Experts estimated the volume of Khrushchev for possible demolition across the country

Brick five-storey building series 1-447 Taganrog on the street in Moscow. In early 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the mayor to demolish all of the building in Moscow, and in their place to build new homes. A demolition is planned for 20 years and will affect almost every tenth Muscovite. The program involves the adoption of a special law that will regulate the demolition of houses all over the country
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The largest percentage of blocks found in Perm, where about 55% of the housing stock accounted for by the five-story building

Housing a five-story apartment houses built in 1950-1970-ies across Russia is estimated at 11.15 million sq. m. This rating on pages “the Russian newspaper” has led the Director of the United engineering center FGIC Swipe, a member of the expert Council for the redevelopment of the Russian Guild of managers and developers (RHUD) Alex Pounds. According to experts, wear this housing is about 20%.

Only 14 cities of Russia built almost 32 thousand five-story building, similar to those to be demolished in the second phase of renovation of the old housing stock of Moscow. This was at a roundtable in the state Duma, said one of the authors of the bill on the renovation, which should prescribe the procedure for the resettlement of five-story building, Nikolai Gonchar.

According to 2GIS cartographic company, which are contained in the publication “RG”, among cities with million population the highest share of five-storey Khrushchev in Perm — 54.1 per cent of the total number of residential buildings. In second place — Omsk (41,9%), the third — Krasnoyarsk (36.9 per cent). In Moscow the share of the five-story building is slightly more than 30%. This is only the ninth place among cities, writes “RG”.

Besides Moscow, the program of resettlement houses the first stages of the model construction is implemented in St. Petersburg, says the publication. In the Northern capital, the program exists since 2008 and is officially called the program of development of built-up areas. The official deadline of its completion in 2019. However, instead of the claimed 4.8 thousand apartments under the settlement, the city transferred only 103, that is, not more than 2%. The process is hampered by the conditions of the program: the residents relocated to homes within the boundaries of the quarter, negotiations with them — sometimes up to 1.5 years — leads the investor on market terms, specified in the publication “WP”.

In Vladivostok, despite the moral and physical deterioration of the housing stock built in the 1950-1970-ies, Khrushchev still in demand, the publication continues. This is partly due to the popularity of the areas that built them. According to “RG”, to eliminate these homes, the city authorities do not intend to.

In the Sverdlovsk region for the building accounts for 30.1% of the housing stock, and in Yekaterinburg — 22%. The removal of Khrushchev for the region — in the distant future, as in the Sverdlovsk region still have not completed the program of resettlement of dilapidated and emergency housing.

In the Saratov region in the Khrushchev is home to about 200 thousand people — almost every fourth person. The resettlement of such arrays of housing, the city authorities consider it impossible, writes “RG”.
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