Basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater

In circumstances when it is felt the lack of space, there is a more efficient use of the basements. Proper repair and care of such structures allows to obtain a full additional square footage that can be used in commercial, industrial and office purposes. Developed and applied many methods and technologies by which can host events for basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater.

Proper waterproofing of the walls and floor will protect the basement from groundwater penetration

Their diversity is due to the existence of multiple types of basements, as well as the environment in which they can be, including the surrounding soil environment. The methods of manufacture of the inner waterproof coating in basements is affected by the choice of material from which it will be done. For a complete list of options that are offered on the modern stage of development of applied construction technologies developed and recommended a few of the most typical ways to finish.

Painting waterproofing method the basement

Methods of carrying out waterproofing work on the inside of the basement:

The contents

  • 1 Injection method
  • 2 hydraulic protection Coating
  • 3 Paint materials
  • 4 Saturation of chemical compounds
  • 5 Plastering
  • 6 Wrapping
  • 7 Dry waterproofing backfill
  • 8 Fill waterproofing solutions
  • 9 Assembly waterproofing
  • 10 Waterproofing basement from the inside from the groundwater

Injection method

This method is effective if you need emergency basement waterproofing from the inside from groundwater in locations that may pose a potential threat to the integrity of the walls, destructible under the influence of moisture. The technology is to fill in a special liquid, which is supplied under pressure, the weak areas of the basement, especially where there are elements of supporting structures.

Injection method of basement waterproofing

For such activities, a resinous substance based on polyurethane. It is injected into a pre-done in the construction of the basement hole with a compressor. The reliability of this method depends largely on the quality of raw materials, so it is important to use materials imported. The principle of their function is that they begin to expand, reacting with the moisture, thus they seal the cavity in the construction.

Coating hydraulic protection

Basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater by this method implies that the wall surface is applied a liquid layer getrootalias substances. After cooling, formed a solid crust, which provides the basement dry. This technology is divided into two areas. They differ in that the insulating material is characterized by a principle of action. It can be painting or penetrating.

Epoxy coating waterproofing the floor in the basement

All painting materials

They are applied on the wall surface and form a waterproof layer. In its composition, these substances contain bitumen. But this substance creates inconvenience in use, because it must be heated. Use of bitumen mastic, dissolved organic or inorganic substances, much easier. The presence of polymer additives in these solutions makes them even more effective. They give protective membrane elasticity.

Paint the walls of the basement waterproofing mixture

The optimal material that can be used painting method for waterproofing basements, is a bitumen-emulsion mixture. Also there is mastic on a cement Foundation. Their use requires pre-treatment of concrete surfaces with water for greater solubility and penetration of the coating.

Important! It should be remembered that this material is not recommended for use in buildings that have not passed the stage of shrinkage. There is a risk of cracking the fossil coverage.

Saturation of chemical compounds

Waterproofing chemical compositions

A feature of this type of basement waterproofing from the inside from groundwater is that the surface processing substance deeply penetrates into it through the cracks and even micro-pores. Inside is vzaimostsepljaemost cristalizarea reaction between the reagent and the calcium contained in the construction material. At the same time the walls do not lose their ability to “breathe”. Any subsequent water ingress on the treated in this way part of the basement will contribute to further clogging of the slits. An example of a substance that is used in this method of treatment of basements – liquid glass.

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Basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater by the method of plastering on the principle of handling constructions a little different from the coating method. The difference relates to the composition of the finishing material, which creates a thicker layer of protective coating. This allows not only to seal but also to align the wall. In the plaster cement, hydrophobic cement, present sealing, polymer concrete admixture together with asphalt mastic.

Method of plastering is suitable for walls and floor

A useful tip! The plastering method is recommended to treat the premises, which is already established, to cover the walls have not cracked.


Instead of applying mastic or plaster, using this method basement waterproofing from the inside from groundwater is carried out by using roll materials. It can be ruberoida, hydro or stekloizola, asphalt and other products. On the surface they are glued as you would normally glued Wallpaper. As the adhesive substances are used mastic bitumen based. Paste the wall can be one layer or multiple layers. It is important that the Foundation was properly processed.

Gluing method of basement waterproofing

Dry waterproofing backfill

The essence of this method lies in the fact that the basement is sheathed on the inside screened by the shields, creating a wall between the surface of the walls and the trim. The hollow compartment is filled with a hydrophobic granular mixture. During contact with moisture it turns into a jelly-like mass through which it is impossible to further the promotion of water. This method protects the basement from moisture and simultaneously to increase the thickness of the walls.

The frame Assembly is accomplished using shielding materials, sheets and dowels. Then, at a distance of 5-6 cm from the wall-mounted glass-magnesium sheets. During the backfill mixture should be thoroughly compacted. At the final stage of plating is processed by a concrete screed.

The charging method of basement waterproofing dry mixes

Shading waterproofing solutions

Here have a lot in common with the filling method, but the difference is that the density and durability of such finishes is much higher and the casing after the solidification of the solution is removed. For the construction of the formwork is not required to use expensive glass-magnesium sheets. To fill the floors formwork is generally not required. They can strengthen and grow with asphalt bituminous or concrete material, pinapakita or concrete, created on the basis of hydrophobic compounds.

Assembly waterproofing

This type of waterproofing is used to protect basements in special cases. Given that the materials used are very expensive, their use is justified in heavily flooded areas. Initially treated lubricating base insulating substances. After that, they close upholstered mounting method special cladding panels made from metal, PVC or fiberglass.

Assembly special waterproofing cladding panels

One of the newest materials with which it is possible to conduct reliable waterproofing installation are slabs. In their composition contains ethylene-propylene rubber. It is closely applied to the solid base of the walls. Expansion joints sealing can be carried out using heating and fusing, sealing or using putties that creates the continuity of the filmed plates and guaranteed protection from moisture.

Basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater

The choice of each method is carried out on an individual basis. It is affected by many factors. This condition of the premises, the design of the building in which it is located, type of soil and saturation of groundwater, the features of the basement after repair, etc. of importance are also other factors: one of them is financial.

Waterproofing finishing materials are not cheap, so people crammed in monetary terms, it is necessary to choose an optimal budget-friendly. But it is not a barrier to making a good basement waterproofing from the inside from the groundwater. The main thing is quality work in accordance with the technological regulations, regardless of whether to do it on their own or with experts.


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