetic environment, as ornaments – a lonely picture with a simple plot on the wall, a single flower. Furnishings (if it can be considered Japanese futon bedding and a low table for food habutai), usually cleaned after use. For Europeans, this atmosphere of the interior dick and unacceptable.

But only at first. Absence, it would seem that such is necessary for the normal existence of objects, very soon to become habitual and natural. There is even a feeling that it becomes easier to breathe

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