A covering for children’s playgrounds in the country: safe play in the fresh air

When building its suburban area, it is very important to foresee all the nuances. This is especially true if we are talking about children’s playgrounds. To build with their own hands the sandpit, slide or swing is quite simple, but besides that, you also need to take care of the safety of the child during the games. A covering for children’s playgrounds in the country plays a very important role in reducing the risk of injuries on the Playground.

The rubber coating reduces the chance of getting injuries when falling

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  • 1 Types and characteristics of coatings for the site
    • 1.1 What is good about artificial grass for Playground
    • 1.2 Features modular rubber coating
    • 1.3 the Benefits of modular plastic cover
    • 1.4 Natural covering for children’s playgrounds in the country

Types and characteristics of coatings for the site

All covering for playgrounds on the street can be divided into two types – natural and artificial. The first option is the sand or grass. They allow you to save your budget, but have several disadvantages. For example, during rain, this coating is converted into a continuous swamp, and dries up the lawn with the grass long enough. In addition, sandy, or grassy surface hard enough to remove debris, lawns need regular care.

Therefore, many owners of suburban areas opt for artificial turf. This option is more expensive, but has a number of significant advantages:

  • artificial turf for playgrounds is completely safe, and also boasts a high level of elasticity;

Modular rubber coating does not require drainage device

  • resistant to temperature extremes, direct sunlight, or large clauses;
  • will not burn or melt;
  • needs no special maintenance, is simple in operation and installation;
  • artificial non-slip surface after rain, which reduces the risk of injuries to the child in the fall;
  • has a high moisture-absorbing and drainage properties;
  • is much longer than the natural coating. Characterized by high wear resistance.

Artificial grass is an excellent replacement to natural lawn

The following types of popular artificial surfaces for children’s playgrounds:

  • artificial turf;
  • modular rubber coating;
  • modular plastic coating.

A useful tip! Stacking of any coverage unit requires a perfectly flat surface, so the Playground should be previously prepared. This can be done by pouring the asphalt, laying concrete ties, wood flooring or stone Foundation.

Modular plastic coating is easily disassembled and can be reused

Than a good artificial grass for Playground

One of the main differences of synthetic turf from natural is a high level of resistance to trampling. Natural grass quickly crushed, it formed paths and bald spots. Synthetic variant cover is perfectly resistant to large loads and always looks like he just got laid. Also unlike natural grass, synthetic does not stain clothes. The disadvantage of this coating is that it is weak softens the fall, and the grass too high can hinder the mobility of a small child in the territory.

Synthetic turf is a practical option for covering for Playground

The basic parameter when choosing the artificial turf for the Playground is the height of the grass. This parameter is specified by the manufacturer in the description of the lawn. In addition, it is necessary to consider the density of grass and the thickness of the individual blades of grass. When installing the first lawn is filled with durable and smooth surface, e.g. concrete or asphalt.

Coverage for sports playgrounds from synthetic grass laid in the following sequence:

  • from land waste is removed, the surface is leveled. If necessary, you can remove a layer of soil;

Using synthetic turf for young children, you should choose the low grass

  • if the turf is laid on the ground, not on asphalt, it should be compacted with roller or wide planks;
  • to the ground beneath the coating does not bend it is necessary to make the drainage system. On the construction site to dig a ditch which will drain rain water;
  • when mounting on a concrete or asphalt surface under the lawn is lined with an underlay. Each following sheet substrate is laid overlapping the previous by about 1.5 cm;
  • after the lawn spread out we let it stand for approximately 12 hours. This is to ensure that the blades of grass straightened up and stood in a vertical position;

A lawn of artificial grass is the optimal solution for a children’s stadium

  • the sheets are stacked as close as possible to each other, and the joints are filled with a special construction adhesive. With the same kind of glue fixed the border on the edges of the lawn;
  • sediment or half backfilled the lawn can be sieved quartz sand. If you do not plan to use sand, instead it is necessary to take rubber or rubber granulate.

Synthetic turf is soft covering for playgrounds where you plan the improvement of children’s stadium. For example, for football artificial grass is simply perfect finish.

Artificial grass is unaffected by frost and sunlight

Features modular rubber coating

Of all the variants of surface rubber coverings for playgrounds on the street are the most traumatic. It also has the following advantages:

  • a high level of durability;
  • not break and is not erased;
  • attractive can have different colors;
  • environmentally safe and does not cause allergies;
  • absorbs noise in the kids games;
  • allows you to implement your wildest design fantasies.

Modular rubber coating may be used on hard and soft bottom

A useful tip! The outflow of water on clay is in a natural way, therefore the slope or drainage system should not do.

To put rubberized coating for a Playground on a solid Foundation or on the ground. When laying on the ground you need to use plates with a thickness of 30, 40, 50 or 80 mm. Before installation, cover the top layer of soil is removed, cleared of roots and weeds, leveled and then compacted with the compactor. After that, the ground is spread a layer of gravel thickness up to 100 mm, which is filled with cement-sand mixture.

Before laying the rubber coating on asphalt or concrete substrates must be primed

If you mount the rubber slab on the subgrade, it is best to connect them together with sleeves. So the elements of the cover will be securely fastened in place and cannot be dislodged during operation.

If the rubber coating is placed on the base of asphalt or concrete, then there is all the more complicated. The substrates must be processed using special primer that is made by mixing polyurethane glue and acetone in equal proportion. The resulting mixture is applied to the asphalt surface, also it can help to ground the chips and cracks in concrete. The adhesive is applied with a roller or trowel, then laid the tile, which should be tightly pressed.

Modular rubber coating offers a wide color gamut and the ability to combine colors

When laying street coverage for a Playground on a concrete or paved base is required to furnish stock water. The slope of the drain should be about 2%. The pad can be used after the adhesive mixture hardens.

The benefits of modular plastic cover

Modular plastic cover for the Playground is a collapsible design, which includes modules of different sizes, made of high quality plastic. This type of coating is not afraid of changes in temperature or prolonged exposure to water, is environmentally safe and easy to install. The main difference between the plastic modules from other types of coatings is that they can be easily disassembled and just as easily mount in a new place. If necessary, a modular design can be moved from place to place even without dismantling.

Plastic the coating is resistant to various weather conditions

Another advantage of modular plastic coating is easy to care for. Simply wash it with running water from a hose. Also works with plastic modules can be used immediately, not waiting until the glue hardens or solidifies base. And if your child grew up and a special covering for the Playground is no longer necessary, the modules are just disconnected from each other and stacked in the garage or pantry.

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The process of laying plastic coating consists of the following steps:

  • With grounds removed turf if it is. The surface is covered with sand, leveled, filled with water and compacted.
  • The modules are supplied in squares with side 1 m. For this leg of the castle one module is entered in the other bracket, then push until it clicks.
  • Assembled modules utrambovyvaya in the base, so that the coating does not shift in the process of operation.

The plastic coating is going to easily and quickly thanks to its convenient mounting system

Option since plastic is cheaper than coverage for Playground from rubber crumb, much easier to install and maintain. In addition, for plastic modules do not need to organize the flow or drainage system, as the water absolutely goes smoothly through the holes in the cover and goes into the sand base.

A useful tip! In the winter time based on plastic modules you can make an ice rink. Simply fill the cover with water, let it freeze, then pour the next layer and so on to produce ice of the desired thickness. In the spring the ice will melt and water will go into the sand.

Plastic enough to wash with water to remove all dirt

Natural coating for children’s playgrounds in the country

If you decide not to spend the extra money and use a soft surface for children’s playgrounds natural character, it is necessary to consider a number of points that will be discussed below.

Should not be used as a coating of gravel or crushed stone. The child can easily be hurt about it or just scatter the stones around the dacha. If you really want to use the stones, then choose run-Granit, it is safer and suitable for decorating the Playground.

As a natural coating for the site, you can use sand

Exotic option is the decorative chips. They are the soft wood chips or sawdust is not sharp and cannot injure a child. The downside of this material is easily blown away by the wind, loses its properties under the rain and is easy to stick to clothes.

If you use sand, it is a good option for places with high humidity, but bad for playgrounds. The sand will be engraved in the shoes or in the folds of clothing, hamper movement on the bike or rollers. Plus sand is that it is environmentally safe and inexpensive. Installation of sand covering is just laying and leveling of the material.

Natural grass is a soft coating, which can stain clothing child

If you do not want your child’s foot sank in the coating, it is better to use the large particle sand. And if you have Pets, you will have to closely monitor that the Playground was not part of the cat toilet. In addition, this type of coverage will often have to clean and sift. In a time when Playground is not in use you can cover the tent to prevent the ingress of debris.

Concrete fill is the most durable option is appropriate if the Playground is equipped for roller skating or skateboarding. This type of coverage is not worth it to install a swing or a slide, since the level of injury was high. Also on the concrete for a long time of standing water, so be careful about bias and the grooves for flow.

Do not use stone or concrete on the site intended for very young children

Lawn from natural grass will cost you less than synthetic, but it is fraught with soiled clothing. In addition, natural grass is quickly erased during regular operation, so be prepared for the fact that the lawn will have to be changed frequently. To avoid the regular hassle of replacing you can use a special kind of grass, which are used in professional stadiums and sports venues.

Private headache when you use natural lawn is weeds. To get rid of them have to use special chemical compounds. In addition, natural lawn should be cut regularly. From the foregoing it can be seen that the care of natural grass takes a lot of time and effort, so it is worth several times to think isn’t it better to pay more for synthetic, but to save yourself from wasting time and effort.

Interesting soft flooring for children’s Playground are decorative chips

Nice soft cover for playgrounds is a combination of different materials. For example, a football field, it is advisable to use natural or synthetic turf, in places for Cycling or roller – asphalt, near swings and slides – soft rubber flooring. Thus, you will create the ideal surface for each of the zones children’s Playground, save money and get the well-planned territory.

Whatever you choose coverage for children’s playgrounds it is, first and foremost, must be safe for the baby. Other parameters should be selected depending on the purposes for which equipped Playground, what age your child is, what natural conditions in your region, and so on. Remember that properly selected coating material is the lack of injuries to your child and, consequently, your peace of mind.


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