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There are countless shades and tones that can calm or energize you, cheer you up or to plunge into a deep depression, to warm or to cool surround. Some colors even stimulate the appetite, but more on that later. The effect of color impossible to resist, it determines your emotions often on a purely subconscious, or animal, level. From childhood colors that surround you, affect you and make you deep impulses even though you sometimes don’t even understand.

Each of us visited in the homes of others. I. entering the house you immediately felt the warmth and hospitality even before he met with the owners. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but in reality react to are universal, although the silent language of color.
Your attitude to the colors is a personal, emotional, evoking feelings and memories and so much speaking about you.
You will immediately understand that some colors are stronger for you than others. Using the memories and feelings they evoke in you, colors can change your mood.

The many moods of color
Mood… What an interesting word! The mood is exuberant and calm. Sometimes we are “in the mood”, and sometimes not. We choose music according to the mood, we dance in the mood, we are running out of their mood on others. In 70-e years even invented the ring, which changed color depending on the wearer’s mood.
In the dictionary the term “mood” is defined as an internal background generated by the dominant quality or characteristic: “the atmosphere, the tone, the aura… the feeling.” And “feelings” are described as “an effective state of consciousness associated with perception, feelings or desires.”
Atmosphere — that’s another key word associated with the mood. It also expresses the dominant emotional effect. The French have another great word to describe the mood: the ambiance. It is also associated with the senses, awaken our personal atmosphere.

Color or the lack thereof – is the main means of transmission of color moods, as well as a catalyst of certain internal sentiment. As soon as you enter the room, then immediately subjected to the influence of surrounding colors. Color is the first thing that leaps out at you in your new space, and it is the latter that stays with you after you leave. Color is always present in your life. The more you will know about it, the more you start to use to create a feeling of comfort and well-being.

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    Color mood in design | New Interiors Design for Your Home

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