Ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. Scheme, calculation and installation of system of ventilation

Given the high rate of vasodilate and relatively low cost of construction, frame houses began rapidly to gain popularity. Such structures can have many different forms and possess a number of advantages. However, the use for insulating airtight material and plastic Windows, requires the proper ventilation system. Option – ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. Scheme and installation of simple ventilation systems can be performed independently.

Proper arrangement of ventilation is vital for the health of the household

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  • 1 Ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. Scheme, installation and video of the ways ventilation
    • 1.1 do we Need ventilation in timber frame houses
    • 1.2 Natural ventilation of the frame house
    • 1.3 the System of forced ventilation of the frame house with his own hands
    • 1.4 the Need for ventilation of the frame house

Ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. Scheme, installation and video of the ways ventilation

The house, built of frame Assembly consists of a wooden frame and sandwich panels. Inside and outside wall is subjected to a finish or veneer. In the window openings install new Windows. All this makes the house perfect seal. Traditionally, when designing such structures whether the presence of ventilation. If not provided, be in such a house will be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

The tightness of the Windows due to lack of ventilation contributes to the breeding of damp

Do you need ventilation in timber frame houses

The materials used in the construction of frame houses, are not able to absorb the moisture generated in the course of human life. In old buildings this was achieved due to the lack of complete sealing of wooden Windows and doors. If the frame house will not be a ventilation, dampness, mold and fungus will dwell there forever. Check out our video about the dangers of mould to human health.

Ventilation of the frame house depends on the purpose of the structure. If we are talking about a small country house, where it is assumed only seasonal accommodation, ventilation will serve open in the warm period Windows and doors. For the toilet and the bathroom gets a small window or mounted with your hands, a simple natural ventilation system. Rustic cottages, where you plan to permanent residence, the bathroom and kitchen should make exhaust channels with forced draught.

Ventilation will ensure a healthy microclimate in the bathroom

If the cottage is being built for permanent full stay, at the construction stage must be provided for the scheme proper ventilation of the frame house. Optimally, the correct installation of ventilation of the frame house experts believe the forced ventilation system using heat recovery. It will keep the desired temperature even when ventilating through open Windows. Video ventilation of the frame house with his own hands can certainly be found online.

The scheme of movement of air by natural ventilation

Natural ventilation of the frame house

Try to figure out how to make the ventilation in timber frame houses. For a natural ventilation system is characterized by the circulation of fresh air through Windows and doors, and the output is used, through the channels of ventilation in technical rooms (kitchen, bathroom, WC). This is due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the premises. Taking into account the fact that the frame house is a sealed structure and set of sash Windows which seal tightly to the frame, natural ventilation will be weak, if not missing.

The air valve in plastic window will provide fresh air into the room

The ventilation of the frame house with his own hands using the supply valve. Ventilation ducts can be made from plastic pipes. Also applicable asbestos cement pipes, which can be neatly integrated into the frame. Intake valve for intake of fresh air into the room. Become familiar with the device wall inlet valve by looking video.

Outside it is closed by a grille to prevent the ingress of external objects in the channel. Inside the valve natural ventilation of the frame house can set a filter for primary air-handling and silencer. The flow of incoming air is controlled by dampers. Supply valve – the device is quite simple and can be easily assembled with your own hands. This is necessary in the wall to make a through hole of suitable diameter (50-130 mm). Then insert a tube equipped with a noise filter and to pin their hands the grille and the damper.

A useful tip! Natural method of ventilation of timber frame houses is inefficient. Its application will not be able to fully prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Installing a wall inlet valve

With the goal of providing good traction in the warm period when the temperature of indoor and outdoor air are the same, retractable TV office space with fans. If necessary, you can install meters and humidity that will automatically turn on and off the fan.

You can see a diagram of the ventilation of the frame house with natural ventilation principle.

It should be noted that natural ventilation, timber frame houses, are only effective in the case of small square buildings.

On the Internet you can easily find the video “How to make ventilation in timber frame houses”.

The vents in the kitchen will ensure fresh air and will help get rid of unpleasant odors

The system of forced ventilation of the frame house with his own hands

Much more efficient are the forced ventilation of the frame house. Own hands to build such a system is quite difficult. In order to make the calculation, it is better to invite a specialist. A professional will tell you how to make ventilation of the frame house.

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Forced ventilation is due to the application of the supply/exhaust fans, providing fresh air and output exhaust air. The design of the forced installations and its equipment makes it possible to regulate the input flow and the cleaning of outside air from dust (coarse/fine cleaning), heated to a comfortable temperature.

The scheme of forced supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery

There are several ways of artificial ventilation:

  • an exhaust method of ventilation (due to the forced removal of air, fresh its flow through the inlet valve enters the premises);the supply method of ventilation (in this case the air is artificially absorbed, forcing exhaust through the exhaust ducts to the outside);
  • supply and exhaust method of ventilation (such ventilation air and forced, and force is removed);
  • method of forced ventilation with heat recovery (this system heats the incoming stream due to the installation of the heat exchanger, thus the room gets extra warmth).

The principle of operation of the heat exchanger

Having defined knowledge, we can develop a scheme of ventilation of the frame house with his own hands. According to specialists, planners, construction a frame house is that the correct ventilation it can provide artificial system of ventilation. The ventilation in this system occurs in the ducts, controlled by the control unit.

Design supply and exhaust system consists of elements:

  • the air intake grille;
  • breather valve (stops air flow in event of a power system);
  • filters (protects the system itself and the air from pollution);
  • fan;
  • ducts and diffusers;
  • control (the device to adjust, control and monitoring of all system elements).

An example of the arrangement of supply and exhaust ventilation system with automatic control

The flow of air through the air intake enters the system, there is filtered. Already cleaned, it passes through the ducts and through the valves falls in the rooms of the house.

A useful tip! Collecting a combined ventilation system yourself, be aware that in the cold, incoming fresh air is cold and will cause the temperature in the room.

Supply-and-exhaust ventilation system – a rather complicated system of ducts. Virtually to do with their hands and install it following the below scheme and a project on house building. Important in the arrangement of ventilation is proper selection of a material for air ducts.

Draft ventilation of a private house

The need for ventilation of the frame house

Mandatory ventilation of the underground space of the frame house is due to the following reasons:

  • prevents rotting of the wooden floor structure from moisture and dampness;
  • prevention of mold and mildew;
  • eliminating unpleasant musty smell.

In order to properly equip the ventilation system in the frame house, you should consult with experts

In order to properly equip the ventilation of the underground space of a frame house, you need to adhere to certain requirements and practical recommendations of the experts:

  • Compliance with the size of the cross-sectional area for each of the ventilation holes in the cellar. Its value can be from 0.04 to 0.06 m2.
  • The total area of all ventilation openings should not be less than 0.25% of the area of the cellar.
  • The distance from the surface of the earth to the produh should take into account the average thickness of snow in winter for your region.
  • The location of the prospirits assumes opposite each other.
  • The location of the supply vents should be provided at 15 cm below the exhaust produh.
  • The presence of sub-floor internal partition provides for mandatory device produhi in each of them.
  • To ensure a minimum flow in the cold period it is allowed to insert into the holes mineral wool.
  • From the outside of the hole supply nets from the ingress of small objects and animals.
  • If the cellar of the house does not exceed 0.3 m, produhi doing in the floor next to the wall. It is necessary to watch that they do not overlap the flooring or pieces of furniture.

Ventilation of the crawl space will help prevent rotting of wooden elements of the floor and a musty smell in the house

A useful tip! If underground space your home has insufficient height for the device of ventilation, special ventilation, use a baseboard with the bottom plane of the groove for ventilation.

Methods of ventilation space of the cellar are also divided into natural and forced. With natural ventilation air exchange occurs continuously. Such ventilation is not dependent on energy. If the frame house is situated on the terrain is relatively high, the presence of vents will be enough. If the house is located on low-lying place, to the suction holes (usually the North side) mounted galvanised or plastic box. This is done to create the appropriate thrust. The sizes of the boxes are selected based on the normal thrust.

On the external side of the supply holes supply nets from the ingress of small objects, rodents

Forced ventilation of the cellar involves the use of several fans. As in the case of system of ventilation of the frame house and cellar for ventilation, a mechanical ventilation system is foreseen at the design stage and construction works.

Don’t neglect the device required the ventilation system of a frame house. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.


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