The weather station for the home: features of the “smart forecasts”

In place of the usual household thermometers come home weather station. Modern weather stations for the home are instruments that can not only show the temperature of the air inside and outside the premises, but also fix the parameters of humidity, pressure and other weather data. Such devices are capable of 24 hours to provide accurate information about the current state of the weather. To select the optimal model will help the ranking of the best weather stations for home.

Using a home weather station is the ability to always be aware of weather changes

The contents

  • 1 the Principle of operation of weather stations for home
  • 2 Device home weather stations with wireless sensor
  • 3 Key features of weather stations with a remote sensor
  • 4 How to select a home weather station
  • 5 stars out home weather stations with wireless remote sensor
    • 5.1 Home weather station RST
    • 5.2 complex Weather AcuRite 02027 Color Weather Station with
    • 5.3 the Set of options for weather station Oregon
    • 5.4 Metalocomplex La Crosse WS9057
    • 5.5 Models of weather stations EA2
    • 5.6 Characteristics of the weather station WS 1501 Gal
  • 6 weather stations for home: cost model Gal with a wired sensor
  • 7 Where to buy home weather station

The principle of operation of weather stations for home

Complex home weather station includes two nodes: a main unit that includes indoors and the remote sensor attached to the window outside. The functions of the sensor include measuring air temperature, humidity, pressure, and sends that data to the main unit. All information is displayed on the screen of the indoor unit.

There are both wired and wireless weather stations for home

There are models of appliances in which the units are connected to each other using wires and weather station for home with wireless sensors. It should be noted that the latter are more advanced devices and have a corresponding value. With the help of such devices, in addition to temperature and humidity, you can know the atmospheric pressure and the kind of climate in the next day.

In the function the simplest of home weather stations include measurement of air temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors. With regard to measurements inside the room are made with a sensor hidden in the main unit of the device installed in the room. External data received from an external host that is attached to the window frame. To the readings were as accurate as possible, it is advisable to install the outdoor unit on the North side.

Most models of weather stations is provided with a clock which can be adjusted manually or automatically synchronize information to a time signal transmitted three times per hour. Program more advanced devices may include conventional and lunar calendars.

Home weather station — is a multifunctional device that can function as a clock and calendar

Depending on model, the LCD displays weather stations can be small formats that transmit black-and-white display or overall size (diagonal 7-8 inches) that displays a variety of colors. In many devices implemented to the backlight. Expensive multifunctional devices operate with AC current supplied through the driver, simple analogues are supplied from batteries.

Quite popular in home use model wall clock with weather station. The device has the functions of displaying of temperature, humidity, pressure, indoor, many have luminescent backlight dial and hands. The attractive design of the devices and ease of use make them leaders among home weather stations.

Device home weather stations with wireless sensor

The dependence of the human being from the changes happening in the atmosphere, have been proven. And weather can cause both physical and emotional state of people. Devices, able to predict the state of the atmosphere in the current and near future give the opportunity to take the necessary measures and to plan events. To meet the vagaries of nature head-on perhaps buying a home weather station with wireless sensor.

Wireless weather station multi-functional and convenient to use

One of the popular types of home appliances become wireless weather station. They are instruments of climate control that consists of these blocks:

  • the base unit receiver with display that shows information from one or more climate sensors. The forecast generated by a home weather station with remote sensor, may cover the time period from 12 hours to a day and a half. Displayed information may include, in addition to temperature, direction and wind speed, the time, date, lunar phase, rainfall, and other data;
  • remote wireless meter (sensor), which may be at different distances ranging from 3-5 m up to 100 m (depending on the instrument model). Remote sensors equipped with fixtures and can be installed indoors and outside;
  • the kit digital weather stations with a wireless sensor may include a software CD, provided that the device supports the function of communication with the personal computer.

Advanced modern weather station is also able to predict weather changes in the next days

A useful tip! If the weather station is powered by batteries, you should monitor the level of charge that appears on the power indicator of the device.

Weather station with wireless sensor can cover a temperature range from plus 50°C to 70°C below zero. Feature of wireless models is that the main unit can connect several sensors (5), each of which will measure data in different rooms or from different sides of the street. Weather station with multiple sensors will display the most complete information about weather conditions. Data from each meter will be displayed on the screen in a certain place.

The frequency of temperature measurement may vary from a few seconds to 5 minutes. Diagnosis pressure in different units: depending on preference, this can be kPa, millimeters of mercury column or kg/cm2 (selectable setting units of measurement). Considering all measurements of weather conditions, the weather station forecast is for a short period and displays the device.

In the instrument settings you can choose a convenient unit of measure

Key features of weather stations with a remote sensor

Before you buy a home weather station with a remote sensor, you should familiarize yourself with the basic capabilities of devices and appointment of additional options. Insights home “gidrometeotsentra” point in the selection of clothing for the weather, remind you to bring an umbrella and meteodependent people will help them to adjust their plans for work and leisure.

Buying a home weather station, sensors which will be placed in range of the device, you can get information about humidity in the garage or another room and, if necessary, to find these places comfortable value. Typical functions of the devices include:

  • recording air temperature outside and indoors — room temperature sensor is hidden inside the body of the base unit, street meter should be placed outside of the room. For more accurate information of external sensors may be several. The temperature value is displayed on the display in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F);

Measurements are displayed on the display home weather stations

  • diagnosis humidity — measurements can be made both inside the room (models with built-in hygrometer) and outside (devices with a remote humidity sensors). Given device, it is possible to judge the level of humidity in the room. The most comfortable value is from 40 to 60%;
  • data on amount of precipitation per unit of time — such an option usually gives the device a premium brand of the group;
  • measurement of atmospheric pressure is displayed in units of measurement: mm Hg. art, PA;
  • weather forecast depending on changes in atmospheric pressure — this option is available due to the presence of digital barometer;
  • short-term storage of information on maximum and minimum temperature and humidity;
  • recording the speed data and the wind direction is displayed in units of measurement: m/s, km/h, mph and knots;
  • as additional options — clock, date information, astrological calendar;
  • the motion sensor turns on the backlight of the display;
  • the projector displays the value of the date and time on a flat surface;
  • indicator battery power.

Some models feature a unique exclusive design

All information can be seen on the screen of the main unit of the weather station, located in the premises. Power multifunctional energy-intensive metalcomplexes is carried out using household electricity, for a more simple instrumentation is sufficient batteries.

How to choose a home weather station

Household air conditioning equipment on the market a large range of models, differing from each other in design, number of primary and secondary functions and value. The feasibility of all of these devices can be divided into two categories: analog and digital home weather station. The analog weather station is equipped with a manual climate devices, is able to capture only the current changes of atmospheric parameters. The functionality of such devices is very limited.

Digital weather stations implemented the ability to not only record the current data, but also to make a forecast for the next few days. In addition to domestic purposes, such metalocomplex used in the professional field. It should be noted that professional weather stations are the most advanced devices, which have a high degree of accuracy of the produced measurements and predictive information, the maximum possible functionality, including data synchronization with the computer.

Professional weather stations are accurate data and the ability to predict weather changes

For domestic use are the most appropriate electronic weather station for home with wireless sensors. All measurements in these models are produced using a special digital measuring instruments. With the ability to connect to the station multiple sensors, expanding the number of measured data. This allows the weather station to provide more comprehensive information about weather conditions.

Very practical for use in home or office weather station wall clock, alarm clock and calendar. One of the most popular models for homes is the weather station with the function of the projector. In such metalocomplex information about temperature, time and date can be displayed on a flat surface of the wall or ceiling.

A useful tip! The weather stations in the projection clock has the ability to adjust the colors of the projection and its rotation with the display on different surfaces.

Weather station with projection function information

After reviewing the main features of models of different level of class, it is possible to draw a conclusion about how to select a home weather station for personal use.

The rating of home weather stations with wireless remote sensor

Before choosing a home weather station with wireless sensor, it is worth considering the potential of the device, its manufacturer, and the price ratio of functionality and quality. To purchase a weather station for the home with the optimum set of features will help overview of the most popular models. The rating of home weather stations is made on the basis of the practical test the models in their functionality and ease of operation.

Home weather station RST

RST digital weather station with wireless sensors (production of Sweden) presents a series of devices with a high degree of reliability. Many models support synchronization with the PC and used in the professional field. The company’s product range also includes household and professional thermometers, fixing the temperature of the room and on the street, hygrometers, determine the humidity, and a barometer that shows the atmospheric pressure value.

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One of the best metalcomplexes for home use is considered to be the RST model 02785. The housing thickness of less than 3 cm made of high quality plastic. Involves both desktop and wall placement. Intuitive interface monochrome screen, selectable illumination display of the three colors. Remote wireless sensor transmits information within a radius of 100 m, provided that the range of the waves is open.

A useful tip! Depending on the shade or the sun, set the remote sensor displayed temperature may be different.

In addition to basic measurements of temperature, humidity inside and outside, and atmospheric pressure, highly sensitive weather station detects and displays maximum and minimum temperatures in the range from -50 to +70 (°C). Measurement range temperature is 0 to 50°C. the device Capabilities include the drafting of short-term weather forecasting.

The RST model 02785 recognized as one of the best home weather stations

For convenience in option, weather stations allocate available hours reproducing on the display the current time, alarm, regular and the lunar calendar. As a bonus, the instrument displays the zodiac calendar. The power may be exercised via a home network or from a battery, sensor supply three micrometraje (AAA).

Complex weather AcuRite 02027 Color Weather Station with

Compact digital weather station AcuRite Color Weather Station 02027A1 with high accuracy and ease of use combined with the original design. The manufacturer has provided the device only the necessary functions, not burdening it with unnecessary options. Suspension mounting method external meter allows you to place it in any accessible location no further than 100 m from the main unit.

One of the factors of the popularity of the weather station among users is a good decoration base station. On a color display large icons and numbers to display all data that is read comfortably at any angle. For convenience, the information of external and internal sensor is displayed on the screen in different colors.

Professional wireless weather station with wifi connection and color graphics

It should be noted that the remote wireless meter accurately determines the outside air temperature even when the outside temperatures to -25°C. in the preparation of the forecast for the next 12 hours or a day, the device processes the data received from the barometer and hygrometer. Another useful option is the weather station — automatic time change for summer or winter mode.

Among additional features of the device you can highlight a service “trends forecast”. The weather station produces an analysis of changes in atmospheric conditions and attempts to predict the likely evolution for the next period. Information about how to change the parameters of humidity and temperature for the last few hours are displayed on the screen in the form of arrows directed up or down.

Given that the devices used the most modern technology, as well as numerous positive reviews, home weather station AcuRite 02027 Color Weather Station with can be called one of the best in the segment of high-quality wireless weather stations.

Home weather station AcuRite 02027 Color Weather Station

Set of options for weather station Oregon

Weather stations Oregon are of high structural quality, precision
dimensions and stylish design. This company is one of the first to develop weather station with projection clock, introducing fashion to the projectors. The set of functions some models are small, but they have the most original design. One of the creative models — metalcomplex with the wireless pad for charging gadgets: smartphones and tablets.

A useful tip! By purchasing weather station Oregon in the form of the original holders with crystals, you can not only be aware of weather conditions, but also to use it as a night light or a stylish element of decor.

Home weather station Oregon has a range of devices with a wide
a set of functions. Model metalocomplex Oregon Scientific BAR368P PROJI represents combined in a single device monitoring forecast and projection clock. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to learn from all the information one glance at weather station clock with projector time. The unit provides manual adjustment of the projection angle with a deviation of 180°.

Model metalocomplex Oregon Scientific BAR368P PROJI is a superior multifunctional device

The body of the weather station is made of black plastic and has a fairly large monitor. All weather data are displayed in large numerals and symbols. It is possible to connect to the device to 3 wireless meters at a distance of 50 m, making suitable use of the device houses a large area or a small industrial complexes. The weather station gives the forecast for the next day through symbols.

In the weather station the possibility of a night projection of indicators of time and temperature on any surface nearby. To focus the image provided for manual tuning. From additional functions of an automatic calendar, two alarm mode (ascending signal and the option “NAP”), radiocontrolled watch. The power supply battery level can be monitored using the charge indicator.

For the convenience of reading data from the display, it is possible to briefly highlight. If necessary, you can disable the time sync and set the clock manually. The power of the main unit are powered from 220 V through the adaptor or by two AAA batteries. Remote wireless sensor is powered by penlight batteries.

The weather station is implemented in a configurable ability to project information on any surface

Metalocomplex La Crosse WS9057

Meteorological station La Crosse WS9057 is one of the budget models that the Swiss brand, but the cost of it above similar devices from other manufacturers with identical functionality. The design of the base station resembles a baguette frame in chrome-plated. To place a large device on a vertical or horizontal surface. On the back of the device there is a control panel of a few buttons.

Of the features this model includes measurement of temperature (including outdoor, details of which are coming from an external meter), humidity, as well as recording the history of the highest and lowest temperature values. Wireless sensor features a built-in display showing alternately the values of the meteorological data. It can be installed at a distance of 100 m from the base of the device. Information from the sensor with updates every 5 seconds. The weather station can receive signals from 3 remote wireless sensors.

Meteorological station La Crosse WS9057 combines basic functions and stylish design

Large display metalocomplex divided into several blocks, each of which displays certain data. At the very top of played time, calendar date, alarm and moon phase. Below displays the values of humidity and temperature from the inner of the meter. It should be noted that if the level of humidity in the room is not the same as comfortable, the screen image appears “sad” smiley. The third block of information displays data about the immediate forecast, and the fourth value of temperature and humidity on the street.

A distinctive feature of this device is that any precipitation (snow, rain, hail) are displayed on a monochrome display, in the form of icons rain, that is not entirely comfortable with the perception. In addition, the device uses unfamiliar units of measure pressure in inches of mercury. In no weather station is an option of backlight, which makes it difficult to review information in a time when it is getting dark outside.

The power station is produced from the battery (R14), which are located in a special recess of the housing. The relatively large size of the feeding elements ensures a long operation of the device in comparison with the powered by normal AA batteries. The weather station does not have a reset button. To reset the weather station data you want to extract the supply batteries and after a while again to install them.

Professional model weather station made by La Crosse

Model weather stations EA2

Weather stations companies EA2 (Hong Kong) proven themselves as practical and reliable devices with extensive functionality and best prices. It is worth noting that the company specializiruetsya only on the development of the instrument climate measuring technology. The company’s range includes a dozen models in a minimalist design with the major functions of weather monitoring and many more options. The device can be wall mounted or installed on the table.

  • model weather stations EA2 EN208 — multifunctional device with a large screen that displays the upcoming weather forecast in the form of symbols. The user receives information about the internal and external temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and time, date, day of the week. Comes with alarm option snooze alarm. Has a soft blue highlighting short-term actions. The basic equipment includes one wireless meter (thermometer/hygrometer), it is possible to connect up to 3 remote sensors. The device has the option of meteorological data memory records highest and lowest temperature value;

Home weather station ea2 en208

  • weather station EA2 BL508 model has an elegant black design with a thickness of less than 20 mm. these devices can be produced in aluminum or gray plastic case with metal framing around the screen. Thanks to a special foot-support can be installed on a flat surface. The device comes with a wireless sensor. Weather unit records the temperature outdoors and indoors, with recording of maximum and minimum indicators, as well as humidity, pressure. Displays a graph of the pressure and the forecast for the day and 12 hours by means of weather symbols. Of additional services — calendar in eight languages (including Russian, English), alarm clock with the option “short sleep”, the blue light;
  • model weather stations EA2 BL502, BL503 EA2 – similar in design devices with metalcomplexes EA2 BL508, but have different functionality. Device EA2 BL 502 measures a temperature of the air (inside and outside), humidity and has a clock and calendar. In the weather station EA2 BL502 these functions added to the forecast 12 and 24 hours, calendar, clock and alarm;

Weather station EA2 bl508 has a modern design, slim case and includes a rich selection of functions

A useful tip! Before you buy indoor weather station, explore the capabilities of the models to choose a device with a set of functions you need.

  • home AL802 weather station EA2 is a compact universal model of thermohygrometer in a plastic case stylized aluminum. The kit includes a remote sensor. The instrument measures and plays on the monochrome screen of the air temperatures indoors and outside, and the humidity in the room. The weather forecast is transmitted in the form of animated characters. Record minimum/maximum values of temperature and humidity. Additional features clock, calendar, alarm clock, the ability to backlight the display. Stylish weather station can be mounted on table or mounted on a vertical surface;

Weather station for home EA2 al802

  • model weather stations EA2 EN209 — sales leader, equipped with a color display and forecast the weather with a color animation. In addition to the standard measurement functions temperature inside/outside humidity in the room and atmospheric pressure, the device determines the moisture on the street, warns of the onset of frost and ice, has the ability to connect special LoJack for sauna room. If the pressure on the street is falling or the temperature is close to zero, the device sends the user a signal about the coming frost as the character “snowflake”. The instrument reflects the changes in atmospheric pressure in the form of a graphical histogram. The weather station has additional options in the form of clock, calendar, date, alarm, short-term and long-lasting illumination. There is a setting of backlight brightness. Power produced from the home network or from batteries.

Equipment the weather station EA2 EN209

Specifications of weather station WS 1501 Gal

HVAC equipment company Gal is characterized by a compact simple case, a basic set of measurements combined with a relatively low cost. Model weather stations WS 1501 Gal has a high accuracy of the measured parameters. The device determines and sends to the display the temperature and humidity in the room and on the street. Temperature measurement range is from 0 to 50°C humidity — from 19 to 90%.

Wireless sensor included, can transmit the signal to the base unit at a distance of not more than 30 m. the Device has 3 channels and is able to receive the information from the three remote radio sensors. The meteorological parameters are displayed on the station screen in the form of numbers and weather symbols. For convenience, metalocomplex includes additional options, including calendar, clock, alarm clock with increasing call. A separate bonus is the display of the moon phases.

Weather station with clock wall type of accommodation

It should be noted that this weather station does not have a wall mounting and can be installed only on a flat surface. Power is supplied from two battery cells of type AAA. There is a possibility to select and configure a convenient unit of measurement of meteorological data. The device has no display status of batteries and backlight functions display that limits the viewing information in the dark.

A useful tip! Before choosing a weather station for home, check with the leading device manufacturers, service centers are located in every major city.

The weather station for home: cost model Gal with a wired sensor

To find inexpensive but high-quality weather station for apartments in the company Gal. Model digital weather station Gal WS 2501 is equipped with a wired sensor that you can just hang out the window. This device measures and displays the temperature of the air in the room and on the street and can memorize maximum and minimum values. A small leg-stand promotes sustainable position base unit on the surface of the shelf or table.

Weather station company Gal includes a clock with alarm

Weather station Gal WS1403 similar features with the previous model, but the set of services it adds the ability to measure humidity inside the room. The device is equipped with a monochrome display, which shows measurement results, as well as a calendar and current time. The weather station displays the temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is powered from two batteries.

Weather station WS 1500 Gal — miniature device for determining the temperature
the air in the room and beyond. The kit includes one wired temperature sensor, operating in the temperature range from -45 to +60 degrees. Keeps a history of all temperature parameters. A possible choice of units. The weather station features a clock, alarm clock, indication of battery power.

The model of home weather stations with simple features can be useful for home use in families with small children and elderly people. The readings on time will be informed about the need to change the indoor temperature to a comfortable level.

Home weather station will be useful sensitive to the weather and the elderly

Where to buy home weather station

Order and buy home weather stations for best results, contact the online shops or on official sites of manufacturers. Here you can buy cheap home weather station with remote sensor, model wall clock with thermometer, barometer and hygrometer, as well as professional devices for climate control. With the help of Internet resources offer to quickly locate devices with an optimum set of features.

A useful tip! Making a purchase through the online portals, you have the ability to compare prices of identical models, offered by different companies.

All proposals are accompanied by comprehensive information on home weather stations and their prices, and technical characteristics of the devices. For each model of the weather station attached high-quality photos in several angles, description of a complete set basic and advanced functions, information on the method of attachment and the power tool. In addition, many online stores offer to your attention a video review of each model.

Online stores offer diverse range of models of digital weather stations

If you, after reviewing the options of the device, like any model, it is always possible to ask users ‘ opinions. This information will help you finalize the choice. Customer reviews are usually posted in the box below a description of the device or in a separate block. You can also visit the online forums concerning this subject.

It is important to remember that the Internet-catalogues of prices are for informational purpose only and may differ from those in effect at the time the purchase cost. The real price of a device, ask the specialist in the sale during the order of goods. Quite often, online shops develop various systems of discounts, bonus programs and various promotions that allows you to buy the device on more favorable terms.

Purchase home weather station will be a useful acquisition and will greatly facilitate your life

Having defined the choice of a suitable device, you will need to contact the Manager of the website and make a reservation. The company’s specialists will offer the most convenient way of payment and of delivery. All models climatic measuring equipment have a warranty from the manufacturer. If the device turns out to be defective, there is always the possibility of refund in terms established by legislation.

The most advanced metalocomplex can interact with smart home systems that enables you to control the climate control. Using a home weather station with an extensive feature set, you will always know about the weather conditions at the current time and forecast for the next few days.


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