Construction of toilet at dacha with his own hands, drawings, dimensions

Any suburban area can not do without a toilet. Due to the lack of sanitation or failure of its equipment, the benefits of civilization, in the form of the bowl in a warm place, inaccessible to many cottagers. Therefore there is a need for the construction of outdoor toilet at the dacha with his hands, drawings, dimensions and design of which every cottager chooses independently.

Wooden toilet surrounded by greenery and flowers

The contents

1 unit Types of toilets in suburban conditions
2 Finding the optimal location on the site for the construction of the toilet
3 Construction of toilet at dacha with his own hands, drawings, dimensions


Unit types of toilets in suburban conditions

Various techniques are available for device toilets in the suburban area, which are used in places where there is no drainage. They are all fully Autonomous and does not require complex water and wastewater facilities. Some of them just buy in the store. Others need to build on the site according to established rules.

Toilet at the cottage covered with siding looks very good

The toilets are of the following types:

  • conventional toilet having a hole for excrement looks like a Cabinet mounted above the pit, a depth of not less than 1.5 m. the Booth is made of any material from the boards to the plastic. The surface of the walls and the bottom of the septic tank is reinforced to prevent collapse. As required impurity are removed. The seat is arranged in the form of a chair or just make the hole in the floor;

Toilet at the cottage might look very original

  • powder-closet. This type differs from the previous absence of any recesses in the ground. Instead, under the seat is mounted any suitable capacity. At the end of each use, the feces liberally sprinkled with peat or regular ash. The process is similar to dusting. Hence the name. The container has a vent leading outside. As filling the contents stand in a pit for compost, where, because of a mixture of peat, it is processed into an organic fertilizer;

Tidy toilet from planed boards

  • toilet type play-the closet you can arrange directly at the house, around the outer walls. The hole has partly to go under the house in this place and have a slope to the outside. All internal surfaces of the septic tank must be completely sealed. The toilet connects directly to the pit with the sewer pipe of small length. Outside there is a hatch for emptying the contents. This option can be arranged in places where it is possible to arrange for waste disposal on septic system;

The toilet in the form of a huge stump

  • a composting toilet is a device manufactured, equipped with a sealed bucket with a seat on top. The excrement in it neytralizuya with the help of the company that are backfilled inside;

The toilet of wooden shingles

  • in a chemical toilet, in contrast, apply chemicals to decompose waste which does not allow to use them as fertilizer in the future on the land plot;

Toilet on the street in Japanese style

  • a peat lavatory combines the features of a composting toilet and a powder-closet. Has the form of a toilet equipped with a container of peat. Each time, instead of water from the tank pours peat. Waste accumulate in the bucket and can be applied as fertilizer.

Wooden toilet at the cottage with catslide roof

Each of these has a right to exist. However, most gardeners dig a hole and build a regular toilet at the dacha with his hands. Drawings, the size of the whole structure and the installation location must be defined in advance.

A useful tip! Excrement, processed using natural biocomponents are an excellent fertilizer. They must be disposed of in a pit for compost, in order to further use on his summer cottage.

The color of a wooden toilet can be in harmony with the surrounding landscape


The optimal search space on the site for the construction of the toilet

Before starting the construction of toilets on site, it is necessary to determine the location. This is very important, as groundwater and surface water flows can carry sewage to the extensive grounds. There are some rules:

  • distance from pit of sewage to any water source: wells or tube wells, rivers or streams supposed to observe not less than 25 m. however, you can’t forget about neighborhood sources. If the area is elevation, the toilet building at the lowest point;
  • a basement or cellar should be located at a distance of more than 12 m;
  • bath or sauna — more than 8 m;

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  • outbuildings with Pets — 4 m;
  • the trees are 4 m and shrubs to 1 m;
  • from parcel boundary less than 1 m;
  • the groundwater level is an important argument in choosing the type of toilet. If they rise above the level of 2.5 m to build a toilet with bare cesspool is unacceptable. In this case, you must choose one of the alternative options;
  • the stall door should not be opened in the direction of a neighbor’s plot.

Toilet at the cottage of unedged boards

You need to take into account the objects neighbors when choosing a location for the construction of a toilet at dacha with his own hands. Drawings, dimensions and orientation of the structure should be taken into account. If the plot is made in a single design style, choosing location of the toilet equally important is its integration into the overall concept of the project.

A useful tip! In the construction of toilet at their summer cottage always consider the prevailing winds in the area. Setting this object to leeward can ruin the whole recreation because of the unpleasant odour that spreads in the direction of residential buildings.


Construction of toilet at dacha with his own hands, drawings, dimensions

If, as a result of reflection and calculation, decided to build a toilet with a cesspool, then it should be done in sequence.

Insulated toilet on a concrete base with a metal door

  • Selects the optimal place for the above rules.
  • Digging a pit depth of about 2 m, with sides of 1.2 – 1.4 m.
  • The walls of the pit, you can lay a brick or strengthened in another way. On the bottom you can make a cement screed. It is important that the liquid components of the waste must be free to go into the ground.
  • Is a pier Foundation made of bricks or concrete blocks. It sets the runners.
  • Frame constructed from bars.
  • The frame is sheathed with boards, corrugated sheet or other material.
  • The roof closes any roofing material.
  • If necessary, the inside walls are insulated.

A useful tip! To strengthen the walls of the pit you can use tires of large diameter. They will not allow the walls to crumble and allow water to freely seep into the soil.

Wood the toilet is located under the tall trees

Detailed drawings, dimensions of the toilet at the dacha with his hands allow you to calculate the amount of material required and show the features of the installation of all elements:

  • the frame is made of bars with dimensions of 100×50 mm. It is installed on two parallel beams with a cross section of 150×150 mm. They play the role of runners. As timbers in contact with the ground and directly from the pit, they should be treated with antiseptic. If necessary, the toilet is insulated with foam. Shed roof close any material. It can be soft tile, the remainder of the construction;

Frame suburban toilet

  • the dimensions of the toilet is always available on the drawings. Most often they are: minimum height 2 m and width not less than 1.2;

Facade, plan and sectional view

  • if the toilet is completely made of wood, all the walls are made of Board 100×50 mm. In this case, the end wall has the shape of a rectangle, the side is a trapezoid shape, and the front wall occupies most of the doorway. It is a small window for ventilation and lighting. All finished walls are attached to the frame with nails;

Right-hand wall of suburban toilet

The left wall of suburban toilet

Base, frame and truss system

  • runners were treated with an antiseptic, connect. For best rigidity they cut grooves with depth of 50 mm and a width of 150 mm;

The basis of suburban toilet

  • floor mounted boards 50×100 mm and sewn sheets of OSB. If necessary, it is insulated with foam. Removed equip in the back of the toilet;

The lower the overlap

  • the skeleton door made from bars 50×50 mm. For stiffener bars connect the diagonals. Outside the door sheathe boards, and inside with OSB boards;

Facade wall

  • rafters for lean-to sloping roof made of Board 100×50 mm. and zapilami fastened to the frame walls. The distance between adjacent rafters 40 cm;

Rafters of the roof of country toilet

  • wood toilet can be treated with antiseptic compositions. It is possible to hold the electric wires that will give the opportunity to arrange the lighting.

Table of necessary materials

A useful tip! The lighting in the bathroom, install a switch to exit from the house. This eliminates the need to search for it in the dark on the street.

Although the construction of a toilet at their summer cottage is not difficult, the quality of work should be given special attention. It affects not only the usability of the object, but also its durability. The correct choice of the construction site not only will allow to avoid troubles with health, but also give a holistic and harmonious appearance throughout the site.


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