The bed is the main element of the bedroom, and depends on it very much. And the design of it can radically change the design of the bedroom. For example, the original decision are hanging bed. They are fixed to the ceiling and walls, so the bed is missing the legs that enables designers to use the original flooring, which very well fit into the design of the room.

Visually suspended bed looks like flies under the ceiling lit. This effect is very good “unloads” the space. Even these beds provide an opportunity to place them under additional lamps, giving the room lighting the intrigue and make it more mysterious. Vertical beam such beds can be used for fixing shelves-table, as well as for attaching the canopy, or if there is a need – mosquito nets.

Hanging bed can be placed directly under the ceiling, but in this case, you have to remember that you will have to climb. But you can place the bed on the long metal cables. Also remember that your every move on this bed will lead to easy movement of the bed. Who zemoga not really enjoy it, and someone will be very even! Hanging bed – piece of furniture that leaves no one indifferent. They are comfortable, unusual and capable of making any interior exclusive. And suspended beds are versatile because they can be used not only at home but also outdoors.

Hanging bed for bedrooms

Having made the decision to install in the bedroom hanging bed, do not rush to the store. With little effort a bed you can make yourself, for example, of wooden pallets. Depending on the style of bedroom interior for fixing the bed can use a chain or strong rope. If we are talking about the bedroom in a country house, and the ceilings have beams that secure the bed to be much easier than in a city apartment.

Hanging beds can provide a place for a table – a great option for those who like to lie in bed. Round hanging bed with canopy is sure to become the center of the bedroom.

The idea is to get a hanging bed intrigues many, but not many dare to take this step, because they are sure that they will like the results. Designers say that such fears are groundless. A hanging bed is not only original look in the interior, but very comfortable to sleep on it more comfortable than conventional beds.

Hanging bed for baby

If hanging bed do not leave indifferent adults, children from them delighted. Do kids these beds are associated with swings that they love so much.

Hanging bed in the nursery saves space. For example, two children’s beds can be placed one above the other on the principle of bunk beds.

Hanging bed on the terrace

Terrace and loggia are perfect for placing hanging bed. Large Windows or lack of them, and sometimes a glass roof allows you not only to relax but also to enjoy nature in any weather. A hanging bed is a great solution for resort homes.

Hanging bed outdoors

Hanging bed can be placed in the yard of his house. In this case it will be the perfect alternative to the gazebo. Complete relaxation guaranteed.

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