Canopies of sheets: pictures and description of how to build

A variety of sheds from metal sheets: photo they can often be found when searching for options for arrangement of various outbuildings, to make yourself not so difficult. For this you need to have the initial skills of work with the welder and grinding equipment.

Under a canopy of sheets located a cozy sitting area

The contents

1 Sheds made of metal profile: photos of the different options
2 How to build a simple tent out of sheets
  2.1 site Preparation and earthworks
  2.2 the construction of the frame of the canopy


Sheds made of metal profile: photos of the different options

Very often, near his home there is a need to build a shed for any purpose. It can be a canopy over a terrace or garden, garage or just storage under various home and gardening supplies. The building is detached or attached to another structure or home. Today often make tents from sheets. Photo different options and drawings can be found in free access. In addition, the cost of such facilities is quite beyond the capabilities of most owners.

A canopy of metal profiles and wood

For the installation of a simple canopy will require the acquisition of specialized pipes of different sizes and of profiled sheet for roof and, if necessary, for the walls. Alternatively, the roof can be made of polycarbonate. The design of a canopy depends on its purpose and size. This also affects the parameters of the profile pipe for the stands. The canopy can be opened and closed. At the closed shed, in addition there are roof and walls.

A shed with a sloping roof of corrugated Board

The roof structure may be different. The simplest and most common is a lean-to roof. Often make it a gable. Pergolas and terraces for relaxing the roof doing in the form of a pyramid, and sometimes even in Chinese style, with upturned edges. With the advent of flexible roofing materials have started to become popular arched roof type, covered with polycarbonate. Bent farm for them can be made only on a special machine.

A shed with a gable roof above the pool

In order to independently produce a canopy of sheets, a photo of which will take a worthy place among the best samples, you must follow certain rules with which you must become familiar with prior to construction.

A useful tip! If you have decided to make a tent out of sheets, but do it for the first time, you should not choose complicated design. Better to stay on simple rectilinear forms. This will build a decent shed without proper experience.

A small canopy over the outdoor area adjacent to the house


How to build a simple tent out of sheets

In order to deal with the technology of building a shed from metal sheets, take for example the construction of a garage with dimensions of 6×3 m with a simple gable roof and walls. Before starting work you must make the necessary calculations, as the thickness of the metal supports and beams depends on the amount of precipitation in the area.

For the middle band in the construction of buildings of this size, you will need 8 pipes with diameter from 80 mm to 100 mm. If they have a square cross-section is 100×100 mm. For the other structural elements suitable square tube 50×50 mm rectangular profile 25х40 mm, fittings.

The ceiling and walls metal canopy covered with light fabric

Some additional materials and a simple tool is required for production of works on construction of shed from metal sheets. Photos of the finished objects tells us nothing about it, so list everything that you will need to:

  • household apparatus for electric arc welding;
  • ladder;
  • grinder (Bulgarian);
  • hacksaw, tape measure, level, hammer, pliers, shovel;
  • cordless screwdriver, drill, drill;
  • shaped tubes, angles, fittings;
  • cement, sand, gravel;
  • roofing screws, bolts;
  • gloves.

A useful tip! If the roof you plan to use corrugated sheets with polymeric coating, it is not necessary to cut grinder. This will destroy the polymer due to the excessive heat, causing premature corrosion.

Metal canopy is located between the two buildings, private yard


Site preparation and earthworks

Before you begin building the shed, you need to choose the right place. It is desirable that it was the highest and with minimal bias. If the choice is still there, then you need to look for a place where clay is closest to the surface. When you have to build in the valley, care should be taken to drainage and drainage.

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If you plan to make a garage with a solid floor of concrete, over the entire area you need to remove the soil to the clay and to make the sand-gravel cushion, which should be thoroughly compacted. After that is cement screed. Fossa under the supports were drilled using a drill at a depth of 50 cm pits filled with sand and gravel to create a dense pillow.

A modern rendition of a canopy in a landscape design


The construction of the frame of the canopy

Each hole is filled half with water, and then it is placed support. Using the plumb line it is set in a strictly vertical position and lock. Then the hole is filled with mortar to the top.

A useful tip! To support safer standing in the ground, it is necessary to weld to their lower part of the metal squares or circles, such that they fit in the hole. This will make it easier to fix and easier to fix until the solution is frozen.

When all the holes are filled with mortar, you must wait for the reliable fixing of the supports of a canopy made of metal profile. Photo of the construction phase shows exactly how exposed the support. As a General rule, you need to wait at least a day but preferably more.

In the summer, under the light shelter can be equipped dining area

After the solution hardens, you can align all of the support height and weld them to the top of squares with a side of 150 mm. They are needed for subsequent installation of roof trusses. Instead of squares, you can use pieces of steel channel. Then made the binding using shaped tubes. It can be done and dropped on top. Sometimes stiffness between the supports make diagonal strapping. Spacers welded to the top of one support and the bottom of another. This is repeated in all periods.

The canopy is made of sheets in the backyard of a suburban area

For installation of gable roof required the construction of triangular trusses. They can be welded from square tube 50×50 mm. Between the ridge and the bottom side of the triangle is welded to a piece of the same pipe. The length of the roof slopes depend on the angles. All these parameters are calculated by using the Pythagorean theorem. For stiffness in each farm welded fittings. Its thickness can be from 8 to 10 mm. to Weld it you need a cross pattern inside the farm.

Scheme of arrangement of the canopy made of metal profiles and polycarbonate

Each triangular farm is on the adjacent supports and welded to them. Then out of the pipe 25х40 mm is the crate with a step of 40 – 50 cm On the crate using screws with rubber pads bolted corrugated roofing. Sheets of the necessary length to prepare in advance.

The walls of the shed wall made from corrugated sheet which is attached to the upper and lower studs with screws. At the last stage of stainless steel cook double gate frame, which is fastened by means of awnings on the rack. The gate is covered with the same corrugated sheet.

The canopy is made of metal profile for a vehicle

Such a garage made type of a closed canopy of metal profile, a photo of which you can appreciate, can not be called warm, but it can protect the car from snow, rain or hail. As it protects from the wind, the temperature in winter in it will be on 2 – 3 degrees higher than under the open sky. The design is smooth and accurate, all measurements have to do exactly, and when fastening in place, you must use building level.


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