Bench from wood with your own hands for the infield

A bench for the garden should not be seen only as a normal piece of furniture used for rest. This kind of furniture can become a spectacular decoration of the suburban area. Made a bench out of wood with your own hands can become a key component of the whole composition, emphasizing the beauty and benefits of landscaping in your garden or yard. An important place is given to style, materials and the area of the future product.

The originality and simplicity in fabrication are the main advantages of benches made from logs

The contents

  • 1 Photo of wooden benches with their hands: drawings and recommendations
    • 1.1 Design and photo of wooden benches and benches for the gazebo and garden
    • 1.2 Benches and benches made of logs with his own hands: photo, design solutions
    • 1.3 Recommendations on making benches from logs with their hands
  • 2 Products from scrap materials: benches and benches made of pallets with their hands
    • 2.1 Bench from wood with your own hands: photo and Assembly of structures made of pallets
  • 3 Photos of the shops of wood with his hands: the creation of combined products
    • 3.1 Ideas to create your hands of the benches of wood and metal
    • 3.2 bench from a tree with his hands on a concrete base: a step by step guide
    • 3.3 Assembly of wooden benches with their hands: the initial stage
    • 3.4 Assembly design: Assembly of the frame parts products
  • 4 Drawing benches with their hands from wood and description of the manufacturing process
    • 4.1 Bench from wood with your own hands: how to do a proper Assembly seat
    • 4.2 Final phase of the design
  • 5 Recommendations for decoration of the benches and stalls

Pictures of wooden benches with their hands: drawings and recommendations

Wood is the most suitable material for making furniture. It has beneficial properties:

  • absorbs heat;
  • has a noble appearance;
  • easy to any type of treatment.

Wooden bench is a Central element of the activity area in the garden

Please note! Benches or wooden benches with their hands can be based on any species of wood. The only requirement for the material – the raw material must be well dried.

Do not take tree work with external defects. With the exception of some products, the design of which allows for the presence of cracks. Knots and burrs in any case have to be addressed.

Benches can be created from any wood – the main thing that the material was well dried

By the constructions also put forward a number of requirements:

  • security is ensured by several factors: proper design, selection of appropriate weight loads materials and parts, careful Assembly. Not the last importance is the quality of materials and accessories;

Wooden bench in eco-style, located on the terrace of a private house

  • durability and longevity – because these products are intended for street operating conditions, raw materials used for their manufacture, should not have serious defects and damage. In addition, it is desirable that the material had resistance to the negative impacts of climate and weather fluctuations;

Drawing of simple wooden benches for the garden

  • ergonomics – design your design should be comfortable. In most cases, this type of products is created for relaxation, so it is recommended to use to create the benches with their hands from wood construction drawings for the back.

Wooden bench with backrest and armrests on the backyard

Design and photo of wooden benches and benches for the gazebo and garden

The choice of design determines the direction of all subsequent work. The design of future products will certainly have an impact on the landscape, the style of the space where the garden furniture will be installed. Therefore, the choice of project should be approached thoroughly. For inspiration you can use photos of benches for the gazebo with your own hands that will be able to find on the Internet or in magazines on gardening and landscaping garden.

Option of the bench built around the tree

The simplest design with two supports ideal not only for gazebos but also for verandas or terraces. The supporting part is going from the boards. All of the elements of the legs must have the same size. Boards are placed in pairs, with each following floor design should have perpendicular arrangement relative to the previous. The seat can be made of timber. The length you select, the main thing that the design does not bend.

Benches made of wood are beauty and high environmental performance

A useful tip! These types of designs can be done long by adding additional supports. Because of this you will be able to set a long bench along the outside wall of the house or inside the gazebo.

The supporting part of wooden planks can be made more durable and reliable, replacing it with a hollow building block. In this case, the bars of the seat will be fixed in the holes of the supports. Do not forget to fillet the edges on the wooden elements to make it easier to sit.

Wooden bench made in the same style with the rest of outdoor furniture

Benches and benches made of logs with his own hands: photo, design solutions

Buying lumber is more expensive than the use of available tools. Creation of benches of logs with your hands – the budget way of organizing a cozy recreation zone on the dacha. For this you can use a long fallen tree trunk that takes place on your premises, if the wood is not too deteriorated and not damaged by insects.

Bench made of logs – budget option of furniture for the infield

Prepare the necessary tools:

  • the grinder;
  • discs for grinders designed for cutting wood;
  • axe;
  • the chainsaw;
  • a sander or sandpaper with coarse and fine grain.

The process of making garden benches from logs

To make the bench, you’ll need to cut the 2 wood pieces of the same length. As a result, you get 2 thick stump the same height. They will be used as supports. From the core of the remaining trunk is cut thick and long Board. It will become the seat of the future design. Board width should match the diameter of the support parts.

Diagram of the device simple benches made of logs And support; In — seat

To fix the seat on the support, cut down at the top of each of the grooves of the stumps. The design will be deemed properly made only if the Board seat firmly down in the grooves and is held down by force of gravity. For greater reliability, you can use nails or connection pins.

To create benches from a fallen tree required a chainsaw

A useful tip! Board seat must be well polished. Reference stumps you can also free from bark and treated with sandpaper or, conversely, to leave untouched, if you want to achieve a distinctive appearance.

Recommendations on making benches from logs with their hands

To make a bench from a fallen tree will need a chainsaw. The main material of construction will be a barrel with a larger diameter. The minimum length is 1 m.

Bench made from logs that accentuate the natural landscape of the infield

The technology of making the product looks like this:

  • on a log apply markings with a pencil or marker so that the material was divided in two. But the cut will be in the middle, and with a small offset in one direction from the center of the log. In the end it should be 2 unequal-sized parts. The smaller one will be used for the production of the back, a large will serve as a seat;
  • after cutting the logs in half the surface of the fabricated parts should be aligned to place a saw cut to get a smooth plane. Bumps gently removed with a chainsaw;

Bench from logs can be an unusual decoration of the local area

  • flip the seat plane down. Find the highest point of the circle and mark two lines connected among themselves. You should now have a triangle with a rounded base and equal sides, a vertex of which is directed to the plane of the seat. The height of the triangle should be small, so the design has not collapsed. Simply put, you will need to cut a sort of “piece of cake” small size closer to the edge of the circle. The cut out element have to be solid, it will pass along the entire length of the seat. This is done in order to subsequently perform type mounts called dovetail;

Diagram of the device of garden benches with backrest made of logs

  • the retrieved element should be divided in half along the length. The seat back (his back) will rely on these details, so in the appropriate places you need to make triangular cut-outs that correspond in size and form with the supporting elements;
  • to build strong emphasis similar notches should be done at the side of the seat. The indentations on the backrest and seat must be flipped. Here are inserted the ends of the triangular supports.

Simple and beautiful bench, built of logs

A useful tip! The design turns out quite rough. After Assembly, you can modify it to give the seat and the back curly-shaped, sanded, beautify the product thread.

Install a bench legs made of thick stumps. Here you can use the same method of the splined connection.

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Products from scrap materials: benches and benches made of pallets with their hands

At first glance, it may seem that creating even the simplest benches will require a significant investment of time and effort. In fact, for the arrangement of the suburban area can be used almost any available materials. To understand this, just look at the photos of benches made of pallets with their hands.

White painted bench from pallets with upholstered seat and cushions

No need to have specialized knowledge or have skills with woodworking tools to create such a structure in his yard. Enough to be patient and to have on hand 3-4 junk pallet wood.

Tool for work, are in almost every home:

  • a small saw (usually used for cutting branches in the garden or alignment of the bushes);
  • electric screwdriver;

An example of the unusual design of wooden benches from pallets

  • grinder (it can be replaced with sandpaper);
  • hand saw;
  • gon;
  • pencil.

For bonding of parts you will need nails and screws.

Of pallets it is possible to effortlessly create beautiful and functional outdoor furniture

Bench from wood with your own hands: photo and Assembly of structures made of pallets

The design is so simple to implement that for the manufacture of pallets wooden benches with his hands drawings is not required. You can just use your imagination.

Please note! Some pallets are to be cut, in order to obtain additional elements for building construction.

The scheme of making a simple garden bench from pallets

The easiest version of the product is created on the basis of two pallets fixed to each other at a right angle. In the result, the lower tray will seat, and the top can be used as a backrest. To make the design more neat and harmonious, the pallet can be slightly cut. Fixation is carried out by using a screwdriver and screws.

Bench from pallets, decorated with beautiful linen pillows

The side area can be reinforced with additional plates, the connecting part of back and seat angle. Use for creating these parts of the remaining scraps of pallets after was made the primary cutting structure.

Similarly, you can create and store, removing from the structure the backrest and adding to her feet. Use nails or screws.

Bright benches from pallets adorn the veranda of a private house

Photo shops from wood with his hands: the creation of combined products

The combination of textures, colors and materials is encouraged in modern design. If you are wondering on how to make a DIY shop for a suburban area, be sure to use this method. As a result, you can get ultramodern design, making it minimal effort.

Graceful combination bench from wood and metal

If you take the example of metal articles, in this case, you will have to deal not only with the advantages but also disadvantages. Similar designs are durable and this is their main benefit.

Disadvantages of metal benches:

  • expensive;
  • the heaviness of the design and cumbersome;

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

  • the surface of the material too is overheating in the summer and gets very cold in the cloudy weather that negates the whole comfort.

All these defects can easily kompensiruet at the expense of manufacturing a combined shop with his own hands: photo of successful combinations are not limited to one or more variations. There is a lot of effective solutions that can be easily implemented.

A combined bench of classical form made from metal and wood

The use of metal to create the supporting parts of the structure has a significant advantage. Legs products, made entirely of wood in contact with earth and grass, constantly syreyut. They began to develop mold and fungi, reducing the life of the product. The metal of such conditions not afraid.

Ideas to create your hands of the benches of wood and metal

The simplest project involves the creation of shops where the carrier portion is made of metal, and the material for back and seat is wood. For this you need to weld the two rectangles or square shaped tube. Better if it’s square profile.

Bright wooden bench with a frame made of profile pipes

With the inner part of the rectangles you want to weld the jumpers. They will install the seat boards. Fixation at the expense of the weight of people sitting. Looks:

  • reliable;
  • practical;
  • stylish;
  • functional;
  • durable.

Diagram of the device for the metal frame of the combined benches

You can create a more complex design, equipping her back and armrests. In this case, of shaped pipes with square cross-section creates a frame basis in the form of a frame with crosspieces and supporting parts for securing the seat and armrests. Increasing the width of the seat, you will be able to create a comfortable sofa with soft cushions.

This idea can be used for the whole patio in the yard or on the flat roof of the cottage. Make your composition furniture consisting of table and two large benches, or multiple single seats.

The original design of the benches located in the courtyard of a private house

For table use the same set of materials: profiled tube (frame) and wood Board (top). When installing wooden elements, be sure to leave a small gap (3-4 mm). Since wood is susceptible to deformation changes under the influence of humidity and climatic conditions, this clearance is necessary in order to compensate for its expansion. Otherwise, parts of the back, seat and table tops will warp.

Basic drawing of garden benches with metal frame and seat in wood

Bench from a tree with his hands on a concrete base: a step by step guide

The concrete along with the metal has a long-term maintenance services. He is completely immune to weather conditions, so is considered to be one of the most durable materials. Having dealt with the technology of creation of simple benches made of wood, you will not be difficult to make a bench made of the same material, only on a concrete base.

Please note! The design is very simple and does not require significant financial investments.

Fig. 1-1. Scheme of arrangement of the garden benches made of wood and concrete slabs with mounting dimensions

To start, you need to prepare parts for further Assembly. Wooden elements of the benches are made of planks with a cross section of 15х3,8 cm They need to cut it a special way to you get a set of finished parts for Assembly.

Dimensional table for cutting boards:

Length wood parts, smalest parts, PCs 200565417,52

In addition to the base formation will need concrete slab square shape:

  • thickness – 5 cm;
  • length – 50 cm;
  • width – 50 cm.

The required number of concrete parts – 12 PCs.

Fig. 1-2. The procedure for manufacturing garden benches of wood and concrete slabs: 1 — preparing the wooden parts; 2 — the layout of the boards, drilling the holes in them; 3 — layout of concrete slabs, drilling holes in plates

Board length 200 cm it is necessary to mark necessary openings. To do this, put two marks (with a space from the end of the 10 cm and 40 cm). On the other hand to apply the same markup. Once marked all the boards (200 cm) using a drill with a diameter of 1.8 cm, they are holes in the points indicated.

Fig. 1-3. The procedure for manufacturing garden benches of wood and concrete slabs: 4 — preparation of parts of the back to the Assembly; 5 — adhesive application

The cement should also make the holes for the fasteners. In this case, from the top edge takes the indent of 7.5 cm and from the left end and right – 10 cm Guide lines and find their point of intersection. It is considered to be the control layout for the fulfillment of the holes. For this procedure you will need a drill bit designed to work with concrete surfaces.

Fig. 1-4. The procedure for manufacturing garden benches of wood and concrete slabs: 6 — collection of backless; 7 — coating of the wooden parts with an antiseptic solution

Build wooden benches with their hands: the initial stage

To increase of service life of elements of wood you need to process antiseptic.

After complete drying of the material, you can engage in the Assembly of the backrest:

  • mark on one of the long boards (200 cm), departing from the edge of 50 cm will accommodate a boundary line of the concrete slab;
  • follow the indentation 15 cm from the previously made marks (50 cm), moving on to the Central part of the Board. This is the area of the first fixing boards;

Fig. 1-5. The procedure for manufacturing garden benches of wood and concrete slabs: 8 — Assembly main part; 9 — inserting and securing threaded rods

  • follow the indentation of 17.5 cm from the fixation area of the first boards in the same direction. This area will be located between the boards of the backrest;
  • make two more marks (each 15 cm) with a gap of 5 cm (the distance between the elements of the back).

A useful tip! All the markings are well visible in the diagram (Fig. 1-1), with this stage you should not have any problems. Use the blueprints to navigate and control their actions in the process of manufacturing.

Wooden seat benches installed on concrete blocks

Treat adhesive composition for wood zone with a length of 15 cm. this area needs to attach a previously prepared Board (65 cm). Install screws to enhance the strength of the fastener. In a similar way the erection of boards with a length of 17.5 cm corresponding to the length of the plots.

Benches made of wood, located under a canopy in the courtyard of a country house

To ensure good adhesion of glue, clamp segments (17.5 cm) until then, until the composition is completely dry. Further, it is processed antiseptic composition of the entire backrest. To increase the level of resistance of the wooden parts and their decorative properties will help the varnish. Cover with part of the wood.

Assembly design: Assembly of the frame parts products

The Assembly frame of the appliance it is recommended to start simultaneously from both sides. This eliminates distortion and the need to redo work. The circuit Assembly involves alternate installation of long planks and concrete slabs. The elements are connected through holes using 4 M16 threaded rods (two rods on each side of the bench). The required fastener length – 55 cm

Diagram of the device of the benches from cedar planks and hollow building blocks

Use for fixing rod washer M16 nut. To exclude irregularities, tightening should be performed simultaneously on each side.

Drawing benches with their hands from wood and description of the manufacturing process

This project looks like a normal bench. The only thing that distinguishes this shop from more primitive structures – the seat of concave shape.

Dimensional table for the manufacture of parts according to the drawings:

Position elementinstance dealkalization. Dimensions смАОпора410х10х44БЦарга (front upper)22,5х10х120ВЦарга (front lower)22,5х10х120ГЦарга (lower side)22,5х10х40ДДоска (seat)42,5х10х120ЕОпора (Board seat)62,5х10х40

Bench of wood with his hands: how to do a proper Assembly seat

Before you begin to assemble, prepare all details for the job. Sawed timber and planks to the specified in the table of lengths, so you have a blank.

The most difficult stage of construction of the shop – the formation of the supporting parts for the seat. You need to clearly follow the recommendations for applying markup to produce the right design elements. To do this, the edges make two marks with a space of 7.5 cm from the bottom of the workpiece. Mark another dot in the center, but now the marking is done with the indent 4.5 cm

Fig. 2-1. The scheme of manufacturing of wooden benches with concave seat

A useful tip! To get an accurate and neat cut, use a flexible ruler made of plastic, when you connect the dots of a marking. Electric jigsaw will make a controlled cut, which subsequently have to handle with sandpaper.

Now that all the details of the structure prepared, you can begin to direct the Assembly. Supporting elements for the seat to attach to the two zargam (top). It must be done in such a way that each edge was one part and another is located at the center.

Fig. 2-2. Building a wooden bench with a concave seat

Then indented from the edge (the width of the legs) you are installing supports. In the Assembly process for fixing the parts necessary to use screws. On top of the basics you need to mount the Board forming the seat. On the bench was to sit comfortably, without fear of injury or damage to clothing, cap screws should be drowned in the wood.

The final phase of the design

The next step is the installation of the feet. They are fixed to the supporting parts of the seat. To increase the stability of the legs will help the side-bar (bottom). These items are installed last.

Wood is warm and pleasant to the touch, making it ideal as a material for making benches and other garden furniture

At the last stage of manufacturing rework products and finishing. Recessed cap screws can be masked with putty for wood. You need to select the right shade mix and add fine sawdust. This composition fills the void that was formed after tightening the screws. The dried surface is treated with sandpaper with small grain, and then covered with protective varnish and antiseptic.

The process of creating the corner benches for rest areas on the local area

Recommendations for decoration of the benches and stalls

There are many interesting designs and spectacular combinations of materials.

The use of decorative elements will improve the bench:

  • wrought iron designs (decoration of metal surfaces);
  • glass, pebbles and pieces of ceramic tile (mosaic on concrete and wooden surfaces);

A wooden bench located in the recreation area, can be used as a table

  • inlaid with wire and decorative elements (mounted in wood by cutting);
  • the patterns obtained by debinding;
  • the carved patterns.

A useful tip! If you want to give wood a special color, use the color lakerbai composition or preprocess surface stains.

Wooden bench, painted a cheery yellow color, which blends harmoniously into the overall design of the recreation area

There are two technologies of burning patterns on wood:

  • The pyrography is the main working tool is the “hot pencil.” All patterns are made manually. Exclusive the backrest of the bench can be ordered individually at a furniture factory where the patterns are made by laser.
  • Pirotipii die drawing patterns with the application of temperature.

The easiest way to decorate a design – add a surround decor, making the parts, layouts, sockets and bas-reliefs of a single composition. Items can be wood, metal, composite etc. By combining different textures to achieve a unique design.


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