Children’s outdoor swing for villas and features their designs

Children’s outdoor swing for villas are often found in suburban areas and in the yards of houses of the private type. Such designs can have a lot of modifications, they are comfortable and great for children’s entertainment. Modern garden ceased to be a place designed solely for the processing of garden and kitchen garden. Today, families with children flock there to enjoy the beauty of nature. And swing will be a great addition to this rest.

Creative swing in the form of a plane, develop children’s imagination

The contents

  • 1 What are the benefits of street children’s swings for the garden
  • 2 Photo swing to give the full classification structures
    • 2.1 description of the swing spring type
    • 2.2 Description of street children’s hanging swing and rocker
    • 2.3 the Classification of children’s hanging swing
    • 2.4 the Classification of children’s hanging swing for the garden: functionality and spaciousness
  • 3 Materials for the suspended street children’s swings for the garden
    • 3.1 Features a hanging swing for the garden from wood and metal
    • 3.2 Features of outdoor swing for garden made of artificial materials
    • 3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of plastic swing for kids at the cottage
    • 3.4 materials for the manufacture of unusual swings
  • 4 Prices for the finished design of the swing
  • 5 Proper design of children’s swing: how to make a perfect product

What are the benefits of street children’s swings for the garden

Design, installed in rural and suburban areas primarily considered as an object for children to play and entertainment. But not every parent thinks about the benefit from them is given to the child.

Hanging swing will provide the child a cheerful holiday in the fresh air

The use of the swing has a beneficial effect on the baby’s body, contributing to:

  • strengthening the muscles;
  • release excess energy, as the period of childhood is accompanied by increased activity;
  • the development and strengthening of the vestibular apparatus;
  • the knowledge a child of his own body (the kid learns to control her body);
  • the development of skill;
  • the process of teaching a child independence;
  • to establish contact with peers, communicate with them (communication).

Unusual swings for the grown up kid from the big rope and durable ball

A useful tip! Install street swing for the garden hanging on the chains, bring the child to the country for the weekend or for the summer and your child learns what a normal game and stay away from TVs, computers and the Internet.

On top of that safe and reliable design of the can for a few hours to take the child, freeing that time for parents who can begin to implement some personal or business Affairs.

Simple swing is suitable for children of all ages

Photo swing for the garden and a complete classification of designs

The first classification is based on features of their structures.

By type of construction are distinguished:

  • spring – rocking-based spring;
  • balancers, called scales, duets, rocker arms or pendulums;
  • suspended.

Each of them has its own pluses and minuses. The range of modern stores you can find design a child’s swing set with slide for the garden and even the whole game complexes, which can consist of different elements.

In pendant “cobweb” can comfortably accommodate not only the child but also the mother

The complex can be:

  • the horizontal bars;
  • ladders (rope or wood);
  • slides;
  • ring;
  • ropes;
  • hammocks;
  • protective awning that protects from rain and sun.

Integrated design, including different types of swings

Description of the swing spring type

Seat for street children’s swings for the garden according to the type of rocking chair is mounted on a spring that wobbles. Its advantage lies in the fact that her child is learning to keep his balance by swaying from side to side. To secure the operation of seat mounted handles and a comfortable backrest. Design can be quite varied. Use bright colors and attractive forms.

The seat can be made in the form of:

  • giraffe;
  • Dolphin;
  • horses;
  • motorcycle;
  • cars and just what children love.

Swing in the spring contribute to the development of coordination and learn to keep the balance

The carrier portion of the swing is made of metal, for the production of seats using wood or plastic with high strength characteristics. Flexible spring gives the child an opportunity to perform the regulation of the rate of rocking and amplitude. Due to the fact that the range of products is quite limited kid can completely control their movements.

Please note! As a result of falling off a swing spring type child can get serious injuries. In addition, this type of design is the most budget and long-term way to entertain and occupy the baby without consequences.

The attention of the baby can attract colorful cars on springs

Description of street children’s hanging swing and rocker

Swing balancing type is intended for use in outdoor conditions. Their design is designed for the simultaneous accommodation of two children. Or balancing a pendulum swing based on the mechanism of action of the lever, which rests on the Central support.

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Swing for the garden with his own hands: photo and step by step instructions. Recommendations for the production of designs. Using scrap materials to create the swing at their summer cottage.

The buildup is carried out by alternately pushing away from the ground down each of the children, sitting on a swing. There are many different modifications, allowing to use the swing balancing type want children of different ages. This type of design can be done independently, and then install on your summer cottage.

The balancer is designed to have fun with two friends

The installation of hanging plastic children’s street swing for the garden is a classic variant of the organization of play areas in the suburban area.

The design consists of the following elements:

  • suspension (used a chain with thick links and a large or strong rope);
  • seat;
  • the supporting part (improvised swing can be hung on the tree).

Depending on the structure of the swing hanger type, you can ride not only sitting, but standing. With sufficient strength of such a structure can make use of even adults.

Triple swing spring type

The classification of children’s hanging swing

Based on the structural features of the swing hanger type can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • the place of installation;
  • method of transportation;
  • type frame part.

At the place of installation of the product can be indoor and outdoor. Plastic baby hanging swing, usually performed in the house. Such designs are considered to be removable, installation is carried out directly in the doorway.

The baby will have at the time of the lightweight plastic construction

Please note! Indoor swing, plastic or wood is compact and has a lightweight design. They are designed for the little ones (except electronic, which are used for rocking babies).

According to the method of transport the following types of swings:

  • stationary – having the bulky and heavy design, made of wood or welded metal (installation is done by a secure fit on the plane);
  • portable – a lightweight version of products intended for installation in the suburban area (you can hide the structure from rain, for example, leaving home).

The hammock is convenient to use because it can be moved from the street to the house and Vice versa

Frame part is completely hanging or floor. For the manufacture of products with your own hands can even be used available materials, for example, the seat of a chair, or a car tire. You can make and beautiful version of swing that will be a wonderful decorative element in the garden or in the yard. It is enough to show imagination and pick an interesting exterior design.

Outdoor products durable and resistant due to its frame. Swing frame type can accommodate several children.

Stationary twin swing with a stable frame

The classification of children’s hanging swing for the garden: functionality and spaciousness

In addition to swing for one child, there are several options of designs with different capacity:

  • paired – convenient for families with two children that have approximately the same age (because children love to ride at the same time, these products will fall by the way, and the design allows you to individually control the way of riding and the height of each of the places);
  • for two – equipped shared seat (children may sway back and forth with the same amplitude);

Roomy swing with a common place for multiple children

  • mirror – mirrored seats are located relative to each other (opposite) and children can ride simultaneously.

As for functionality, the pendant swings are mechanical (rocking is due to own efforts or with the help of adults) or electronic.

Please note! Electronic design called “smart swing”, mounted only indoors as vulnerable to the influence of external weather factors.

Electric swing is designed for swinging baby

E-the product alone is rocking baby while parents are busy with household chores. Design is equipped with the battery and work silently. Some models have software training, music or fairy tales. Due to its small size, parents can take a swing, going to guests or to the country.

Materials for street children hanging swing for the garden

If you move away from the structural features of swing, these products can be classified on the basis of one characteristic – the material of manufacture. The following materials can be used to produce any type of swing from those that were described earlier.

The scheme is robust seat with a side for a small child

In the construction of the swing is used:

  • plastic;
  • textiles (for manufacture of protective awning, pillows, mattresses, upholstery on the handles and the seat);
  • available materials;
  • metal;
  • wood.

Kaleci in the form of webs are made of durable cables and round base

Features a hanging swing for the garden from wood and metal

Wooden swings are those that are completely made of wood. This material is most often taken for the fabrication of structures installed in the yards of private homes in suburban or countryside areas.

Wood is an affordable material, it easily lends itself to any type of treatment. Such products have environmental friendliness, beauty and durability. Thanks to the easy handling and light fabrication technologies swing wood can pitch in the back yard any father who is interested in the arrangement of playgrounds for children.

Roomy swing with a wooden frame

Please note! Wood products may not always be simple. There are complex design of the combined type, drawings which are easy to find on the Internet. A scheme for the simplest swing can be developed independently.

For wooden swing there is no restriction in size, so you will always be able to build a structure, designed for different age categories, from infants to teenagers, and in some cases for adults.

With years of it is enough to update the look of metal swing

In a metal swing, metal may be performed in detailed design. Allowed partial application of a material, for example, for the frame. Seat using wood or durable plastic.

Metal products – the most reliable and durable option compared to other swings. This is confirmed by the fact that playgrounds in the courtyards of apartment buildings and Park areas are always made of this material. Due to the special properties and durability of such a swing will last for more than one generation of children.

Solid stationary seesaw, metal

For the manufacture of metal swing with your hands need a little work. After all, the technology will require proficiency skills with metal, welding machine and other tools. Moreover, due to the heavy weight and big size, such designs can only be stationary. But they are versatile, since the ability to withstand high weight loads (even the weight of several adults).

Features of outdoor swing for garden made of artificial materials

Plastic, as a material of artificial origin possessing high strength and hardness (high strength plastic) may also be used in the manufacturing process of the swing. It can be done and the frame and the seat. Although in most cases, manufacturers are limited only by the seat, and the frame is made of wood or sometimes metal. For suspension ropes used.

Baby swing with plastic seat

Please note! Quality swing made of plastic exhibit a high resistance to impact of external negative factors. Exposed to direct sunlight they do not fade, not deformed. Temperature changes they are also not terrible.

Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, these swings can be installed both on the street and in the house. Plastic swings hanging or frame type is the first experience of a baby with a swing.

Plastic swing balancing type

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic swing for kids at the cottage

Despite the practicality of a material such as plastic experts agree that such swings have more disadvantages than advantages. To the above advantages of plastic products, you can add low cost and wide range of colors. That’s where the advantages end.

Cons plastic swing:

  • the low cost of the material is reflected in its external characteristics, making the design of suburban area or garden cheapens externally;

Round plastic seat mounted to the frame with straps and carabiners

  • age group of users is strictly limited because the plastic is not able to withstand the weight of a teenager or adult;
  • the operation of the products is characterized by the release harmful to human body fumes that can be called the most significant disadvantage.

Under direct sunlight, the plastic surface is heated, what triggered the release of toxic substances into the air. Operation plastic swings can harm the health of the child, so it is recommended to abandon the use of such structures or at least placing them under a canopy in a fairly cool place.

When installing the swing need to measure the height level of the seat given the growth of the child

Materials for the manufacture of unusual swings

To unusual materials is rubber used to manufacture tires which, in turn, can be ranked among the scrap materials, if we consider them as raw materials for the manufacture of the swing. In the simplest designs the technology involves the use of whole tires that simply is tied to a tree branch with a rope or chain.

Please note! Craftsmen with imagination can cut from tires stylish swings of various shapes, which have a beautiful and unique design. Scheme to cut, you can develop it yourself or search the Internet.

Swing from tires can be a good solution for a small budget

Also, the cottagers made a swing, called “web” or “socket”. In such constructions the seat plays a role of a frame of the base consisting of hoops or rings. These hoops are intertwined with a rope, upholstered fabric elastic bands are decorated with the textiles. These swings can be hung on a tree or mounted on a frame made of wood or metal.

Prices for the finished design of the swing

Do not have to take up tool to get street children’s swings, buy finished product much easier than to create it.

The average prices for baby swings:

Naimenovanie, RUB SPSW 0170 (balancer)3000Hasttings (balancer)3290SEESAW DFC SE-01 (the carousel)790Hasttings (suspended, single)5290SPSE-1575 (suspended, single)6600SPSE-2100-BC-1 (children’s town 2 in 1)9600DFC SGN-02 (complex)10990DFC SGN-03 (complex)14990Выше All Лодочка15000Конго (pine)15000Уличный children’s sports complex Kampfer Single Space Plus15660Многофункциональный complex DFC SGL-0119990ROTATING SEE-SAW (carousels), wooden 19099Уличный DSK Kampfer Little sunny20196


If you are keen to make the design of their own, use the recommendations below.

Proper design of children’s swing: how to make a perfect product

To create the right design swings of any type, it is sufficient to consider in the process of manufacturing the basic requirements parameters.

Using chains or slings, you can make a sturdy tire swing

Requirements for children’s swing:

  • total height – the minimum height of a frame of Foundation is 2 m. This will allow you to adjust the swing settings, adapting them to the growth of the child as his gradual growing up;
  • the mounting seat is obligatory to perform a reliable fixation of the retaining material (chain, metal, rope, wood);

The lightweight design of the suspended swing would be a great option for giving

  • rope length – can be selected in accordance with the growth of the child to the process of riding was accompanied by a sufficient amplitude;
  • weight load – the product is always designed by a decent margin, because children often try to ride two or three seat single swing;
  • dimensions of the seat element size is calculated with a margin to the seat can provide comfortable conditions for skiing with children with different complexion;

Using the rope, you should pay special attention to the quality of the nodes

  • the material for the seats – given the fact that the seat for years subjected to sharp temperature fluctuations and freezing in winter and heat in summer, it is recommended to make out of wood;

A useful tip! For the comfort of the child seat can be supplemented with a soft pillow.

Metal poles are a solid Foundation for a swing

  • form frame base – this parameter depend on the strength characteristics of the swing (as children use their own ways of riding, the shape of the frame must ensure a level of strength above normal).

It is important to remember, regardless of yourself whether you’re creating a play area or buy the finished product in the store, even the slightest nuance can make a big difference. Such nuances include the design of the swing back and zone settings of its installation height.

Original and easy to construct design can be created using old skateboard

Some products are protecting lintels and shelves with holders for toys. All these things formed your child’s comfort and safety.

Try to place the swing away from the weeds, sources of allergens or plants honey plants (to avoid insect bites). Place the wiring and drafts are also not the best area for children to play.


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