Canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house: photos of original designs

Many of us still remember when the sunshade is a structure made of grey slate on supports of metal or wooden posts. They, of course, protected from the weather, but did the space under them dark and dull. To replace the nondescript buildings came to light translucent canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private home: pictures-trivial forms clearly demonstrate the elegance and functionality of modern canopies, made of strong and durable polycarbonate.

Modern sheds made of polycarbonate – light, elegant and functional design

The contents

  • 1 Versatility of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard
  • 2 Canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house: photo examples of rules of installation
  • 3 Forms of canopies from polycarbonate and their benefits
  • 4 Designs of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house
  • 5 Carports made of polycarbonate. Photo the best options
  • 6 Prices of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private home. Photos of finished products

The versatility of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard

The appearance on the market of building materials of polycarbonate, which has high optical and mechanical properties allowed to use it for various types of light structures: translucent roofs, greenhouses, sheds, gazebos, porches, canopies, summer showers, and many others.

Due to the plasticity of this material was made possible to realize the elegant design of structural polycarbonate sheets. The versatility of awnings with the use of polycarbonate is that besides the function of protection from the negative influence of climatic conditions, they perfectly complement and complete the architectural composition.

Under a canopy in the yard of a private home equipped kitchen

The use of polycarbonate sheets to cover the sheds due to a number of qualitative characteristics of this material:

  • high impact strength at low weight, polycarbonate is hundreds of times stronger than glass and many times stronger than acrylic plastic and PVC;
  • light weight — provides the convenience of cutting, processing and installation;

Frame shed with a gable roof made of wood

  • excellent light transmission — transmits and scatters light, preventing from ultraviolet radiation;
  • resistance to chemical and atmospheric influences;
  • high Flexural strength, resistance to mechanical stress;

Graceful canopy with a frame made of metal, covered with polycarbonate

  • the safety of the treatment — does not crack, not broken, does not give sharp pieces upon impact;
  • durability — the preservation of the qualitative properties during the entire lifetime;
  • fire;

Under a canopy made of polycarbonate you can place soft furniture, creating a cozy Seating area

  • temperature resistance — withstands temperature extremes from -30 to +55°C;
  • does not require additional processing, easy to care for;
  • excellent structural characteristics — has plasticity, easy to bend, has a variety of colors, manufacturers continuously expand the color gamut.

A wide variety of polycarbonate on the market, will help create a unique design in the yard of your house

A useful tip! Buying polycarbonate for awnings, choose a color that will create under construction comfortable eye shade light. Zone leisure suit green, for car — bronze and turquoise over the pool will give the water a natural shade.

Due to the plasticity of the material, canopies, polycarbonate can be the most different and original shapes

The structure of the polycarbonate is solid and cellular (cell) having several layers, connected by ribs. Giving preference to the use to cover the canopy or other type of plastic, you should take into account the requirements of the design. Monolithic polycarbonate — heavy-duty, impact-resistant, durable, but more heavy and expensive. Cell samples is quite ductile, easy, thanks to the diffusion of light and prevent heating of the objects under the eaves.

To cover the roof overhang acts as a transparent polycarbonate

Canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house: photo examples of rules of installation

Given the plasticity and ease of handling of polycarbonate, mounting plates to the frame of the canopies can be performed independently. Plastic is cut and drilled, no chipping and no cracking. But you should learn some of the rules and nuances of the installation:

  • lay the leaves must turn up the label side, where plastic is treated with a protective colored film, or the polycarbonate will quickly collapse. Traditionally industries is applied on this tape with your logo;

Pergola with wood framework covered with polycarbonate sheets

  • when drilling holes for fastening, to make sure that the distance from the edge of the sheet was more than 45 mm;
  • the arrangement of lines edges of the sheet and the length should fall on the longitudinal frame elements;
  • it is necessary to calculate the exact step of longitudinal supports and transverse frame members to provide rigidity of the panels of polycarbonate;

Canopy tent in the yard of a private house

  • for the point of attachment of the sheets to the frame and use screws with special thermal washers (the color of the plastic), and the holes for the screws perform a little more, taking into account the thermal expansion material;
  • the plates are thus to ensure that the condensate drain channel to the outside. Channels in the material have a longitudinal direction;
  • if the canopy is arched, the sheet is arranged so that ribs was the arc when pitched canopy along the slope;

A canopy made of polycarbonate and will protect from the bright sun and from the rain

  • for the longitudinal connection of the panels use polycarbonate profiles (transparent or colored);
  • end edges of the sheets to be correctly processed if the polycarbonate is inclined, the upper edge is sealed closed with tape, lower the tape. In arch construction, both end of the supply tape. This treatment prevents the inside of the sheet of dust and at the same time provides a flow of condensate;

The original canopy made from aluminium and polycarbonate

  • in the care of the material do not use abrasive tools or to remove dirt, sharp objects (knives, screwdrivers).

A useful tip! It is forbidden to leave the end edges of the polycarbonate completely open or completely sealing the lower ends. Incorrect handling of the ends of the sheet will lead to the deterioration of the light transmission qualities of the material.

The canopy should fit harmoniously into the design of the infield

Canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house (photo illustrates design with original lines) fit perfectly into the overall design of the exterior and ensure mitigation of negative impacts of bad weather and UV rays.

Canopy with metal frame, set in the courtyard of a country house

Shapes of canopies from polycarbonate and their benefits

Canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house (photo structures with different shapes is confirmed) can be given any configuration. But there are several types of frames most commonly used in the yards of private houses and suburban areas.

The shed in the yard of a private house can become a favorite place for spending time with family

One of the first in this list there are canopies arched (semi-circular) shape. They used to cover the yard, Parking space, pool, terrace, balcony, porch. Arched awnings are often used to prop one hand on the existing capital structure or fence. The advantage of this type of frame is primarily loose snow with a hinged cover.

Be aware that when it rains the water flows on both sides of the canopy. The arched design is quite durable and damage to such structures from strong winds is unlikely. The complexity of self-production in the arched variant lies in the complexity of bending shaped tube frame.

The gable roof is covered with a transparent monolithic polycarbonate

Very stylish look of the cascading system and awnings. They consist of several semi-circular structures, located at different levels. These sheds are used to cover a high porch with the large number of steps, to avoid getting rain on the lower tier.

If, in the protection of a porch, use only one arched canopy, it will have to have a proper slope that will allow water to drain directly under the lower tier. A cascade design will direct water flows to the sides. Manufacture and installation of such a system is more complex and entails additional expenditure of materials.

A shed in the backyard of a house with a roof of polycarbonate

Shed buildings sheds rather simple but not less popular in the arrangement of the yard. Frame going just. No need to use the farm to enhance the design, bend polycarbonate panels for covering. The primary condition is the correct choice of angle and thickness at which it will withstand snow loads.

Project canopy with a frame made of wood and polycarbonate as a roofing

Gable overhang is often used to protect barbecues, porches. Device it a bit more difficult in comparison with planar design, but it is more resistant to strong wind currents. By itself, the gable design gives more protection from rain and snow. More steep angle of slopes provides quick snow melt from the surface of the roof.

A canopy made of polycarbonate is attached to the wall of the house

Design of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private house

Many people prefer to attach the canopy to one of the walls of the house. Typically, these designs cover a fairly significant, if not all, of the courtyard, which allows in any weather to be outside. There are awnings covering the walkway to the summer kitchen or the garage, which also eliminates discomfort when moving in inclement weather. Hanging structures attached to the house, can be planar or arched shape. The main thing is to calculate the load in the winter period of operation of the canopy.

Adjacent to the house is a shed with a gable roof

Other popular types of canopies are the canopies. They are usually arranged over the entrance or porch, protecting it from rain and icing in the winter season. The canopy over the porch will protect against water ingress stage and prevent their destruction. You can equip a canopy entrance door into the Studio, sauna, summer kitchen or basement.

The shape of the visors attach various: shed, gable, semi-circular. Care should be taken that the design was sustained in the overall style and securely fastened. Visors look perfect arched shape with ornaments from forged elements.

A canopy made of polycarbonate that protects the front group

Functionality and aesthetics are the canopies that cover the rest areas, playgrounds, as well as acting as arbors. A variety of design and colors of these buildings is really impressive. There are products in the form of a dome or tent, with the use of combining the colors of the polycarbonate for the different sectors of coverage. Simply look small hinged design made of polycarbonate over several benches and tables, where possible, regardless of the weather, to enjoy the local landscape.

The canopy is made of polycarbonate, in the shape of a dome

Many owners of pools construct canopies over them. This greatly simplifies the care of an artificial pond and allows you to indulge in water procedures in any weather. Thanks to the protective properties of the polycarbonate, to swim in the pool under the canopy even when the sun is in the Zenith: health it will not hurt.

Design protects the pond from falling debris, leaves and rain water. Awnings can be installed both stationary and have a collapsible design. To cover often use solid polycarbonate of a thickness of > 5 mm or wire mesh, if its thickness is not less than 8 mm.

A canopy mounted above the pool, will help to preserve the water clean

Canopies, polycarbonate, covering a balcony or terrace, combine functionality and aesthetics. Translucent design protect open spaces from rain and snow, preventing premature failure. And elegant shape worthy decorate the facade.

Terrace protected by a canopy made of polycarbonate

Carports made of polycarbonate. Photo the best options

Huge popular canopies, which protect the car. They are a worthy alternative to capital garages. Such structures can take various forms, be attached to the house or directly to the garage and installed separately. Some sheds have a single form with the back closed or are pegged to the fence of the site.

Carport arched, covered with polycarbonate

The sizes of carports are determined based on the dimensions of the car. For a small car is enough to cover pad 2,5×5 m, for an impressive SUV or family minivan, the size of the site increased to 3,5×6,5 m. the height of the canopies can be adjusted individually, but it is not recommended to do the design is too high, this will facilitate the penetration of some precipitation under the covered space.

The original version of the carport polycarbonate

Particularly relevant is the installation of carports polycarbonate (photo-examples you can use to sample) at their summer cottage, where it is not always enough room under the garage. In order to save the design phase is attached to the house, and if necessary, no — pitch free standing canopies.

3D-project of the shed in the yard of a private house, designed for two cars

Taking into account the specific characteristics of the polycarbonate, the coating is the best suited to protect the car. You can be sure that the machine is protected from rain, will not overheat in the sun. Selecting the material of a particular color, you can adjust the illumination of the space under the canopy.

Polycarbonate is ideal as a material for the canopy to protect the car

Many craftsmen set yourself carports made of polycarbonate. The price in this case will include only the cost of materials.

The prices of canopies from polycarbonate in the yard of a private home. Photos of finished products

Design of conventional canopies, polycarbonate is fairly simple and is a support pillar, frame and cover. Such structures are built easily by yourself. But the production of more complex canopies, polycarbonate (photos and prices stated in the catalogues) it is better to trust the experienced craftsmen.

Under a canopy in the yard of the private house features a cozy sitting area

Given the growing demand for construction of sheds, many manufacturers offer their services in their manufacture and installation. You can buy accessories for canopy manufacturers, or order the finished product with the installation. Prices for finished products with a coating of polycarbonate are quite loyal.

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In a complete package includes the following services:

  • visit of our representative at the place and the measurements;
  • design fabrication on the premises;
  • shipping to the installation site and installation of canopy.

Polycarbonate possesses excellent sunlight while protecting from ultraviolet radiation

A useful tip! If you decide to purchase a ready-made shed, follow the information on company websites very often, the manufacturers are satisfied with the action, announce discounts and gifts.

The project of the carport with a metal frame

When ordering a particular model of canopy, you can choose the sizes, shape, designs, materials to make the frame, and the color and thickness of polycarbonate coating. According to your wishes to the project subject to individual adjustment. The term installation is from one to three days, depending on the circumstances and complexity of the Assembly.

The shed in the yard, attached on one side to the wall

On the manufacturers ‘ websites, you can find various models of carports polycarbonate (pictures and prices of the products indicated in the relevant sections). The cost of a set of items with sizes 4300/3800/2500 mm (length/width/height) is 55300 rubles, more than an overall design with dimensions 1600/3800/3100 mm will cost 207240 RUB All finished products are accompanied by a guarantee. If the desired size of the sunshade is not included in the price of the manufacturer, you can use the calculator to calculate the value of the product.

Under a canopy made of polycarbonate comfortable stay even in the rain

The company specializes in the manufacture of awnings, execute projects with the customer, design the existing courtyard buildings and landscape. After performing the necessary calculations, the customer is provided full estimates for the company’s services. The table shows the approximate prices per square meter of construction of a canopy made of polycarbonate:

The area of construction, м2от 15
to 25of 25
to 30от 30
to 60от 60
to 80от 80
to 180Цена per 1 m2, RUB 4600-4900 3900-44502900-37502550-33002350-3400


Using the services of professionals in the manufacture and installation of curtain designs, you get a reliable, durable and aesthetic canopy, which perfectly fit into the exterior and will last for many years.


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