Gabion with his own hands: step by step instructions create stone designs on the site

Landscape construction is an effective way to Refine the territory of the country or suburban area, to make it unique. Many owners of private houses use various tricks, since registration paths ending with green hedges. By far the most popular method of land are gabions with their hands: step by step instructions so simple that the construction of the structure can be addressed independently.

Gabion is a structure made of metal frame (grid) filled with stones or other material

The contents

  • 1 What is a gabion: a General definition and description
    • 1.1 scope of the structures
    • 1.2 advantages of the installation of gabions on the territory of the suburban area
    • 1.3 General classification of structures gabions
  • 2 a Gabion with his own hands: step-by-step instruction of the construction and its features
    • 2.1 materials Needed for construction
    • 2.2 the Choice of material for the walls of conventional and welded gabions
    • 2.3 Selection of material for creation of the gabion welded mesh
    • 2.4 Choice of filler: stones for gabions
    • 2.5 the Technology of creating fence gabion with his own hands
    • 2.6 details of filling in the designs with stones
  • 3 Additional guidelines for creating and photo of gabions

What is a gabion: a General definition and description

Gabions are containers consisting of a metal wire. The device of the gabion involves the construction of a frame, inside which is placed a certain material.

Material for filling can be:

  • wood;
  • crushed stone;
  • stone;
  • stones;
  • grey pebbles.

For filling gabions can be used in a variety of materials

A useful tip! It is recommended to use fine gravel to disguise the empty spaces formed between the major parts.

The design has large dimensions and is created from twisted wire and mesh. The larger size of the installation performed additional sectional offices. They will not allow deformation of the walls under the weight of the stones that is filled with a metal frame.

Construction of a gabion with his own hands is cheap, so they are popular among owners of country houses. This product does not require special efforts to care for them, the top fitted with a lid.

Low fence-gabion in the suburban area

One of the advantages of the construction of gabions is their attractive appearance, as evidenced by the photo of gabions in the landscape design. Due to the large variety of fillers for net frame you can achieve a unique look and performance. These designs are reliable and durable.

The scope of the designs

Gabions are widely used as reinforcement structures in the fields of military action. In the literal translation of the name of the building means “a stone in the grid”. Today successfully applied the technology of building of gabions in the landscape design.

Gabion can be used for strengthening and/or decorating the walls of the house

Structures shall be installed as:

  • the basis for the creation of furnishings in the area, and the patio (the formation of street Seating and benches, tables and chairs);
  • framing for vegetation;
  • retaining walls for strengthening of the hangars;
  • building material for creating lawns and rockeries;
  • the basis for the formation of partitions, arches, solid beds of vertical type accommodation;
  • strengthening structures for fixing the soil of the coastal zone of lakes and rivers in the vicinity of the land or house;
  • decorative elements for decoration of the territory (installed at the entrance to the courtyard, in the area of the staircases);
  • material for the construction of stairs intended for the descent to the water.

Garden furniture made of stone gabion

A useful tip! Technology installation of gabions can be used effectively for zoning space. These facilities are used not only as the external barriers (fences separating the local area from the street and neighbors), but also to split the total area into sections, for example, a relaxation area, a place for installing the stove, the grill, the grill area for placement of a summer shower, etc.

The benefits of installing gabions on the territory of the suburban area

Most often, information on how to make a gabion with his own hands, interested to create fortifications on the site, because they have a number of advantages.

For the construction of the waterfall used in the construction of gabion

The advantages of fastening designs:

  • there is no need to use specialized construction equipment, so the process of the construction of gabions does not harm the surrounding landscape forms;
  • the products have high bandwidth, which flows of air and water to freely penetrate through them. This ensures a high level of environmental performance of buildings. Constant access of air promotes normal growth of plants, and the structures themselves do not have a negative impact on the landscaping of the site;
  • mesh for gabion boxes shall not obstruct the germination of grass. This results in a beautiful effect the merger without such negative consequences, such as deformation of the construction or the violation of its functions;
  • the stones inside the frame are not fixed, so the content of the partition remains mobile, which reduces the level of hydrostatic pressure;

Gabion Jumbo can be built to strengthen the Foundation of the building

  • the seasonal displacement of the soil may not harm the products. Even with significant changes in design will not lose its holistic forms can only be easy deformation;
  • due to the plants that every year more and more sprouting between the stones, increases the structural strength.

General classification of structures gabions

In the overall classification there are the following types of products:

  • box type;
  • flat;
  • cylindrical type.

Construction of box gabions are called Jumbo. The mesh in them forms the cells are hexagonal or rectangular shapes. This option structure is the best overall, as the product can have a width of about 2 meters. Their length is 6 meters and the height of one meter.

Sack gabions constructions are called “Jumbo”

Please note! Given the fact that the construction of the Jumbo so variable in size, their skeletons necessarily complemented by a partition. During the construction can be used not only mesh a method of forming the frame, but welded.

The scope of the Jumbo:

  • protection of soil from erosion;
  • manufacturer of retaining walls made of gabions;
  • control of soil conditions.

The scheme of construction of the gabion Jumbo to strengthen the slope of the plot

The product of cylindrical shape are called gabions bags. With them, settling foundations, located under the water. This construction has greater flexibility.

Flat products have a height of 17 to 30 cm They are referred to as Reno mattresses and laid over uneven surfaces, as they have the ability to adjust for them.

The height of the gabion, the “Reno mattress” can range from 17 to 30 cm

The scope of application of Reno mattresses:

  • the basis for retaining walls;
  • landscape construction;
  • fixation of bridge cones;
  • control of the river channel;
  • strengthening of the coastal zone;
  • protection of the pipeline.

A scheme using gabions mattress Reno for strengthening the walls of the reservoir

Gabion with his own hands: step-by-step instruction of the construction and its features

To simplify your work – you can buy ready-made designs. Modern shops offer a wide range of products for the formation of the gabions. But the finished part of the frames does not always correspond to the necessary size. In some cases it is easier to create a gabion with his own hand. The first phase of construction involves projecting the future composition and calculation of the required amount of materials. If you want to make a design with your own hands, photos of gabions can be used for inspiration and create a design for your own unique project.

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The design is carried out as follows:

  • The measurement of the area.
  • The marking.
  • Transfer markings onto the paper (layout structures).
  • Preparation of drawings for each object.
  • The choice of fillers and materials.
  • The calculation of the required amount of materials.

Step-by-step Assembly diagram of the gabion and filling it with stones

A useful tip! Materials should be purchased with stock. The result of calculations need to increase by about 10-15%.

To achieve high strength, it is recommended that you purchase mesh with double twist. It has a flexible structure, easily stored and transported, durable and resistant to negative external factors.

The necessary materials for construction

Before you make a gabion with his own hands, should take care of the necessary tools and basic supplies.

To fill the gabion, you can use leftover construction materials

To consumables include:

  • staples, designed to connect to adjacent walls or wire spiral shape;
  • geotextile;
  • pins, made of steel (used for fixing products to the soil);
  • braces of steel (designed to perform screed walls with the opposite type of accommodation in relation to each other).

To protect their actions and reduce the time of work, you need to use any additional tools.

The scheme of construction of the gabion with concrete Foundation

The list of accompanying tools include:

  • pry;
  • pliers;
  • plumb
  • shovel;
  • hammer;
  • gloves to protect your hands from a material with high density.

Designers often give to the natural landscape of the area interesting and unique forms of relief. This type of designs are strong enough to be used for the formation of elevations and depressions.

On top landscape can be created from a gabion beds with their hands, waterfalls, artificial ponds, fountains, and more.

Beds of gabions fit perfectly in landscape design

The choice of material for the walls of conventional and welded gabions

Metal mesh is used in cases where the project is based on creation of gabions lies in the use of Reno mattresses. Most often, the need to use such products occurs when the intention to build on the plot object with a complex configuration. In this case, the Reno mattresses are along the lines of bending. They can be installed in an arc or be placed on individual sections of the structure where the necessary turning or bending of the frame. This kind of material off flower beds or fountains.

A useful tip! Given the fact that the design will be placed in the room and on the street, it is recommended to buy the mesh for gabions with a special protective coating. In outdoor conditions the operation of conventional material will be exposed to the corrosive action and will quickly become unusable. Mesh with galvanized coating will last for almost 100 years.

For the construction of gabions is necessary to choose a grid with a minimum thickness of 2.7 mm

For the manufacture of gabions is not recommended to use the material, the thickness of which is less than 2.7 mm. the table shows the prices of products made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 3 mm.

Average price of mesh for gabions:

The parameters of the product (width/length/height)Size of the cell smana, рублей1х1,5×0,510х88001х2х0,516001х4х0,521001х1,5х113001х2х115401х4х12990

The choice of material for creation of the gabion welded mesh

In the construction of welded mesh is constructed from thick rods. These elements are perpendicular to each other, and their intersection are connected by welding.

The cross section of the rods is chosen on the basis that the purposes for which the object is instantiated. In most cases it is recommended to choose the material with great thickness. In this case it should not exceed the figure of 0.8 cm

The frame for the gabion can be assembled with wire or welding process

The installation of such structures is performed in areas where the Reno mattresses are to be subjected to substantial weight loads. They are very convenient for filling with samples of the fractions of larger size.

Of the elements of the welded type are created:

  • base;
  • retaining elements;
  • support.

Fence gabion is constructed using a mesh with double twist

They are much stronger than the reinforcing elements, but their installation is accompanied by certain inconveniences. The walls of gabion, made of mesh with double twist, are connected to each other via a wire. But in the case with a welded frame, this method will be less reliable and more time consuming. Better to use the welding machine for connection of all elements of this design.

Please note! To fulfill welding works, you need good skills with the welding machine. If you are unsure of your abilities, use the other option of material or order a service installation of gabions from the professionals.

For more durable construction better to use a welded frame

The choice of filler: stones for gabions

As filler can be used in almost any material. When choosing the filling should be guided by:

  • own preferences;
  • budget;
  • the type of the object (underwater or surface).

Designers mostly use natural stones or synthetic origin. They can be rounded or crushed, but not necessarily large in size. The colors can be very diverse. The shade depends on the type of stone and its composition.

For filling decorative gabion used various vintage objects

In most cases, the gabions are filled with:

  • the diorite;
  • granite;
  • quartzite;
  • basalt;
  • pebbles.

The least popular filler is Sandstone. It has a high strength, is resistant to low temperatures.

Gabion can be filled with granite, basalt, quartzite, Sandstone and other stones

It is possible to produce designs with less standard filling in the form:

  • bat tile;
  • whole or broken bricks;
  • sliced pipes from propylene;
  • wood cut with different pattern of annual rings;
  • aluminum cans;
  • tires cut into pieces;
  • glass bottles;
  • large cones;
  • pieces of bark, etc.

To fill gabion box used glass bottles

Important! The size of stones or other particles of the filler should exceed the size of the grid cells, otherwise the inner part will be to sleep outside. The minimum size of the stone usually is 25 cm. For structures placed under water, content should exceed the size of the grid cells by 50%, for surface products – 30%.

The fence was not damaged their hands

A wall made of gabions takes much more space than a conventional fence. But there is no need to create a ground base, because the installation of fencing is directly on the soil.

Steps 1-3: preparation of pits, installation of supports and filling them with concrete

Step-by-step instruction to perform:

  • The cleaning of the surface of plants, rocks and roots, leveling the soil.
  • The formation of pits for installation of poles (depth of about 0.4-0.5 m).
  • Installing footings and pouring concrete.
  • The frame Assembly around the support (after hardening of the concrete mix, the period of drying is 3-4 days).
  • Fixing the frame to the posts using bolts, nuts or clamps.
  • Processing the end part of the wire protective means or zinc paste.
  • Filling of the net frame.
  • Mounting and fixing the upper cover.

Steps 4-6: the strengthening of the frame and filling it with stones

For the formation of the frame, you should cut six pieces from a roll of mesh of appropriate length. One of them will fall to the bottom, the other will be the front and the rear of the intake, cover and side parts. After laying the bottom puts lateral walls which are fixed with a spiral wire. Then they are fixed in the soil with pins of metal.

The cover is mounted and fixed only after filling of the container and shrinkage of the filler. It is possible to use metal profile for strengthening corner pieces of the frame.

Details of filling in the designs with stones

The step of filling a mesh frame specific. You must follow certain rules when working with stones or other filling for gabions.

Filling the frame of the gabion stones with their hands

Rules of filling of the structures:

  • It is not recommended to fill the frame at once. To start is to fill half the space inside the gabion.
  • After that, the walls of articles having opposite placement to each other, pulled together. It is very important to achieve strict parallelism. To lock the walls in position are used braces made of wire of large thickness. Area mounting braces is determined based on the size of the rocks and structural features of the gabion.
  • The next phase of construction – a full filling of the product stones to the top.
  • The upper parts of the lateral sides again tightened metal cables or wire.

Step-by-step technology of filling of gabion filler

A useful tip! If the width of the gabion is large enough, in order to save money along the outer walls is to lay large particles of material. The remaining interior space can be filled with debris or fines. But not necessary to be a burden on braces, they can bend under the weight of the stone and deform the frame.

Additional guidelines for creating and photo of gabions

If the object is made of rebar, there’s a way to economize the material for filling and to simplify installation work. This increases the interval between the bars, and over them is laid a wire-netting. It will prevent leakage.

Durable and stylish fence stone gabion

Gabions used as decorative items to improve the external aesthetics of the site, it is recommended to cultivate. In the upper part normally used natural or artificial stone, tiles. This makes it possible to mask the grid and thereby improving design.

Objects with large sizes are divided into compartments. This will increase the strength of the whole structure. Material to create partitions, called diaphragms, may serve as mesh or rod.

Decorative gabions in the suburban area

If filling the inner part was used of the fine fraction can be applied geotextile for small items do not Wake up out through the stones of large size.

Combining materials of different type, size and colors you can create unusually beautiful composition. The construction of fences allowed to overlap gabions with other materials (wood, concrete, brick, etc.). This also applies to other objects that can be placed on site. Fantasy in design may be restricted only by budget.


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