A fence of corrugated Board with your hands to the bars: methods, secrets build

Gradually fading the familiar fences from wooden fences. Increasingly, residents of holiday villages and town houses to fence their land use structures from metal sheets. And rightly so. Corrugated sheet — material is durable, resistant to deformation and in the form of fencing has a very aesthetic appearance. Moreover, a fence of corrugated Board with your hands from the bars can mount every little bit crafty master.

Set the fence of corrugated Board is possible by hand

The contents

  • 1 Corrugated sheet: universal quality
  • 2 Tools and materials for installation of fence
  • 3 a Fence of corrugated Board with your hands to the bars: metal supports or brick columns
    • 3.1 Preparatory activities
    • 3.2 Installation of pipe bearings
    • 3.3 transverse Mounting lag to the supporting pillars
    • 3.4 installation of the profiled sheets
    • 3.5 a Fence of corrugated Board with brick pillars

Corrugated sheet: universal quality

Due to the high anticorrosive performance, versatility in application, easy and quick installation of the profiled sheets are becoming increasingly popular.

The life of the corrugated sheet with polymeric coating is up to 50 years. Structure made from metal sheets, look aesthetically pleasing, stylish and modern. Corrugated sheets are widely used in the construction of: hangars, supermarkets, warehouses, roofs, fences, canopies, awnings, and more.

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Due to the fact that the corrugated sheet is made of rolled materials, sizes of sheets can be ordered individually. Profile width — 0.98 m to 1.85 m, depending on the manufacturer. Thickness of profiled sheet affects its resistance to damage and durability. The most used thickness is 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm. For the cladding of walls and the device of the fence with their hands, use the leaves with the wave height of 8-20 mm.

Corrugated sheet is widely used for construction of fences for private houses and summer cottages

Another advantage of corrugated sheets — variety of colors performance (about 30). Choose a color on the scale RAL color standard, focusing on the taste. In places the implementation of the profile, you can always buy spray paint of the appropriate color for handling random damage or scratches.

Choosing corrugated sheet for mounting their hands to focus on the manufacturer, not to doubt the quality of the material.

Scheme of arrangement of the fence of corrugated steel sheeting with poles

Tools and materials for installation of fence

For the device of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands from the bars will need materials:

  • pipe metal with the profile of square or rectangular cross-section having dimensions of 4×6 cm or 6×6 cm, metal thickness of not less than 2 mm. Pipe will be used for the support pillars;
  • pipe, metal, square or rectangular, cross-section dimensions of 4×2 cm, metal thickness 2.5 mm. will Serve to shunt the lag.
  • profiled corrugated sheets, it is desirable that the wave height did not exceed 21 cm, and the thickness was in the range of 0.4 — 0.7 mm;
  • special screws with spacers for fixing corrugated sheet to the frame. Supplied with plastic coating to prevent corrosion of the fasteners matched to the color of the leaves.

3D-project of construction of a fence with metal bars concreting

Surely everyone in the house has a certain set of tools to work with their hands. But to work is not stalled due to the lack of any accessories, the following is a complete list of required tools and equipment:

  • welding machine — need to connect the supports with the transverse tubes;
  • level of construction to determine the vertical and horizontally mounted elements;
  • measuring tape — preferably with a length of up to 50m (for data accuracy);
  • metal shears — in the case of cutting of steel sheets;
  • thread nylon — necessary to mark the perimeter of the fence;
  • Bulgarian — which cut the pipe and polished the mating space;
  • the screwdriver is used for screwing screws when mounting;
  • bensabeur for wells or hand drill — if it is planned under the supports of the fence to use the pipe.

The method of the flange mounting columns made of metal profile makes it easy to dismantle the old and build the new fence

A fence of corrugated Board with your hands to the bars: metal supports or brick columns

How to make a fence of corrugated Board correctly and accurately? This is for those who like to equip the area with their hands. You can do without the involvement of professionals, to save money and to enjoy the process. A fence of corrugated Board with your hands, a video of which you can see in the Internet a realistic target.


Deciding to install a fence of corrugated Board with your hands in the first place the space around the perimeter. Is determined by the size of the future fence. In the corners of the intended fence are hammered stakes, which are subsequently connected to a nylon cord.

With the help of roulette is extremely accurate measurement of the sides of the site and the total length of the fence. Mark the installation location of the support pillars, the gate and the gate for passage. For giving structural strength, it is recommended that the supports be positioned so that the distance between them does not exceed 2.5 — 3 m.

Different variants of fastening of columns in the ground

Installation of pipes supports

Support metal pipes are installed in the prepared hole. In the locations of the labels for the poles, drilled holes at a depth of immersion of the pillars. The length of support tubes is determined by calculating the height of the fence and to account for the depth of immersion. For reliability in the ground down to one third of the total length of the pipe. The pits are arranged using a drill around the perimeter at the same distance.

A useful tip! To measure tape measure the distance between the supports, you can use drawstring, the length of which is equal to the distance between them. This will speed up the process and prevent errors in the measurement.

The courtyard is surrounded by a fence of corrugated gray

Installation of columns on one plot line, shall be made exclusively vertically and to make sure that they are not distracting from one plane. To control the position of supports, you can use the level or plumb. The first set of pipes at the endpoints of a series. With the help of cord, stretched at the top between the two end supports, height is recorded for all other pipes.

To adjust the height of the tubes can, pour on the bottom of the pit right amount of soil. Pipe-supports bursting wedges, avoiding their displacement. On the bottom of the pit is laid a bed of gravel, then fill the pit with concrete columns. It is very important with stykovanija to remove air from the solution. In this state, to leave the support of three or four days before the full setting time of concrete. Proper installation of the pipe bearings affects the whole construction of a fence of corrugated Board (photo examples confirm this).

A fence made of sheets of corrugated sheets with concrete columns

Mount cross lag to the supporting pillars

For installation of the transverse lag with your hands, use a square or rectangular tube. Cut the pipe into pieces of the required size. The number of transverse rows is set based on the height of the fence. For a two-meter fence it is possible to do two rows. Be careful to cross-tube was located at a distance of 200 mm from the ground and from the edge support.

Mount lag is produced by welding under a corner 90°. To check a horizontal pipe by using the level, and this should be done around the perimeter of the structure. After installing the whole frame is finished, it is necessary to sand the attachment and primed or paint the entire structure. The video will tell you how to fix the cross joists.

The scheme of installation of columns for a fence of corrugated Board

The installation of the profiled sheets

Once the frame is ready, proceed to the installation of corrugated sheets with his hands. Corrugated sheet fence, tile dimensions 2,0×1,2 m C8, is most suitable for construction of fences. The leaves are attached to the transverse pipes with screws to the metal profile of the corresponding color. Joined corrugated sheets overlapping, covering the previous sheet on the same wavelength.

A useful tip! Before you start to attach the corrugated sheet to the joists, make the fixing holes with a diameter one millimeter smaller than the diameter of the screws. This will help to save time and consumables during installation.

If the land on which the fence is mounted, has an uneven surface, it is taken into account with the installation of pipe-supports and pouring concrete. The depth of the holes for the support poles is adjustable depending on the landscape of the territory. Below is a photo diagram of the boom on uneven terrain.

Construction of a fence of corrugated Board on the site with slope

A fence of corrugated Board with brick pillars

The device of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands (photo instructions can be found on the Internet) will be more expensive if you cover the metal supports with a brick. But the kind of fencing will look better.

With the help of pegs fixed the perimeter and stretched the thread. Perimeter digging a trench for a strip Foundation with a depth of 0.7 m Dimensions of the strip Foundation (side) are selected individually. The recommended dimensions of the concrete base of 15-20 cm the Bottom is well compacted.

In order to avoid deformation of the Foundation at the bottom of the ditch is arranged a bed of sand 20 cm of Sand dampened with water and compacted.

Different versions of the fence with brick columns

Set their hands wooden formwork with a height of not less than 10 cm and reinforce it with jumpers. Then put the pre-prepared frame of the armature.

After installation of the casing we arrange a metal pipe-support, which will later be lined with brick. Concrete solution. Prerequisite — all metal supports shall be in one plane. Aged for 3-4 days.

After the concrete is cured, the metal supports at an angle of 90° fasten the console. The attachment by means of bolts or welding at a distance of 200 mm from ground level and from the top of the pipe. Later on, these consoles will be mounted transverse joists. In the photo you can see how the console is attached.

Corrugated sheet is a modern and practical material for decorating the fence

Start laying brick pillars. The column is usually laid out with dimensions of the sides of half bricks. For strength we strengthen each row of masonry reinforcing tape. The space inside the masonry filled with cement mortar. Ready columns cover caps-lids to prevent the ingress of moisture and to give the structure a finished form. The video below will allow you to deal with the technique of laying brick pillars.

Mount of transverse joists and sheets of corrugated sheet produced in the same manner as in the case of metal poles.

A useful tip! If a fence made of profiled sheet is installed on the Foundation, should the concrete surface of the Foundation to cover the cardboard. This will save the lower edge of the corrugated sheet from damage.

Drawing of the construction of a fence of corrugated sheet metal pipe section of 60×60 mm and 40х20

Here is a video of the installation of a fence of corrugated Board with your hands.

If the technical methods the device a fence of corrugated Board will be complied with, it will be smooth and neat.

The popularity of using wall corrugated sheet for mounting the fence with their hands due to the positive characteristics and unique properties of this material. It equally goes well with the pillars of the parietal brick and natural stone, can adequately be combined with a wrought-iron fence and to maintain the main colors of the other buildings on the site. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. And may they always have the same.


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