Wall panels for interior decoration

The main trend in recent decades, finishing work — wall panels for interior decoration began to be used everywhere. The main common advantage of this type of finishing material is that panel easy to install, cheap and have an attractive decorative appearance. A wide choice of types of wall panels allows you to choose the right material for any interior design.

One of the walls in the living room, decorated bright yellow decorative panels

The contents

  • 1 wall Panels for interior finishing: the positive and negative aspects
    • 1.1 what materials make the decorative panel
  • 2 Wooden panels for interior walls
  • 3 Plastic panels brick for interior design
  • 4 MDF Wall panel for interior decoration: photo & finish options
  • 5 Gypsum Board for interior decoration
  • 6 Panels for walls (video)

Wall panels for interior finishing: the positive and negative aspects

Wall panels it is possible to use in any environment. However, in order to choose the most comfortable material, you need to examine all their varieties. From whatever material was not made the panel, they all have positive and negative qualities, among which:

  • Overall, the low price is for standard finish options, though, depending on the material, the price range can be very large.
  • Easy installation, affordable for everyone who can work with their hands.
  • Simultaneous insulation of walls.
  • Frame type of cladding allows not to pay much attention to the quality of the base and gives you the ability to hide all communications.
  • Wide selection of sizes, design and material to satisfy any claims.
  • Wall finishes contrasting dark grey panels

    If we talk about the shortcomings inherent in all types of walls panels for interior decoration, it comes to mind only that the method frame finish takes some useful space in the room.

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    What materials make the decorative panel

    Classify the finishing panel can be based on several parameters, including the form of:

    • inlaid slats. They need to include all sorts of plastic and wood. This is the most common type which is popularly known as molded;
    • tile panels for cladding;
    • sheet cladding panels, which have a large surface area and well suited for finishing an extensive plane.

    Vertical layout wooden wall panels

    However, a more significant classification of the wall panels by the material from which they are produced:

    • from different varieties of wood;
    • panel of plastic;
    • glassware;
    • panels of MDF;
    • gypsum Board;
    • soft types of panels, e.g. leather or fabric.

    Soft decorative panel on the wall in the bedroom

    You can even list a lot of options, but we will focus in detail only on some of the most common types.

    Wood panels for interior walls

    Wood panels for interior walls are used for decorating partitions and built in furniture. This finish has a very presentable appearance. The main component part of such panels is a particular sort of wood treated in a certain way. It can be strips or tiles with a relief selected on special woodworking machines. Wooden panels can be covered with stain, varnish or paint. Their cost depends on the amount of the composition of natural wood.

    The bed is near the wall, which is decorated with wooden panels

    If we consider natural wood panels, they enjoyed the advantages which are inherent in General, this natural material:

    • aesthetic beauty and appeal;
    • absolute ecological safety;
    • the practicality and convenience of care;
    • easy installation;
    • low degree of thermal conductivity;
    • excellent soundproofing;
    • durability and good performance and consumer characteristics.

    Wood panels in the interior guest room

    Panels of wood can be used in almost all types of premises except too wet. As the drawback is the high cost of natural wood panels.

    A useful tip! To minimise waste during finishing, it is worth considering that the length of the wooden slatted panels is 2 or 3 m, width 80 or 88 mm. Tile wooden panels can be custom manufactured to any size.

    The original wall plate on the working wall of kitchen

    Plastic panels brick for interior design

    Today gained special popularity of PVC panel. There are a significant number of their species in form and design. I would like to mention plastic panels brick for interior decoration. The fashion for this style returns periodically, so they are almost always in demand. They often trim the wall in the hallway, the kitchen, the loggia or the balcony. Due to the impermeability of plastic, such panels can often be found in bathrooms and toilets. They close completely the walls, but often only one wall or portion thereof.

    Plastic panels under a brick in interior design kitchen

    In General, plastic panels have a very wide distribution. This is due to the qualities possessed by polyvinyl chloride:

    • quite affordable price;
    • the realism of the picture. The brickwork looks like a real;
    • organic in combination with other cladding materials;
    • easy installation and the lack of waste and garbage;
    • very light weight does not load unnecessarily the wall;
    • excellent maintainability. Replace a damaged panel is absolutely not difficult.

    The combination of brick and plastic panels in the decoration of the living room

    As disadvantages of the plastic panels call their poor environmental friendliness and the fear of low temperatures.

    Size plastic panels, which are used in the main finish: length – 2.5 — 3 m, width of 1 — 1.5 m, thickness – 0,8 — 1 see

    Panels made of polyvinyl chloride — a practical and economical option

    Size slatted plastic panels, which are hollow inside the structure with stiffening ribs, can vary:

    • panel width: 10, 25, 30 cm;
    • length: 300, 450, 600 cm;
    • thickness: 5, 6, 8, 10 mm.

    A useful tip! Preferred for the walls in an apartment to use panel rack type. They are attached to the crate. Need to buy rails with a length of 3 m, a width of 25 cm, and 8 cm thick

    Slatted wooden panels in making a child’s room

    MDF wall panels for interior decoration: photo & finish options

    In today’s construction industry found a cheap substitute for genuine wood, which is not much inferior to her decorative qualities. It is MDF Board. It is produced during the high temperature pressing of waste wood production. The compound is a synthetic substance that makes wood fibers are very durable. Such plates are used in the manufacture of furniture. In addition, they produce wall panels MDF interior decoration. Photo walls decorated with this material, do not differ from those covered with natural wood. However, the cost of this type of coating is about 60% lower.

    Part of the living room wall is lined with panels of MDF

    There are many types of MDF panels, but they are endowed with common qualities:

    • high reliability and durability that allows these products to withstand the serious load;
    • absence of fear of moisture, thanks to a moisture-resistant coating;
    • not afraid of dirt. They don’t tend to linger dust;
    • installation feasible even for a beginner after studying simple instructions or viewing videos;

    Panels of bleached wood to fit perfectly into a Scandinavian interior

    • no need for constant complex care;
    • a small load on the wall due to the low weight;
    • production without chemicals allows to achieve that the material can be absolutely environment friendly;

    The dimensions of the MDF panels are different. It depends on the manufacturer. You’ll find most products 260 cm in length, from 15 to 32 cm in width, and 7 to 14 mm in thickness.

    The interior in Maritime style, supplemented with plastic wall panels

    Gypsum panel for interior decoration

    Panel made of gypsum, can be attributed almost to artificial stone. Because gypsum is a natural material. Hence its positive properties:

    • ecology — the cast is first place in this respect. It is perfectly safe;
    • fire safety – the plaster is not able to burn, melt or highlight when heated harmful substances;
    • gypsum panel for interior decoration are a great soundproof material. They are also great at keeping you warm;
    • a variety of volume graphics, the ability selection of colors and individual color of these panels liven up any interior.

    Decorative plaster panel in the design space of the Cabinet

    The disadvantages may be the following qualities:

    • cannot be used in wet areas;
    • the fragility of the material.

    Most often gypsum panels decorate living room, decorated in a classic style, and is also used in modern designs.

    Decoration wall living room white tile panels type

    A useful tip! If you have an artistic talent, it is better to buy unpainted panels. In this case you can implement any pattern in any color. In addition, you can purchase forms and cast plaster panels themselves.

    What would you choose wall panels for interior decoration, you need to their material and appearance is fully consistent with the design you expect to apply in the room.

    Panels for walls (video)


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