Finishing wooden house inside. Photos of the original interiors

Quite an important stage of construction is finishing wooden house inside. Photos of finished interiors, presented in a large quantity in any media, amaze with its splendor and originality. From high-quality internal finishing of houses, made of wood, is not only beauty, but also longevity of the house. Observing all rules and subtleties, with such a serious job you can easily handle yourself without attracting masters.

Cozy living room wooden house

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  • 1 Finishing wooden house inside. Photo style solutions
  • 2 milestones
  • 3 Zakonopachivajut
  • 4 walls
  • 5 ceiling Decoration
  • 6 floor Finish
  • 7 a photo of the inside separate wooden houses (video)

Finishing wooden house inside. Photo style solutions

Many owners of wooden buildings think for the interior you should follow all modern trends and use modern building technology. In this case, all the beauty of wood hiding under layers of drywall, plaster and other materials. This approach leads not only to damage the entire home, but also to the fact that to enjoy the beauty of the wood will be impossible.

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Leaving the wooden house in its original form, it is possible to access a huge number of possibilities for the realization of original style solutions and unique interiors in country style.

Do not hide the natural beauty of the wood under modern finishing materials


Quality finish requires a phased implementation of some activities. The interior decoration include:

  • zakonopachivajut walls;
  • finish with paneling or timber imitation;
  • filing of the ceiling;
  • laying the floor covering;
  • staining;
  • painting.

The wooden walls in the spacious living room


Such work must be carried out not only during the construction of wooden houses, but also through a period after the final shrinkage. Caulked walls, you can reduce the drafts in the room to increase the insulation heat fluxes. For these purposes, perfectly felt, hemp, or other fibrous materials. Still some buildings in the old way using moss – eco-friendly and heat-insulating material.

The decoration of the bedrooms feature natural wood

Caulk the wall must at the same time outside and inside the building. Works begin to carry out bottom-up, gradually filling all the cracks and holes. For better sealing you can use a special tool.

The tree in making a child’s

A useful tip! You need to caulk from around the perimeter of the house. It is strictly forbidden to repair the cracks in the wall. If its height will increase by 5-20 cm, the frame can warp.

Made of natural wood in modern kitchen


Modern construction market offers a large number of different panels, allowing you to quickly and easily perform the interior finishing of wooden houses. Photos of the different options demonstrate the originality and uniqueness to each species. Look good wall sheathed with conventional paneling; luxurious and noble – trimmed with imitation timber.

The walls, floor and the bathroom ceiling is made of wooden panels

Proceed to the cladding need only after completion of all works for carrying out communications and electricity. Every wall and check for level. If they are sufficiently smooth, then the casing can be produced without pre-mounted frame, if not, will need training crates. It is performed perpendicularly to the laying of the basic material.

Large Windows allow you to maintain the natural connection of a wooden house with nature

Lath crates fastened at a distance of approximately 40-70 cm after the preparatory work, the space between the rails is filled with any insulating material. This measure will increase the heat and sound insulation of the room. The insulation is fixed using special fasteners – mushrooms or additional batten if required the laying of second layer of insulation.

Children’s room with a wooden interior in the attic

As mentioned above, can be performed using different materials of internal finishing of wooden houses. Photo with wood or imitation timber interiors below. Such wood products before lining is required to check carefully for damage, knots, chips. All such places should be treated with special putty and sanded. Only after that the wood can be covered with stain and subsequently, cover the paint compositions.

An example of a design of a wooden house

A useful tip! For internal finishing of wooden items suitable semi-gloss paint. The use of glossy makeup in several layers will result unnatural and unpleasant Shine.

Wood combined with modern materials

Ceiling decoration

There are many types of ceilings for interior decoration of wooden houses. Photo of ceiling panels of caisson type are striking in their beauty and refinement. They are a mix of wooden beams and decorative panels. Look good in wooden houses painted ceilings, emphasizing national style rooms.

Trim and furniture in the house made of wood

The ceiling can also be clad with clapboard. This process is similar to that of paneling. But you can leave it as is. Natural wood with cracks and splits, naked steel I-beams look great in the interior in country style.

The use in the decoration of the living room different kinds of wood

Pay special attention to rooms with high humidity. Here the use of wood as finishing coat and not rational. For bathrooms and kitchens will fit ceilings that are available today with a variety of pattern or tint.

Creative approach to the design of the bedroom in a wooden house

The floor finish

For a wooden house is well suited flooring is made of natural planks. Treated with preservative and lacquering, they emphasize the overall theme of decoration. As a substitute for natural wood modern manufacturers can offer the laminate. The floor finish in this way significantly reduces the time of work.

Interior kitchen with wood

On the draft floor is also worth a pack heater to rid the room of excess cold bridges. You can use ordinary mineral wool, foil-coated insulators and bulk materials. Thermal insulation material is placed along the main beams. Laid between the insulation and the finishing coating must leave the technological gap of about 2 cm.

Living room is decorated with natural wood

As you can see, nothing complicated in the interior decoration of a wooden house. Photos of interiors will help you choose the best option that suits a particular room.

A photo of the inside separate wooden houses (video)


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