Bathroom design: pictures of tubs with different finish

In the process of repair of apartments are often the question arises how to arrange the space in the bathroom. It is especially important for owners of small-sized housing with a small area bathrooms. Modern sanitary equipment and finishing materials give the maximum possibilities to create an individual bathroom design: pictures of bathtubs with different finishes in a variety of styles can watch landlords interested in this issue.

Cast-iron roll-top bath in blue and white bathroom interior

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  • 1 bathroom Design: pictures of tubs with different finish
  • 2 Photo tile design for bathroom
  • 3 Creating lighting in the bathroom: photo options
  • 4 is combined with a toilet bathroom photo design
  • 5 Design a small bathroom: photo solutions

Bathroom design: pictures of tubs with different finish

Optimal organization of space of a bathroom depends on the correct choice of types of plumbing, finishing materials and lighting. Now the industry produces sufficient variety of plumbing fixtures: toilets, sinks, showers, Jacuzzi and various forms of baths. Photo of bathroom design say that for absolutely any area of the bathroom you find a good solution.

Same finish on the walls and floor gives the bathroom a special charm

Plumbing is completely different in shape and size. There are angular versions of sinks, tubs and showers, which makes it very hard to save space. In many cases, you can find a corner for a washing machine, which does not spoil the design of the bathroom. Photo of the bath in the corner and has a graceful curved shape, striking in its subtlety. Hanging lockers, shelves and mirrors in order to free up more space on the floor that is necessary for the free and safe movement.

Modern stylish bathroom design

Every artist knows that the competent organization of the light depends on the overall impression of any object. This fully applies to the design of buildings. For toilets you can use spotlights on the LEDs. They give very bright and even light, but consume very little energy.

A corner bathtub takes up less space in the bathroom and saves space

The floor, walls and ceiling of any room are the main objects of decor. Their design in the bathroom has features associated with limited space and high humidity. Therefore, for the premises choose waterproof materials. These include PVC panels and ceramic tiles.

He and the other material has a wide scope for design. The trim panels is a more budget option. Photo tile design for bathroom much more can be found in fact, because this material is more practical and thorough.

Insert a tile with a bright pattern adds cheerful mood

Photo tile design for bathroom

Tiles made of ceramics allows to create from a traditional bathroom is a real art object. Styles there is a great variety. This can be a classic, with its strict lines and colors of the Baroque, with its grace and luxury or even high-tech futuristic images. Photo tile design for bathroom enables you to see all its diversity.

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By manufacturing most often it can be:

  • ceramic;
  • faience;
  • porcelain;
  • glass.

Bathroom interior in black and white

For each species there are many variants in shape and color. Especially popular now themed bathroom decoration tiles. Photo design of such solutions abound in many of the original themes. The essence of this is that the floor tiles and walls crafted in the same color scheme and has a total figure. There are even themes with nature or with print, reminiscent of the panels.

Bathroom with bright orange walls

Photo decoration design bathroom tiles will help you decide on any host with the choice style of future repairs. Importantly, the color scheme is clearly fit into the overall style. This applies to plumbing fixtures, and furniture. Not the last place in the design is the lighting in the bathroom. Photos of various decisions its arrangement say about the rich imagination of designers.

Shower in a niche, tiled

Create lighting in the bathroom: photo options

The question of lighting this room is quite important, as it is not only a decor element, but also creates warmth and comfort. The brightness of the light sources have to be big, as small and damp room should be well publicized. Otherwise, go there will not be comfortable. The switch for the light need to install outside the bathroom, in order to avoid ingress of moisture.

Modern antiseptic solutions and protective varnishes allow the use of natural materials, even in areas of high humidity

The light sources can be quite different. Allowed to use, as incandescent and halogen, fluorescent and similar lamps. The most preferable is the variant with led lamps. By way of installation, also there are several variants of lamps: spot or ceiling, suspended or recessed, wall or ceiling.

Which one to choose – a matter of taste of each owner. Importantly, to achieve a good and harmonious with the overall design of the lighting in the bathroom. Photo bathroom should indicate the integrity and completeness of the image space.

Bath with pink marble

A useful tip! It is desirable that the room the bathroom had two types of lighting: ceiling and wall. This will allow men with much more comfort shaving. Importantly, the light does not fall directly in the eyes.

Features combined with a toilet bathroom design photos

If the bathroom and toilet are the same room, the terrible nothing in it. Correct placement of plumbing fixtures will allow you to organize the space efficiently. In the bathroom has its pros and cons. The advantage can be attributed to increased floor space, and the disadvantages of the need to prevent odors and inconveniences when staying in the apartment of a few people.

Bathroom combined with a toilet

Photo of bathroom design, half bath, shows the basic nuances in the design of such a facility. Themselves toilets now come in many different designs and colors, which gives the opportunity to fit them into any interior. If there is enough space, you can install a bidet, which creates additional comfort. Along with the toilet in the bathroom are usually and items to clean it. Brushes and stands therefor are commercially available in different colors and types.

Hanging cabinets under the sink for storing toiletries

It should be especially noted the lid of the toilet. She doesn’t have to be ordinary. There are soft options, as well as various drawings and ornaments. This may complement the interior of the bathroom, combined with toilet. Photo of design bathrooms with toilets are not inferior in beauty to the images of conventional bathrooms.

A useful tip! Special attention in the case of combined bathroom should be given to the installation of ventilation. It needs to be thought out before starting the repair, as it requires a serious intervention in the construction of walls or partitions, if done through them. If the walls or ceiling, then you need to consider masking materials.

Raw brick walls in the design of the bathroom

Design a small bathroom: photo solutions

The organization of space in a rather large area of the bathroom is not a problem, as there are also plumbing, you can install a lot of additional accessories: cabinets with mirrors, tables, towel racks and other bath products. It is quite another thing to create an organic design small bathroom. Photo of the “Khrushchev” with their small spaces say that such objects can be quite comfortable and beautiful.

Ceramic tile with vibrant ornament in bathroom interior

The main thing in a small room is to arrange furniture correctly. And in the bathroom. Due to the fact that today a plumber, in contrast to the “Brezhnev” era is completely different shapes and sizes, to organize the space of a small bathroom is easier. For this you need to throw away old bulky tub that takes up most of the room. In its place in the corner is enough to put a shower booth, which is much smaller in size and saves water.

An interesting solution for storage of electrical appliances in the bathroom

A useful tip! If you give up the bath is not possible, then you can purchase it a corner or sitting option. Such products are much smaller and prettier “cast-iron grandmother”.

In the bathroom can also be fitted with a corner sink or invoice. This will free up some more space. There are quite a number of designs of small bathroom photos which surprise how managed efficiently and effectively organize the space in such a small area.

Bathroom in boudoir style

Those who are going to do repairs, it is necessary to study various options for the design of bathrooms. Bath, a well, a long time will serve as hosts.


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