Wallpaper as an indispensable element of the interior

Wallpapers are the most common material for the walls, without them it is impossible to imagine any one room. Wallpapers give personality to the interior reflect the tastes and character of the owners, no accident after all the designers recognize their most important artistic means to Express a particular mood, to create a special, unique style, to emphasize other details of the situation. Modern Wallpaper give the opportunity to implement a variety of interior design ideas from practicality and understated simplicity, to chic and glamorous luxury.

For bedroom and living room are most suitable paper panoramic Wallpaper with floral or floral ornaments, and Wallpapers in the style of English classics (genre scenes, landscapes). As for color – it is best to use warm colors, calling for relaxation and tranquility. If you want to highlight paintings, different pieces of the interior or furniture, should pay attention to a neutral Wallpaper, which will be a great background, and highlight detail.

Public area is living room, usually try to allocate using the more expensive, exquisite finishing materials. The bedroom should be a place where the home owner feels most comfortable. Wallpaper, made of seamless fabric, paper backed, will create exactly the effect you want. Also important is the fact that such coatings have a higher level of sound insulation.

Luxury gold

One of the win-win options to give their home a refined luxury are painted Wallpaper, made of natural silk. It is worth noting that such coverage will require considerable funds. New noteworthy Wallpaper based on the foil with a large pattern Matt paint – their shiny surface reminiscent of the brilliance of gold leaf. To emphasize the quality and taste will help tapestry cover as a worthy alternative to modern Wallpaper.

The vinyl coating, using the previously popular, now not so popular. This is because they are not very environmentally friendly, does not leak air. Vinyl is good for decoration, where the humidity level is elevated – kitchen, hallway, bathroom, toilet.

Delicious shades

If the design of the house involves ethnic motifs, then will be very opportunely Wallpapers, made of natural materials – vegetable fibers of sisal, fibers of papyrus, exotic herbs, bamboo, cane, jute. Such coatings are unusual attractiveness, strength and durability. They maintain the microclimate, dust, moisture resistant, do not deteriorate when exposed to light. Typically, these Wallpapers are used for laminating hallways, lobbies, but for the kitchen, child they are also suitable.

For locations most susceptible to contamination (kitchen, dining) experts recommend the use of structural Wallpaper for painting. They are distinguished by the practicality and insensibility: the Wallpaper can be washed, repainted several times in any colors, they perfectly hide the cracks and uneven walls. These Wallpapers can be white, or covered with paint.

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