Doors-accordion. Photos in the interior, design features and operation

Sliding doors-accordion was originally invented as a solution for saving space in small apartments. Over time, industrial development and design thought, people began to perceive them not as a hard necessity, but as a beautiful and practical decor element. That is why quite a large number of users installs doors-accordion. Photos in the interior design works are impressive for their unusual and unique appearance.

Door-accordion — beautiful and practical decor item in the interior

The contents

  • 1 Materials for the manufacture of interior doors-accordion
    • 1.1 Glass doors-accordion – unusual and beautiful
  • 2. the Device and principle of operation of a folding accordion doors
  • 3 Secrets selection and proper installation of interior sliding doors-accordion
    • 3.1 Installing accordion doors
  • 4 Advantages and disadvantages, all the “pros” and “cons”
  • 5 Doors-accordion. Photo their use for different purposes

Materials for the manufacture of interior doors-accordion

To date, manufacturers have a fairly wide range of source material for the manufacture of doors of this type. The main one is wood, MDF, particle Board and plastic.

Wooden double door folding in the bedroom

Solid wood is the most environmentally friendly, durable and reliable for the manufacture of interior doors-accordion. Most often used in the production of pine. Its wood has a very nice figure, but prone to damage by sharp objects. Of course, like any other products made of natural materials, the price of the finished product will be quite high. Weight wooden interior doors-accordion will be vastly different in a big way compared to other products.

Folding doors will save space in the room

Quality doors made from particleboard. For many there is some doubt about the hazards of this material, so you need to pay attention to the top covering the door. This can be a veneer or laminate.

Important! Chipboard is produced by pressing wood chips with the use of formaldehyde resins to bind the fibers. The presence of these resins can have a bad effect on human health.

Glass folding partition between living room and terrace

The lamination prevents the fumes of these resins. Therefore, laminated particle Board, a good and safe option. The same qualities and veneer. Its use also makes chipboard a safe material. It is produced from trees that have beautiful texture, and subsequently applied to the chipboard.

Plastic door, accordion, moving along a semi-circular guide

Great the doors are made of hardboard MDF. This material is characterized by durability, wear resistance and moisture resistance. Plus to these all qualities, MDF is much easier than solid wood.

Folding door is made of wood

The most popular option is plastic. PVC wins on several factors: affordable cost, it is not cracking and he is not afraid of water. Plastic doors accordion easy to care, can be performed as deaf, and with glass inserts.

Laminated door to the bathroom, made of MDF

Glass doors-accordion – unusual and beautiful

Special will look like the door panel with glass inserts. This combined method gives individuality and diversity. The latest trend of technology of steel folding doors-folding tempered glass. A variety of ornaments and figures, toning and matting make the door beautiful and unforgettable. The glass is fixed in a wooden or metal slats. The use of glass is always in a favorable light will provide any part of the interior. Their use in the manufacture of doors-accordions give the possibility of practical to decorate the room. To create more impressive effects used mirrors with a special method of processing. This facet and fusing.

Foldable door with panels of frosted glass

The concept of facet involves polishing and engraving glass plane. It diversifies and totally new way to represent a mirror.

Fusing is a method of producing stained glass. This decorating accordion doors present it is not quite as the door and as a decoration in the form of colorful compositions.

Glass wall folding between the room and balcony

The device and principle of operation of a folding accordion doors

Design wooden doors-accordions or plastic and of any other materials, has the same principle. By itself, the door leaf consists of two or more panels, which in appearance resemble Venetian blinds and are attached to the rails. Mount most often located on top of the bar, in more rare cases – on the bottom. The width of each segment is in the range of 10 to 15 cm. When open they fold against the wall, having the semblance of a well-known musical instrument – accordion. The door of this design offer thanks to the mobility of each component. The first section is attached directly to the doorway, the next, thanks to the video, responsible for moving. Bonded all the parts together with metal hinges. The guide rail makes it easy to use such a door. For a uniform displacement of all segments of a special retainer.

The principle of opening and closing a folding accordion doors

Common to hinged and sliding doors will always be the presence of door frame and architraves. Among the components there are also various installation elements, a carriage with roller runner and others.

Device and equipment accordion doors

The secrets of choosing and correctly install interior sliding doors-accordion

The right choice of interior accordion doors provide ease in its installation and operation. The known relationship price-quality here is also important. First of all, the buyer must decide where to use this door. The plastic option is well suited for rooms with high humidity (baths, saunas etc.), hardwood – for children’s rooms, classrooms, living rooms, and the glass – well accentuate the output, for example, on the terrace or just share several zones in one room.

Built-in cupboard with folding doors augmented

Interior folding doors accordion is very convenient to consider, at special stands in DIY stores. Photo of sliding doors-accordions in shopping points when you purchase will not be enough.

Important! Only if you have doors on the stand, you can evaluate the fit of the valves. Do not be amiss to test the product in motion. When opening and closing the slide should take place smoothly, without jerks.

Plastic door great for kitchen and bathroom

Installing accordion doors

For the purchase of doors is necessary to initially measure the doorway – its width and height. From these measurements depends on the number of shutters and sizes of accordion doors. Required accessories, fasteners and construction tools should be on hand from the beginning.

Before installing the door-books is necessary to make measurements of the height (A) and width (In) door opening

How to show a installation video doors accordion with your hands, this process requires focus and strict adherence to instructions. One can distinguish the following main points:

  • snapping and cutting right, left and top rail;
  • alterations in size and cutting to the desired length of the valves;
  • the fastener guide to slide locking bracket;
  • connection in one unit all the components of the foldable door;
  • fixing the connecting elements are screws on the bottom and the top;
  • the installation of the door catch;

The upper folding mechanism folds accordion doors

  • the mounting clips along the top rail. Since it is the main load, the clips need more than on the sides of the frame;
  • hanging doors on a ready-made mechanism;
  • installation of door handles.

Scheme of the Assembly and installation of bifold doors with a roller mechanism

Following the above recommendations and the manufacturer’s instructions, each without much effort from your side will be able to install the door-accordion with his hands.

The advantages and disadvantages of all “for” and “against”

Among the main advantages of interior doors are the following:

  • save space in small apartments or simply satisfy a desire not to occupy space on the opening and closing of the hinged doors;
  • they will not be able to shut the draft;
  • good swivel mechanism reduces which is produced when opening and closing noise;
  • photo interior doors-accordions prove an abundance of options that will fit any style of interior;
  • light weight. It will be appreciated by parents of young children;
  • each door leaf can have the original look. So the whole structure can not be used for its intended purpose, and how to partition a room or just a decorative element.

Door-accordion in the bedroom is made of wood and glass

Listing all the advantages, necessary to take into account the shortcomings that have accordion doors. Photos in many publications beneficial to highlight only the pros and cons can be summarized in just two paragraphs:

  • a large number of different parts such as bearings, hinges and roller mechanism significantly reduces the coefficient of reliability of the door;
  • when closing always remain small gaps. This index reduces sound and thermal insulation characteristics.

The usage of wooden folding doors interior

Important! It is not necessary to exert much effort when using accordion doors, otherwise the sliding mechanism will quickly become worthless.

To evaluate all the pros and cons, it is possible to view the live doors-accordions in operation.

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Doors-accordion. Photo their use for different purposes

Various photos clearly show the entire broad scope of folding type doors. They successfully fit into the interior thanks to the rich color palette. With the door you can put a bright accent color, or Vice versa, to withstand all in classic solid colors.

Plastic door, accordion with semi-sheer panels

It’s important to visually expand the space of the room through the doors-accordions. Particularly well with such a task handle sliding door with mirror panels, solid or glass doors. There are many interesting pairings and combinations, such as the insertion of stained glass in a frame of wood. Photo interior sliding doors-accordion in this version is very popular.

Folding door with built in blinds to protect the room from sunlight

The use of type design, accordion is a practical and modern solution for apartments or private homes, able to perform not only functional but also decorative role in the interior.


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