What is the best septic tanks for cottages: depending on site conditions

The septic tank is the most suitable device for the diversion of liquid waste in any country house or cottage. What is the best septic tanks for cottages to choose from their available diversity, try to understand. There are simple homemade setup and modern stand-alone stations, allowing deep cleaning of domestic waste water to safe environmental condition. Today, everyone can choose a septic tank for the cottages, a wish. It all depends on the specific needs and amount of money.

The septic tank is designed to collect and filter liquid waste

The contents

  • 1 What are septic tanks and how they work
  • 2 What is the best septic tanks for cottages: the basics of choosing
    • 2.1 Select the required performance of the septic tank
    • 2.2 effect of the properties of the soil on the choice of septic tank
    • 2.3 Choose a septic tank or do it yourself
    • 2.4 the Choice of septic tank of the finished product
  • 3 Septic tanks for cottages (video)

What are septic tanks and how they work

The septic tank referred to as a local device that is connected to the local houses to the sewage system. A septic tank is necessary in order to collect, preserve and purify the wastewater discharged from the house through the drain. Install these devices in areas with no centralized sewer infrastructure. In most cases, it’s a country house or Villa and a huge number of entire communities in remote rural areas, where there is no sewage system.

Diagram of septic tank

Choosing the right septic tank depends not only from the volume of water, but to a greater extent by local environmental conditions. Therefore, for a correct assessment of future purchase you want to understand a little the device and principles of operation of various types of installations. Any existing septic tank is a tank that can be divided into two or more departments. The General principle of operation is the following:

  • pipes sewage sewage sewage comes into the first reservoir, which plays the role of a settler. In this heavy components sink and accumulate at the bottom. Light fraction and fats accumulate on the surface of the water;
  • using this overflow the liquid falls into the second compartment where further sedimentation and decomposition of organic matter exposed to bacteria;
  • the last section allows you to purify water so that after filtration it can be safely drained into the soil, percolating through which it is cleansed of all harmful substances and odor.

An example of the arrangement of a septic tank at their summer cottage

A useful tip! For full sewage treatment it is possible to use the installations, which include the use of biofilters. For such septic filter fields no longer be needed.

What is the best septic tanks for cottages: the basics of choosing

Before selecting a septic tank for your garden it is necessary to make small specification, which would give answers to the following questions:

  • how much fluid is discharged out of the house for the day. You need to know the number of people living in a household of family members and possible guests. Taken into account appliances that use water, installed in the home and their average daily capacity. Here consider washing machine and dishwasher, as well as showers and taps;

View of septic tank from the inside

  • what is the composition of the soil and the depth of groundwater. It is necessary to determine the possibility and necessity of setting margins to filter;
  • what is the main purpose of the house. That is, it is temporary housing for families or permanent;
  • how much do you think it is possible to spend on the creation of a septic tank means.

If answers to all these questions this is accurate, then you can begin to choose the most acceptable device.

Septic — the best solution for a country village, where there is no centralized sewage

Select the required performance of the septic tank

Before you purchase or self-construction of any septic tank must be determined with the required performance. This index determines the quantity of sewage that the plant is capable of processing per day. It depends on the number of compartments and their volume.

A useful tip! According to the construction norms and rules, the septic tank must be placed as much water as it can relieve the household for three days. A lower volume of septic tank use is not rational, as the water just will not have time to be filtered and it will always have to pump.

The optimal depth of placement of the septic tank in the ground

It is considered that in the formation of less than 1 m3 of wastewater per day, the need for multi-chamber septic tanks is missing. A two-compartment model subject to the achievement of this indicator from 1 to 10 m3/day. If the indicator is even higher, then there is a need in the three-chamber installation.

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How to choose a septic tank for a private home from a variety of options. What difficulties exist in the treatment plant for domestic wastewater in a private country house and which one you should choose.

About what is the best septic tank for the cottages, which will be visited only periodically for the rest of the family, much to wrestle with is not necessary, as enough for her to be the cheapest small single-chamber storage device. It is made in the form of a tank that just drains the sewage from the house. Thus it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of its content in time to cause a vacuum machine for pumping out the tank.

Neat cover of a septic tank do not spoil the appearance of the suburban area

Services vacuum trucks are expensive enough. And the amount can be greatly exaggerated when finding villas in inaccessible or remote location. For this reason, in the cottages or rustic homes with a permanent residence still better to hold the overflow structures in which water is purified and discharged to the natural environment.

This is especially important for the cottage, which has the same improvement as the apartment in apartment town house, and sometimes more. Indeed, in these homes are often built saunas and swimming pools, giving a huge amount of wastewater. For such houses need models of septic tanks with very high productivity.

Mounting dimensions arrangement of a septic tank

A useful tip! If water consumption in households is very high, it is possible to purchase septic tank equipped with an aeration device. Aerator, mounted on a structure that allows you to create a favorable environment for aerobic microorganisms, which are perfectly clean all the drains, increasing the capacity of the septic tank.

How do the properties of the soil on the choice of septic tank

Modern cleaning devices operate in conjunction with the fields of the filter effluent. However, it was not always possible device due to the fact that the soil is not suitable for this. Clay soils can transmit water, and therefore is not able to filter. High groundwater table (closer than 150 cm from the surface) makes it impossible, in principle, the device of the filtering fields.

How to choose a septic tank for the cottages under such circumstances? There is a solution is a septic tank with biological filter. It is a turnkey cleaning unit, the passage through which the water is completely safe for the environment and can even be used for watering plants.

Compact two-chamber septic tanks for cottages

A useful tip! Setting bioseptic justified in homes where the accommodation constantly. During prolonged outages, the installation of the microorganisms die, because they do not have a nutritious substrate.

Choose a septic tank or do it yourself

The industry today offers a variety of options of septic tanks for sewage equipment private country house or Villa. They simply buy and install according to the instructions, by connecting them to a sewer pipe. You can own to make such storage and treatment facilities. Buying the finished product for wastewater treatment, we gain:

  • simple and intuitive installation of the Assembly in their area, though independently, though forces crews of specialists;
  • quick and easy connection of the whole system and its launch;
  • the absence in the construction of the device of “dirty” technologies.

Characteristics and purpose of technological tanks of the septic tank

However, we purchased these tanks for a fairly high price. Independent production of a septic tank, in the opinion of many, greatly saves money. Most often it is not so. Because the cost of consumables is also quite high. In addition, installation and commissioning work can take a long time for various reasons.

The choice of septic tank of the finished product

What is the best septic tanks for cottages to choose from already on the market, if so many of them? For starters, look at the performance and choose the best for yourself. There are mini septic tanks, able to meet the demands of a family consisting of 1 or 2 people. Other models are designed to clean the drains entire cottage settlements. For any model there is information about how living in the house she designed.

Containers made of different materials:

  • stainless steel, sometimes with a polymer layer;
  • fiberglass or carbon fiber which are very light, so them to fit even one person without the use of construction equipment;
  • concrete ring – an outdated method that is now rarely used for this purpose.

Scheme of arrangement of a septic tank at the dacha with his hands

The capacity is fixed with straps of nylon (anchoring) or the sides and bottom of the trench concreted in order to avoid surfacing of septic tanks for cottages. How to choose a method for such a soil is determined by each man according to their capabilities and preferences.

As for the manufacturers of septic tanks on the market, it is possible with some confidence to choose a few of them, whose products are replete with lots of great feedback: “Tank”, “Cedar”, “DSK”, “Triton”, “tapas”, “Mole”, “Ecoline”, “Anilos”. Reviews for their products are different, from very negative, to admiring. How to trust them matter, but to examine them before buying is to have a good idea about a particular product and the features of his device and installation.

The location of the plastic capacity of the septic tank at their summer cottage

Now we have learned that in order to decide which is better septic tank for the cottages, you need to know the technical conditions of its construction on your specific area in relation to the condition of the soil and level of groundwater. Knowing this, it is easy to make a comparative description of the above-mentioned models with similar technical parameters and choose the most appropriate price range.

The septic tank for the garden (video)


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