Garden bench with back their hands: the drawings of interesting products

The arrangement of the infield by various methods: installed awnings and arbors, laid paths, grasses and flowerbeds. The final caveat is garden furniture. Furnishing a small area pleasant garden bench with back their hands: drawings and diagrams are beautiful designs, as well as recommendations on their creation you can find in this article.

Garden bench with backrest can be a key element in the design of the local area

The contents

1 Types of designs and pictures of garden benches
  1.1 Pictures of garden benches with their hands, their functional side
  1.2 Photo country benches with their hands from wood and metal
  1.3 Photo of the benches with his hands of stone
  1.4 Pictures of garden benches with their hands: a good homemade plastic and other materials
2 Examples and technology create garden benches and benches with their hands
  2.1 Simple ideas to create garden benches
3 Manufacturer of garden benches of wood with their hands in the style of ethno
  3.1 the production Technology of country benches with their hands from logs
  3.2 ethno Style garden benches with backrest with your hands: more ideas
4 Shop as an alternative to a bench for the garden with their hands
  4.1 Calculation of parameters and the necessary materials
  4.2 the Initial step: preparation of material
  4.3 Assembly wood construction: installation of the fastener
  4.4 the Final phase of the benches from wood
5 Drawings of benches for the garden with his own hands: photo and description
  5.1 Garden bench with your hands: construction drawings for two persons
  5.2 Bench for the garden from a tree with their hands: step by step instructions
  5.3 Garden bench with their hands from improvised materials: the use of pallets
  5.4 Drawings of garden benches with backrest made of wood with his hands: the design of "Transformer"
  5.5 manufacturing Technology of bench-transformer
  5.6 the Final phase of construction of the bench-transformer

Kinds of designs and pictures of garden benches

Modern range of furniture for the garden is quite extensive. The classification of products is carried out on the basis of such evidence:

  • characteristics;
  • material;
  • functionality.

Wooden bench, located on the veranda of a private house

Pictures of garden benches with their hands, their functional side

Functional furniture features appreciated along with their practicality and durability. All products are divided into two large groups:

  • benches, used for sitting;
  • benches multi-purpose (the product can perform multiple functions is to be a bench, chair or table).

Bench made from logs and planks

A useful tip! Use the unusual design of the bench-transformer, in order to economize space in the garden. It can easily be converted into a table for writing or eating outdoors.

Many owners of household plots is set benches swing. To create them using materials of different type, and the structures can be given an interesting form. Below this bench was easy to use, be sure to build it on top of the canopy. It will provide protection from the sun and rain.

Bench-swing – great garden furniture

Popular for making DIY bench with backrest with fixed accommodation. Often they are made of concrete or brick, and for the installation of selected special place. These products are not afraid of the sun and moisture.

There are benches foldable type with small size and mobile design. They will come in handy if a suburban area is rarely used. During the absence of owners of folding benches are cleaned in the garage for storage or home.

A wooden bench used for Seating areas in the garden

Photos holiday benches with their hands from wood and metal

Metal products possess the high strength characteristics. They are reliable, durable and can be used throughout the year. Metal low maintenance. Enough to periodically cover their surface anti-corrosion treatment which protects the bench from the damaging effects of moisture.

An example of a wooden bench with a frame made of metal

Made entirely of metal bench will have a very massive appearance, so modern designs are manufactured using wrought iron ornaments. Remember that it needs to get a welding machine.

Most of the owners of suburban areas, making the decision to make a bench for the garden with their hands, prefers wood. This material becomes the basis for the creation of shops with a beautiful design, excellent performance and a warm texture. Regardless of the design of the garden or yard, wooden products it is always possible to fit harmoniously into the landscape.

Combined bench from wood and metal forged elements

A useful tip! Take to work oak or larch.

In order to protect the surface of the product to cover lacerum composition or paint. This will prevent damage to wood by insects, fungi, mold, and moisture and sun. Plakiruyuschego the use of the composition as a finish will help to preserve the natural wood pattern.

Metal products feature high strength and long operating life with minimum maintenance

Photos of the benches with his hands of stone

If you prefer practical options of benches, you should pay attention to products made of stone. This kind of material is low cost and long terms of operation and construction are strong, reliable and aesthetically appealing.

The stone belongs to the category of materials of natural origin. Despite this, the design of such shops is not always able to support any design and style of the garden. The plot must contain stone elements to complement. Particularly advantageous for the shop look at the background of a residential building, partially made of stone.

Bench made of natural stone, with soft mattresses and colorful cushions

A good ensemble will be stone:

  • stage;
  • track;
  • reservoirs;
  • gabion;
  • beds.

Stone can be made partially or entirely support fences, arbors and sheds. If the area has at least one of these elements, stone benches’t go wrong. However, remember that such products do not have a backrest.

Even the most simple bench of stone looks elegant, noble and thoroughly

Pictures of garden benches with their hands: a good homemade plastic and other materials

Plastic products have a number of advantages, which include:

  • simplicity and a lightweight design, making the transportation of the material is straightforward, and the bench can be moved from one place to another;
  • efficiency;
  • a large selection of colors, allowing you to make a product, which later will fit well into the garden design;
  • practicality (foldable design-collapsible type can be easily disassembled and placed in the trunk and is also easy going on the spot).

Benches made of plastic are light weight, making them extremely mobile and easy to transport

A useful tip! Use the drawings of garden benches with their hands to create structures made of composite materials. You will be able to endow their product with positive performance which are inherent in each type of the applied material.

Combine different textures, texture, color, and origin of materials used not only for decorative purposes. The most common option is a combination of stone and wood.

Combined bench constructed from metal and wood

Original look of the structure, made of wood and complemented with stone or metal items. In such projects, the wood creates a soft and beautiful texture, and stone and metal are responsible for the strength.

Examples and technology create garden benches and benches with their hands

Design benches and benches have some distinctive features. The construction of the shop is the easiest way to arrange a sitting place in the garden. The product does not have a backrest and, in contrast to benches, has a simple external design.

Creating of the shop – the fast and easy way of organizing places to stay in the garden

Created with his own hands a wooden bench with backrest can be more complex decorative design:

  • non-standard shape;
  • the armrests;
  • design, with carved and forged elements.

Simple ideas to create garden benches

To spice up the design simple benches don’t have to come up with a complicated drawing and wrestle with the creation of additional garden accessories. It is enough to use two wooden boxes and a few boards.

Original wooden bench with a table designed to seat two people

The drawers in this case are to function as supports. After fabrication shops them to fill the earth and to organize a small flower bed. Boards is the seat, which is installed between the boxes. The material definitely needs to be well sanded with emery paper to remove all bumps and burrs.

A useful tip! From shops based on the boxes you can make a garden bench with a backrest with their hands. Simply install the design to the wall and the plane nailed in place in a few boards as a backrest.

Fig. 1-1. Scheme benches with wooden flower boxes: 1 device of the bench and the calculation of materials: a — lag (boards 2×4 with a length of 17 1/2” — 6 pieces, enough 2×4 with a length of 20 1/2” — 4 PCs.); — the bottom of the box (3/4 plywood 20 1/2” x 20 1/2” — 2 PCs.); — trim (boards 1×4 length 23 1/2” 16 PCs); D — lateral slats (1×6 boards with a length of 25” — 32 PCs.); E — trim for veneer top (boards 2×4 with a length of 45” — 8 pieces); F — the seat frame (2×4 boards with a length of 63” — 2 PCs., 2×4 boards with a length of 17 1/2” — 2 items); G — transverse strips (1×2 boards with a length of 17 1/2” — 5 PCs.); N — seat (1×4 boards 60” long — 5 PCs.); 2 — facing side; 3 — mounting wall box for flowers; 4 — mounting dimensions of the walls of the box; 5 — diagram of the bottom of the box for colors

Designs from wood have a certain disadvantage. The material itself requires constant care, and in this case, the tree is still in contact with the soil, it is periodically necessary to carry out watering of plants. To make the bench more practical, the wooden boxes can be replaced with concrete or stone pedestals. Beds of concrete can be done by yourself or purchase in the store.

Seat should use a treated Board or half logs. The choice of raw material depends on what style the design of the garden or patio. To fix the seat recommended metal corners, fixed to concrete with the use of dowels, and to wood using through bolts or screws.

Fig. 1-2. Scheme benches with wooden flower boxes: 6 — mounting dimensions of the seat frame; 7 — strengthening design of the benches; 8 — installing the seat rails; 9, 10 — mounting box

As supports you can use pots with dwarf trees or decorative bushes. The only but very important requirement is that the container must be very durable. In the seat a hole is cut in the shape of the vase in the place where are usually found the legs of the benches. Hole size should be sufficient to create conditions for the growth of plants and care for them, however, it should not exceed the size of the container. In fact, the seat of planks placed on top of vases and is fixed by gravity and weight setting.

Corner wooden bench with flower boxes mounted on porch of a private house

Manufacturer of garden benches of wood with their hands in the style of ethno

Styles of ethnic design and rustic are often used in interior design. Country house, cottage or Villa – the perfect place to create a sustainable and natural area, suitable for families. This design can continue in the garden. It’s enough to make the bench with their hands from logs (Fig. 1) and other natural materials.

A useful tip! For the construction of designs you can use the logs with bark or without it. To handle the material or leave it in its original form – it depends on your wishes and design of the site.

Benches made from logs, are originality and sustainability

The technology of manufacture country benches with their hands from logs

To form the seat, enough to saw the tree trunk along. This can be done exactly in the middle (zone diameter) or moving the saw closer to the edge (area average diameter). The back is made from a tree trunk thinner or you can slice closer to the boundary of the. As a result, this element should be thinner and lighter than the seat.

Fig. 2. Garden bench out of logs in the yard of a country house

Legs can be made from remnants of a log. Connect them with the seat by means of metal pins. Here’s how:

  • The parts to be joined, are the holes for the pins in the appropriate places. The diameter of the holes should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the fastener.
  • The pin is hammered in one of the holes to approximately the middle of its length.
  • On top of the free edge of the pin is pushed, the second connecting part and also clogged. In this case, the strikes have not on the pin, and on the wood.

The ethnic and rustic styles are perfect for the decoration of the infield

The fastener is hammered with a sledgehammer or hammer. Because the wood is in its structure, a sufficiently soft material, the hammer blows can damage the surface. To avoid this, you need to put unnecessary under the instrument Board.

The posts provide a secure connection of all parts. To enhance fixation, you can install the 2-3 pin.

Bench made with logs

Ethno style in the garden benches with a backrest with their hands: additional ideas

In the style of ethno, you can create a design with unusual performance. The highlight may be, for example, making benches with the use of curved branches of different diameter. Before assembling these branches are processed and eskoriatza. In other words, they removed the bark, and then the surface is polished with sandpaper. For the Assembly seats must be used the timber Board. It is processed in a similar way.

Various options of wooden benches, created in the style of ethno

Please note! All elements of this design have rounded forms, and Board seats ends look forward.

If your summer cottage has a braided fence you can use the same design with some changes. Short Board seat can be replaced is long, placing them along. The backrest is formed on the principle of weaving from twigs of medium thickness, which are well bent.

Bench in a rustic style will be a unique object in the garden

To run braided back, not necessarily to have any special skills. You can not get a very neat result, but this is not necessary. The back should be simple and unobtrusive, rough weave will only increase its decorative properties. Branches can be placed tightly or, on the contrary, to leave gaps between them to your bench “breathe.”

Bench made of sticks set on the veranda of a country house

Shop as an alternative to a bench for the garden with their hands

Despite the lack of a backrest, this scheme (Fig. 3-1) fabrication shop looks quite attractive due to characteristics of the material from which it is made. By itself, the design has a very simple structure, so with the technology of its creation is for everyone.

For the legs you will need a rounded timber. If you have logs with a small diameter, it is possible to save on the purchase of material and cut them yourself. The original appearance of the shops is obtained due to the fact that the bars are stacked one on another and fixed. The result is a beautiful support for the product.

Fig. 3-1. The procedure for making a simple wooden bench: 1 — preparing design drawing

Calculation of parameters and the necessary materials

The height of the bench can be adjusted to your needs. This figure also depends on the diameter of the beam that will be used in the work. To calculate the amount of material you need to determine how many bars will be stacked one upon the other for forming the height needed one of its legs.

Dimensional table:

Parameter idaliavanetten, смДлина120Высота38Ширина45Доска for sitting (cross-section)4х9

In our case, you will need 5 bars, the length is 0.45 m. the calculation Formula: 5×0,45 = 2,25 m. on this Basis, for the construction of two piers, will take 4.5 m beam (2,25×2). Seat will consist of five boards with a length of 1.2 m. For its production will require the following amount of material: 5×1,2 = 6 m.

Fig. 3-2. The procedure for manufacturing a simple wooden stalls: 2 — sawing wood for the legs of the bench; 3 — drilling holes in parts of the legs; 4 — preparation of boards for seats; 5 — processing the edges of the parts of the seat

A useful tip! To round the edges of the timber you can use a mill or buy ready-made profiled material. The cost is higher, but in the work of the profiled beam is much more convenient.

Initial stage: preparation of material

To start, prepare the boards for the seat. The material is cut into the required number of planks of appropriate length and processed. Sharp corners should be rounded. Use the capabilities of a router or sander. If you do not have at hand such a tool, it will be enough to process the edges with sandpaper.

Fig. 3-3. The procedure for making a simple wooden benches: 6, 7 — markings on parts of legs; 8 — drill holes in the intended locations; 9 — application of protective coatings on the parts of the seat

Sanding with sandpaper is a long and laborious process. To simplify your work, you can order grinding material at the sawmill. After the boards are prepared, they need to open lacerum composition. It can be completely transparent varnish or composition with tone (choice of topcoat depends on you).

The bars for forming the legs of the bench tightly stacked next to each other so that their edges form a straight line. With a pencil and a square mark in those areas, where will be installed the fasteners. The line should be distributed over the entire length in increments of 7-10 cm

Fig. 3-4. The procedure for making a simple wooden bench: 10, 11 — fastening of the legs to the seat; 12 — the appearance of the finished product

Build wooden structures: installation of fasteners

The devices will use metal pins. An alternative replacement can be pins made of wood. For the installation of the fixture are holes, whose diameter is slightly smaller than the diameter of the pins, and the depth is half the length of the pin.

To fix parts of the fasteners to hide in one bar and the next element will sit down through a hole on top of it.

Simple bench without back can be used not only for seat but also as table

A useful tip! Build the structure with pins is a reliable way of fastening. To increase the strength of fixation you can use adhesives for mounting, but this technique will make the design non-collapsible.

A pin connection is used in the process of creating drawings of benches for the garden with his own hands made of wood, the construction of which is equipped with a backrest. A good result can be achieved only if all the holes will be located strictly above each other. In the end all the parts in the Assembly must form a smooth boundary line.

Wooden table and benches, painted white, form a cozy dining area in the garden

After the marking lines need to extinct the distance from the edge, which should be the same. For these purposes, it is recommended to create a template. Enough to take a piece of strap, the width of which is 1.5 cm It will serve as a delimiter. In other words, the holes edges will separate a distance equal to the width of the bar. Align the template exactly on the boundary line and mark the points of intersection with the existing perpendicular lines.

Related article:

Metal garden benches with their hands: drawings and photos of designs. Detailed description of the process of creating user-friendly design based on a shaped tube. Drawing benches-transformer.  Read more

Installation of pins should be staggered, so you should have a hole at every intersection, and over one. On the other side of the bar are also holes. They should be staggered relative to the holes, which were completed earlier. As a result, when the connection of the legs with a seat on each bar will have a couple of pins.

A simple bench, built out of wood

The final step of creating benches out of wood

From a technological point of view, the previously described type of connection can be considered correct. However, the scheme of its installation quite difficult for a person who does not own the necessary skills.

There is an easier way construction bonds:

  • The bars are stacked on each other.
  • The folded parts are fixed by clamps.
  • Run through holes at three points (center and edges).
  • Through hole parts are held together by a long pin (don’t forget to put under the nut and the hat washers).

Original bench made from old wooden bed

After that Board seats nailed to it’s feet with nails (above) or you can do this place a pin connection.

A useful tip! To hide the location of the nails, prepare a masking composition of a mixture of very fine sawdust and putty designed for wood. Pick mastic to match the bench. This mixture apply all the joints. After drying, the surface should be sanded.

The version of the simple benches made of boards attached to the tree in the garden

When the Assembly design is completed, perform the sanding of all parts. The surface must be as smooth as possible. After that you can apply the topcoat. Use for these purposes lakerbai composition or paint for the wood, intended for outdoor use. Better if the topcoat is translucent. This way you will be able to leave visible the natural pattern of wood.

Wooden benches with comfortable upholstered seats, decorated with pillows

Drawings of benches for the garden with his own hands: photo and description

Bench due to the presence of the back has a more convenient design than the shop. It is possible to rely and relax the back. The capacity of such products may be different, but usually drawings of garden benches from wood with your own hands are made for 2-4 persons. This is done for the reason that long the design needs the extra support. In the end, the process of creating the product becomes more complex. In fact, space for 2-4 persons is enough so you can limit the manufacture of the simplest designs.

Bench due to the presence of the back has a more comfortable design for seat compared to the bench

Garden bench with backrest with your hands: construction drawings for two persons

For making DIY bench with backrest out of wood for this project (Fig. 4) you need to get the following tool:

  • drill;
  • set of drills;
  • hacksaw;
  • plane.

Please note! The design is intended for installation in the garden, on the balcony or terrace.

Benches, constructed of wood, harmoniously fit into any landscape

To perform all works on creation of the bench will take more than one day. As the main material you will use square beams made of pine. The parameters of its cross section is 6×6 cm will Also require Board of “twenty”. Before performing the cutting of these boards, they should be ostrogat until then, until you get details with dimensions 5,8×5,8 cm

Bench for the garden from a tree with their hands: step by step instructions

Assembly benches of pine sticks in the following sequence:

  • with the help of dowels or the adhesive composition to be performed the Assembly of the legs to the sides of the U-shaped form. Then using the same method of fixing fix them the strips (5,8×2 cm) and the bars of PRONASCI (3,5×3,5 cm), mounted on the sides;

Fig. 4. Drawing of wooden benches with back support for two people

  • to chart the placements of the response of holes for mounting the dowel, use the marker;
  • connect the sidewall and longitudinally extending rail. In order to mark the position of the sidewall, you should use a gasket with a thickness of 2 cm;
  • fix all the elements during drilling clamps. This will allow you to achieve precise coupling between connected components;
  • before you do the final Assembly, fine sand with all the elements.

The last stage of construction – the application of the protective and finishing coating.

For longer life of structures made of wood need to be processed by protective agent and topcoat

Garden bench with their hands from improvised materials: the use of pallets

Such scrap materials like pallets, you can create interesting design benches (Fig. 5). It can be installed not only in the garden but on the terrace and even inside a country house. It will take three pallets.

Stages of manufacturing:

  • one of the pallets share in half. These halves will later be the back of the product. Cutting must be done so that after Assembly the details of the back and seat formed a figure geometrically correct shape, and all edges are matched;

Fig. 5. The procedure of production benches made of pallets, six photo

  • two other pallet with nails to shoot down together. To him fasten a back-halves;
  • on top of the design should be put the mattress of the appropriate size. You can use pillows from the old sofa, after replacing them with trim, or sew a new one. On the back you can also put a few pillows of small size.

Using wooden pallets is an interesting way to create original garden furniture

A useful tip! You can leave the mattress to lie still, or fix it with belts. For greater functionality to the design, you can add wheels.

Drawings of garden benches with backrest made of wood with his hands: the design of “Transformer”

For the manufacture of construction will be required to purchase pine lumber.

Materials for work:

Type materialcost. Size of cross section, long, смДоска63х10100Доска23х1032Брусок43х680брусок23х650

Manufacturing technology of bench-transformer

Follow the step by step instructions, you will be able to create an interesting bench design that can be transformed into a table with two benches (Fig. 6).

The main stages of manufacture of the bench:

  • creating the supporting part according to the drawing, attach one of the 3 boards. From these boards will be formed to the seat. Do not forget to derogate from the middle of 5 cm In each Board need to install the 4 screws. Two of them will fix the seat to a support on the one hand, remaining designed to secure the seat to the other pole (on the other side of the product);

Diagram with mounting dimensions of the bench-transformer

  • at each nodal area Assembly will need to perform the installation 4 fastening elements;

A useful tip! When you build the nodes apply to these areas carpenter’s glue. The adhesive will increase the strength of fixing and durability of the whole structure.

  • after all items are prepared to work the legs, with backrest and seat should be washed down from the end at an angle of about 75º. Using screws designed for wood, connect the legs in pairs with the middle bars. The optimal length of the fastening elements is 5 cm;

Fig. 6. The plan of creating a bench-transformer: 1 — the kinematic diagram of the transformer in the “table” (1 — constraints of the situation (tube of 20×20 mm, length 35-49 mm), 2 — support rod); 2 — part (tube 40 x 20 — 2); 3 — connecting jumper (tube of 20×20 mm). D — outdoor benches, D1 —for inner; 4 — parts a, V1 (tube 40 x 20 mm). B1 mirror In; 5 — foot benches (4 PCs.), where: A — the steel tube 40 x 20 mm, 1 — jumper (tube of 20×20 mm 4 PCs.), 2 — support rod

  • next, you back. In the process of transformation, it becomes a countertop. Locate the longitudinal edge of the support Board. Its length is 32 cm. it is necessary to attach the three planks of length 150 cm At the same distance from the end face in this case will be 8 cm;
  • the boards are mounted so that between the adjacent element is formed by a gap of 1 cm;
  • in the support Board, you need to perform 3 holes, whose diameter is 0.8 cm Better to perform this procedure in advance. These holes are used for fixing the backrest of the bench in a horizontal position.

Solid wood construction for garden, consisting of a table and benches

The final phase of construction of the bench-transformer

To create the axes of rotation run the 2 holes in the top of the rear legs. Fixing the backrest to the base product will be done at the expense of a couple of M8 bolts.

One of the holes is axial, the second – ordinary. To simplify the operation of the bench bolt in the area of the axial hole put nut with 6 faces, for a second suitable nut-lamb. She should bend the antennae. Due to this simple manipulation of the fastener may turn away/wrapped without the use of additional instrumentation, but only by force of hands.

A key link in the patio stands a wooden bench with backrest

Upon completion of all work necessary to check the design for performance. Install the backrest in the inclined position and secure it with the bolts. Remove the fastening element from the hole and move the backrest in a horizontal position. To lock it, put the bolt into place and secure with the nut. The design is fully ready for operational use.

When creating the benches you can experiment with. Importantly, the product is durable and practical.


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