A gazebo with their hands from wood: steps constructed lightweight construction

Many residents of rural and suburban towns dream to decorate your garden an elegant gazebo. They are reviewing pages of virtual magazines in search of interesting solutions. And it is this gazebo with your own hands from a tree: step by step following the technology of construction and adhering to the recommendations of experienced professionals, you can build a unique pavilion that will become a favorite place of recreation for the whole family and your guests. A separate building will not only save budget, but also allow you to get a lot of pleasure from the process.

To build with their own hands the furniture made of wood simply

The contents

1 Drawings and dimensions of the gazebo with their hands
2 Gazebo with your own hands from wood: incrementally constructed structures
  2.1 Basic tools and materials for the construction
  2.2 Foundation
  2.3 Construction of the floor of the gazebo
  2.4 installation of the roof
  2.5 Laying of shingles
  2.6 Features hexagonal gazebo designs
  2.7 construction of fences arbors from wood with your own hands. Photos of the finished structures
  2.8 decoration of the gazebo


Drawings and dimensions of the gazebo with their hands

Design gazebos are very diverse and interesting. Some facilities are of irregular shapes, they can be open or closed, equipped with barbecues and BBQ facilities. But if you have decided to build for the first time, it is better to choose the open construction of a simple shape, such as square or hexagonal. Drawings and sketches in the draft of such gazebos are easy to use and will lend themselves to self-development.

The original arrangement of the terraces with wooden pergola and grill

First of all, you should decide on the design and choose a place for future construction. The development of the project includes two phases: sketching and design drawings in profile and frontal projections. In the drawings, the arbor showing dimensions, height of racks, roof shape, location of the entrance, the height of the fence. If it is assumed stationary installation of table and benches, they need a location to display in the plan.

Scheme of arrangement a simple gazebo with a gable roof

Separately performed, the working scheme of the Foundation and drawing of roof showing its shape, height, angle of inclination. The draft spells out the schema components (roof, rafters, stairs), technology of construction building, specification for materials, Foundation, walls, partitions, floors, roof. Also take into account the consumption of special composition to efficiently process the wood from the effects of external factors.

If it is assumed the equipment of construction lighting, the drawing records the location of installation of fixtures and wiring of electrical wiring. This also applies to possible liner to the pavilion of water.

A drawing of the arrangement of the closed gazebo with Foundation

Well-written project is a key to successful construction. Accurate calculations of the number of required beams, planks, fasteners, roofing, hardware and other necessary items will give you the opportunity to buy a complete set of materials for construction and avoid unjustified costs.

A useful tip! Buy materials follows with a small margin, considering that some parts can be mistakenly damaged during installation or in the purchased materials will come across defective items.

Drawing hexagonal gazebo with dimensions

If you doubt your engineering abilities, and the development of the project will seem to you difficult, you can use ready-made drawings of pavilions of wood with their hands. Photos, sketches such buildings abound on the Internet.


A gazebo with their hands from wood: incrementally constructed structures

The construction of the gazebo is a laborious process, requiring attention, compliance with the rules of installation and precise following of the project. If all work will be performed in sequence, the process will go easy and just a two to three day design will be ready. It is recommended to check all the tools and acquire all required materials according to the calculations, due to the absence of any details it is not stalled.

Wooden gazebo in the yard of a private house


Basic tools and materials for the construction

Wood processing requires special equipment and tools. Check with their availability and serviceability. You will need:

  • spade or auger when the device of the pit or pits for the Foundation;
  • building level, tape measure, square;
  • rule;
  • chisel, hammer, wrenches, roofing knife;
  • handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian;
  • building dryer;
  • electric planer;
  • cord construction — the markup;
  • sandpaper, paint brush, putty knife;

The original round gazebo with comfortable sofas

The quantity of materials needed for construction, is taken on the basis of the specifications:

  • sand, gravel, cement, depending on the type of Foundation: a bar or strip;
  • Board for formwork — if you intend to tape;
  • beams with different cross section — 50х150 mm is used for bottom trim, center I-beam frame and log floor; 100×100 mm for vertical posts, top binding; 50×100 mm — suitable for corner, subsidiary and short rafters, as well as for fence railings; 50×50 mm for railing balusters;
  • Board for the floor;
  • roof sheathing — plywood panels with a thickness of 12 mm;
  • roofing — insulation works;
  • flexible (bituminous) roof tiles, bitumen adhesive;
  • fasteners — screws, corner brackets, metal angles, screws, roofing nails;
  • primer, wood putty;
  • paint, varnish.

Gazebo with columns and rich carved ornament


The Foundation

As example, I will use a small wooden gazebo square shaped with a hipped roof.

Selecting a suitable location for the gazebo, proceed to the preparation of the site. You need to remove all the debris, remove the existing shrubs and tree roots. If there are bumps or hollows, their smooth.

A useful tip! If possible, do not place your gazebo near the roadway or a neighbor’s fence, try to place the gazebo in a place from which we opened a beautiful view of the garden, Alpine garden or pond.

Scheme of arrangement of columnar Foundation for a wooden gazebo size 2,77х2,77 m

Next, make a layout for a future structure. For this drive the first wedge, and from it mark the entire perimeter of the structure, locking the corners of the wedges. Between them pull construction cord. At this stage it is very important to sustain the correct angle, as this subsequently will affect the durability of the whole structure. To verify this, you need to check the diagonals of the resulting square. If they are the same, markup is done correctly and complied with the 90 degree angle.

Mostly for small wooden structures used tape or pier Foundation. Since the construction of the wooden square gazebo fairly easy as its Foundation choose pier Foundation. To do this, perform a pit depth of 80 cm at their bottoms, spread a layer of sand (5-6 cm) and pour a layer of concrete approximately 8-10 cm

When the concrete mixture has hardened a bit, it lowered the rack. They must be installed vertically. After level produced by the vertical alignment of supports, their position is fixed time alosinae.

An example of the construction of the Foundation of the gazebo using a metal profile

You can freeze rails using adjustable anchors. For this purpose, the holes are placed suitable size pieces of metal tubes, into the cavity of the tube is poured a solution and after a slight setting of the solution set of the fastener (anchor). When the concrete finally sets (not less than 48 hours), it will be possible to fasten the upright. After all supports are necessary to verify the correctness of their position: the distance between adjacent supports should be strictly identical throughout the height of the towers (bottom, middle and top).

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The construction of the floor of the gazebo

The next step after installation of the supports is of the bottom rail uprights. For this purpose, a beam with a section 50h150 mm. the floor Frame is done by mounting the log, which is located at a distance of not more than 45 cm from each other. This will allow the frame structure to withstand the weight of the wooden platform. The joists are attached to the beams horizontal framing using the fixings-corners, pre-drilled mounting holes for self-tapping screws.

The scheme of decorating the floor of a closed gazebo with a heater

Then proceed to the installation of intermediate posts. They would later take on the weight of the wooden roof structure and will be used for fixing the upper horizontal strapping. Racks are mounted to the joists with nails. It operates the same rule as that for corner supports — all racks must be installed vertically.

Once the floor frame is assembled and installed, intermediate supports, proceed to the device deck of the Board. The floor is covered with Board, suitable for outdoor use, which is well withstand the influence of natural factors. Then you won’t have after a short period of time to find that Board in some places rotted.

The floor of the gazebo is made of wood treated with water-repellent compositions

For mounting the Board to the sheathing using nails or screws. Fix the Board with two nails or screws at each end.

A useful tip! If the mounting boards are used, nails in advance to make holes for them. This will help to avoid cracking the wood.

After laying the wooden floor, proceed to the upper horizontal connecting supports of the gazebo, using timber 100×100 mm Tying the uprights of the gazebo from wood with your own hands (photos examples provide visual information) is done by cutting out the ends of the beam locks, which connect and fix two nails.

Pergola with stone base and metal railing

Roof mounting

For square gazebos, the most attractive is the roof, consisting of four rays. The device of a roof begins with the construction of the frame. Cut from a bar sloped rafter feet, they are mutually fixed with nails at an angle. Each of the main inclined legs symmetrically mounted auxiliary struts. They are fixed with one edge to the timber framing, and the other to the main rafters.

A useful tip! To work on your roof assistant, as one to handle the Assembly impossible.

For construction of roof gazebos, you can use sheets of plywood

Then proceed to the roof. This can be used as a Board, and plywood sheet. The panels of plywood are produced on the surface of the rafters with a step of 20-25 cm, using screws. The surface of the sheets of plywood to cover roofing and insulation material, roofing material, and then soft (bituminous) roof tiles.


Laying shingles

Shingles is lightweight, mount it fairly easily. Fix the flexible roofing to the decking nails with a wide hat. The roof overhangs on all sides mounted curtain tile. For easy installation, and good pliability of the material used building dryer. Then begins laying ordinary shingles. When fixing the first row you must select a length of nails, so they could pass through the curtain and ordinary tiles and walk to the wooden framework of the roof of the gazebo.

Waterproofing of the roof of the gazebo rolled materials

Before using the tiles, removed from it a protective film. The sheets are placed overlapping. When laying each row of material sheets arranged so that the cutouts of the previous number was covered ledges later. When fixing flexible tiles, you must make sure that the nails came to the roof sheathing in places with double layer material. Otherwise, the nails will then be displaced and will provoke the peeling of the shingles.

When the material reaches the kink of the slope, the extra edge shingles trimmed flush with the line of the slope. In these places, the material is further anoint bituminous adhesive.

Then proceed to laying ridge tiles. The sheet of shingles is cut into three parts and each received a plate is placed on the adhesive side across the ridge overlap 5cm. Fix each plate with nails in four places. Therefore, treat all fractures rays.

Shingles is a great option for decorating the roof of the gazebo

Roof shingles for timber gazebo with your own hands (photo illustrates this) looks pretty good with a variety of shapes and colors. One of the advantages of this roofing is quiet in the rain and hail.

A useful tip! Acquiring shingles, make sure that all packages meet the same batch. Material from different batches may vary in color.

Work on the roof shingles is carried out very carefully, trying not to damage the material with nails.

Outdoor wooden gazebo with bitumen roofing


Features hexagonal gazebo designs

All the stages of self-construction of the hexagonal gazebo is similar for installation with square design. The Foundation, floor stands and pavilions perform according to the existing drawings. As for the roof of the six rays, the device it is recommended to produce on the ground and finished design is raised and fastened to the frame of the gazebo.

Due to the absence in the design of the Central support member, connecting together all of the rafters is very difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to give the beam the form of a hexagon, each side of which should correspond in size to the thickness of the rafters. The ends of the rafter boards cut at an angle and alternately with nails fixed to cut the beam with a hexagonal cross-section. The other end of the rafters are inserted into grooves, which are pre-cut timber framing.

Hexagonal enclosed gazebo made of logs

Then sheathe the frame of the roof boards or plywood, and finished construction of the lift and mounted to the supporting posts of the gazebo.


Construction of fences arbors from wood with your own hands. Photos of the finished structures

The appearance of the pergola largely depends on the type of fencing. It may be solid or latticed. Depending on your preferences, the fence may consist of railings and balusters, of two or three horizontal wooden elements located along each of the sides of the gazebo, as well as in the form of rhombs, installed between the vertical supports of the structure. Some people prefer to arrange a fence of wagon planks, or block-house. It all depends on your imagination and available time.

A gazebo with a low wooden fence

Height railing traditionally is 75-85 cm, but this value can be changed according to your wishes. The horizontal part of the fence fixed with screws or corners. The screws must go into the wood at an angle. Not recommended for attaching horizontal boards to use nails that are driven into the ends bars of the railing through the railing. This can lead to cracking of the timber. For attaching balusters to the railing suggest to use pins.

Balusters can be mounted vertically, at an angle in the rhombus. For fixing a sloping balusters in the horizontal bars at the top and bottom arrange the grooves at a certain angle. An appropriate angle and cut the ends of the balusters, which are then inserted into the slots.

Partially covered gazebo with walls of wooden planks

In addition, to give the gazebo open-view, organize horizontal decorative border at the top. Kerb height is one third of the height of the fence. The pattern of the border generally follows the configuration of the lower fence, but you can make them different. The main thing is that they do not conflict with the overall style of the wooden gazebo.


The decoration of the gazebo

As soon as all work will be completed, proceed to the treatment of wooden surfaces. If in some wooden elements have small cracks, you need to fill them with wood putty. After drying putty start grinding all the elements. For these purposes, use sanding paper with medium surface. Next, treat all wood surfaces with varnish in two layers, the second layer is applied after full drying previous.

Near the pool there is a gazebo on a small wooden platform

A useful tip! The coating lacquer is carried out with uniform movement of the brush first lengthwise and then across. The layer of varnish should be spread thinly and uniformly over the surface, without streaks.

This is treated wood, largely depends on the life of a wooden gazebo.

Inside the glassed-in gazebos placed wrought-iron chairs and table

Internal content gazebos can be quite varied. It can be a wooden table and benches, made their own stationary and fixed in design. Many prefer to install in the gazebo comfortable portable furniture in the form of loungers or chairs made of rattan. The gazebo can bring electricity and install beautiful lights on the perimeter. Some fail to build gazebo water. Along the fence of the gazebo often planted beautiful climbing plants.

A symbol of peace and tranquility in your garden is a gazebo with their hands from wood. Stepping through all the recommendations to assemble the design yourself is a snap. And the products made with their hands, distinguished by their comfort and warmth.


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