Fences for the garden: photos of affordable and stylish designs

Equipping the land, gardeners are eager to frame it inexpensive, but reliable fence. And many prefer the device of a fence to give your hands. Self-erected structures are lightweight and attractive, giving the cottagers a reason to be proud of their skills. And those who live in a country area year-round, choose solid fences to give: photographs of the unique designs demonstrate the most striking decisions of the fences.

A fence made of wooden fence can look very stylish

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Fences from scrap materials with your hands

To make a fence in the country can be expensive in several ways. One of them is an independent construction of the structure, the other — a choice of the available material for making fences. But if the two combine — get the design of the cheapest fence. In the construction of their own hands cheap fence to give in the course is any available raw materials, including improvised materials. In the end, creative erecting fences to give. Pictures of fences you can find on the Internet.

Flexible metal strap allow you to build a fence of any shape

Showing creative imagination, gardeners erect fences from the most unexpected materials and things. Looks impressive design of plastic bottles of various colors, fixed on the solution. Quite unusual and picturesque look of the fence, made of wire on which are strung the tubes from plastic bottles. As a rule, mixed covers collected in various mosaic patterns.

Quite unusual and stylish is a fence of stacked staggered tires. That fence did not look boring inside mini flowerbeds of tires put soil and planted a variety of plants. Their simultaneous bloom turns grey design in bright colorful hedge.

Showing imagination, you can use any materials, such as old wheel

To create a fence to give your hands cheap can, using the technology of weaving. For the erection of such a fence need only dry branches or stems of the vine. It should be noted that the device of the fence — it is quite laborious and time-consuming. However, the sight of such decorative fence perfectly complements and decorates the backyard patio, especially if the scenery use clay pots and artificial sunflowers.

A useful tip! For the device support stands wicker fence can be used not only wood, but left after construction works metal reinforcement rods.

Fence made from the branches of the trees does not cost much

Performed independently cheap fences in the country look original and create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Variants of their execution there is a huge number. Many are happy to share photos of fences with his own hands from scrap materials. After reading them you can learn what to do fences cheap. But we should not forget that these fences require periodic maintenance during the operation process, and lifetime of them is quite small.

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Pictures of wooden fences for summer cottage

Pictures of fences for the garden are convinced that the most often for fences is wood. Because of their environmental friendliness and naturalness, wood fence great support of the surrounding landscape and with proper care to keep the aesthetic appearance. In addition, the ductility of the material processing allows you to set the fences with their hands. To buy cheap wooden section of fencing is possible, having carefully studied the proposals of the producers.

An affordable option is a fence made of wooden pallets

Models of wooden structures is a tremendous diversity of forms. For fences using logs, the Board (including edging), timber, planks, and other items. In addition, the tree perfectly combined with other materials, the remains of which may have in a workshop at each of the cottager. Using a combination of these materials can significantly reduce the cost of their acquisition.

Installing a fence for the garden, it is important to choose the right design that would seamlessly fit into the existing architectural ensemble. A small neat house it is logical to frame your own hands by a decorative fence. Photo of a wooden fence, painted white, demonstrates the ease of design on a background of green blooming landscape.

Evenly and quickly to paint a wooden fence using a spray

A useful tip! Establishing in the country a wooden fence, be prepared that periodically be treated with paint and replacement of rotten elements by new.

Country house from a frame perfectly complements the fence, made of logs. Such a fence is often combined with natural stone, giving the structure solidity. Modern fences made of boards satisfied with their location both vertically and horizontally, using different types of laying methods, “tree”, “checkerboard”, “twist” and others.

Universal scheme of installation of a fence of metal or wooden fence

Quite often you can see in the cottages fence, made of wooden slats intersecting diagonally. The form of such structures provides recreation and relaxation. Usually they are small in height. Sections of the fence perfectly breathable and light, so along they planted a curly flowers. To understand how to make your own hands in the country fences of various models should be explored themed video scenes.

Country wooden fences mostly have the function of outlining the plot and act as stylized decorations. This is evidenced by photos of decorative fences at the cottage with his own hands, most often spread in the network. However, with the advent of new alternative materials, affordable to everyone, in country towns there is a lot of modern fences.

A wooden fence can be made more beautiful with flowers and greenery

Fences for the garden: photos of affordable fencing

Remain popular country fences of various types of mesh. These cheap fences to give good protection functions of the site from unwanted intrusion. Use at the cottage camouflage nets to the fence makes the area unavailable for review, simultaneously flowing air and sunlight. To complete protecting functions, the scrim is applied to the metal.

To the group of inexpensive but high-quality fences include fences made of profiled sheets. This material allows to erect constructions of any height, and the ability to combine gives you the opportunity to combine it with metal, stone and wood. Light weight, easy installation and durability of the corrugated sheet makes it especially important for gardeners. Please note that the fence of metal profile is obtained deaf, and this should be considered when planting.

The most popular and affordable material for a fence is a corrugated sheet

The configuration of the fences of corrugated Board is very diverse. This can be a continuous sheet mounted on a metal frame, separate sections, enclosed in a border and spans made with brick pillars. More expensive option of the fence is the combination of the corrugated sheet carved and wrought iron inserts. This fence fits well into the exterior, where there are wrought iron bars on the Windows or a graceful canopy with elements of forging.

One of the youngest generations of fences are construction of a metal fence. This type of fence is especially fond of gardeners. A fence made of eurostudent has a translucent appearance, it’s neat and very easy to install. The choice of color straps are very diverse and you decide whether it’s green, blending in with the greenery of the site or, conversely, contrasting, emphasizing the natural landscape.

A creative approach to the construction of the fence will help the presence of corrugated sheets and old tiles

A useful tip! Metal fence is produced with rounded upper straps or ends in the form of “peaks”. Given the architectural style, you can choose the most appropriate form of stripes.

A fence of eurostudent can be installed on a small concrete parapet in the form of sections with brick pillars. This makes it easy design are more massive. Assembly is very simple, the finished product has clean lines that perfectly illustrates photos of fences on the dacha with his hands from a metal fence.

An interesting solution may be the use of gabion metal mesh

Appreciated by fans of country existence design plastic fences for the garden. These fences are a viable alternative to analogues from traditional materials. The range of models and colour options is very wide, they are easy to install, does not require additional processing, and the service life of them many times greater than wood and metal. Framing plastic fencing can not only perimeter, but also flower beds, flower beds and recreational areas.

Fences for garden cheap. Prices, photos of fences

To purchase affordable fences, you can visit the websites of the manufacturers of these products. Experts believe that buy a cheap fence to give (prices indicated in the price lists) does not always mean to lose in quality. Organizations offer cheap, but reliable and durable designs of enclosures with installation or without it.

Stylish fencing obtained from strips or bars of different heights

At the request of the client, it is possible to manufacture an exclusive instance of the fence, which analogues will not be none of the neighbors. Manufacturers guarantee observance of all technologies of manufacture and durability of the fence, despite the budget price. Attracts and that the company satisfy the customers ‘ requests with any level of financial capability.

Before you make an order, check on the website with photos of the presented models and prices. The approximate cost of some types of fence are presented below.

Prices on wooden structures:

Model ograzhdeniya fence mana for 1 p. m, relatiively fence with gaps 2 CM1,5от 10901,7 from 11001,8 from 11152от 1115Деревянный fence глухой1,5от 11951от 9951,8 from 9952от 1215Деревянный fence “Checkerboard”1.5 11951,7 from 9951,8 from 9952от 1215


A fence made of wooden fence installed in a “checkerboard”

The price of a fence made of profiled sheet:

Type ograzhdeniya fence mana for 1 p. m, rubratoxin sheet 0.4 thickness of sheet 0.5 macradenia of profiled galvanized steel sheet with two horizontal направляющими1,5от 835от 8601,7 from 890от 9101,8 from 910от 9402от 975от 1005Ограждение of profiled galvanized steel sheet with three horizontal направляющими1,5от 915от 9341,7 from 970от 9931,8 from 989от 1022от 1055от1085Ограждение made of steel sheet coated with a color polymer, with two horizontal направляющими1,5от 920от 9721,7 from 987от 10471,8 from 1015от 10752от 1085от 1160Ограждение made of steel sheet coated with a color polymer, with three horizontal направляющими1,5от 995от 10521,7 from 1065от 11271,8 from 1095от 11552от 1177от 1240


A high fence made of metal profile creates a courtyard convenience

The price of a fence made of eurostudent:

Model ograzhdeniya fence mana for 1 p. m. a Fence of metallotechnica, covered in colored plastic, two guides from 1080 1,5 1,7 1,8 from from 1165 1225 2от 1289Ограждение from metallotechnica covered with a colored polymer, with three guides from 1165 1,5 1,7 1,8 from from 1252 1285 1375 2от


The eurostudent has good wear resistance

The cost of the fence from a metal grid “Netting”:

Model ograzhdeniya fence mana for 1 p. m, Solid fence from the grid “Netting” from 255 1,5 1,7 1,8 from 298 from 298 2 320Ограждение mesh in metal frames (sections)of 1,5 1,8 from 526 591 635 2от


Mesh Netting is a twisted steel wire

To fence the plot, not necessarily to buy expensive materials. You can install a sturdy fence to give your hands cheap. Photo of beautiful and quality fences clearly confirm this. Use the ready-made ideas for examples and inspiration.


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