Braziers made of metal with your hands. Sizes, photos of finished products

Indispensable helpers in a private house or dacha grills are made of metal with your hands. Dimensions, photos of the finished braziers provided in this article will help to cope with their own arrangement. These products are often used during the holidays in the nature, however, to understand what device you need, you need to understand their flavors. Finished the drawing of the grill made of metal with the size of the box and supports can be used as a sample.

Metal grill with wrought iron elements

The contents

  • 1 Varieties of grills
  • 2 a Simple camping grill out of metal with their hands. Photos, drawings
  • 3 Folding BBQ metal with their hands. Drawings, photos
    • 3.1 Grills of metal with their hands: drawings and photos. Step by step instructions making
  • 4 Portable braziers made of metal with your hands. Sizes, photos
  • 5 Original ideas barbecues
  • 6 corrosion Protection
  • 7 BBQ metal with their hands (video)

Varieties of grills

The easiest option is the grill made of metal with your hands the dimensions, a photo of which is given below, is a common rectangular aquarium on the legs. At its base covered with coal, which creates the heat. However, there are many modern models that differs fundamentally from the standard. They are more refined and beautiful.

The size of a standard grill on legs

You can select multiple versions of the braziers:

  • stationary. A rather massive structure, most often mounted on a rigid base. Metal grills can be interesting and at the same time beautiful design element of the site. That is a photo of the grill with smokehouse made of metal with their hands (drawings of such models can be found on the Internet). Modern craftsmen will offer various forms of such products from which to choose the original version for home use. It will last for years;

Stationary wrought iron grill

  • portable. The main difference between these designs is their compact and collapsible. They are much less weight than their stationary counterparts, and can easily fit in the trunk of the car. The only drawback of portable products can be considered as fragility. They are made of thinner sheet metal to reduce overall weight. Too thin the material is often deformed and burns;

Examples of portable braziers made of metal

  • mobile. Usually this is a fairly large structure, often a non-separable type, additionally equipped with wheels for ease of movement on site. Often decorated with wrought iron elements such braziers made of metal with your hands. Size, photo of such products is quite varied among a large set of options you can choose the most suitable.

Mobile barbecue grills with wheels

It is worth noting electric grill. For user convenience it includes automatic rotation of skewers. This roaster meat fried evenly. Fully electrified and there are instances in which, instead of coals used in heating spiral.

Drawing from a barrel grill with electric spit

A simple camping grill out of metal with their hands. Photos, drawings

The most simple and easy to manufacture portable grill consists of two small stands in the form of the letter “P” made of metal, which are stuck into the ground. Of course, place under the coals in it, they have to land directly between the uprights.

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  • a small height allows you to fry meat standing;
  • open space is a rather large loss of heat.

A simple camping grill

This product can be easy to take Hiking. It takes up little space and can fit even in a backpack. For its production you will need two area, the length of which is equal to the length of the grill, as well as four metal posts and details for design fastening. Photo of the grill made of metal demonstrates the simplicity of such a device.

A useful tip! For standard grill typically use sheet metal about 2 mm thick. the thicker, the more durable is the design, so some artists use metal with a thickness of 5 mm.

Design a simple camping grill

Disposable BBQ metal with their hands. Drawings, photos

It is easy to collect stationary grill out of metal with their hands. To create a simple rectangular roasters need:

  • steel sheet;
  • valves or parts for racks;
  • an angle grinder with the appropriate stone;
  • drill;
  • gas or arc welder.

Step 1: joining of the hull and the legs of the grill

You should prepare a drawing of future construction. Here you need to provide the height of the finished product, its width and length, to note the distance between the punched slots and finding the bevels for skewers. The standard distance between the ventilation slots in the grill made of metal with your hands is 7-8 cm, they are satisfied about the same distance from the bottom of the structure. The number of facets depends on how many skewers you plan to use. Standard number – 8.

Step 2: create an optional detachable stand

Braziers made of metal with their hands: drawings and photos. Step by step instructions making

How to make a DIY grill out of metal? Drawings, diagrams, photos, video materials, available on the Internet, can be an example for manufacturing quality and durable products. The size of the grill made of metal choose individually, calculating the desired amount of skewers in one tab:

  • On the metal, mark the boundaries of the walls and bottom of the future product.
  • According to the lines cut sheet.
  • The perforations are performed with a drill.
  • Cut a chamfer on the top edges of long walls.
  • All parts are joined by welding.
  • Legs sharpen the bottom cutting off the angle grinder.
  • The rack is welded to the box.

Step 3: grill with removable stand made with your own hands

A useful tip! The legs of the grill can be made of rods. To do this, in the upper part of the cut thread, and to the bottom of the box is welded a suitable size nuts. Copes with the load rack area connected to the main structure by means of bolts. Them if necessary you can Unscrew.

Step: 4 use the grill for cooking

Portable braziers made of metal with your hands. Sizes, photos

No need to use a welder to create the grill out of metal with their hands. Drawings, photos of similar products will tell you how to assemble the design. The optimal size of the boxes of the future design is 70 x 30 cm When cutting a metal sheet leaving about 4 cm at the joints. On the walls perform small slits and bend the leaves so that it was possible to connect the corners and bottom of the structure. On every detail, including on the legs, drill holes for screws.

The design of portable grill

This grill can be easily assembled and disassembled, so it is easy to take with you on nature. The installation of such grills takes just a few minutes.

A useful tip! If the parts to connect the furniture parts you have done the DIY grill out of metal can be put after the end of cooking.

Metal grill covered

Original ideas barbecues

Pretty easy to make glasses from conventional metal drums. Ready grill can be in two versions: with cover and without. This barrel is cut into two unequal parts, the smaller of which will serve as a cover. The edges of the obtained metal forms thoroughly cleaned of burrs and scraps. To the lower part, intended for cooking, welded the legs from the corners or thin the pipe. Perform ventilation slots and the edges of the walls are welded a small shelf. They are easy to put on the grill for grilling and skewers.

Grill made from barrels

The upper smaller part is also scald the edges of the area, on both parts of the attached loop and connect the structure together. Pretty easy to make a smoker this grill out of metal with their hands. Photos, dimensions of such products will help to collect the needed design for the home.

The original grill-barbecue

Look good barbecue with elements of forging. They are often equipped with additional devices:

  • shelves;
  • stands;
  • wheels.

Wrought iron grill a coach

Modern master designers create a truly unique design for cooking in the form of a pirate chests, small cars or locomotives. They are decorated with wrought-iron patterns or colors. Such grills will be the perfect decor for any cottage or surrounding area.

Examples of creative homemade barbecue

Corrosion protection

Any metal product must be protected from corrosion. For painting generally use specialized formulations that are resistant to great heat. There are other ways of protection. Quite common is the blueing. As a result of such process on the metal sheet appears completely black film that protects the product from high temperature.

BBQ metal with their hands (video)


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