Alpine slide their hands. Step-by-step photo manual

A unique and memorable element of landscape design – Alpine slide with his hands. Step-by-step photo instructions below will help you understand some of the intricacies of the business landscape and create original and very beautiful area in the suburban area or on the background of the facade of the house.

Rock garden is a beautiful landscape composition of stones and flowers

The contents

  • 1 the Choice of location for the Alpine slide
  • 2 In what time of year you can arrange a rock garden?
  • 3 Basic rules for the arrangement of the rock garden
  • 4 Alpine slide their hands. Step-by-step photo gallery
    • 4.1 Drainage and soil
    • 4.2 Selection of stones and their location
  • 5 Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands. Photos of the finished compositions
    • 5.1 How to make an Alpine slide their hands (video)

The choice of location for the Alpine slide

Rock garden or Alpine slide – a small piece of wild nature, situated in the garden or on the plot. For this masterpiece you need to pick up viewing from all sides of the place. For a developed rock garden need sunlight, so it is necessary to allocate part of the garden, in the side of the existing structures and large trees with a developed crown.

The Alpine slide is better to build on the South side of the site

Well, if the hill is located on the South side, not far from the recreation area. This arrangement allows to obtain optimal lighting, and admire the beauty of wild plants and rocky stones can be much more often. Also, when choosing a place for decorative flower beds, you need to pay attention to the quality of the soil. On the Sandstone to build a rock garden much easier, but if the soil is clay, it will require additional work to create drainage.

Rock garden is located on the slope of the plot

What time of year you can arrange a rock garden?

In the regeneration of Alpine slides scope of work is such that practically does not depend on the time of year. Here only in the winter, it is because of weather conditions. But the best option still is early autumn, when Amateur gardeners there is free time between the harvesting and clearing of land for the winter.

Alpine garden using large and small stones

You should know that the rock garden takes several months, the natural shrinkage. Then will be visible all errors previously unseen. Before planting these shortcomings should be eliminated. If the flora is scheduled for the fall, preparation begins in the spring. There are several basic rules for creating the rockery with their hands. Step-by-step photo gallery shows the details of this process.

The rock garden is the decoration of the suburban area

Basic rules for the arrangement of the rock garden

Masters of landscape business plans and schemes by which the arrangement of the rock garden. They take into account all the subtleties and nuances that help to identify the location of the beds and order the plants.

The scheme of planting on the Alpine hill

Provided that the Alpine slide will be viewed from any side, better suited to a pyramidal form, having the highest point in the center. To sustain symmetry in the arrangement of a piece of wildlife is not necessary. The composition would look more original if all the items are located in the abstract. If you plan the location of rock garden on an existing slope, then the positioning part of the structure can be on the same level.

Rock garden with bright colors

The height of the rock garden must conform to its area. For each meter of diameter future clubs should provide a rise of about 0.2 m, respectively Alpine slide with a diameter of about 4 m must be at least 80 cm in height. Step-by-step photos of the Alpine hills with his own hands presented below.

In the regeneration of Alpine slides used large stones

Alpine slide their hands. Step-by-step photo gallery

Usually gardeners ignore the stage of the preparatory work, making the rockery at the dacha with his hands. Photos of not very good songs are presented in large numbers on specialized sites. Rock gardens, which are usually a heap of stones, planted in between plants, rather quickly lose their appearance and shape. Therefore, before the arrangement of this masterpiece is required to carefully read the milestones.

Rock garden on either side of garden steps

Drainage and soil

Because the earth is under pressure of heavy stones used in the creation of the Alpine slides, settles, should be performed for the entire design of the drainage basis. It is also required for expensive plants, as it allows to create an optimum microclimate for their development.

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As drainage is often used:

  • broken red or white brick;
  • gravel;
  • medium-sized stones;
  • crushed stone;
  • construction waste is not of wood origin.

Step 1: site selection and drainage device of the future Alpine slides

For its installation dig a pit. Pit depth will be approximately 1 meter with a total land area of the Alpine garden 8-9 m2. It’s about 3-4 regular bayonet of a shovel. Drainage within the pit and the well with water is poured, and then sprinkled the ground.

An example of a good soil can be a mixture of normal and free from weeds and debris, land with peat and conventional river sand in equal quantities. In General, certain requirements to the composition framework does not exist, especially for rock garden using undemanding plants.

Step 2: placing the stones

A useful tip! Each laid a drainage layer and soil is recommended thoroughly to shed water and perform a final irrigation after planting of all plants.

The choice of stones and their location

There are many types of stones that will look great in the garden. This could include:

  • granite;
  • wild stone;
  • limestone;
  • tuff;
  • Sandstone and others.

Step 3: planting perennial plants

Observing the following simple rules to easily create the Alpine slide with your hands. Step-by-step photos of the location of the stones will help you choose the best design for any site. So:

  • selected stones should not be of the same size;
  • it is preferable to select irregular in shape and structure instances;
  • the finished bed should be the maximum asymmetrical;
  • selected stones must be the same.

Step 4: planting of conifers

Positioning the stone elements can be different, all depends on the imagination of the owner. Professional designers offer several schemes of laying of boulders. Quite original look is located over the entire area of the rock garden of large boulders, scattered among them smaller fragments.

Some choose the most beautiful and interesting in the form of a boulder to place at the very top, slides, and someone, on the contrary, put the big ones closer to the bottom. All options are entitled to exercise.

Creating a rock garden with massive stone, try to seek the assistance of family and friends. That’s difficult to master such a structure with their hands. Photo of the Alpine hills with stones demonstrates the scale of these compositions.

Step 5: adding small stones, the final formation of the composition

Placing large and medium rocks should be concerned about their sustainability. In unseen areas, they can be fixed with cement mortar to give the whole structure great strength. Look good slightly prikopat boulders. This move allows us to simulate the rupture of the soil craggy rocks and to strengthen the whole rock garden.

A useful tip! Looks good in the garden of an Alpine meadow. It is a bright green meadow, studded with meadow flowers. For its devices do not normally use the stones and create a roller coaster effect, with plant height.

Step 6: watering the finished rock garden

Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands. Photos of the finished compositions

After the arrangement of the bases in a couple of months you can start planting. You can use any plants which do not require particularly careful treatment, tolerate bright sun and heavy rainfall. It is better to choose slow growing specimens for the arrangement of the rockery at the dacha with his hands. Photos of the finished compositions show how original and beautiful can look, for example, coniferous evergreens on these extraordinary beds.

Alpine slide at their summer cottage

A useful tip! To rock garden pleasing to the beauty of a year, you need to know the timing of flowering of various plants. Bulbs bloom in spring, fall mostly perennial specimens, and in the winter do not give empty Alpine hill – conifers.

Look good:

  • thuja;
  • some varieties of oil;
  • juniper;
  • mountain pine.

Rock garden in the country, created by your own hands

Such plants can be any intricate shape. Their original appearance is the perfect complement to the Alpine flower garden. Gardeners give the fauna a conical shape or cut to form other interesting shapes when creating the rockery with their hands. Step-by-step photo, which shows the options proper trimming will help to cope with this task independently, without inviting master landscape.

Of herbaceous plants suitable:

  • periwinkle;
  • undersized cloves;
  • thyme;
  • of nasturtium;
  • marigolds;
  • bell and many others.

Evergreen plants on the Alpine hill

Some gardeners try to combine the pond with Alpine slide their hands. Step-by-step photos of such structures show the complexity of the process, divided into a large number of stages. However, having some skills, you can try to build this beauty yourself.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands (video)


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