Flowerbed of tires with your own hands: photo beds of the wheel tires, and walkthroughs for its creation

Every owner of a country house is committed to decorate the area surrounding the site. Buy industrial pots made of concrete or plastic modules quickly solves this problem, but is accompanied by serious costs. In order to save, you can use a step by step guide for creating such a simple product, like a flowerbed of tires with your own hands: photo beds of wheel tires and practical advice to help navigate this issue.

Flowerbed of tires is a simple and inexpensive way to give the personality

The contents
1 the Desirability of making beds of tires with their hands
  1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of products from tires
2 Types and photos of the flowerbeds of tires with their hands
3 Photos of the beds of the wheel tires with your hands and advice before starting work
  3.1 Useful tips for working with tires
  3.2 How to paint a bed of tires: photo, manual
4 Flowerbed of tires with your own hands: photo beds of wheel and tire technology to create
5 features of creating flower beds out of the wheel tire with his own hands: photo and tips on making flower beds in the form of objects
  5.1 Manufacture of beds of the tires in the form of a pot: manual
  5.2 step-by-Step instructions create and photo flowerbeds of tires in the form of a vase on a stem
  5.3 Technology of creation of a tea set of tires
6 Creating flower beds from the tires with your hands: video and recommendations for choosing colors

The feasibility of manufacturing beds of tires with their hands

Create a flower bed on the plot is one of the most effective ways to improve the landscape. Original and colourful design products will become the object of everyone’s attention. Often, flower beds are made from scrap materials such as car tires. This moment is caused by the fact that the rubber, which made the wheel easily to different types of treatment. It has a flexible and elastic structure, which allows to give the products desired shape.

Bright flowerbed of tires in the yard of a country house

Using flower beds for the manufacture of tires, you also care about the environment. Most motorists eject the used tires to a landfill, where they take up valuable space and pollute the environment. If you do not have at hand material, you can ask neighbors who do not need the old tires.

Suspended flower beds out of tires

Tires can be painted. To improve the ornamental characteristics of many owners of suburban areas complement their appearance other materials, creating a flower with a unique appearance.

A useful tip! Flowerbed of tires can be not only decoration with decorative and functional addition to the site. It is suitable for growing seedlings, herbs, strawberries, etc.

Composition of colored car tires

Advantages and disadvantages of products from tires

Numerous photos of the beds of the tire with your hands, which you can see in the network, indicate that the main advantage of rubber products is its originality.

There are other advantages:

  • simple and straightforward production technology;
  • opportunity to achieve interesting forms due to the peculiarities of the material;

For beds from old tires perfect a variety of climbing plants

  • the ability to perform staining of the finished products;
  • external appeal;
  • low costs (subject to the availability of waste tires).

Disadvantages to this method of creating flower beds are almost there. The downside can be considered just that not all owners of summer cottages find attractive the option of material as a car tire. Some of them tend to be more elegant or simple flower beds that do not require time and effort to manufacture.

Worn out tires can be original decoration of the infield


Types and pictures of the flowerbeds of tires with their hands

To create an original flower garden from the wheel tires do not need to have special skills and knowledge. You only need to familiarize yourself with the basic information to have on hand manual and appropriate tools.

By type of construction distinguish the following types of beds:

  • low;
  • round;
  • high;
  • single;

Vases made from used tyres

  • figure;
  • stacked;
  • suspended.

Round flowerbed in its original form is the simplest and concise version of the design. Enough to paint the lid your favorite color, fill it with earth and plant the plants.

A useful tip! To perform an interesting composition from the whole tire, it is enough to paint them in different colors and stack on top of each other, forming high beds. They can be at the same level relative to each other or have different heights.

Multi-level composition of tyres, painted in bright colors

Multilevel designs are based on tires with different diameters. They are placed on top of each other (in the order of decreasing size) and fill with soil. On the basis of the pyramid can be stacked and conventional tires of the same size. Only in this case the base of the structure is placed a certain number of wheels and with each tier is the number reduced.

Flowerbeds hanger type fastened to the pipe, a tree branch chain or rope, pre-blocking the bottom of any material. This kind of flower garden is created with planters.

Tires of the same size laid out on the principle of pyramid


Photos flower beds of the wheel tires with your hands and advice before starting work

To begin, you should decide the design and its dimensions based on the materials and size of the area where you will install the bed. You need to consider that large areas it is recommended to install a large and robust articles. Suitable tiered flower type or arrangement of a large number of small flowerbeds.

Tips to create your own hands a flower bed from tyres in the photo that you liked.

Composition of suspended tires in different colors


Useful tips for working with tires

There are a few useful recommendations universal. They can be used in the manufacture of flower beds any type of tires.

The rules for creating a good flowerbed:

  • rubber, designed for operation in conditions of winter roads, is more pliable and much easier to work than the summer. It does not require much effort when cutting;
  • when choosing tires it is better to choose those that are most worn. Rubber on these wheels is so thin, was soft, that will simplify the processing;

The sleek design of the flowerbeds of tires

  • tires with worn tread are much more amenable to eversion;
  • in the primary stage of the creation of flower beds always prepares the material to work. This tyre is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and foreign objects;
  • if you intend to cut shaped elements, it is necessary to apply pre-marking to facilitate the cutting of the material, to make the outcome precise and accurate. For these purposes, it is best to use markers, chalk.

Flower beds, broken in old car tires

A useful tip! Use of tires imported. Products from these manufacturers is much softer and thinner than domestic companies.


How to paint a bed of tires: photo, manual

It is not recommended to leave the bed intact after working on it a form will be completed. The product is black color looks unsightly. Before starting work you should have paint and materials for the decoration of the flower garden. Consider in advance the future design. To diversify the look of a bed will allow vivid colors. They can be combined.

Colorful flower beds of different heights, made from tires

Allowed usage:

  • patterns;
  • drawings;
  • geometric images.

Rubber is a specific material that requires special handling. For coloring products made of car tires you can use the following types of paints:

  • auto;
  • oil;
  • the nitro;
  • enamel.

The flowerbed is best to paint with both external and internal parties

To improve adhesive properties of the oil the coloring composition, it is recommended to treat the rubber surface primer. This preparatory procedure will get rid of any rough edges and irregularities that may be on the lid. Optimal in this case will be part of primer GF-021. It will reduce paint consumption. To enhance the strength of the coating, in the primer, you can add a small amount of the adhesive PVA.

The options of painting old tires

The bed should be painted not only with external but also with internal parties. Since the black edges will still show through green spaces. Apply primer on the surface of the product with a brush. The dyeing process can begin only after it is completely dry.

A useful tip! The dye in the aerosol cans reduce the time required for the coloring process, which will last only 20-30 minutes. Thanks to the spray paint falls evenly.

The vibrant patterns can turn an ordinary tyre into a work of art


Flowerbed of tires with your own hands: photo beds of wheel and tire technology to create

At first glance it may seem that worn-out rubber tires is not the best material for making beds. The rounded shape of the tyre itself looks quite simple and boring. But this does not mean that the design of the beds of this material is strictly limited to its original shape.

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Flexible rubber allows you to get fancy and come up with many variants that are suitable for creating flower garden on the site. Most of these products do not cause thoughts that the material for their manufacture was old tires.

Vases of tires in the yard of a private house

Conventionally, the most popular design options can be divided into several categories:

  • the objects (vase, items of a tea set, for example, Cup, teapot);
  • birds (flamingos, swans, chickens, parrots, penguins);
  • flowers;
  • animals (turtles, frogs, pigs);
  • curly objects (pots and flowerbeds with original slits and curved shapes).

Ease of processing and material features enable you to create from old car tires unique objects of landscape design

Each design style has its own characteristics of production. Using guidelines for creating beautiful flower gardens of tires, you can easily fill your site with original articles.


Features of creating flower beds out of the wheel tire with his own hands: photo and tips on making flower beds in the form of objects

Flower beds in the form of volume pots often can be seen on the territory of suburban areas. Such structures are simple to implement and have a spectacular appearance. To start is to take care of the necessary tools, materials and related devices:

  • sharp knife;
  • of stones or pebbles of various sizes (additional decoration);

Various options of beds from old tires

  • tires;
  • the coloring composition;
  • primer;
  • chalk (soap, marker) for marking;
  • the metal mesh;
  • brush.

A useful tip! To quickly and easily cope with the reveal of rubber, it is recommended to use a grinder or electric jigsaw. In the absence of power tools may be used a knife with a sharp point. Soak it in soapy water that will help greatly facilitate the work.

Flowerbed of tires in the form of a hand truck

The simplest flowerbed in the form of a turtle will require two identical tires, old rubber ball and spring. One tire laid on the ground and remains intact (it will be a trunk), the second is cropped so that ultimately left four pieces of the same size. The cropped parts are fixed to the structure. These will be the legs. With the help of the spring (neck) on the torso, the head in the form of a ball.

The steps of creating flower beds in the form of a turtle of two tires: 1 — for the legs of a turtle cut one of the tires into 4 equal parts; 2 — attach the cut off part of the bus bar in the slots of a tyre, fix a plastic bottle that will serve as the turtle’s head; 3 — color and zadekorirovat the finished design

The finished product is painted. Dorisovyvaet the necessary details: eyes, nostrils, mouth. According to this principle, you can create shapes of other animals.


Manufacture of beds of the tires in the form of a pot: manual

The technology of manufacturing of this product involves the twisting of the tire on the wrong side. That’s why it’s so important to choose tyres with soft and fine rubber.


  • Cut petals.
  • The twisting of the tire on the wrong side.
  • Coloring and decoration of the finished product.

Pots from tires adorn the yard of a private house

The shape of petals can be different:

  • triangular;
  • rectangular;
  • wavy;
  • round;
  • in the form of leaves;
  • abstract, etc.

These petals will later be located at the edge of the flowerpot.

Marking with chalk or soap is applied on top of the tire (on one side). Using the tool for cutting (scissors or a jigsaw) you should perform the cuts according to the planned lines.

Step 1. Cut the petals of the future pot

The twisting of the tire on the wrong side will require some skill and some effort. To achieve the desired result, you need to flip the tire one-piece face up, hands to grab product over the boundary line just made cuts at the bottom, and by pushing the protector, gently Unscrew it. Approximately half of the work performed tire should flatten into an oval. Then turn it inside out, it will be easier.

Step 2. The twisting of the tire on the wrong side

The last step will be staining the finished product in the selected color. It is better if the shade will be in harmony with the General appearance of the site. Solid looks attractive, but the variety of colors will make the bed more spectacular.

Step 3. Coloring and decoration of the finished product


Step by step instructions create and photo flowerbeds of tires in the form of a vase on a stem

The easiest way to make a standing bed to a previously described version of the product to attach 3-4 feet. To create them you can use a semi-circular tyre chips (the area near the disk), bent pipe or rebar.

The steps of creating a pot on the stem of automobile tires

To create a more sustainable flower garden you can use a tire equipped with a metal disk. Technology implementation is almost the same as in the previous case: the wheel is placed on a level surface and apply markings in the shape of petals and cuts to the tread. Both parts of the tyre turned inside out.

Important! A small part of the bus remains with the disc. It should not be removed. This element will be used as legs for the pot.

Examples of pots on the leg, made of tires

The elements are stacked on top of each other to make a big pot on the leg. Before planting it is necessary to paint. The decoration can be quite varied:

  • staining products under flower (color top, green bottom);
  • imitation concrete, or metal pot (depends on color of paint);
  • the application of beautiful patterns or images;
  • decorating with stones, bits of glass, shells and other items.

Pot on the leg of an old tire, located in the garden


The technology of creating the tea set of tires

Tea set Cup and teapot to create simply. For the teapot, you will need three tires with different diameters. The biggest size tire fit underneath. She will serve as the bottom. On top of it to fit the other two tires. And the least of them must be the middle of the structure, and on top of it is placed the one more (but lower).

Flowerbed in the form of a maker of automobile tires

For the formation of the spout and the handle will need tubes. The spout is made out of the gutters with curved shape. For handle you can use common pipe, the diameter of which is 3 cm. She needs to take the form of a hook. Crafting these items, they should be applied to the design to secure and outline the line of cuts where they can later be inserted and secured.

Flowerbed Cup looks original and simple in execution

The Cup is made from three tires of different sizes. Take a few tires from the car. Will also need a larger tire from the truck. It will serve as the basis for the creation of a saucer. For this purpose, the product cut off the tip. Both edges (inside and outside of the wheel) are processed so that there is a flat portion, resembling a saucer. It slightly deepens in the soil, and on top of the installed tire of a passenger car (one another).

The items received a tea set filled with soil in which are planted flowers.

Various options of beds, made in the form of items of the tea set


Creating flowerbeds from the tires with your hands: video and recommendations for choosing colors

Beds resembling animals, partially are made from whole and chopped tires. Flower garden Swan is one of the most difficult ways of making a bed. It includes a method of reversing the tires. But it is a complicated layout.

Beds in the form of swans, created from car tires

Cutting with an electric jigsaw needs to be precise and accurate. To make the curved neck of the bird and lock it in this position, you should use a wire. The decor is done in such a way that externally, the bed was like a Swan. The beak is made separately.

The circuit performance of the Swan from car tires

A useful tip! Ready the flower bed cover with soil, she planted flowers. For this purpose, suitable cascading plants (Petunia, pelargonium, Thumbelina) or basket type (those that have flexible shoots of great length). Overhanging shoots covered with flowers look very beautiful.

To create compositions with a combined height will fit the following colors:

  • the petunias;
  • marigolds;
  • Pansy.

Flower beds made of old tires serve as a decorative element of the space under the canopy

In the Central part you can put dahlias, Phlox, plants with unusual form and foliage. They will attract the mind, to focus attention in the required point.

Having tried simple ways of making flower gardens out of old tires, you can move on to more complex designs. Tyres suitable for beds in the form of snails, frogs, parrots, zebras, bears, turtles.


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