Beautiful home projects with good design and internal layout

In the article you can find dozens of photographs depicting beautiful houses: building designs in modern, classic and other styles. Discusses unusual design solutions and interesting ideas for the construction of country houses with one or few floors. Collected here are popular options for buildings using different materials, structures with free layout, attic floors and other architectural features.

Country house — the best option for those who want to live away from noisy neighbors and the bustle of the city

The contents

  • 1 Beautiful home: design of buildings and recommendations for their development
    • 1.1 how to begin the implementation of the project a beautiful country house and cottage
    • 1.2 create a beautiful project at home: the most practical layout with regard to the cardinal points
    • 1.3 Introduction functional areas in a beautiful country house and cottage
  • 2 designs are beautiful country houses and cottages: a good picture of the buildings
    • 2.1 How to develop a project beautiful one-story home
    • 2.2 How to develop a project of a beautiful house: pictures of two-storey buildings
    • 2.3 Projects beautiful houses with an attic: photos and recommendations for development of facilities
    • 2.4 Increased demand for two-storey houses with an attic floor, although there are beautiful designs of single-storey buildings.
    • 2.5 Functional design beautiful houses: pictures of buildings with Bay Windows
    • 2.6 Projects of country houses: beautiful pictures of buildings with a garage
    • 2.7 Projects the most beautiful homes: photos of cottages with a second light
  • 3 Beautiful designs of buildings from popular building materials
    • 3.1 Features of the designs are beautiful wooden houses: photo of interesting buildings
    • 3.2 features of the development projects of beautiful timber frame houses
    • 3.3 features of the development of beautiful projects of houses of brick

Beautiful houses: projects of buildings and recommendations for their development

Planning is an important step in the construction of a country house. Before you begin the purchase of materials and construction of the building should have a clear idea about future building. And this applies to both planning areas, and each of the stages of construction.

The comfort of the house largely depends on its layout and location on the site

In addition to the external beauty, the building must meet the design specifications:

  • long-term maintenance services;
  • reliable and durable design;
  • comfortable for all residents with regard to their number and needs;

The house can be complemented with a massive porch, open porch or terrace

  • safe operation;
  • the ability to make adjustments to the design of the facade and interior.

A properly made house plans makes it possible to correctly distribute the buildings on the site, as well as to successfully organize the layout of the premises, to exclude conflict situations with neighbours and regulatory authorities for violations of regulations.

Modern comfortable style called minimalism

A useful tip! Construction of a country house will allow to reduce costs, to reduce and to optimize the process of construction of the building, rational approach to the consumption of materials, avoid accidents and improve safety.

How to begin the implementation of the project a beautiful country house and cottage

The construction of housing involves the creation of project drawings

The correct choice of plot determines the freedom to create beautiful buildings.

The selection of land is done according to several criteria:

  • direction;
  • distance from city or village item

The future of not only the structure but also the site itself requires pre-marking and scheme drawing

  • definition of favorable settlement, garden community, cottage village or private areas for development.

If possible, you should pick a level site, preferably free of vegetation, as the site clearance for construction will entail additional costs and delay the work. It is preferable to construct the house on the hill. In the lowlands will constantly accumulate moisture, adversely affecting the building.

The house, built on a hill, has the best performance

House standing on the hill, is inherent in the best performance:

  • there is no need to consider the height of groundwater;
  • superior breathability;
  • high level of insolation;
  • beautiful views from the Windows.

The layout of houses is carried out so that the main façade faced the southern side

Cottage on the hill, provided the correct layout of the rooms will allow to achieve substantial savings on heating and electricity. Sufficient penetration of sunlight to the premises ensure a constant comfort. Installing solar panels can gather natural energy and use it to heat the building.

3D project of a small country house with an attic floor

Create a beautiful project at home: the most practical layout with regard to the cardinal points

The layout is practical and beautiful homes depends largely on the placement site in relation to the cardinal points and orientation of the buildings on it. An important factor is the type of roof and the shape of the structure.

Proper layout of the house will ensure maximum penetration of sunlight inside the premises

If you intend to build a cottage with a pent roof, is an open area of facade to be paid to the South, and the ramp to deploy to the North.

A useful tip! The Central part of the facade is better spent on the South side. This nuance will allow to make the project a terrace, porch or porch massive. Located on the South side, these architectural elements can be used by tenants as a place to relax in the fresh air.

It is recommended to place the house in the North-Eastern part of the site. This ensures the necessary level of lighting of the rooms to minimize the presence of shadows on adjoining territory, which often acts as a deterrent for arrangement of recreation areas near the building.

Traditionally, the two-storey houses are equipped upstairs private rooms, and downstairs is a common and utility rooms

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When picked up the parcel and place under building and the nature of the placement boxes relative to the sides of the world, compiled the layout of the house:

Porch can decorate the main facade of the building and be combined with a porch

  • East and South-East direction is suitable to accommodate guest rooms and parent bedrooms.
  • Western and South-Western direction – is used for decorating family room, living room and dining room.
  • The southern and South-Eastern direction – often there is living room, bedrooms and nurseries.
  • North direction – suitable for residential commercial premises, halls, kitchens, and areas designated for storage.


The layout of the private house allows to correctly locate all the buildings on the site and to organize the interior

Rooms designed for leisure and recreation, better to place so that their window was turned into a beautiful landscape, for example, natural landscape, patio decoration or garden. Avoid installing solid fences in front of these premises.

The project is a two-story house with a detached garage

The introduction of the functional areas in a beautiful country house and cottage

Functional areas are part of the project, and some buildings may be included in the layout of the house.

The layout of the site are identified as zones (if they are available):

  • the location of residential buildings;
  • outbuildings, including a summer shower, toilet.

Outdoor terrace for relaxing in the fresh air

  • Parking, shelter for car or garage;
  • bath or sauna;
  • guest houses;
  • a relaxation area and a gazebo;
  • children’s Playground;
  • garden and garden area;

Wooden houses look very nice, presentable and comfortable

  • decorative elements and landscape design;
  • picnic area to barbecue or barbecue, outdoor oven, outdoor kitchen.

Optionally, the presence of all specified objects on the site. Their presence is determined individually in accordance with the building project and the needs of tenants. Importantly, this maintains the necessary level of insolation and ventilation.

A real wood — burning fireplace- an indispensable attribute of a country house

Please note! Before choosing a place for a summer kitchen on the site plan, you should determine the wind rose. This is done in order that the smoke of a furnace, barbecue or grill is not held on the site. Better if he is to get over the fence.

The designs are beautiful country houses and cottages: photo of successful buildings

The internal layout of the building takes into account the total space and facilities, which are allocated to functional areas.

There are the following types of zones:

  • the day area (living) – here is the dining room and living room, kitchen, study and family room;
  • night zone (residential) – is intended for installation in nurseries, guest rooms and bedrooms, it also placed the dressing;

The layout of the house with integral garage

  • circulation areas and facilities intended for common use hall and a corridor, hallway, bathrooms and space of the staircase;
  • unit utility area for decorating the garage, boiler room, and larders;
  • additional facilities include a sauna, a swimming pool, gym, music room, cinema, their presence is not necessary.

The basis of planning premises may be based on the principle of horizontal or vertical zoning. The choice of principle depends on the number of storeys of the building. If you intend to build a large house, the layout of rooms can include both of these options.

Low partitions allows you to keep the abundance of natural light

How to develop a project beautiful one-story home

Construction of cottages it is advisable to perform in cases where regulated selected a large plot with a smooth surface. Due to this, the cost of construction of the building and ground works will be minimal. This house is perfect for families that have elderly, young children and people with disabilities. Due to the lack of the second floor and stairs such tenants will be comfortable, convenient and safe.

A small country house

On photo, projects of beautiful single-storey houses can look like the old manor or modern cottages. The design of the building depends on several factors:

  • box shape;
  • exterior;
  • type and design of the roof;
  • used in construction materials and technologies.

Terrace from the kitchen is a unique opportunity in the summer to move a dining area under the open sky

The layout of the rooms in one-story cottages has a horizontal orientation and practically does not differ from city apartments. One part of the house allotted to the rooms of residential type. For this purpose, Eastern and southern zones. The Western and Northern part of the building is rooms of economic appointment.

Project of two-storeyed brick house

A useful tip! If the house has a small size, some rooms can be combined. For example, a plan with a combination living space, dining room and kitchen. Zoning of rooms intended in this case may be symbolic — a small partition, a special arrangement of furniture, or visual (separation due to the different finishes of different color or material).

The project of the first floor of the cottage with garage for two cars

 How to develop a project of a beautiful house: pictures of two-storey buildings

Projects storey houses are used for the creation of large cottages, country houses and buildings in a small area.

– Plan two-storey buildings can be used in architectural decoration with functional value:

  • garages;
  • balconies;
  • veranda;
  • Bay Windows;
  • terraces.

In addition, the design can be modest and to represent the correct box with a simple division of rooms, or have a complex design with a variety of façade details and roof with broken lines.

Modern house of concrete and glass

Most often, the ground floor space for public use, such as kitchen, dining and living room, and a relaxation room. It can accommodate service area:

  • Laundry room;
  • furnace;
  • panel;
  • boiler room;
  • pantry.

The entrance door does not become a source of heat loss, it is recommended to build it before the extension in a vestibule.

Two-storey cottage with an attic floor

Rational door hallway and a closet. The ground floor also needed a bathroom. An additional ground floor rooms include a guest room and bedroom for family members, elderly, as well as the office.

The second floor is often used for equipment of children’s rooms, bedrooms, in rare cases, offices. Taking into account the living rooms are arranged the required number of bathrooms and toilets. Often found among the two storied houses projects with attic.

Projects beautiful houses with an attic: photos and riversof mendacii to the premises of

In the design of country houses the living space of the attic under the roof tend to use the most. The height of such facilities can sometimes reach five metres and a ridge seven meters or more.

Additional living space in the attic

High demand two-storey houses with an attic floor, although there are beautiful designs of single-storey buildings.

A useful tip! Construction of one-storey house with an attic is less expensive than the construction of two-storey cottages.

The attic floor is a single space under the roof, used more often for the rest-rooms.

The presence of attic floor – an advantage for small houses

Often the photo, beautiful design bedrooms in private homes and other combined areas complemented by elements of zoning and transformation, which allows to save space and to abandon the construction of the walls:

  • curtains – blackout, or translucent curtains perfectly distinguish between the space. They bring in the interior comfort and this is used for quick zoning (often in the bedrooms);
  • partition sliding type – are placed in special openings inside the walls. Construction moves on rails and is mainly used to separate the kitchen with its specific smells from other rooms. This can be used on the attic floor.

Transparent dividers help to zone the space

  • Modern partitions can be made of different materials. Popular electrochromic smart glass (laminated translucent material), which can be matte white by pressing the control button;
  • lighting – lighting can be not only a part of the interior and set the mood, but also visually divide the space of the room;
  • the podium is used in children’s rooms as a place to store things.

From the Windows of this home offer beautiful views of the surrounding area

The interior of bedroom screens can be used as partitions, separating the bed area from Desk or dressing rooms.

Functional design beautiful houses: pictures of buildings with Bay Windows

In accordance with the idea of the designer-designer Bay window may have a semicircular, rectangular or trapezoidal. The area of this element in the valid part may be minimal or relatively large. Top of the Bay window is filled in under the General roof of the building. The floors of this element is designed keeping in mind the number of storeys cottages or can be different from him.

Unique modern house has a stunning circular field of view

Please note! The design of the Bay window is used as the Foundation under the balcony. If the number of floors is different from the number of floors of the project, the architecture of the houses this caveat is solved by forming in the Bay view tower.

The advantages of houses with Bay Windows:

  • unique design – this architectural element is used as a decoration of the exterior, bringing elegance to the facade of the house;

The country style is characterized by the use of natural materials – stone and wood

  • actual and visual expansion of space of the room – well-lit Bay window suitable for placing the dining table or lounge area is beneficial to look at the combined spaces of living rooms and dining rooms and internal stairs (saving living space due to the removal of the structure in the area of the Bay);
  • increase the level of natural lighting thanks to the panoramic glazing of the Bay Windows in the room comes an increased amount of sunlight;

In modern homes it is often difficult to determine the appearance of the building to any style

Outside the building and inside its Bay Windows look quite spectacular. However, the construction of such cabins does not come cheap.

Projects of country houses: beautiful pictures of buildings with a garage

The presence of the vehicle should also be taken into account by the design of the building. If you intend to build a country house for a seasonal residence, is sufficient to manage the construction of Parking or carport for cars in the yard.

Major garage in the cottage, intended for permanent residence

The cottages, designed for permanent residence, should provide the capital garage. Moreover, the design of the building it can be integrated or presented as annexes.

Garage with built-in room may be unheated or heated to have. Its distribution is most often used basement or first floor. The project cottage can be provided with different access ways to the garage, for example, through the gate, entrance gate (from the street) or from home (through the hall, hall).

Functional and comfortable project with interesting architectural design

A useful tip! In the presence of the garage entrance from home, the driver will not have to go out in the rain, snow, hail, endure other manifestations of the weather.

The price of a house project with a garage built into the building, much higher than the cost of the construction of freestanding buildings. Means mounted on one Foundation with a cottage made under his roof and with the adjacent walls of the room. But the high price is justified by the reliability, functionality and additional possibilities of use, which can not offer the detached garage.

When placing the houses in a minimalist style is often used bright colors

Be sure to provide a small car Park, which can be used for the temporary accommodation of cars and reception of guests arriving by private transport.

Projects of the most beautiful homes: photos of cottages with a second light

The second light is often used as a striking architectural additions. Moreover, the presence of this element is not only reflected in the architecture of the house, but on the internal layout. The second light is formed, if the plan of the building is missing part of the ceiling between floors. The inside formed an open space and outside on the facade present panoramic Windows. For this purpose, a window size of about 6-8 m.

Clarity, simplicity and brevity – the basic concept of modern buildings

Most often, the second light is found in the beautiful projects of wooden houses, however, the variant of its use in the cottages and other materials. The breading on the organization of this element, typically used living room. The recommended area is at least 120 m2. In the small houses allowed the use of panoramic Windows, but the Union of the floors are not welcome.

The Grand staircase, designed as a key element of the interior, often placed in the living room hall

Such a room usually has two entrances: on the ground floor and first floor. To climb, use the stairs. Design can be marching, screw or decorative.

Please note! Such projects require careful consideration of the heating system, because conventional batteries will not be enough, and the loss of heat through the second light will be large. Besides the layouts of this type the principles of heat transfer differ from standard projects.

The project is a one-storey house with garage and pool

Beautiful designs of buildings from popular building materials

The construction material also affects the architectural features of the building and internal layout. The network can meet a lot of beautiful projects of houses of timber. They are environmentally friendly and easy to use, but this requires the shrinkage during the year.

Choosing a style for the exterior of the building, it is important to consider the climate and the environment

Buildings from foamed concrete or aerated concrete such interruptions in the construction process are not required. For the construction of frame houses may take up to 3 months. These characteristics are caused by technical parameters of the materials.

Not every soil type allows you to use a certain building material. Plus, I can impose restrictions on the construction of some types of foundations, etc. For this reason, the projects of buildings of different construction materials have their own characteristics.

The project of a modern two-storey house with attic

Features projects a beautiful wood houses: photo of interesting buildings

The nuances of projects of houses made of wood:

  • logs or timber are standard sizes (length – 6 m), so building large homes is complicated. The layout can consist of small rooms, otherwise, you will have to perform the matching of logs for cutting. Increase the consumption of insulation;
  • to box at home was hard and had the proper shrinkage, the joints of the logs should be placed in a checkerboard pattern, which can not affect the layout. Need more distribution between adjacent cuts;

The layout of a country house with garage and adjacent pool

  • construction technology involves an even number of corners.
  • the distribution of loads should be approached with special care;

projects are limited in design. Otherwise, in the course of construction a large number of waste, increasing costs.

Original and eco-friendly home from a bar with a beautiful design

Please note! You can’t build a ladder to the attic floor to the wall, where is the emphasis of the roof.

Features of the development projects of beautiful timber frame houses

Frame technology gives a lot of leeway in the size of the house, its height and design. Among the finished projects, you can find one-story buildings to villas, designed for seasonal stay and complete dwelling houses with 2-3 floors for permanent residence. Frame technology of construction of residential buildings is significantly different from the construction works with wood, concrete or brick.

The project budget frame country house

These buildings have many advantages:

  • easily the redevelopment of premises;
  • the layout can be any, as there are no restrictions on placement of rooms, their sizes;
  • box building due to the technical properties of the material is a light, therefore, the development of the project is not complicated by the distribution of loads.

The Union of space “second world”, will look best in a large house with an area of 200 square meters

The material is sufficiently malleable in order to bring to life even the most daring projects of country houses, however, should be taken into account all the rules of frame construction.

Features of the development of beautiful projects of houses of brick

The projects of buildings of brick, despite its high prices, giving considerable freedom in relation to the exterior of the house and the organization of its internal space.

Living room interior design with fireplace in contemporary style

Due to the increased fire-resistant material, brick wall you can build a stove or fireplace. While the facade of the cottage will not need additional finishing.

Possible combination with other materials:

  • natural stone;
  • wood, covered with stains;
  • the bricks have a different texture or colour.

The use of a rack and pinion method of finishing of vertical surfaces is often found in the modern cottages

The use of brick as a building material makes it possible to include in the draft ground floor. On its basis can be built boiler room or housekeeping area, garage, etc. Projects of brick have different comfort areas and support the highest requirements in terms of design.

Modern projects of country houses and cottages can include other architectural additions, for example, a flat roof, basement, terrace, veranda, large porch, balconies, basement of the rotunda. The presence of this fire is also displayed in the architecture, the ventilation system and requires special planning.


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