Baby room design for two children

Design a child’s room for two children always requires a careful approach to zoning and selection of furniture. In this case it is important to organize the space so that both the little owner of the room feel comfortable. Experts advise to choose interiors for children’s room, minimum area is 20 sq. m. In this room you can easily place two beds, organize the playing area and find a place for a writing Desk and a wardrobe. If this is not possible, it will have to find a solution to the problem by using multifunctional furniture. Bunk beds, mezzanine floors, sophisticated furniture design with drawers and shelves, built-in wardrobes — today there are many tricks by which in a little children’s room for two children you can save square meters. In our today’s post we have collected photos and sketches reflecting the peculiarities of the design of such premises.

Design small child’s room for two children, as evidenced by photos and sketches of 2016, most prominently bunk beds. Such furniture should not be purchased for rooms with low ceilings. The fact that in small rooms the child resting on the second level, may experience shortness of breath. Bunk beds have different designs. Some models are fitted with drawers, which also contributes to more efficient use of available space.Design a child’s room for two children, in addition to areas for sleeping, often also includes the area to stay. For example, in the interior, is shown in the photo, we can see also a comfortable sofa with plush round table. Since the room is designed for residing of two sisters, here the actual was also a boudoir area. Small dressing table with plush cushioned bench and floor lamp chocolate shade is the wall on the right side of the entrance. The area and configuration of the room allowed us to install two beds parallel to each other. A small canopy “delineates” the boundaries of the recreation area, in the decor, which is a reference to the aristocratic palaces of last century

When talking about the arrangement of children’s room design for two kids, relevant is the question of the creation of the play area. If space allows, the room can be equipped with a small sports area with a climbing wall, and gymnastic rings. As presented in the photo design of children’s rooms for two children have a modern bunk bed. Using the windowsill as a desktop also saves square meters. All these contrivances for the improvement of the ergonomics of the space allowed designers to free up enough space for a playing area, the limits of which the “outlines” reminiscent of the lawn a light green Mat. Chair bubble replace the swing and serve as a place to stay. And thanks to the wall paintings in the form of a map, children can through the game to understand this fascinating science, like geography.

In the design shown in the photo of a small child’s room for two children to save the space used is still the same bunk bed. Instead of a windowsill organized Desk, which, with two chairs, children will be able to do at the same time. In a niche between the wall and the bed neatly inscribed small and cozy brown sofa. Thus, the space of the room managed to competently organize, thanks to the properly selected furniture. Bright colors that served as the basis for color decisions used to visually adjust the room, making it visually seem more spacious and light.

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