Which pool is better: inflatable or frame? Select the optimal model

A wide variety of models pools manufactured by different manufacturers poses to customers, the question of which pool is better: inflatable or frame? To give preference to a particular model will help you a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each type design, a cost comparison of different options, as well as reviews from those who have some time use private pond. Invariably only that the acquisition of a frame or inflatable pool is available to people with any level of wealth.

Precast frame pool for summer

The contents

  • 1 What guided the selection pool for the garden. Photo examples of private ponds
  • 2 Specifications frame pools. Photos models
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages of frame pools
  • 4 How to install frame pool in the country
  • 5 Inflatable swimming pools for villas. Prices, photos models and their properties
  • 6 What is the swimming pool: inflatable or frame?

What guided the selection pool for the garden. Photo examples of private ponds

Before you decide which pool is better to give you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • the presence of free territory for a swimming pool in the country — offered by many manufacturers models can be of different dimensions and depth;
  • the intensity of use — if you are in the country from case to case, then install the oversized pool, going for a long time-knows no meaning;

Inflatable pool is perfect for a child who can’t swim

  • the purpose of the pond — the choice of pool is affected, will it be used by adults or children;
  • capacity — if your family is large it makes sense to buy a model that can simultaneously bathe several people;
  • water — if your in the holiday village there are problems with the supply of water, the maintenance and care of the pool will be quite difficult. In addition, the choice of design with a heavy workload suggests the need at one time to fill or drain a significant amount of water;
  • electricity — is it possible to bring power to the installation site to connect the filtration equipment;
  • financial resources — the price of outdoor pools for the villas is quite feasible, but more sophisticated and three-dimensional designs will cost more.

Reliable inflatable pool for a good time with friends

Companies engaged in the sale of pools for private use, and offer a variety of types and models of artificial reservoirs. Among them, stationary, prefabricated frame and inflatable structures. To build a permanent pool will require a lot of financial investments, but to purchase and to install in the country a frame pool and inflatable can afford any vacationer.

Features frame pools. Photos models

Construction of a frame of the pool is a skeleton and a bowl. Distinguish collapsible (seasonal), hardy (all-season) and the stationary frame pools. Collapsible models of frame pools with their hands are mounted directly on the site in the summer and removed at the end of season for storage. They consist of metal tubes connected in a frame, inside of which is the basin of the pool.

A stationary frame construction

The bowl of the reservoir is done from several layers of reinforced PVC, which has high strength. The thickness of the PVC film ranges from 0.5 to 0.7 mm. In such basins, the pressure of the main mass of water is necessary on the frame. This reduces the load on the Cup, so the shape of the structure does not change when filling it with water. Pools of this type are designed for the loading of water to 7 litres and is suitable for children up to 12 years.

Ponds greater volumes need to strengthen the structure. This is achieved by connecting at the perimeter of the metal sheets. Pools with panel Board frame are considered to be more durable than counterparts with tubular base. But if you compare the cost of the pool with a leaf skeleton and is identical to the size of the reservoir with the tubular core, the first option will be much more expensive.

Design team at metal pipes

Form frame pools can be rectangular, oval or round, there are models of two semi-ovals attached to each other in the form of “eight”. You can verify this by reading photo frame pools in the country. Operated a seasonal model can within 5-8 years, the cost is determined by the frame size of the pool depends on the manufacturer.

A useful tip! When changing the water in the frame pool, connect to the drain valve flexible garden hose and use this water for watering flower beds.

Standard connection diagram and piping of the pool

All-weather frame structure can not be dismantled with the arrival of cold weather. Such structures are not different from the portable variants, the only difference is that sheets with a thickness of 0.8 mm have profiled the structure and the multilayer enamel coating. The side structure and frame structure with cross beams do not allow to deform the basin water from freezing. The life of a frame deep frost of the pool to give up to 15 years.

Frame artificial reservoirs stationary type manufactured mixed: aluminum, steel, plastic and impregnated with a water-resistant composition wood. They are mounted by means of bolting, locking and adhesive compounds. The Cup also runs from 3-4 layers of PVC with a thickness up to 1.5 mm. the Design is very robust and rigid, but to dismantle it without damage to the material of the bowl anymore.

The frame structure can be set depending on the season

The advantages of the stationary frame pools are before the seasonal maximum depth of the tank, a variety of forms (including complicated curved), differences in depth in the Cup and long life (over 15 years). However, the transfer of the structure to another location is impossible and the cost of construction equal to the cost of a concrete pool.

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It should be noted that the collapsible frame, the reservoirs are not equipped with additional equipment: skimmer and sand filter. Therefore, at the bottom of the pool and on the water surface to gather small litter, insects, fallen leaves. And connect the pool vacuum will be difficult due to poor operation of the pump. This should be considered when choosing the best option.

Pool with filter pump

The advantages and disadvantages of frame pools

Frame pools have a solid appearance, they are strong and reliable. The main advantages of these structures include:

  • classic shape — frame pools to give rectangular or round shape appropriate look at the landscape of any style;
  • rich lineup — you can find the design acceptable shape and size to fit your preference;
  • no pump needed — this advantage can be used if electricity is not available;
  • simple installation — Assembly and installation in the country frame pool with their hands under any force when reading the manufacturer’s instructions;

Metal frame provides durability

  • durability is achieved by using wear-resistant materials;
  • frost — design all-weather type freezing does not harm;
  • possibility of penetration given that the frame provides rigidity swimming pool can be sunk into the ground about a third of the total height of the bead;
  • the presence of additional equipment from all-weather models are equipped with skimmers (to clean the upper layers of water), filtration system, similar to the equipment in stationary reservoirs and filter pumps, allowing you to take care of the water in the pool;

Frame pool set into a pit

  • the ability to move the design — seasonal frame pools can be easily disassembled and moved to another place.
    From shortcomings it should be noted that the collapsible frame pools must be removed at the end of the season: they are sensitive to frost. There are certain difficulties in equipment design additional equipment (lighting, waterfalls, etc.). The lack of strength of the frame sides of the ponds does not allow vacationers to sit or recline much.

A useful tip! Ladders for frame pool should not join the rim, as the design even with a shell made of metal not designed for it.

Upright pool professional water filtration system

Moreover, in small capacity artificial reservoirs, there is no possibility to swim. The acquisition frame deep pools to give more loading to be associated with an increase in financial costs for their acquisition.

How to install frame pool in the country

When installing a frame pool in the country with their hands there is no need to stock up on any special devices or equipment. For mounting use a standard set of tools available in every home. The involvement of qualified specialists is not required. The installation of the pool is quite fast. For example, use video “How to install frame pool in the country”.

The installation of the pool: 1 — layout; 2 — remove the grass and filled with sand; 3 — alignment level; 4 — fixing brick plastic film

Wireframe prefabricated type erected on the site without prior preparation of the soil. It is only necessary to determine the place and clear it of vegetation and debris. Design does not need the device and the concreting of the pit. Many gardeners practice construction frame pools with their hands from improvised materials. A photo of a unique homemade ponds are often put on the Internet.

To create your hands of mini-pools for the villas the craftsmen bring out tires, old bathtubs, plastic bottles, laid on the mortar and many other materials. Popular with his hands raised pools of pallets. As capacity in such constructions use the bowl of the awning fabric. The pools with their hands decorated with different materials.

Installation of swimming pools: 5 is covered with the heat insulation material is laid; 6 — bonded between the sheets; 7 — align the edge of the heat insulation material is laid; 8 — joints sizing tape

A useful tip! When construction of the pool of pallets, you need all wooden elements are treated with formulations from premature decay and destruction.

A homemade metal frame pools are quite low and easy to installation designs. Their disadvantages are the lack of high-quality purification systems. The used water would simply have drained, so after dialing into the bowl.

Installation of pool: 9 — lay and align the pool; 10 — check level; 11 — adjustable feet on base; 12 — ready pool can be filled with water

Inflatable pools for the villas. Prices, photos models and their properties

Modern inflatable structures made of several layers (3 or more) polyvinyl chloride, where pumped air. In case of accidental damage of one layer, water flows into the other: formed multi-chamber effect. Inflatable pools large dimensions reinforced with polyester mesh. Some of the models are performed with an inflatable bottom, making the pond safe, including for children.

According to the method of filling artificial lakes are inflatable and liquid. In inflatable structures by means of a pump pumped the air and the structure acquires its form. Liquid pools have a perimeter ring made of PVC. As filling of the tank with water ring floats, raising and leveling the pool wall. In addition, the ring serves to support the sides of the structure.

A small inflatable pool for children

A useful tip! In the absence of the inflatable frame, it is not necessary to lean against the side of the pool.

Main advantages of the inflatable models:

  • huge selection of models, inflatable pools can be bought in any shape, color and size;
  • easy and quick installation — before installing an inflatable pool in the country, select any suitable place, pumped the air and the structure is filled with water;

Inflatable pool is very easy to use, just type in the air with a pump and fill with water

  • easy care — the product is easy to clean with the use of harmless means;
  • reliability — pools inflatable structures are resistant to natural factors and are not afraid of light bumps;
  • reasonable price — the price of the product available to a wide range of consumers;
  • easy disassembly and transportation — after season design is easy to assemble for storage as packaged does not occupy much space, are light weight.

A good buy for families with young children will be an inflatable pool with a low side

Due to the huge range of models offered by a variety of manufacturers prices on inflatable structures are quite affordable. In addition, watching ads on relevant sites that you can buy the desired model at a good discount. In a set of children’s small ponds usually include additional game elements: slides, balls, balls, rings, etc.

The cheapest children’s model with a capacity of 45 liters can be bought for RUB 1025 Price inflatable pool with dimensions of 2.5×0.7 m with a capacity of 2600 l, where freely can accommodate a family of 4 is 2250 RUB body design with dimensions of 5.5×2.2 m cost of 32800 RUB These models are equipped with a cartridge filter, ladder, blanket and litter for the pool.

Rectangular baby pool is made of vinyl

The disadvantages of inflatable pools include the need for a pump and electricity, small depth (up to 1.2 m), sensitivity to punctures and strong physical effects, the need from time to time to pump up the product, difficulty draining, limitations in the design shape (round or oval), partial discoloration under the action of sunlight.

Which pool is better: inflatable or frame?

Before purchasing a particular model of pool, it is necessary to study properties and characteristics, the pros and cons of each of the designs. It is useful to visit the online forum where users share their reviews. Which pool is better: framed or inflatable can be defined more and given the size of your plot. For a small area will suit a small inflatable design.

Team design with metal frame

If you consider the cost pools, the price of the inflatable option is much below the frame, but the latter is more durable and will last much longer. The cost of a frame will outperform identical inflatable model is about three times. But frame construction can be left to winter on the site, without resorting to seasonal disassembly. However, maintenance of such models is more difficult than caring for an inflatable counterparts.

An important point in the choice frequency of use of the reservoir. If your site is large enough, you almost spend the whole summer at the dacha outside the city and on weekends you come to visit, then preference should be given ample frame. It should be noted that the depth of these models more than the inflatable, and at the same time there may be a few people.

Vinyl pool villas with a flat bottom and filled with air bumpers

For those who make forays into the country are not so often and loves to travel, and even with young children, a great choice will be an inflatable pool. It is lightweight, has an inflatable bottom, sets in 20-25 minutes and can easily be transported to a new location. When folded, it can take a package with the product will not occupy unnecessary space. The care of such a pool is simple and not time consuming.

Summing up the positive characteristics of each type of pool, you can draw this conclusion: the wireframe model a more solid, strong and durable, inflatable — easy to assemble, transportable and inexpensive. Common virtue and the other is the possibility of a hot afternoon dip in the pond together with your family and friends.


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