Electric snow machine: rating and reviews of the most popular models

The onset of winter and the snowfall it is best to prepare in advance, choosing and buying the necessary snow removal equipment. One of the most convenient options – snow plow-electric machine. Consider what is characteristic of this type of device and how to choose the right model for your own use.

Electric snowblower the best choice when you need to quickly clean a small area

The contents

  • 1 Snow plow electric car: what it is, and whether it need
    • 1.1 varieties of electric blowers: the scope of applications of each type
    • 1.2 other characteristics snowplows
  • 2 Which is better, petrol or electric snowthrower: videosevennine
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages of using electric blowers: video application
  • 4 Criteria for selecting the best electric snow thrower: self-propelled or not?
    • 4.1 whether to purchase an electric thrower with a metal screw
  • 5 Tips for using electric snowthrower (self-propelled and conventional)
  • 6 stars out of electric blowers is the best modern models
    • 6.1 Electric blowers Daewoo
    • 6.2 electric snowthrower Hyundai
    • 6.3 electric Snowthrower Huter SGC 2000E
  • 7 Practical application of electric blowers: user reviews
    • 7.1 electric snowthrower Daewoo Dast 2600e: product reviews
    • 7.2 electric snowthrower Daewoo Dast 3000e: product reviews
    • 7.3 electric snowthrower Huter SGC 2000e: product reviews

Snow plow electric car: what it is, and whether it need

As evidenced by numerous owner reviews, electric snow thrower is an irreplaceable device when it comes to clearing snow in large areas where not handle any one spade. The design of this device provides for the collection and dropping snow to the desired location. Its direct purpose is to speed up the process of clearing the site and reduce the applied physical efforts.

Homemade electric blowers are often used in the home, while a mass production model used at the enterprises: for cleaning areas near cafes, restaurants and shopping complexes. Often these devices are used by the utilities.

Electric blowers are self-propelled type and is controlled by the operator

Varieties of electric blowers: the scope of applications of each type

All blowers are divided into types based on several criteria, including the type of engine, type of system of movement, and the parameters of current capture. Take a closer look at each of these criteria:

  • The type of engine the blowers come in electric and petrol. The main difference is the requirement for the mains. So, electric models have less power (often about 2-3 HP), but at the same time can boast a light and compact when it comes to household use. Gasoline snowplow can at times exceed the electric power (10 to 15 HP), however, their use is complicated by the large size and weight of the device.
  • Type of movement – the second important characteristic of snowplows. There are only two options: self-propelled and non-self-propelled device. The first option has a significantly better performance in cleaning stale and frozen snow, but at the same time, the cost will be much higher as the size and weight. Self-propelled snow thrower has greater maneuverability, and allows you to comfortably clean even in small areas.
  • The acquisition parameters – the width and height that can be covered by this type of device. Width call the distance the car is able to clean in one pass. Accordingly, the wider the grip, the less time you have to spend on cleaning and walking back and forth. For electric blowers standard width is considered to be from 30 to 80 cm, depending on the size of the machine. The height of the capture – the level of the snow layer, which can be processed by the device. For virtually all models of this indicator are standard, and ranges from 40 to 50 cm.
  • There are many different types and models, because each user will find a suitable snowthrower

    Other characteristics snowplows

    In addition to basic, there are several secondary characteristics that provide comfort to your work with the snow blower, and can be considered when choosing:

    • the presence of the light source. In winter it gets dark quite early, and have time to do everything before dark can be difficult. Very handy if snowblower is equipped with headlights;
    • adjusting the range of emission of snow: in standard household models, this parameter can be from 1 to 10 m, and in certain devices regulated. Try before you buy to evaluate whether you have the need to throw the snow far away, or you can use a simpler version;
    • heating knobs. This function is needed to provide you with increased comfort in using the device.

    A useful tip! Try as much as possible to realistically assess their own needs, to avoid unnecessary waste. Often, it is the so-called additional functions constitute a significant part of the cost of the device.

    Some models of electric blowers is equipped with a battery and does not require a permanent connection to the network

    Which is better, petrol or electric snowthrower: videosevennine

    To understand than one type snowplows favorably with other, you need to understand how to construct this device in General, and due to what mechanisms to cope with the task. Working screw (aka auger), breaks a lot of snow, which is found in his way, and in crushed condition inside scoops of the bucket. Then, using powerful jets of air, the snow is thrown to a distance.

    The division into an electric and a petrol device is depending on the type of engine, which is the basis of their work. And if the first type can not boast high capacity, so prices for electric snowthrower pleasantly pleased buyers.

    Of course, looking at prices of electric snow plows, you are surely going to face a variety of options. And it’s also a kind of advantage, because the ability to choose a model the pocket – it is very convenient. But the weaknesses of this option include the dependence on the grid, as well as the need to mess with cords and extension cords.

    Gasoline machines are much more powerful and always self-propelled. But the cost of them increases markedly. In addition, their need for repairs is considerably higher because they require regular replacement of oil, adding fuel, etc. So if we are talking about a small area, the only real reasons to prefer petrol models can be the lack of electricity at home or a very large area that needs cleaning.

    The advantages and disadvantages of using electric blowers: video application

    Every type of instrument has its advantages and disadvantages, and electric blowers is no exception. Consider what arguments lead manufacturers to use this type, and does it have any significant drawbacks that can cause you to change your decision to purchase an electric snow machine.

    Advantages of electric snow blowers:

    • light weight is a definite advantage when it comes to household use. As a rule, the weight of the standard model does not exceed 35 kg;
    • electric models are not as sensitive to frost as petrol, because they do not freeze the butter and no need to pour fuel;
    • moreover, thanks to the second point, these machines are more cost-effective to use;
    • regular maintenance required for such devices is minimal. It is enough only periodically to replace the belt at the beginning or at the end of the season;
    • most of the electrical blowers are equipped with rubber screws, which allows you to save tile or paving in pristine condition, even after repeated cleaning;
    • most of the equipment is equipped with a safety system that prevents accidental starts and immediately turns off the device in case of loss of control by the operator.

    Light weight and easy to carry — one of the advantages of electric snow blowers

    But electric blowers there are drawbacks:

    • appliances have engine power of 500 to 3000 watts, this is often not enough when it comes to dealing with an ice crust or lying snow;
    • according to the recommendations for operation of the electric blowers, to avoid malfunctions, approximately every 30 minutes should break to give the device time to cool down;
    • despite the fact that in some modern models provides power from the battery, anyway, it is a device that is dependent on the network. And in any case, you will have to pull the cable to the power supply, looking for a suitable nearby outlet.

    A useful tip! Almost any deficiency can be viewed as an advantage, and the need to take breaks in the work also can serve as a great opportunity to bask a few minutes in the house and drink a Cup of hot tea.

    It is recommended to make short breaks in work to give the engine to cool electric snowthrower


    Criteria for selecting the best electric snow thrower: self-propelled or not?

    One of the main issues faced by buyers in the selection process, whether self-propelled electric snow thrower has some advantages over models that do not have this quality. In fact, the main difference between them is that self-propelled electric snowblower moves independently, without requiring the operator effort.

    Among the advantages of such a function note the possibility to use devices of larger size and capacity, which allows for cleaning of large snowdrifts, as well as to clean the surface from compacted snow. Also, this type of machinery is able to capture a much greater snow depth, which is well suited for harvesting after a heavy snowfall.

    Buy self propelled electric snowthrower is not a problem. Difficulties usually arise in the question of storage and maintenance. Possessing a rather serious dimensions, the device requires storage in a dry and warm room and regular inspection. So it is better to think about where you will store before you buy an electric snowblower.

    Self-propelled two-stage snow thrower is more power and easy to manage

    Such machines are always two-stage, and in addition to the screw, which is responsible for crushing the snow, equipped with a rotor, which casts it aside. Due to this separation distance of thrown snow much higher and in some cases can reach 15 m.

    A useful tip! If you have a cleaning service on a flat plot, it is safe to buy a wheeled model. If the path will inevitably encounter bumps, curbs and other obstacles, then it is better to pay attention on the tracked snow blowers.

    It is worth noting that recently appeared in the sale of new three-stage snow blowers that are capable of clearing very large snow drifts. The peculiarity of this design is that there are two metal screw serves a lot of snow on the accelerator, located in the center of the bucket. There’s snow crushed into dust, then goes to the nozzle and is dropped by a specified distance.

    The three-stage model of electrophoretical able to cope with large drifts of snow in a large territory

    Three-stage blowers are high capacity and considerable dimensions, thus their use justified over large areas. These machines are able to cope with drifts high level of complexity, where it is present, icing and dense wet snow. The disadvantage is their slowness.

    Is it worth to buy electric snow thrower with metal screw

    If you are interested in the question of choosing an electric snowplow, user reviews can be useful, but at the same time quite contradictory information. So, one of the major reasons for disputes – the material of which needs to be manufactured the auger.

    On the one hand, advocates of metal screws show their durability and high efficiency. But at the same time, if the device will work on tile or pavement, it can lead to scratches or damage.

    Metal auger snow-removing machine

    Tips for using electric snowthrower (self-propelled and conventional)

    To make your work more effective, we recommend a few tips that can be useful for owners of self-propelled and conventional machines:

  • The sooner you get started, the greater the likelihood that everything will go without problems. Fresh, newly fallen snow is much easier to clean compared to the stale icy layer.
  • If you cannot remove all of the stale layer of snow, nothing to worry about. Proceed gradually, scraping layer by layer and adjusting the position of the screw.
  • If you want to speed up the process, you can loosen the snow with a shovel.
  • If for any reason access to the power supply is absent, and as a source of energy, you can use a generator.
  • A useful tip! Too large and hard snow clods better to remove manually, as getting into the mechanism can lead to malfunctions.

    The mechanism of electric snowblowers are also in need of care and compliance with operating rules

    The rating of electric blowers is the best modern models

    The variety offered in the sale of models is able to knock sense anyone wanting to purchase snow machines. And this is not surprising because each manufacturer assigns your device the best performance and maximum performance. However, we have selected the best three, whose blowers were noted by users as a convenient and functional device.

    Electric blowers Daewoo

    On account of this company two worthy representative of which are popular among users:

    Model electric snowthrower Daewoo Dast 2600e has a small size which is great for cleaning frozen, stale snow, and just appeared drifts. The power of the induction motor is 2600 watts, it also features overheat and reliable protection from moisture.

    Dimensions and characteristics of this device are as follows: range of emission of snow: from 1 to 10 m, working width 46 cm, height – 27 cm, weight 15,5 kg. In the presence of a headlight. But handle heating in this model is not provided. Due to these characteristics and metal auger with rubber coating, snowthrower easy to cope with serious loads, and allows you to clear the road on your way from almost zero.

    Electric snowblower Daewoo Dast 2600E|

    Main part of the body of the snow machine is made of high quality polypropylene, which retains its quality even at the temperature of 50°C.

    In addition, among additional features of this representative of say the possibility to adjust the angle of the snow discharge using the handle, and the presence of additional wheels that have a positive effect on the flotation and maneuverability of the device.

    But perhaps one of the main advantages presented today – the special safeguard mechanism, which instantly shuts down the device in case of loss of control of the snowthrower.

    Snowthrower electric Daewoo Dast 3000e – larger and more powerful analog of the previous model, equipped with electric motor of 3000 watts. The self-propelled device, however, has quite impressive specifications: working width 51 cm, height – 33 cm Can throw snow to a distance of 12 m. Weight 16.8 kg.

    Features of electric snow thrower Daewoo Dast 3000E

    Additional properties include the availability of lighting lights, and the ability to adjust the angle of the gutter (190о). There are support wheels which make it easier to move the device in the desired direction.

    The housing is made of impact resistant plastic and rubber auger ensures proper operation of the device for many years. Among the measures of protection noted the presence of a lock against inadvertent switching of the device.

    Electric snowthrower Hyundai

    Another extremely popular device was developed by Korean firm Hyundai, is an electric snowthrower Hyundai S 400. Relatively lightweight (17.5 kg), this model is perfectly protected from moisture and cold electric motor that allows it to run and warm up. Rubber auger makes it easy to remove snow from all surfaces, without risking to damage or scratch.

    A useful tip! If you have to carry out snow removal on a paved surface, such snow-removing machine is an ideal option.

    Electric snowthrower Hyundai S 400 in action

    In one pass this snowblower clears 45 inches wide, throwing snow at a specified distance, which can be up to 8 m. the angle of rotation of the chute up to 200 degrees. The case is made of durable and cold-resistant plastic which allows the device to simultaneously maintain the strength and lightness.

    Among other characteristics snowthrower Hyundai S 400 release:

    • power 2000 W;
    • working height – 27 cm, adjustable;
    • type of movement – not self-propelled.

    Electric snowthrower Huter SGC 2000E

    One of the most modest on weight and dimensions of the machine — Huter SGC 2000E. It is often used for clearing small areas around the house or garage. Weighing just 12 kg, it has a bucket width of 46 cm and a height of 16 cm the Auger is made of plastic, and the ejection of the snow is provided at a distance not more than 5 m. So this option is quite suitable for home use, but is unlikely to become an alternative to the full big units.

    Snowplows Huter is of high quality and efficiency

    Among the features you can mention the fact that the system in this single-stage (screw himself and scoops and throws the snow). While the device works very quietly and is completely harmless to the environment.

    Practical application of electric blowers: user reviews

    Of course, specifications is an important factor influencing your choice. However, quite often, helpful tips you can find among the reviews that users leave about the use of a product. As an example, let us consider some of the opinions that were left by buyers about each of the proposed in the article models.

    Electric snow thrower Daewoo Dast 2600e: product reviews

    “I have this is not the first, and so far everything is working properly. Can’t say that the blower of some kind right special. Normal stable device. All of its functions performs well even with wet snow that had already lain a day or two. So to complain about not yet.”

    Basil, Volgograd

    The blowers Daewoo get mostly positive reviews

    “Ordered the device with the delivery. Waited long enough, but when received, was satisfied. Corps in appearance a sturdy, rubberized auger. The only thing bad until the yard is clear, the hands of time freezing cold. I read somewhere that there are models heated, and there is no such. Otherwise a great device.”

    Gennady, Yaroslavl

    Electric snow thrower Daewoo Dast 3000e: product reviews

    “Order the snow thrower wanted for a very long time. Still life in a private house, will involuntarily think about how to solve the problem of the constant drifts in the yard. But just to go out and buy the first did not work. Got to watch deals online, read reviews, and really mired in this matter. The benefit of met Daewoo Dast 3000e. Only positive reviews, the device is quite powerful as I wanted. Anyway, I made the right choice and all the advice”.

    Constantine, Saint Petersburg

    Snowthrower Daewoo Dast 3000E is equipped with a rubberized screw

    “Really like this model! Yes, it is a bit more expensive than the versions easier, but it and safer and cleaning holds better. You no deafening noise and vibration. All is calm, smoothly. Satisfied at 100%”.

    Stanislav, Moscow

    Electric snowthrower Huter SGC 2000e: product reviews

    “Recently purchased this snow blower for yourself. Live in a private house, and every year to swing a shovel just tired. A great alternative if the area is not too big. The field, of course, it is not clean, but otherwise a great thing.”

    Nikolay, Moscow

    “For a long time choosing between this and a larger scale model. I thought maybe the engine will be rather weak. But no, that is enough. The main advantage is that it is lightweight. Even the wife herself is no problem to use it when I’m not home. Says that’s just too bad that the headlights if it got dark, and you’re on the street, that’s all. But I still never “lucky”.

    Artem, Voronezh

    Electric snowthrower Huter SGC 2000e is lightweight, so very easy to use

    After reviewing the principle of operation, characteristics of popular models, as well as customer reviews you can make the decision on whether to buy electric snowblowers. After all, if you spend enough effort in the selection step, in the future you will be able to enjoy my purchase, removing snow quickly and easily.


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