A septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, the scheme of construction of

Today the most acceptable expenditure on construction is the septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, which is easy to construct. There is a significant amount of material which is used for these sewage treatment plants on their own. However, the concrete rings that are used for the construction of wells, allow the easiest way to equip a suburban housing Autonomous Sewerage. What are the pros and cons of such a distributed solution, what is the cost and technology of construction, can thus be done a septic tank for the cottages without pumping – consider in this article.

A concrete ring is a suitable material for construction of septic tank with their hands

The contents
1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete septic tanks
2 What types of septic tanks can be constructed from concrete rings
3 How to make a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, scheme and milestones
3.1 the Nuances of the construction process cleaner from concrete rings
3.2 Scheme of a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands (video)
What have the advantages and disadvantages of concrete septic tanks

The material from which to construct a septic tank for an Autonomous system of wastewater treatment is not particularly affect the principle of their work. In any case, they are treatment of domestic wastewater by settling and filtration in the soil layers. However, differences in the qualities of a material allow to empower the device defined benefits:

  • the simplicity of the technology device for which there is no need to possess specific knowledge and skills. It is enough to know how to use a shovel and a connecting sewer pipe;

Diagram of septic tank of concrete rings

  • relatively low cost of construction. If the excavation work is done independently, without involving earth-moving equipment, you will have to spend money just for the pipe and ring. By the way, they are much cheaper than the ready-made septic tanks. Even independent production capacity, by pouring concrete will cost much more expensive;
  • quick completion of construction. Do not take a long time to build a septic tank of concrete rings under the key. The cost of any construction process increases with time. Here you can do one day.

Mounting dimensions concrete septic tank

Of course, the cheapness of any project is due to the presence of certain shortcomings or inconveniences for the consumer. This is true with concrete rings. Because of their large weight there is an urgent need to use technology to deliver these designs and lowering them into a pit, the digging of which often also requires the excavator. You can save money by significantly, if you dig with a shovel.

A useful tip! In order to save on crane, concrete rings lowered from the machine on the wooden ladder. I try to guide them closer to the pit. To descend into the pit, you can use the principle of introspection, which will be discussed further.

Diagram of a septic tank with a filter well from concrete rings

What types of septic tanks can be constructed from concrete rings

Concrete rings allow yourself to build a septic tank of any capacity and degree of wastewater treatment. The simplest option – sump drive. He is the only hermetic container, the liquid in which just accumulates and it needs to be drained. The volume of this container is governed by the number of used rings.

The standard ring of concrete are in diameter, 100, 150 and 200 cm Height of the rings are different, but often use rings with a height of 0.9 m. Accordingly, to calculate the volume of one element is the height multiplied by the square of the radius of the inner circumference and on the number N, approximately equal to 3.14. Too lazy to do the calculations, you might remember that the foot ring gives a volume of about 0.7 m3, 1.5 m3, about five-foot and six-foot a little more than 3 m3.

An example of placing the septic tank in the ground

The second option suggests the presence of two cameras. The first is the sedimentation of drains and settling on the bottom more dense substances. The second chamber the fluid flows by the principle of communicating vessels. The bottom of the second chamber is not sealed, and arranged underneath the drainage. For this reason, the liquid goes into the ground. The first chamber is usually made somewhat smaller by volume.

The local wastewater treatment plant using concrete rings

The third scheme of a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands involves the implementation of higher quality wastewater treatment. It has three cameras. The second also occurs deposition of suspended particles, and the third the water goes into the ground. This scheme is more reliable clears the drains, but at the same time is more cumbersome.

A useful tip! Sometimes a layout of a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands to assume the device filter fields instead of the third tank. However, the soil must be fairly loose.

Diagram of a septic tank with two wells from concrete rings

How to make a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, scheme and milestones

Let’s consider the stages of installation of a septic tank with two chambers. The first will be a sump, and the second natural soil filter. The total volume of the two chambers should be such as to ensure the acceptance of wastewater in the amount equal to the amount of fluid coming out of the house for 3 days.

It is established that each person uses 200 l of water per day. So, for a family consisting of 4 people, minimum volume of a septic tank will be about 2.5 m3. It is enough to just two four-foot ring. However, you need to take into account the depth of soil freezing. So you will need at least another two rings which are on top.

  • produce unloading rings from the body of the car to the place where we plan to dig a pit. Two rings are placed directly on the place. The distance between them do not exceed 1 m;

A septic tank of concrete rings with their hands

  • in the second ring with a punch hollowed out many holes across the surface. They are needed for drainage. Their size should not be less than 50×50 mm, as a small tend with time to zamylivaetsya;
  • begin to dig the soil just inside the ring. As excavation make a tunnel under the wall of the ring. It will allow it gradually to sink into the ground. When the upper edge equal to the level of the earth, daubed it with mortar of cement and put it on the second ring. Continue to dig until until you are in the ground and second ring. Then produce a fill the bottom with concrete, pre-tamped it. After hardening of a solution arranged membrane waterproofing bitumen mastic, including joints between the rings;

The scheme of sealing seams and joints of rings of concrete

  • closed top ring cover with hatch for unloading the substrate, which will gradually accumulate in the compartment. Sewer pipe factory in the receptacle below the level of soil freezing, or make them thorough insulation insulation;
  • similarly, pour in the ring of the second one. Only the bottom had no need to concrete, and Vice versa should pour a layer of gravel for drainage. The pipe between the first and second compartment do at the right depth, so she couldn’t freeze.

Top view — options for placement of concrete rings a septic tank

A useful tip! If the house is home to a lot of people, and water consumption is more than the above amounts, it is not necessary to dig deep ditches. It is not convenient. It is much easier to add a third compartment, concreted the bottom of the second.

The nuances of the construction process cleaner from concrete rings

Diagram of septic tank of concrete rings with their hands involves the production of works on concreting of the bottom. It is not made only in the last well. For concreting should be tightly compacted in the bottom and pour a layer of gravel with a thickness of 5 cm Then lay the rebar and pour the solution another 5 cm layer of ties happens 10 cm.

Single or double chamber septic tank of concrete rings

Feature trenches for sewer pipes is that for each subsequent pipe trench will have to dig deeper than 20 cm, to ensure the difference in height. Therefore, the depth of the wells themselves, the more their number.

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Punched in the rings of holes for the pipes are carefully sealed with any sealant. The most important thing to do in the outlet. Covers for manholes shall be fitted with manholes. It is easy to produce them with pollution. In addition, the caps punched hole with a diameter of 100 mm is inserted into it, cutting pipes to the sewer, equipped with umbrellas on top. They play the role of ventilation pipes.

An example of the arrangement of a concrete septic tank with their hands

After completing all the suggested steps, we will build with his own hands to septic tanks for cottages without pumping. After all, will accumulate only the solid components of the waste, and the liquid will go into the ground without causing harm to the environment. The construction process is not difficult, and the result will fully satisfy the needs of any household.

If you don’t have the time or basic construction skills, you can order the installation of a septic tank of concrete rings under the key. The cost of the performed work will have in this case add to the overall budget.

Diagram of septic tank of concrete rings with their hands (video)


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