Children’s slide their hands: guidelines for creating designs

A mandatory element of any infield, if you have children there is a Playground. It can be set to any number of structures of various types: sandbox, pool, swing – the choice depends on your desire and financial opportunities. Most items for children’s Playground can be made independently. For example, children’s slide their hands under construction is quite simple, and for many years served as a source of childlike joy.

The main requirement for a slide is the safety of its operation

The contents

  • 1 Requirements for a slide
  • 2 the construction of the roller coaster with their hands the necessary materials and tools
  • 3 How to make a children’s slide their hands: the sequence of installation
  • 4 Features use different materials to build a roller coaster
    • 4.1 the Pros and cons of slides of wood
    • 4.2 Advantages and disadvantages of metal structures
  • 5 Children’s slide their hands: tips

Requirements for a slide

The slide can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It should be understood that a slide for a child (for the house she built for the street, or in this case doesn’t matter) needs to meet certain requirements:

  • to build you need to use only environmentally friendly and safe for children’s health materials. No matter whether you build the pile of wood, metal or plastic, the material should not contain harmful elements. The same applies to paint materials, which you will open the design. Another important point for children’s plastic slides and wooden structures is the resistance to combustion;

The most popular materials for the construction of hill – wood and metal

  • be sure to use such design elements as railings and fencing. They not only help the child balance while lifting the hill, but will save it from falling during games. The railing on the mound for the child in the country, you need to install regardless of the age of your child;
  • it is best to use to build design wood. Children’s wooden roller coaster for the home more enjoyable during the operation due to the natural origin of the material. In outdoor conditions the slides of wood are not heated as fast as metal, so they can be installed in any place convenient for you, not just in the shaded part of the plot. On hot metal the child can easily be burned, the tree is not heated to a dangerous temperature;

Metal slide with an undulating slope covered with acrylic paint

  • plastic children’s slide for the street easier than wooden or metal. It is easy to move from place to place, if necessary, to transport, but the material is less durable – easy to crack;
  • hill should be located away from trees, lights, outbuildings, and other structures. This is done so that during the descent from the hill kid didn’t get hurt. The surface around slides, you can sow the lawn grass, or use a special rubber coating. Remember that the important thing is the health of the child, so any outdoor children’s slide for the garden should be, first and foremost, safe;

The slide must be installed in the outdoor area that will help minimize the possibility of injury

  • the Foundation should be strengthened by using metal supports or concrete. You should not rely on the fact that the child still will not move the design from the place, even the most durable slide can overturn the result of children’s games;
  • an important point is the height of the constructed slide for the garden with his own hands. It should match the child’s age, for example, the height of the hill is intended for children of primary school age should not exceed 3.5 m.

Wooden slide with two runs, a house and a swing set built in the yard of a private house

A useful tip! In the design of slides should be no gaps or openings, otherwise the child may get stuck or seriously injured during the game.

The construction of the roller coaster with their hands the necessary materials and tools

How to make a hill at the dacha with his hands without much difficulty? If we are talking about wooden structures, you will need a few wooden boards, planed boards, lath, paneling, and fiberboard. To connect the elements together by using nails, bolts and screws.

The process of building a slide out of wood

The list of tools needed to build, very simple:

  • wood saw, manual or electric;
  • hammer;
  • manual or electric drill;
  • plane;
  • roulette and level;
  • drill.

A ramp slides can be purchased factory-made or make it yourself

By the way, do not have to use a wooden ramp – it may have cracks or split off splinters that can injure children. You can buy plastic ramps to slides and set them on a wooden structure.

In the case of metal design are all a bit more complicated. Here it would need a welder and an angle grinder on metal. All seams and joints in wooden and metal structure should be carefully sanded so that the child accidentally got hurt during the game. Metal chutes for the Playground slide should be painted with a special paint that will absorb the sun’s rays and not to allow the metal to be heated to a high temperature.

Diagram of the device of wooden slides for toddlers

How to make a children’s slide their hands: the sequence of installation

If you decided to create a slide for a child on their own, you should stick to a certain sequence of actions:

  • first you need to prepare the layout plan of the construction. You can take a ready-made layout from the Internet or draw your own. Finished drawings of the children’s slides of wood with their hands are good because they contain the exact proportions of the elements and dimensions of individual parts;
  • referring to the circuit, it is necessary to saw boards, slats and rails. In addition, they must be sanded to under the skin of the child could not get splinters. With the help of a plane removable beveled edges of the corners of parts, which will increase the safety of the structure;

Design of wood eco-friendly and fairly easy to install

  • on a dedicated plot layout is carried out. To allocate land is a stock, if you are going to build together with slide, children’s sports complex for questioning. The optimal size for structures without additional extensions – 2 2 m;
  • under the supports of deepening dug about 60 cm Into them are inserted wooden beams, the ends of which should be covered with special waterproofing sealant. This is done in order to prolong the service life of the supports. The uprights are cut grooves into which are inserted connecting the wooden boards. The elements of the received frame are joined together using bolts or screws;

Scheme wooden roller coaster for children’s Playground in the garden

  • further mounted floor. When building a roller coaster with their hands for children remember: it is important that the floor was as strong as possible, so it matched planks, which are joined together with screws and bolted to the frame using metal corners. If you don’t want on the floor slides accumulated water, between the boards should be left with small gaps but not enough to put the baby in them finger;

Railings and fences – the essential elements of design slide

  • made a ramp for children’s slides. Its width should not exceed 80 cm. the Surface of a slope covered with linoleum, galvanized sheet or plastic. Linoleum is the cheapest option, but easily deformed and detached. Metal coating heats up in the sun and also can bend. The most reliable option – the plastic slopes for children’s slides. Plastic does not overheat, does not rust and is not bent, but is more expensive than a coating of linoleum or metal;

Diagram of the device of the slope slides for children’s sports complex

  • mounted the stairs. The optimal size of boards for its production is 20 mm. After installation the main part of the set side. To do this, the cut at a 45° angle Board with screws attached to the uprights. Then the boards are screwed bars, which are mounted level. Children’s photo slides with your own hands from wood on the Internet clearly show how to affix the ladder. After the installation steps are installing the balusters, which are attached to the railing;

Sandbox can be arranged in the slide base, and at the end of the descent

A useful tip! The railing needs to be done in any case regardless of the height of the slide or the angle of the stairs. They serve not only for security but also to the child was easier to keep balance when lifting.

  • in the lateral part of the uprights are cut grooves into which are mounted the side walls of plywood or fiberboard. Walls can also be made of small boards or have any original;
  • remove all protruding corners, hats of nails and screws, all surfaces are thoroughly polished and covered with special protective paint or varnish.

Drawing slide for the garden. Overall dimensions: length — 3020 mm; width — 890 mm, height — 1800 mm. Maximum user weight — 100 kg, the minimum age of child — 3 years

An interesting modification of the construction can be a slide — sandpit for children. The sandbox can be arranged either at the base of slides, or you can build a tank with sand at the end of the descent.

Features use different materials to build a roller coaster

If you are in doubt of what material to build a house with a slide for children or another structure on the plot, you should learn the peculiarities of the structures of the two most popular materials like wood and metal.

Made of wood children’s sports complex for the garden with a slide

The pros and cons of slides of wood

Wooden structures for playgrounds are well established several centuries ago. All children’s roller coaster with their hands from wood are built according to the classical layout, which includes a staircase and a ramp, base, top pad and the protective part. In addition, often the model project, add additional elements, for example, the inner labyrinth, sandbox, additional descents and more. So as to produce such a design can be quite simple, it all depends entirely on your imagination.

Installation of plastic descent is the best option in the construction of slides designed for small children

One of the significant advantages of creating a wooden roller coaster for children at the dacha with his hands is a low cost of manufacture. The material itself is relatively inexpensive, for processing also does not need specialized tools. In addition, the construction design of the boards and beams do not require special construction skills – sometimes it is enough just to follow it accurately found in the Internet schema.

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Another advantage of this design is its ecological safety. The tree does not cause allergies, does not emit harmful substances when heated. The only controversial point here – the paint coating of the structure, so be sure to read the instructions when you buy varnish or paint to cover the slides.

Simple design slide, made of wood trunks

A useful tip! Wood slides needs to be of high quality, dry and well sanded. Choose the most durable wood, and to increase resistance to moisture or temperature changes the boards must be covered with a special compound.

The element, which should be given special attention when mounting the construction wood is the descent. It’s best not to risk using hand-planed boards and acquire material for Stingray factory production. This can be linoleum, stainless steel sheet metal or plastic. The latter is the most expensive but also the most reliable and durable.

A children’s Playhouse made of wood with plastic slide

The advantages and disadvantages of metal

Metal slides for children once stood in every yard and with proper care could last for decades. Photo chutes with their hands out metal show that they are not much different from a wooden counterpart.

A significant advantage of the constructions of metal – its durability. Iron construction requires no special handling and care, endures extremes of temperature, high humidity, high mechanical loads. The only thing you need to do periodically with a metal slide is to update the paint and to ensure that the paint coating is not peeled due to corrosion.

Strength and durability – the main advantages of the constructions of metal

How to make a children’s slide their hands out of metal? For this you need ready elements, angle grinder and welder. Special attention should be paid to the seams, as they are potentially dangerous for the child. Weld quality is also key: the higher, the stronger the design.

The lack of iron slides – quick warming in the sun. If you set up such a structure where it will always fall the sun’s rays, your child could easily get burned. So, if you still decided on the construction of buildings of metal elements, it should pick up in the shadows or make a special cover.

A slide made of metal with a plastic ramp that is installed in the children’s pool

When building a roller coaster with their hands for children do not have to use only wooden or metal elements. These materials can be combined in different proportions, thus obtaining the original, reliable and durable design.

Of course, you can always ask the question about where to buy children’s slides at the cottage. You can do this at any specialty store or online. But remember that only hand-made design will satisfy all your requirements and will implement the designer’s imagination.

Even the slide factory production can be supplemented with self-created elements

Children’s slide their hands: tips

There are a number of points that you should consider, that the design was reliable and safe:

  • for extra stability balusters staircase wooden structures should be further strengthened with the help of straps;
  • drawings, videos, pictures, children’s slides at the dacha with his hands to show that the grooves and embedded rails for the coupler bolts to form a lightweight but durable and sustainable design;

During the construction of the Playground slide in the country should carefully calculate the height of the structure

  • a great option for painting of the structures acrylic paint. It is safe for the child’s health, well protects the wood from various kinds of negative effects and attractive looks. Also acrylic is known for its durability and does not lose color saturation even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
  • a convenient type of cover for use under a hill – artificial grass or rubber. This coating requires no special maintenance, does not change its properties depending on the time of year or the weather, under the slide creates a safe surface that will protect the child from injury in case of falling down the hill.

Cover the area around the roller coaster for children should be as less traumatic

Plastic slide for children purchased in the store or in the construction market, not always is the best option. Yes, you save time and energy by buildings, but wooden or metal construction can not only cost less money, but also allow for a child to create a full-fledged sports complex, consisting of a large number of elements. By the way, even a plastic children’s slide for the garden can be supplemented with homemade items, and transform complex and fascinating design for games.

High-quality and reliable slide – it is not only a good way to occupy your child during a stay in a country house, but also the opportunity to develop it physically. As they grow Chad the slide can be build, to improve and stimulate the baby to a healthy lifestyle.


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