Flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo original ideas

For residents of private homes spring is a special time when your country site it is possible to realize the most daring ideas, transforming the world around them in a magical garden, wild flower garden or an unusual Park. Investing your love and labor, you will certainly enjoy further relaxation in your garden. Pleasantly pleasing to the eye will be the flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo of scenic options for prompt ideas for the upcoming season.

The design of metal beds made in the shape of a Bicycle

The contents

  • 1 design of the flowerbeds in the yard of a private house with his own hands
  • 2 Types of flower beds in the yard of a private house with his own hands: photo most common
  • 3 Steps to create flowerbeds in the yard of a private house: photo-illustration of the preparatory work
    • 3.1 Phase 1. Choose a place for flower beds
    • 3.2 Stage 2. Determine the type of soil
    • 3.3 Stage 3.Loosening the soil
  • 4 Fill the flower garden in the yard of a private house: photo popular colors
  • Planted 5 plants in the flower beds in the yard of a private house: photos of stages of work
  • 6 the Correct design of the beds with their own hands: photo examples
  • 7 Caring for the flower garden at home: photos of beautiful flower beds
  • 8 the Unusual design of the flowerbeds in the yard of a private house: photo gallery
    • 8.1 Flower arrangement using old vehicles
    • 8.2 Mini-flower beds in containers of scrap materials
    • 8.3 Wooden flowerbed palette

The design of the flowerbeds in the yard of a private house with his own hands

Hard to imagine a modern beautiful country site on which the flowers grow. Flower beds and front gardens bring residents joy to their appearance and aroma.

Flower beds created by professional gardeners and landscape designers, sometimes simply astonishing. Intricate compositions and a combination of bright unusual colors captivate at first sight. If you are a gardening newbie and self-arrangement of flower beds for you new, refrain from excessively complex compositions.

Bright flowerbed in the yard of a private house

Break the flower garden alone is a troublesome business which takes time and certain knowledge. So for the first time, it would be better to set a realistic goal and gradually go to its implementation. Over time, gaining experience, you will be able to create a unique flower bed that will be the subject of your joy and pride.

Flower beds adorn the facade and entrance of the cottage

The types of flower beds in the yard of a private house with his own hands: photo most common

According to the method of arrangement and shape of the flowerbeds are divided into several basic types:

  • the mixed borders of flowers of mixed type, and width. This is usually a flowery strip along fences, house walls or garden paths;
  • modular flowerbeds – a more complex view of the flower garden, which includes not only plants, but also decorative paving, small architectural forms;

Clay pots can become the basis for unusual floral arrangements

  • specimen – bed, where all plants have a common characteristic: color, height, shape of foliage. Usually such a flower be placed separately in a place where it will be clearly visible;
  • border – flower-bed-strip of a width not exceeding 50 cm are Planted in these flower beds small densely growing flowers. Good use of curbs to separate one element of the complex flower beds.
  • rockeries – a harmonious blend of rocks and plants in the garden. To get a more simple name for such a flower beds, stone garden;

Mixborders of flowers of different heights decorating the fence

  • ridges – a long low bed with flowers. It is rarely used by itself, often as a part of the big beds;
  • rock garden – the flower garden, which is based on plants of the Alpine and subalpine flora.

The steps of creating flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo-illustration of the preparatory work

The details of gardening supply. Internet resources a complete user tips on how to properly prepare the soil, choose and plant the flowers, the original design of the flowerbed. Step by step look at all necessary actions for preparation of the future flower garden.

Climbing plants and flowers in pots are decorative elements of the canopy attached to the house

Step 1. Choose a place for flower beds

Practically all (with rare exceptions) flowers that usually grow in flower beds, sun. From this it is obvious that the place is best to choose a Sunny and preferably without drafts.

If your chosen site is lawn grass, after it must be removed. If this place is open ground – enough to clean it with the root by removing all the weeds.

Various options for the location of a circular flower bed

A useful tip! To get rid of the turf very easily with a shovel. Just cut it into small pieces and padeva shovel, remove.

Step 2. Determine the type of soil

With effort and imagination, you can break the flower at almost any land with any soil. Using sand to improve overly heavy clay soil. In too light a soil, you can add a stone flour or clay soil. Also a great fertilizer for any soil is compost. It improves the fertility, structure, breathability and liquid release. For the same purpose can be used peat.

The right selection of plants will create a beautiful flower garden regardless of soil type

Step 3.Loosening the soil

In order to evenly distribute the supplements made and simultaneously fill the soil with oxygen, it is necessary to dig over the soil with the garden fork to a depth of about 25 cm, Thus creating the most favorable conditions for the development of the root system of flowers.

An important stage of the installation of garden beds preparation of soil for planting

The best time to perform all steps of the spring. It is always better to begin with simple actions such as soil preparation. When you follow these simple steps, you will have time to reflect on how should look your bed in the future. It will also help to take into account all the nuances of the soil and terrain that it is necessary for the correct selection of plants.

Fill the flower garden in the yard of a private house: photo popular colors

First, consider what can vary between plants for flower beds. First, they can be annual or perennial, that is, the period of their growth can be one or more seasons. Second, plants can be blooming or not blooming.

Scheme beds of perennials, flowering in the first year: 1 — stem-rose “Pleniflora” in different colors; 2 — sunflower desjatilopastnye; 3 — Mac Icelandic; 4 — Hypericum “Hidcote”; 5 — Lobelia cardinal; 6 — Catnip “Nepeta faassenii”; 7 — bell Pozharsky; 8 — catananche “Blue Cupid”; 9 — Geum perennial; 10 — Sedum prominent; 11 — geyhera hybrid “Miracle”

The best option are the flower beds of mixed type. The combination of different colors gives a more varied palette. The drawback of using only annual plants can be called a necessity every year to start over. With perennial flowers, on the contrary, a well-established kind of beds may eventually get bored. Better if the outlines of the flowerbeds will be maintained, but you can repeatedly change its content according to their own desires.

In the flower bed combines different types of flowers

Perennial flowers are divided into three types:

  • time-consuming;
  • moderately time-consuming;
  • unpretentious.

Obviously, for beginners or not very experienced gardeners fit perfectly in all the colors of the categories unpretentious. Consider what colors that relate to each type.

Low-growing varieties of flowers is perfect for decoration Alpine gardens or rockeries

Unpretentious flowers are not fussy and does not require special conditions for growth. They are able to survive with a significant lack of lighting, humidity and nutrition of the soil. Various diseases and pests also will not cause them any harm. Moreover, such plants can take many years to grow in one place without a transplant and to endure the cold.

A bed of poppies, of natural stone

Bed created with your own hands using these colors, requires minimal attention – to water the plants during the dry season and processed in spring. Such unpretentious and beautiful colors quite a lot of: geranium, musk mallow, gentian, poppies, goldenrod, monkshood, Brunner and many others.

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Is moderately labor-intensive flowers – those that do not require special care, but whimsical to the environment. This group includes plants that require periodic transplants (once in 2-3 years). This could include: carnation, iris, sage, cornflower, Campanula, Echinacea, arabis, etc.

Echinacea is resistant to adverse conditions and has a spectacular appearance

The group time consuming colors subject only to experienced gardeners who can every day to do their garden. These plants are very vulnerable and are afraid of pests, diseases and cold weather. Moreover, care requires complex agricultural technology. Such troublesome colors include almost all bulbs: lilies, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, roses, begonias, evening primrose.

A useful tip! To make the flower bed variety, you can add pots or planters with ornamental plants. This will bring a special charm to your flower garden.

The rosary will be a real decoration of the infield

Will help to diversify the bed more decorative objects. For example, natural stone, wood, glass and even plastic, you can put a small fence. Garden decorations, sculptures, and homemade items also will not be superfluous in the flower garden.

Raise the plants in the flower beds in the yard of a private house: photos of stages of work

For most plants, especially perennial, is preferable to planting seedlings. Follow some simple rules for planting these flowers, you will not have to worry whether they will survive in your flower garden.

Step 1. Drizzle the sprouts with water so the soil is saturated with moisture. After 15 minutes, remove the plant from the pot, taking care not to damage the root system

Before you transplant the seedlings in the ground, pour water on it and leave it on for a short period of time so the soil is saturated with moisture. Sufficient humidity earthen clod is very important for a successful planting.

Ensure that you carefully remove the seedlings from the pots. In this case, you should always give preference to the integrity of the root system of the plant, and in case of any difficulty when removing the earthen coma with no regrets slitting plastic pots.

Step 2. For each plant, prepare the hole. The flower should be placed in the hole so that the edge of the clod of earth was on the same level with the soil surface

Then dig the hole, separate for each plant. The soil at the bottom of the hole trying to loosen. Put the ground ball in the recess so that its edges are flush with the surface of the earth. All of the remaining space around the root system covered with earth and slightly stamps.

A useful tip! Before you put a plant in the ground, it is useful to spread a little thickly interwoven roots of flowers. This can be done by hand.

Step 3. Free space around the root system and cover with soil and lightly tamp. Remember that the first time after planting, the plants need to be watered more frequently

After planting the seedling bed should be watered every day, the plants have taken root. Then you can go to a free chart, which depends on weather conditions and the needs of your chosen colors.

The correct design of the beds with their own hands: photo examples

In order for your flower bed has become a real decoration of the site, necessary to consider how there will be flowers. The most winning option – the creation of a background and color spots on it. In the background are perfect perennial plants with very bright flowers but beautiful leaves. In particular, you can use a herbaceous, conifers and small shrubs. For accent colors better suit a bright annual flowers.

Schematic design of ridges, consisting of perennial plants

When planning the arrangement of colors in a flower bed, be sure to consider the site survey. If the bed is in the center of the site and is visible from all sides, the flowers must be planted symmetrically. The highest take place in the center, and low plants are located at the edges. This will allow you to see all the components of the flower garden regardless of where you are.

Flower beds adorn the Seating area in the garden

If the bed is located at the fence or wall, the area becomes much smaller and it is dictated by other design rules. Tall plants should be planted in the background – near the wall or fence to low-growing flowers were in the foreground.

Scheme mixborders of perennials: 1 — geranium Endress; 2 — cuff soft; 3 — geranium majestic; 4 — coreopsis whorled; 5 — cinquefoil shrub; 6 — yarrow of ptarmica; 7 — decorative bow; 8 — lofant anise; 9 — verbena bonarka; 10 boxwood; 11 — decorative wormwood; 12 — lofant; 13 — Echinacea purpurea; 14 — lavatera; 15 — clematis

Care of the flower garden at home: photos of beautiful flower beds

In order that the flower retains its aesthetic appearance, you need regularly to care for it. The necessary procedures for the care of the flowerbed:

  • the soil between the plants is necessary to periodically loosen. This improves gas exchange and helps to retain moisture. You can also mulch the ground between plants. It is best to use sawdust or bark;

Thanks to the regular care of a flower garden will delight the eye throughout the warm season

  • in some cases, it is recommended to cut the flower stalks immediately after flowering. This gives a more lush plant growth, and sometimes leads to repeat flowering. And in all cases this has a positive effect on the appearance of flower beds;
  • you need to regularly weed the flower bed and remove weeds;
  • for plants with high stalks should be set up. It does not allow them to bend or break from strong winds or under its own weight. Backup you can easily make your own from scrap materials or buy ready-made at a specialty store.

Flowerbed arranged in the courtyard of a country house

A useful tip! To easily remove the weeds with roots, pre-water the flowerbed. Raw, the soil becomes more pliable, which greatly facilitates the work.

The unusual design of the flowerbeds in the yard of a private house: photo gallery

Creating flower beds is an unlimited Playground for your imagination. Here is the place any ideas and experiments. A flower bed can become a work of art that sets the tone for the entire gardening area, making it unique and original. We consider several variants of flower beds, the forms which determine the shape of the whole plot.

Flower arrangement using old vehicles

For this purpose you can use any old vehicles unfit for use. Often, to throw them a pity and over the years, they stand idle in the shed or garage. Thanks to your imagination, such things can find a new life. In the course can go to everything: bicycles, motorcycles, old cars and even boats.

Original flowerbed in the yard of a country house

To create a flower garden using a Bicycle or motorcycle must be mounted on the frame, front and rear racks spacious containers in which you can plant flowers. To combine all the elements, it is recommended to paint them in uniform colors. This will give the mood of the whole structure. An important advantage of this type of flower bed – mobility. The opportunity at any time to move it to another location significantly expands the options for future use of space.

The bed of the vehicle will become a unique element of design of adjoining territory

In the case of using old boats or car bed will get fixed, but more three-dimensional. The boat is perfect for creating decorative pots. To do this firmly enough to pin her on the ground and fill with soil. The same principle use in the case of the car. Remove all the unnecessary parts: seats, engine, filling the boot and bonnet. Then you can proceed to the decoration.

An old Bicycle, painted in a bright color is a great option for flower bed

With the help of special mesh, filled with nutritious soil, you can draw horizontal and some vertical surfaces. It is best to use in this case, curly or a small border flowers.

A useful tip! For the arrangement of “transport” beds better use of the spacious outdoor lawn. Otherwise, the design will take up too much space, and clutter the space.

As the beds there may be a variety of vehicles – from bicycles to boats

Mini-flower beds in containers of scrap materials

Create a miniature flower beds in containers is an elegant solution to two problems: design of the suburban area and getting rid of old unnecessary things. Moreover, this arrangement of colors will help to protect them from children and Pets. To create a mini flower beds you can use anything from old plumbing to unnecessary clothing and shoes.

Flowers growing in wooden boxes, mobile and attractive option flowerbeds

A very original look flowers planted in old boots. Thus, the larger the Shoe size, the more interesting it can be to make. To make flower pot from nosivshihsya shoes simple: you need to make a few holes in the soles that will help to equip the drainage system. Then the inner part of the Shoe is filled with earth and planted flowers inside.

Interesting and unusual look mini flower beds, arranged in the Shoe

The obvious advantage of this improvised container – it’s easy to rearrange them in a convenient location. You can always put it on the porch, on the fence or on the stairs. This will allow you to decorate the interior at the right moment. From disadvantage is the need for daily watering and weekly fertilizing.

Old birdcage can be a good basis for creating flower beds

Also a great basis for a mini-flower beds can be an old toy cars of sufficient size, leather bags and briefcases, cracked pitcher, etc.

Wooden bed-palette

Such an unusual and original flower bed is quite simple to manufacture and does not require complicated skills to work with wood. The materials you will need:

  • a sheet of plywood;
  • wooden bars;
  • manual milling cutter on the contour;
  • varnish or paint for the woodwork.

The option of design wooden beds-palettes

You must first cut the shape of the palette is the required size. Then make holes for the pots the desired diameter. On the back side of the structure there are two legs so that the surface was located at a slight angle. To increase the life of the flower garden, from the outside and from the backside it is covered with a special varnish or paint for wood. After drying can be pasted inside the pots with bright colors.

“Flowerbed of the artist” original and looks quite simple in execution

A great solution for a flower garden will be the pots of petunias, nasturtiums or violas. And don’t forget to Supplement the composition with a rake and shovel, because these are the tools of the gardener-artist, whom he “draws” the world around them.

To create beauty in the surrounding space – that is the true vocation of man. Using the above recommendations, you will be able to create a unique flower bed that will delight you every day throughout the warm season.


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