Water heater to give liquid with a heater: water with comfort

Giving for many people has become a second home. Accordingly, it is clear the desire of gardeners to have comfortable conditions for living. Urban comfort in the country with modern technology is not so difficult to achieve. One of the most important components of the civilized environment is the availability of hot water. Water heater to give liquid with the heater – the most simple, inexpensive and undemanding to communications solution.

The water heater adds at country kitchen a more comfortable environment

The contents

  • 1 Varieties of water heaters
    • 1.1 Electric water heaters for villas
  • 2, the Heater for the garden with a liquid heater: a device installation and operation
  • 3 Bulk water heaters for the garden. Manufacturers, specifications, prices
  • 4 How to choose a water heater for villas
    • 4.1 Choice of bulk water heater for shower

Varieties of water heaters

The type of energy source water heaters are:

  • gas;
  • solid;
  • solar;
  • electric.

Gas water heaters have high heat output (30 kW), but their use is possible only in the presence of a gas pipeline in a suburban town or if special configuration on bottled gas. The use of bottled gas is troublesome from the point of view of filling of the cylinders, requires increased caution when operating. Installation of heaters of this type requires coordination with the gas service, and their operation requires annual maintenance (prevention).

Internal structure of gas water heater

Solid – very independent water heaters can operate in the absence of gas and electricity. However, they are difficult for installation indoors, since building a chimney requires special knowledge and skills. The use of solid fuel always takes a lot of time, because of the bookmark, the ignition, the maintenance of combustion, removal of products of combustion.

Solar is the most environmentally friendly, completely self-contained, simple if you install water heaters. Very effective for the garden in the summer. In late spring or early autumn can be used only in especially warm Sunny days.

Solar water heater will provide summer shower with warm water in the summer

Electric – the most massive. Combine the advantages of different types and successfully decide to give a task. Among the advantages of such heaters note the simplicity of the stock of electricity, sufficient environmental friendliness, ease of device installation and operation.

A useful tip! Install an electric heater in a Sunny location (a summer shower or a shower) will save considerable electricity. The power supply in turn is a backup energy source during cloudy days.

Electric liquid heater 250 l from the manufacturer AtlantidaSPb

Electric water heaters for villas

Electric water heaters are divided into:

  • flow;
  • cumulative;
  • liquid.

Running is a very efficient and convenient for the shower. Manufacturers offer a wide range of instantaneous water heaters for the garden. Specifications, prices and designs varied. However, these heaters require a water supply of sufficient pressure (at least 2 l/min). Quite complex in structure and repair. Due to the high power (not less than 8 kW) is designed for a separate power supply at 380V.

When the power is 220V of such power requires a separate agreement with the local electricity provider. To achieve this heat output gas water heaters more efficient than electric.

Tankless water heater located under the kitchen sink

Accumulative water heater allows to use much less power (under 2 kW) through the use of time when hot water is not in use. Storage type heaters insensitive to the pressure of the water.

Liquid heater device is similar to the cumulative. The fundamental difference in the Gulf water through the top cap, this heater can be used for the garden without running water. It is convenient to use such a heater, if the country installed the vanity or sink.

A useful tip! If you want to set to give a flow or storage water heater and you have a choice between gas and electric option, you need to relate the cost of gas and cost of electricity. According to the tables of specific heat of combustion of 1 m3 natural gas is equivalent to 8-10 kWh of electricity.

Plastic tank with tap liquid heater to testify

Water heater for the garden with a liquid heater: a device installation and operation

Liquid water heater is a tank of different capacity: from 10 to 250 A. As a rule, the tank has a double wall to create the effect of a thermos. The external walls are made of steel, the inner steel or plastic. Inside the tank is a heater. A number of manufacturers used the design, when the heater is below the drain cock. It’s not always convenient if capacity is required to remove all the water, for example, before winter.

Some models to protect against “dry” on using the water level sensor. Also a mandatory part of the heater to give liquid with the heater is a thermostat that keeps the temperature in the tank from 20 to 80°C. the heating Temperature is determined by the external temperature controller.

The installation of any water tank for the garden is simple and doesn’t require calling a plumber. Storage tank a small amount of can be hung on the wall, the larger models of water heaters mount on the floor. Also be sure to ground. Experienced gardeners do not recommend manually fill the inlet heater when the Heater.

Outdoor shower at their summer cottage

Important! For protection from power surges, electrical appliances in the country must be connected via a stabilizer. For water heater you can use the limiter which disconnects the circuit in case of low or high voltage.

Bulk water heaters for the garden. Manufacturers, specifications, prices

Among the manufacturers of the heaters to give the most well-known brands Ariston, Atlantic, ATMOR, Bosch. You can also choose a hot water urn or tank among domestic producers. Among domestic producers a sustainable position in the market is the company Alvin.

For the cottages without running water water heaters, MBA (own original development of the company Alvin) is a simple and economical solution. This series is equipped with plastic tanks enclosed in a metal case. Between the metal and the plastic has a layer of air, creating the principle of a thermos. Also, the system built-in thermostat allows you to get the most comfortable water temperature.

The internal structure of liquid heater

A typical example of the heater of this series, the most suitable for sink, – MBO-20. At an average price of 2,100-2,200 rubles, he has the following options:

  • capacity – 20 liters;
  • the power is 1.25 kW;
  • the heating time to 45 ° C – 45 min;
  • height – 410 mm;
  • width – 360 mm;
  • depth – 320 mm.

Water heaters series MBO larger capacity suitable for the soul, but are more expensive. For example, a 60-gallon heater will cost up to 5,000 rubles.

Gas water heater to country kitchen

We should mention one domestic producer – a SUCCESS. The peculiarity of its development in that the storage tank is made of stainless steel, the joints are glued with sealant. This design eliminates the leak. The thermostat allows you to set heat in the range of 15-70 degrees. The cost of the devices of this series are not high and depends on the size of the tank: 1500 — 2500 rubles.

A useful tip! If the water heater is not used more than a week, before switching on, make sure there is water in the tank even if the heater is below the level of the crane. It is the property caused by the evaporation of water, especially in hot weather.

The use of liquid heater perhaps even without the presence of a water main

How to choose a water heater for villas

The easiest sink to give the so – called “Moidodyr.” Involves the installation of the water heater to the sink. Wastewater flows into a special container under the bowl of the washstand. A sink of this type does not require heating large amounts of water. Recommended tank size – maximum of 20 liters In 20-liter tank washbasin is compact at the same time contain sufficient water for hand washing of all family members. Conveniently, the sink can be “topped off” with warm water, taken for example from the shower.

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The choice of bulk water heater for shower

A hot shower in the room – it’s not just comfort, but also the requirement personal hygiene. Tank for this soul needs to be big enough not less than 50 l water heater large capacity (200 l or more) easy to use, but require careful attention to installation. In the premises the usual attaching of such heater – wall. Should ensure that the wall was smooth and firm, without cracks and other defects.

To ensure a warm water outdoor showers in the country — enough capacity 50 l

Individual attention, all kinds of variations of a summer shower. With all the variety, decisions can be grouped into two groups:

  • stationary summer cabin;
  • portable summer shower.

When installing the heater in a stationary position, you should consider the lighting of the sun. Also, attention should be paid to the electrical isolation from possible rain. Also filling the water heater for the shower, like any appliance, do not leave the whole winter without a roof.

Because in the summer the shower water tank is almost always above the head, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the strength of the ceiling and framework.

The water heater is on the wall in the bathroom

Portable outdoor shower – the perfect solution for anyone to build cottages has only begun. This heater has a small tank capacity (10-15 l), conveniently attached to any handy prop – a tree or a column. Importantly, the capacity hung above human growth (2 m and more). Heats a volume of water quickly, to a maximum of 20 minutes.

The variety of choices on the market great. Careful and thoughtful approach to the selection of the heater will give you at the cottage a joyful work and comfortable rest.


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