The bedroom is the most personal room in the house , hidden from prying eyes. The finish should match the character of the owners and intended functions . At night, the bedroom should wear soft and even romantic mood . A lot depends on the lighting , but the color and patterns of interior elements themselves can create a luxurious and seductive atmosphere.

A little something thought about using the patterns on the ceiling and the bedroom is a great opportunity for this , especially if you do not intend to spend a large period of its wakefulness , and therefore can afford to make it a quite “risky” decor . If it is good to calculate how much time we spend in your home , most of it falls on the bedroom. Because we sleep at least seven hours a day, that is the third part of all life. This should be enough in order to create a more comfortable bedroom , filled with atmosphere of comfort and peace.

If there is not enough space , the bedroom is quite possible to combine with dressing room , study , and, if necessary, to find a place for a sports simulator.

In addition to the size of the premises , the choice of design style depends on the size of Windows and doorways , ceiling height , and the light that is the bedroom. Very good location of bedrooms in the apartment are an option when there is one other bathroom. When decorating a bedroom, try to use natural materials such as wood , cork , veneer or fabric . This finish will allow you to create a comfortable and healthy room . Best floor covering in the bedroom is parquet , laminate. Of great importance for the overall design of the room has a view of the ceiling.

Modern looks in the bedroom suspended ceiling. In addition , it hides all the flaws of the ceiling , you can make it wavy or curved , which will give the room a unique charm . The use of multilevel ceiling will allow you to create an original interior, not only due to the appearance of the ceiling itself , but the use of recessed luminaires , which created original lighting of the bedroom . Of course , if your apartment has low ceilings , you will have to abandon the false ceilings. If you do not feel very comfortable in a room with high ceilings , to solve this problem, will help included back canopies .

Bedroom colors

If the bedroom Windows face to the South direction , when making a room, use cool colors , because the room itself is warm and Sunny . For premises , the location of which is oriented to the North direction , more suitable warm colors and shades by which the room will always look cozy. In the case where the bedroom is a separate room , the best would be the use of light and pastel colors or shades of the same color that create a cozy atmosphere. Light colors help to visually enlarge the room . It seems more spacious and above. In a bedroom is always nice to Wake up , even when the window rainy and gloomy . In the design of the bedroom is desirable to use such tone colors , like pale blue , pale pink , milky , pearly – gray , light green , which are soothing and relaxing . In addition , the interior of this room as a bedroom , they are organically combined with products made of natural wood. Special atmosphere of romanticism creates in the bedroom white.

Lighting in the bedroom

An important role in bedroom design is given to the lighting. It should be carefully thought out and diverse. Source of General lighting , which should be bright , can be a beautiful chandelier and original ceiling light. If you’re in the bedroom ceiling , from chandeliers can be waived and the use of built-in ceiling lamps. This kind of lighting , especially if there is the possibility to regulate the quantity of included lamps , looks very beautifully and effectively . Besides , it is necessary to provide local coverage . For example , near the bed you need to hang sconces or a small elegant lamp that will not only create cozy environment but also let to read before bed. Near the dressing table and mirrors, it is desirable to put a floor lamp or hang a small wall lamp. If you are not very comfortable feel in the dark , will come to the aid of the little night light. It can be with a pin for mounting at any desired location. Generally , the main lighting in the bedroom should be a comfortable and convenient situation in the room.

The furniture in the bedroom

As a rule , sets of furniture for bedrooms consist of beds , dresser , wardrobes , bedside tables , dressing table , dressing table and stool or chair . This furniture set is done in the same style. However, modern furniture designers offer so many interesting options that it is possible to depart from the usual items . First, you need to think carefully about what furniture you like the most and how to arrange the room. The bedroom can be designed in any style, from minimalism and classic to hi-tech and country , it all depends on your imagination and taste. Importantly , this is the style you like. The bed in the bedroom , of course , is one of the most important interior. Throughout its history, the bed has undergone many modifications . The usual for us form (two backs and a deckchair between them), the bed was more than two hundred years ago. The layout of the bedroom is desirable to start with the location of the bed in the room. For some people it makes a huge difference. In addition , the bed must correct orientation of Windows , doors and sides , need to take into account the existence of different types of planning beds in the room. For example , the bed has a wide headboard , it is advisable to move up close to the wall. If for you it is important that the location of the bed was oriented from East to West , the bed can be placed in any suitable location , even away from the walls. To create a sense of security and closeness on this bed by using canopy. This standard location of the bed will help you to show imagination in creating a bedroom interior . The modern apartments are rooms in which there are niches . If you choose such a room as a bedroom , it is very successful technique is to put in a niche bed . First , this bed is very comfortably situated , and secondly it can be identified using a variety of decorative techniques. Don’t forget that a third of his life we spend in the bedroom. And that should be enough to make this room as comfortable , beautiful and cozy.

Textiles in the bedroom

An important theme in the decoration of a bedroom is the choice of decorative features such as bedspreads , blankets , curtains , decorative pillows , rugs and bed linen. All these elements should emphasize your chosen style and in harmony with the furniture. If your bedroom is decorated with expensive furniture of rare woods , then finish suitable curtains of silk , bronze curtain rods and fixtures , silk pillows on the bed or chair and elegant carpet on the floor. Choose the combination of colors of textiles, they stressed the interior of this room.

Today there is a huge choice of fabrics for curtains and designers offer fewer different models , so the choice is yours. If the bedroom opens onto a Sunny side , it is optimal and fashionable solution would be blinds , which today is large and diverse. Linen is provided, although the final but important detail of the interior bedroom . Choosing the color of the linen you need to take into account the General color and style of the bedroom . Linens should fit your taste , life style and interior space. Then it not only would adorn and complement the design of the room, but will create comfort for sleep and rest. We should not forget about the decorative elements that adorn the bedroom , making it beautiful and cozy. It can be a painting or tapestry above the bed , antique candle holder on the table with colored or scented candles , original lamps , decorative plants , floor vases and inlay , carving and other decoration furniture.

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