Eclecticism in the kitchen

This style invented specifically to somehow classify the presence of objects in an interior with a different design, and even belonging to different epochs. As in this case – an antique cupboard adjacent to the kitchen in high-tech style, and work on mobile stainless steel table hangs a chandelier, which is otherwise as “kitsch” is not called.

In the following example, all items from the same era. They even picked up so that the whole interior looks very harmonically. And yet it is so eclectic. Furniture fronts and legs of the bar – classic technique and stools – Hi-tech and glazed tile apron and fixtures are modern.

Wonderful desk made of wood boards in country style with a modern table top, linear traditional cuisine against the backdrop of classical arched windows, “joyful» joy sign of modernity and cutting boards on the wall – another example of eclecticism.

And this is the kitchen-living room, combining two close style – loft and modern. Anyway, here they look very organic.

There are several styles – modern (bar stools), rustic style (open shelves, pottery rustic paneling rack and furniture fronts), loft (beams, pillars and lamps), modern style (chrome appliances, artificial stone countertop and faucet at the sink) .

And in the end section – a modern kitchen with a wonderful dining area. And the bar stools and a table made from old cars, the classification can not be – almost antiques.

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