Which peat toilet for the garden is better to buy

Civilized man in any place where he intends to remain for a long time, trying first and foremost to equip the place for the administration of natural physiological needs. Therefore, in each cottage, there is always one or the other kind of toilet. Many install a normal toilet with a cesspool. However, not always and not everywhere possible. In such cases, a great option is the composting toilet. For those who grow on the land, the vegetables, the most appropriate solution would be to acquire varieties with filler on the basis of peat. What is a peat toilet for cottages to choose, everyone decides for himself, based on his idea of comfort and financial opportunities.

A peat lavatory is the perfect solution for suburban area

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1 Purpose and principle of operation of peat toilets
2 What is a peat toilet for the garden it is better to choose
3 How to install a toilet with peat filler
4 Peat toilet (video)


The purpose and principle of operation of peat toilets

Like all toilets, peat closets intended for use in places where sewer construction is impossible or impractical. Really, why build complex sewer communications in the country, where the owners are only a few times over the summer. Construction of outdoor toilet with cesspit can be problematic due to the very high groundwater level. Peat toilet can be installed anywhere, even inside a country house, though in a private room in the yard.

The structure of the peat toilet

The principle of operation of peat toilet based on the ability of peat to absorb feces and recycle it into compost, which is in contact with the soil turns into humus. The peat is able to partially eliminate the smell. It should be noted that peat recycles solid content of the feces, so the excess water must be discharged to the outside.

Plastic collapsible toilet is easy to install and care

The device is a peat toilet is simple. Capacity is similar to an ordinary bucket, only large sizes. On top of it is a seat like a toilet. In the tank attached to the tank is filled with peat mixture, which can be purchased at any specialty store. There are filings required to humus.

Peat is placed in a container before and after use of the toilet for its intended purpose. Its mechanism of filling is different from ordinary sleep a shovel, to special mechanical devices in the reservoir by rotating the handles which the mixture is poured into a container.

Filling peat

A useful tip! When deciding on what peat toilet for cottages to choose, should pay attention to the presence of the discharge hose, which is designed to display the excess water from the tank. Urine passing through the layer of peat is purified and becomes safe for the environment. So it can be given directly into the soil.

Peat toilet — sectional view

Depending on the model and intensity of use, to empty the vessel 1 to 2 times a month. Peat particles, like cat litter, absorb organic matter. The whole mass is poured into a compost pit, where the process of formation of humus. After some time ready organic fertilizer you can make in garden beds or under fruit trees.

Used peat can be used as fertilizer

What is a peat toilet for cottages to choose, to decide, knowing the basic parameters of several models. All peat toilets have their advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantages include:

  • small size;
  • the lack of demand for sanitation;
  • environment, safety, and even the use of waste at their disposal;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the possibility of installation in any convenient location.

Peat toilet at the cottage

Of the downsides of this product include: not completely eliminate the odors and the need for systematic purification from content. This drawback is completely eliminated in modern expensive models.


What is a peat toilet for the garden it is better to choose

Today the industry produces several types of peat toilets. They differ in size, complexity, design features, the country of the manufacturer and price. It can be noted that dimensions of the product depend on the capacity of the tank. It varies from 60 to 150 litres. The average size of the toilet 780×600×800 mm type of design include simplified and “full integration”.

The internal structure of peat toilet

The simple construction involves only the presence of the bucket seat. Sometimes, instead of a bucket use a special disposable bag, able to be recycled in the soil. The peat in these models manually, is filled directly into the container. For the cost they are in the line budget.

The design of the tank and drain hose can be attributed to medium price models. They are the most popular, as they have a sufficient set of features at quite affordable prices. So many do not ask the question — what is a peat toilet to give better. They acquire an affordable model with a minimum necessary capacity.

The auditing service access door of the toilet

The most expensive models of peat toilets can reach a value of 500 – 600.e. Most often it is imported products, although there are domestic specimens in this price range. The most popular are toilets in Finland and some domestic models built on similar technology.

Expensive peat toilets, in addition to the above main parts, there is a ventilation tube with an extractor fan forced type. Due to its design and use of deodorizing substances, these models are not able to exude an unpleasant smell.

An example of a peat toilet at their summer cottage

A useful tip! If a family has a child or smaller person, you can purchase a better model. The Finnish analogues have a higher seat which is not very convenient for little people.


How to install a toilet with peat filler

When the question of what a peat lavatory to give better resolved and the product is purchased, you need to install it in their area. If this is a simple model that does not require any special operating conditions, you have this toilet can be anywhere. This can be done in the booth on the street, and right in the house, in a specially allocated for this purpose. Such models require regular emptying of the bucket, as they may not drain.

Scheme of arrangement of the peat toilet with their hands

The most popular models of the middle class set in the same way, but provide the hole in the wall through which the drain hose comes out. Water flows on it directly in the ground or in a compost pit.

A useful tip! To the formation of compost was properly and effectively, the drain hose should not be placed directly in the compost. Moisture should drain into it along the groove dug in the ground. This will allow the excess to go into the soil without creating excess moisture, which adversely affects the formation of humus.

Plastic mobile toilet cubicle

To build a peat bio-toilet with ventilation is also not difficult. Industrial models in the set already have the required set of pipes. They are most often long is 2 meters. An exhaust pipe are placed on the capacity of the toilet in the place designed for it, and the second part rises up above the roof of a house or booth. Hose for draining the fluid is behind the wall and falls to the ground.

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There are craftsmen who don’t even think some of the peat toilet for the garden it is better to choose. They just build it themselves. Will need 2 – 3 buckets of equal size with lids. Made of plywood and planks using screws made pedestal required dimensions with a hole at the top. On it I put the seat from the toilet. Under all this construction is inserted into the bucket.

As the content fills the next bucket, and the previous stand empty, washed and disinfected. If necessary, the internal cavity of the pedestal can connect with the atmosphere through tubes or corrugations for ventilation. Filler for a homemade toilet, you can use the same mixture of peat with sawdust.

An example of the construction of foundations for a peat toilet

A useful tip! If peat toilet you plan to use in the winter, when the purchase should pay attention to the quality plastic. You need to ask the seller what temperature range it is designed.

What peat toilet for the garden is better, everyone decides for himself. You can buy expensive model with a beautiful design, which does not ruin the interior of the cottages, and possibly the purchase of a simple design, with premium quality, but properly cope with their direct duties. For those who want to save money, there is also the option of independent devices of the peat toilet. Make it will not be easy for any man with “hands”.

Peat toilet (video)


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