Two-level ceilings of plasterboard, photos and description

Two-level ceilings of plasterboard, a photo of which can be found in large numbers, are the embodiment of the most daring and, at first glance, inaccessible ideas. However, if you examine the properties of this material and the technology of its processing, it becomes clear that drywall can do any sort of surface.

A two-level ceiling of plasterboard

The contents

1 Two-level ceilings of plasterboard, photos of various design options
  1.1 Empire – orderliness and symmetry
  1.2 Baroque excesses it quite superfluous
  1.3 Classic ceiling design
  1.4 Features of minimalism
  1.5 high-tech: new style design
2 Features duplex plasterboard ceilings for different rooms
  2.1 Rules of ceilings for nursery
  2.2 Ceilings for bedrooms
  2.3 the duplex Design ceiling for hallway
  2.4 two-level ceilings of plasterboard for living room: photos and description
3 A two-level ceiling of plasterboard with his own hands (video)

Two-level ceilings of plasterboard, photos of various design options

Figure two-level designs of ceilings made of plasterboard are the most unusual forms. Various design solutions can visually divide a single room into zones, to create and allocate a separate functional space, decorate the ceiling with different figures and compositions.

Suspension design on the kitchen ceiling

What form will the ceiling depends on the entire idea finishes we need the room. You can select multiple styles of design interior, including matching them with the decorations for the ceiling. With the help of GCR in these ideas it is possible to successfully implement.

A two-level ceiling in the kitchen-living room

Empire – orderliness and symmetry

Under this style, well suited design with rounded and smooth forms, combined with a clear and aligned lines, simple design in the corners, and finishing the entire song of simple moldings on the walls.

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The Empire is quite characteristic orderliness, not expressiveness, perfect symmetry and balance in detail. Pastel colors accentuate the curves.

A useful tip! Perfectly well-chosen for the Empire style light with two-level ceilings of plasterboard. Photo the many options confirm these words. It should highlight the symmetry and evenness of the lines.

Spot lights in bathroom


Baroque excesses it quite superfluous

This, prone to excesses of style, peculiar to some rhythmic and very restless forms completely curved lines. Baroque was used historically for decoration of Palace interiors. If your plans include giving a room, such chic, then you need to start to design it with a two-level ceiling.

The ceiling of this style is framed by a wide skylight curbs on the walls. The levels cannot be too large, and they are supposed to be in the center of the composition. Despite some confusion, this style is always present symmetry of all the elements.

Rounded design made of plasterboard


Classic ceiling design

Gypsum Board is the first material that should pay attention, if you decide to decorate the ceilings in a classical style. Characterized by classic symmetry and concise design, simplicity, luxury and elegance.

A useful tip! When you create a ceiling design in classic style can not hold back your imagination and make the ceiling of the main part of the whole composition, which attracts attention. Lighting in this style should be barely noticeable and just a little bit to emphasize the overall shape of the ceiling levels of the drywall.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the kitchen

This style is quite appropriate to paint the first level, which should be edged in a solid second. It is arranged in the form of intricate shape shapes around the perimeter. You can arrange an oval or circular shape of the second level in the center of the ceiling. Illumination is sufficient to place between them and the centre can be decorated elegant beautiful chandelier in a similar style.

Features of minimalism

To design in this style is also well suited sheets of drywall. It provides for a minimal use of decoration when decorating a room. However, two-level ceilings of plasterboard, photo which draws attention to a certain asymmetry, will this style is absolutely perfect. The backlight should be placed between the two levels that even the ceiling is a little velvety, and slightly diluted the overall severity of geometrically correct forms.

The bathroom with a false ceiling in the style of minimalism


High-tech: new style design

The ceilings are decorated in this new design art style, somewhat reminiscent of the interior in minimalism. But it is more strict and rigid, especially in colour. The rigor and rationality of his philosophy. There are no smooth forms on the ceiling should not be, it is best suitable hard and smooth lines, split-level ceilings with very bright lighting.

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech


Features duplex plasterboard ceilings for different rooms

Every room in the house or apartment has its own purpose. The style of the interior and the ceiling in particular, for each room can be selected corresponding to its destination. Suspended ceiling of plasterboard is designed not just to complement the interior of the room, and to be an important part of decoration of this room.

Rounded design made of plasterboard


Rules of ceilings for nursery

To children room not looked boring and uninteresting, its ceiling should be made with care. Transform this space and make it the country of fairy tales two-level ceilings of plasterboard. Photos of children’s rooms often surprise us with the crazy ceilings with multiple levels of different shapes. In this room is very important plays a backlight, which not only makes the room brighter, but also creates it fascinating mysterious picture:

Chandelier and lamps on the ceiling in the nursery

  • at the first level, the ceiling in the nursery may be painted a cloudy sky, framed by absolutely any configuration of the second with a backlight. Possible outdoor center with a symmetrical environment or asymmetry, which is designed to emphasize the cloud movement;

Cloudy sky plasterboard

  • a two-level ceiling that has cut out shapes – stars, moon, flowers. They will need to illuminate the inside different shades;

Gypsum Board in combination with stretch ceiling

  • the sun in the center of the room, made of plaster and illuminated from above. This creates the effect of bright sunlight;

A two-level ceiling in the boy’s room

  • interesting wavy shapes, playing with different colors, which create a colorful tube led, located between the levels.

The vivid print in the center of the ceiling

You can come up with a large number of options if you use the details that will child is quite interesting.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the nursery


Ceilings for bedrooms

This room is not alien none of the existing art in design styles. However, you need to understand that the main purpose of a bedroom is a restful sleep. So the ceiling is bound to create a sense of peace and tranquility. Using a two-level ceiling, you can expand all the space in this room to create warmth and comfort.

The bedroom will look great split-level ceiling of plasterboard with lighting. Photos of similar objects create the impression of comfort and peace. Huge value has a specific figuresthe levels, preferably soft semicircular outline. They can make a second level and to highlight the top.

A two-level ceiling in the bedroom

The ceiling can be done solid or split colors in levels. Which option to choose — everyone solves itself. The main condition is harmony with the overall design of the bedroom.

Ceiling with lighting


Split-level design of the ceiling for the hallway

Modern corridors do not have large size and lack of natural light. For this reason they are perfect is equipped with a bright backlit two-level ceilings of plasterboard. Photos of various hallways talking about the fact that the coverage here is in the first place. The light can be placed around the perimeter of the room or make in the shape of the window at the very center of the ceiling. You can also place between the levels of the led tube. The second level can be performed, in the form of a narrow flat shelves or stretched across the corridor of the oval.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the hallway

A useful tip! In the hallway, split-level ceiling should be plain and bright with the beautiful lighting. It is necessary to create good light in the most dimly lit room.

A two-level ceiling in the hallway


Two-level ceilings of plasterboard for living room: photos and description

Since it’s a guest room, to make it you always want something more original to hit. It is therefore necessary to examine in more detail how to do two-level ceilings of plasterboard for the living room. Photos of this room are the most numerous. Here confine ourselves to what chic design in the living room can be done with the styles Empire, classical and Baroque. From contemporary styles to choose romanticism or fusion.

Surround the ceiling of plasterboard in the living room

Create a ceiling that has two or more levels of the drywall – a problem quite feasible, even for self-Assembly, so choosing this material as the core, you can’t go wrong.

A two-level ceiling of plasterboard with his own hands (video)


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