Beautiful fences for private houses: photo of interesting fences

Modern fences have not only a protection function and designate the boundaries of local area, but also set the style of the whole architectural composition. To give the landscape a finished look parcel by installing beautiful fences for private houses, pictures luxury designs demonstrate fencing of various designs using contemporary materials and newest technologies of construction.

Bright and well maintained fencing will decorate any territory

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  • 1 Types of fence for a private home. Photo of the best solutions
  • 2 Beautiful fences for private homes: photos of various fences.
    • 2.1 Wooden fence for a private home. Photo decorative designs
    • 2.2 Metal fences in a private home. Pictures, design openwork fences
    • 2.3 Brick fence for a private home. Photos of stone buildings

Types of fence for a private home. Photo of the best solutions

To describe all types of fences for private homes impossible. Options available of fencing the thousands. Manufacturers offer all kinds of high quality new materials, the combination of which with the traditional wood, stone and metal provide unmatched creative solutions for building envelopes. By design the fences are solid and not solid, is made with openings.

A fence made of wood or any other material may have different design options

For use in the construction of fences or other material, fences can be divided into the following groups:

  • hardwood — this group includes fencing classic forms, “Tree”, “Braid”, “Checkerboard”, “Ranch”, “Grill”, “Fence”;
  • brick, stone, concrete — can be made of brick or stone masonry, and of reinforced or precast concrete and fiber concrete;
  • metal — for the construction of various types of metal pipe, angles, corrugated sheet, eurostudent, forged items, metal decorative mesh;
  • fences made of polycarbonate are light and transparent;
  • braided and hedges — are made of wicker, of hazel, willow, are used more for cottages and country houses.

The design of the railing will fit perfectly with the overall style of the house

Getting acquainted with photo options of fences for private houses, you can see that quite popular fencing, combined from several types of material. Thanks to the combination of wood, metal and stone construction of fences look attractive and impressive. Using a combination of different materials, you can reduce massive structure or add strength to lightweight fencing.

Beautiful fences for private homes: photos of various fences.

Designers recommend in the construction of the fence to use materials that are consonant with those made of the main buildings in the yard. Fortunately, an incredible range of raw materials allows to combine the cladding composition, creating all forms and colors. Whether it’s a massive structure of brick or natural stone, elegant wrought iron design or a light wooden fence – depends on your preferences and financial possibilities.

A vivid example of the creation of a unified style of the site by fencing

Wood fence for a private home. Photo decorative designs

Pictures of fences for private houses of wood shows that such designs have long gone beyond the usual picket. Today a popular fencing option, made with slant openings, called “Tree” or “Ladder”. Such a fence completely covers the space of the courtyard from prying eyes and at the same time has openings for the entry of light that does not interfere with positioning along the fence flower garden.

Possible fence decoration is limited only by your imagination

The usual fence, but stacked in two rows offset in a staggered manner, imitates the blind structure, but when viewed at a certain angle visible gaps. This fence is called the “Checkerboard”, it looks nice and finished and on the street side and courtyard side.

For small country houses with one floor suitable wooden fence made of planks laid across the racks. The fence from the yard decorated with climbing plants to create a romantic atmosphere. Originality is the difference between the hedge-style “Ranch”. This open fences laid horizontally at some distance from each other elements. The appearance of such fences is stylized as an American ranch.

Elegant solution — white fence country style

A useful tip! To preserve the aesthetic appearance and ensure long life to fencing made of wood will help timely treatment with antiseptic compositions.

Railings made of wooden frames within which is Packed full of a lattice of slats associated with the sea and rest. The content inside the frame we can make any pattern by changing the spacing of the strips of wood. Such fences usually are small in height and are used for decorative framing site. Special lightness and airiness of the design will give staining wood white.

A flower garden is simple and tasteful will be combined with any fence

The owners of country houses located in the forest area, we can install a fence-paling. This fence will deliberately emphasize the naturalness of the natural landscape and properly handle protective purpose.

The combination in one design fence wooden elements and pillars of brick or stone, will make the fence more elegant and noble. To make the construction of naturalness, the columns can be clad in natural stone. Not less expressive look of the column, lined with the same material as the walls of the main house. Photo of beautiful wooden fences for private homes will serve as an example in choosing your option.

The fence will help in creating a unified composition design small yard

Metal fences in a private home. Pictures, design openwork fences

Metal fences of various form designs and used items. Despite the relatively high cost, demand unsurpassed wrought iron fencing. Photos of wrought iron fences for private houses demonstrates the variety of patterns: from the simple lattice to a twisted whimsical drawings.

The openness of the wrought iron fencing includes the impeccable landscaping of the adjoining territory and the maintenance of it in a perfect cleanliness. To greatly reduce the cost of fencing, it is recommended to make wrought iron elements only the frontal part of the design. To maintain the pattern of the fence is possible, using the same bars on the Windows of the main house. To give the architectural complex of uniform style, forged perform fence and gates for private homes (photo to prove).

Wrought iron fence created by a true master, will delight you for a very long time

Construction of fences made of metal profile, look aesthetically pleasing, stylish and strictly. Photo of beautiful fences of corrugated Board, testify to the variety of colors of this material, allowing you to choose the option that matches the coloring of the roofing of existing structures. A lot of people install this fence on their own, gladly sharing pictures of fences for private of corrugated harvested with your own hands.

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Crisp lines and exceptional strength demonstrate the fences of metal fence. Due to the ease of installation, raise their hands a fence for a private home from eurostudent will not be easy. Dual-layer protection cover fence from corrosion guarantees the life of the fence under 50.

An example of a simple and stylish fencing the property from eurostudent with stone pillars

A useful tip! In the construction of the fence of metal fence can be adjusted clearance until fully deaf fencing option.

To give the fence from metal fence more presentable you can, build a fence with brick pillars (photo clearly illustrates).

In the construction of simple, but quite elegant looking fences made of metal profile pipes. The hollow structure of this material makes it lightweight and quickly mounted. The profile of the fence can have a flat or curved configuration, which contributes to the creation of any abstract ornament. Profile pipe can be a reliable frame of a fence covered with corrugated sheet, polycarbonate or slate. Fence profile perfectly decorated with wrought iron inserts.

The modern design of fence with wood, metal inserts and landscaping

Relatively inexpensive, but attractive option is a fence made of decorative metal mesh. Gaining popularity gabion fencing consisting of a mesh of different sizes filled with stones. At observance of technology of construction of such fences are durable and organically maintain the natural landscape. Photo of the beautiful fences will inspire you to create individual masterpiece.

Interesting solution to the fence with a combination of different types of fencing

Brick fence for a private home. Photos of stone buildings

Massive fences of stone, concrete, white or red brick have a solid appearance. Such fences are often used by owners of beautiful houses of impressive size. Fences of brick and natural stone bring to the exterior of status and dignity. The cost of construction of such structures is affected by the need to device a good Foundation, but service life will last for generations.
Given the huge variety of brick veneer, it is possible to erect exclusive barriers. Looks great fence of textured, artistic or stylized natural stone finishes.

A useful tip! To design brick fence did not look boring and monotonous, diluted with masonry pillars made of bricks of different textures and colors, or make inserts into the top of the fence of other materials.

Beautiful example of the brick fence with landscaping and wrought iron elements

To facilitate the construction of brick or stone fence can be, by combining with the metal and polycarbonate. Placing between brick pillars wrought iron design, her sheathe polycarbonate. The clear plastic will make the space behind the fence blurred to the eye and yet not hide the elegance of wrought iron elements.

Fences made of natural stone impress with their splendor, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford the luxury. The alternative may be a fence, made of artificial material. These fences perfectly complement the landscape, especially if the site has a garden of stones or a beautiful Alpine garden.

Example of a combination of wooden fence with rockery

To replace the boring and dull fences of concrete slabs came the model of the frame structures of fiber reinforced concrete. This is the newest material for the construction of stylish, creative fences. Form, design and colour panels can be very diverse. Such fences protect from the noise and dust of a nearby road and feature lush palette of colors. Using different textures, the fence will stylise under a brick facing, wood, natural Sandstone or marble.

Barriers made of blocks of concrete have not only perfect appearance, but also perfectly fulfill its intended purpose, protecting from external attacks and prying eyes.

Creativity in the design of the fence will give your home individuality

Photos of fences in a private home illustrates the various designs of fences, among which you can choose the model according to taste and budget. Easily installed fencing is able to provide you a sense of tranquility for years to come.


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