Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and instructions to create

Very often when constructing a private house or garden swing sets. Similar designs made of wood, tires and other scrap materials. But to achieve really high quality result, use drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and performance characteristics of these products allow you to use them for a long time.

Design features a swing out of metal are strength, reliability and durability

The contents

1 Classification of swing garden with his hands metal: photos and features
  1.1 How to make a garden swing your hands from metal: photos and examples of products
  1.2 pictures of the garden swing your hands, created by forging
  1.3 Characteristics of garden swing your hands from metal
  1.4 Disadvantages of home-made swing for garden made of metal
2 Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and technology
  2.1 brief classification of garden swing your hands from metal
  2.2 in the swing with their hands from a shaped tube
  2.3 List of required tools and materials
  2.4 Drawings and photos of the swing with their hands out of metal: the preparatory phase
  2.5 drawing Assembly swings from a shaped tube with their hands: skeleton part
  2.6 Technology build a wooden seat for swings
  2.7 Fabrication of canopy for construction
  2.8 the Final phase of construction


Classification of swing garden with his hands metal: photos and features

For the construction of metal structures are made of various materials. Therefore be found so many designs. This is evidenced by the numerous photos of garden swing your hands out of metal that you can find on the Internet.

The futuristic design of the swing, made of metal

For the manufacture of structures used the following materials:

  • the parts of metal;
  • profiles of square shape;
  • beams (steel beams);
  • pipes (circular hollow section shape);
  • Taurus (aluminium profiles).

Hanging swing made of thin tubes, located on the terrace of a country house

Please note! On the basis of these elements, with the same success can be created as the bench family type and children’s rocking a small size.

Before you start planning and preparing drawings of garden swing your hands out of metal, you need to determine the type of future construction. For this you can study the complete system offered by modern industry.

The original swing hanger type with metal frame


How to make a garden swing your hands from metal: photos and examples of products

If you are puzzled over how to make a swing for children, take as an example the options for factory production. These products are calculated correctly design and presents a lot of interesting design solutions. You will create a similar swing from scrap materials.

Baby swing suspended from the frame of the metal on the chains

Classification of products from manufacturers:

  • design the garden of a detached type. This kind of products can be installed in any place you deem appropriate, since they do not require the production of additional supports or hangers. A swing of this type can be not only metal but also wooden;

Material for garden swing can serve as both metal and wood

  • sofa swing that can be used as adults and children. In the second case, the product allows you to simultaneously sit on the bench for several skiers. Design comfortable and safe, equipped with a comfortable backrest. For the period of heavy rains or during winter the swing can be easily removed, as their design has a block structure. Products can be made of metal or wood;

Mobile version of the swing metal seat, made in the ethnic style

  • design, equipped with a folding backrest and a mosquito net. They can be used as a children’s metal swing for garden. You can add other accessories to create additional comfort;
  • swing made by forging, which have many advantages.

Factory garden swing made from metal installed in the garden of a private house


Photos of garden swing your hands, created by forging

Swings of this type are primarily for installation on the territories of country houses. For creating these products will require skills with a welder and metal or you can hire an assistant. In this case, the swings are more durable and powerful than other options of metal structures. In addition, you get the original product, which can be an interesting decorative addition to the landscape and exterior of the house.

Scheme with a mounting size of the garden swing wrought iron (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

Metal products made by forging, are of high value. But it is justified by the excellent ornamental characteristics.

A useful tip! Use similar designs to maintain the overall design of the house and adjacent territory with established fence, window grates, streetlights, benches, balconies, stair railings, a shed or a gazebo, which are created according to this technology. To achieve unity in design will do by forging the same or similar pattern on all listed products.

Weightless in appearance and elegant wrought iron swing with colorful cushions

Specifications garden swing your hands from metal

Metal construction has the largest number of advantages over products made from other materials. That is why the Internet is a large number of photos and drawings of children’s swing with his own hands out of metal.

Technical and operational characteristics of the swing on the basis of metal:

  • long time service – one of the main advantages. The metal is not exposed to the damaging effects of such factors as, for example, the processes of decay. Failure due to cracks is also excluded;

Woven a cocoon swing with a metal frame will be unusual decoration of the courtyard of a private house

  • practicality – damaging to buildings influence the environment (ultraviolet radiation, rain and other types of atmospheric precipitation) can affect the strength characteristics of the material;
  • reliability – due to the increased strength of the metal and its resistance, the resulting design work is very strong;

Metal pipes are a great material to create a frame swings

  • budget – metal in the purchase has a lower cost than wood high quality level (tree of low quality can not provide the durability of products, so to create the swing it does not apply);
  • a variety of modifications – a range of modern swing, which you can buy or do yourself, extremely wide, allowing you to choose the design that matches individual preferences.

Unusual hanging swing made of thin metal pipes

Cons of homemade swings for the garden metal

Despite the visual appeal of metal products, by themselves they will not be able to harmoniously fit into the landscape of a suburban area, as is the case with a swing from wood. This takes stylistically to support their design by adding similar items to the exterior of your house or garden.

Please note! The metal structure can be made with your own hands, however, you need to study welding technology and obtain the appropriate skills, as well as to purchase or rent the necessary equipment.

Cozy swing metal wicker plastic seat

One of the positive characteristics of the material, namely the hardness of the metal and its durable structure, may be considered as a disadvantage. On the one hand, strong and solid swing – what you need to give, on the other, they can cause serious injuries that can get a person due to shock. In comparison with the wood, soft in nature, metal is significantly more dangerous.

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Metal exposed to corrosion. Rust can lead to gradual destruction, so the durability can only be guaranteed with proper care. To prevent corrosion, it is enough to timely cover the metal with a layer of dye that is designed for metal surfaces and street conditions.

Hanging baby swing with frame, made of metal


Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and technology

Made garden swing can have a different type of frame. Based on this basis distinguish the following structures:

  • collapsible;
  • welded.

Welded types of swings require the use of welding machine and other special equipment. In the end you’ll have a strong and rigid supporting part, which will allow to exploit the design for many years without any health risk.

Mounting dimensions of the frame of the garden swing of the profile tubes

If you don’t know how to use a welding machine, choose a swing with a collapsible design. The principle of the Assembly of the frame is twisting nuts and bolts of all elements of the product. To perform this work.

Please note! Over time, made by hand garden swing, metal carving on the joints under weight and other loads gradually becomes loose. The result is a gap (free space). It can cause structural failure, with the result that it is possible for a person to receive injuries. To prevent this, seal the items with the help of grower and lock nuts. Do not forget to tighten the joints with the key.

Modern design metal garden swing


A brief classification of garden swing your hands from metal

The easiest way to create design on the finished drawings of garden swing your hands from metal. Looking at the schematic, you will notice that the configuration of the supports is different.

Frame base A-shape consists of two rails, which are joined together at the top. Approximately in the middle of their height a jumper. It is designed to increase the rigidity of the structure. There is support and without jumpers, which are L-shaped.

Bright baby swings metal support posts And shape

Another kind of support elements with the crossbar forming the base of the U-shape. The creation of such a design takes less effort, but the swings are less stable. Their operation will be long and safe, if the support base to put in deep holes in the ground and well concreted.

In addition, all metal products can be divided into two groups:

  • fixed – bearing part of the swing is securely concreted;
  • portable – fixed by means of anchor bolts or bent rebar which is hammered into the soil.

Metal swing set in the garden of a private house, will become a favorite place to relax


The swing with their hands from a shaped tube

Hanging swings are the most common designs. They are comfortable, practical and comfortable. Equip the product with a canopy, protected from direct sunlight. Thanks to this the seat will not overheat, and the process of riding will become more comfortable.

For making a canopy for a child’s swing set, metal with their hands can be used for textiles, canvas, wood soft tile in the form of the roof. But the most suitable material is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate sheets are transparent, so under the awning won’t be dark. While they are great to diffuse direct sunlight.

Drawing frame for garden swing, shaped tube

The list of required tools and materials

Before you make the swing seat with your hands, take care of the appropriate instrumentation:

  • grinders;
  • a level and tape measure;
  • welding machine and protective devices (device);
  • electric drills;
  • set of drills designed for working with metal and wooden surfaces;

Mobile hanging swing chair with metal frame

  • screwdriver;
  • set of wrenches;
  • screws are designed for fixing polycarbonate sheet.

To work you will also need to buy materials, namely:

  • metal profile (tube and area);
  • boards or blocks of wood to build the seat;

Metal swing original form, hanging from a tree branch with a rope

  • the bolts include a head screw (for Assembly seats);
  • washers and nuts for bolts (for Assembly seats);
  • elements for fastening stainless steel or with a galvanized coating (carabiners, suspension bearings, eyebolts, chain);
  • anchors or bent reinforcing rods with large length (for fixing structure on the base);

Circuit device and mounting dimensions of the frame swings, metal

  • polycarbonate sheet (roof);
  • protective means for the frame (primer with corrosion protection and coloring composition for metal surfaces);
  • protective equipment for wood, which should be seat (stain, lakerbai composition, a set of brushes for surface treatment).

Selection of designs when you are creating a swing out of metal with their hands the vast and only limited by your imagination


Drawings and photos of the swing with their hands out of metal: the preparatory phase

At this stage, the selected area for mounting the swing, determined by the size of the structure. The optimal size of the suspended bench is 1.5 m. This is enough to swing it was possible to accommodate two skiers or lie down alone.

A useful tip! Make sure the gap between the design of the strut and the lateral part of the bench. The minimum size is 300 mm.

Dimensions for the manufacture of metal swings

According to the drawings of garden swing your hands from profile design consists of the following elements:

  • base frame of rectangular shape at the base;
  • the sidewall is made of a pair of pipes connected to each other by welding;
  • a horizontal crossbar for hanging bench.

The process of creating designs of garden swing, consisting of a metal pipe

This information will help in the further Assembly. Thanks to such structure of the design acquires the necessary level of stiffness. A properly chosen width of the base, you can build a very sustainable product. Take a basis of its work rule: the more angle that is on the top of the triangle between the base and the sidewalls, the more sustainable work design.

Diagram of the frame swings, metal stands with A-shaped: 1 — flange; 2 — nut; 3 — beam; 4 — the eye-nut; 5 — front frame-support; 6 — the screed frame; 7 — a bolt

General dimensional parameters are calculated individually. Under these adjusted figures regarding the visor made of polycarbonate and hanging bench. Experts recommend be required to prepare drawings showing all dimensional parameters of the design to make it easier to work with the material. Subsequently, it will help you avoid mistakes and save time.

The sizes of different mobile swing seats made of metal. Similar designs can be made own

Drawing Assembly swings from a shaped tube with their hands: skeleton part

Work on the Assembly frame it is recommended to start with the side portions. On the basis of drawings you need to apply the markings on the pipe and cut them with a grinder. Before Assembly, check the exact sizes. All four elements of the side walls should be similar to each other. You need to combine them in pairs, using welding method. As a result, you should get two identical parts L-shaped.

Diagram of frame sizes for garden swing metal

Next Rivoli located at the top of each of the parts are finally on the same level. This procedure is performed in order to form a small base plate for fixing to the horizontal crossbar.

A useful tip! Use pre-prepared template.

Swing, metal, unusual shape can become the main attraction of the infield

The width of the support frame (short side) size should match the distance that is formed between the paired tubes of the side parts of the structure. Welding machine welded on the sides to support the frame of a rectangular shape, and then the horizontal (on top of the side pillars).

All stages of Assembly frame parts must strictly obey the laws of geometry: side stand vertical location, the horizontal (beam) designed for hanging the bench is parallel with the ground. To control the build settings use the building level.

Scheme of the frame swings from a shaped tube


The Assembly technology of a wooden seat for swings

Assembly benches – an important stage of construction. Especially if you are creating drawings for children’s swings made of metal with your hands. The seat base frame must be a base made from a steel angle. To get a bench with a comfortable backrest, position it at a certain angle relative to the seat. The size of the optimal angle is 120°.

Garden swing family type with metal frame and seat in wood

To perform a correct curvature of the corner cutout in the shape of a triangle (60°) on a single shelf. Frame part of the seat is performed of a rectangular metal profile using the method of welding. The side pieces are connected at the boundary zones by horizontal jumpers. This area needs to be in the place where the Assembly is bent.

Three different seats for a swing with a metal base to which is attached a wooden plank

A useful tip! Optionally, you can improve the design by adding to the seat armrests. They will increase comfort and safety.

Regardless of whether you are creating the design of the swing with their hands for children or are engaged in the manufacture of products for adults, the back and the seat should be completely smooth. For these purposes, suitable pieces of wood or planks, processed carefully with emery paper (rough grain first, then small).

Unusual swing hanger type, with frame made of metal

Boards are cut to the required size and attached to the frame through pre-cut holes by bolts so that their heads were drowned. Before final Assembly of wooden construction elements are processed antiseptic and lacerum composition, and metal – primer and paint.

In the corners of the frame of the bench mounted eye-bolts. Chains are attached to lugs these bolts with hooks or threaded couplings. For hanging bench also need to install eyebolts in the corners of the product or on the edges of the seat.

The procedure of manufacturing of garden swing with metal frame


Fabrication of canipy for construction

The process of making a visor is not required. But if you create the design of the swing with their hands for children, you should consider comfort and protection from the scorching sun and rainfall.

For this you need to make a rectangular design, which will be metal frame, reinforced lintels. On top of the structure is fixed polycarbonate sheet. Installation of the visor is at a slight angle, whereby precipitation will be free to drain down.

Metal swing sofa type with the visor installed in the yard of a private house

Take to complete the frame part of the canopy a few metal profiles with square cross section of small size. All these elements are held together by welding, after which the visor can be attached to the upper frame portion of the swing. This is done also with the help of welding machine.

When all the Assembly is completed, the design shall be subject to final treatment. The surface of the swing is covered with a primer composition, and then painted in any color you like.

Various options for the establishment of a canopy made of polycarbonate on the swing


The final phase of construction

When the paint is completely dry, to the frame of the visor is attached to the polycarbonate sheet. To do this, use screws with sealing washers.

A useful tip! Face of the sheet seal polymer profile. It will protect hollow polycarbonate construction against ingress of insects and dust, will retain its beauty and accuracy.

Wide range of colors – one of the advantages of polycarbonate. You can choose the color of the visor in the color of the swing, or, conversely, to make it contrasting. Moreover, the coloring material has a direct influence on the level of dispersion of sunlight.

As a basis for hanging swings, metal stands and wooden pergola

The finished product should be securely fixed on a concrete platform. If the installation is carried out on a soil with high density, for fixation of the frame you can use multiple clamps, made of reinforcing bars. You need to sharpen the ends of the clamps, which will allow without problems to drive the rods into the ground 0.5 m.

As the fastener on the concrete ground it is better to use anchor bolts. They are set in advance in the appropriate places. After a twist of nuts, the extra thread cut off grinder. The construction design is completed.


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