Garden swing made of wood with his hands: the photos and drawings, dimensions and recommendations for the production of

A shady garden on the farm and summer cottage will be a perfect place for a family holiday, especially if you put a small effort and make it comfortable with the help of various accessories and small buildings, such as sheds, gazebos, benches, etc. Make and position on the plot, garden swing from a tree with their hands: the photos and drawings, dimensions and main parameters for construction you can find in this article.

The swing is a great way to spend time while relaxing at the cottage

The contents

  • 1 features of creating wooden swing for garden: features and types of designs
    • 1.1 the benefits of creating a wooden garden swings with their hands
  • 2 Garden swing from a tree with his own hands: photo and drawings, the sizes and modifications
    • 2.1 Varieties of swing garden with his own hands out of wood
    • 2.2 Selection of places to host a child’s swing set with his own hands out of wood
    • 2.3 Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from a tree for the garden
  • 3 construction of a wooden swing for the garden with his own hands: drawings and selection of materials
  • 4 Additional materials to create family or baby hanging wood swing
  • 5 Drawings of garden swing: how to make your own family design
    • 5.1 Markup reference of the product
    • 5.2 Cut the supporting parts of the structure
    • 5.3 Drawings of a garden swing with his own hands: build a basic part
    • 5.4 the Creation of a seat for a swing garden with his own hands out of wood
    • 5.5 Photo of a wooden swing for the garden with their hands and the process of hanging
    • 5.6 the Final stage of construction
  • 6 Photos a child’s swing set out of wood with their hands and how to create them
    • 6.1 the Establishment of children’s garden swings with their hands: video and various methods of making

Features of creating wooden swing for garden: features and types of designs

To create garden swings are most often used three main materials. This list includes wood, plastic and metal. Undoubtedly, each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to drawings of garden swing your hands, more practical and convenient materials than wood you will not find.

The wooden swing set has only one drawback, which concerns the exploitation of any products made of wood. Similar designs without the use of adequate protective measures can greatly suffer from the effects of negative environmental factors.

The original garden swing round shape with a soft mattress

Such factors include the impact of:

  • rain;
  • snow;
  • direct sunlight;
  • fungi and mold;
  • insects;
  • sudden temperature changes;
  • processes of decay.

Your hands can make a variety of swings and to realize own ideas

A useful tip! To prevent premature deterioration of wood, enough to set under a canopy or to hang over her canopy. Because of this you will protect the swing from the harmful effects of rain and sun. Special protective and antiseptic compositions solve the problem with parasites, fungi, putrefaction and humidity.

The benefits of creating a wooden garden swings with their hands

Wood has excellent technical and operational characteristics. Due to the properties of this material, it is possible to create a truly comfortable and beautiful design.

Wicker swing in the form of spheres is quite roomy and comfortable

Features created with his own hands the garden swing made out of wood:

  • environmentally friendly. So the wood belongs to materials of natural origin, products made from it, absolutely safe to human health;
  • external aesthetics. Design can fit in any landscape and garden design, as the major part of the environment are of natural materials (stone, wood) and vegetation. Compared to metal products, structures of wood have much to gain in aesthetic terms, and can maintain the exterior of any country house;

Pillows and blankets will make the swing more comfortable and softer

  • security. Due to its softness, the wood is easy to work and operate, it is able to reduce the number of injuries. The most beneficial this advantage is manifested in the case if you intend to complete the construction of children’s swings;
  • simple mounting system. To engage in the construction of the swing of any person having elementary skills in construction and in handling the wood;

A canopy over a swing set will protect from the scorching rays of the sun in the summer

  • versatility. This type of material is fairly easy to different types of processing (grinding, cutting, clipping). So that any of the garden swing your hands from a tree, a photo of which you most like, can be done by yourself without involving in this process specialists. Wood allows you to perform a single construction type, or swing with big capacity made in the form of sofas.

Adults also do not mind to relax, impressively swaying on the swings

Please note! The costs of purchase of material is not high. In addition to this, creating the product yourself, you save on the services of craftsmen.

Garden swing made of wood with your own hands: photo and drawings, the sizes and modifications

If you have decided to engage in the creation of swing at their summer cottage on their own, primarily is determined by the type of design you would like to try and determine a suitable location for its placement. To facilitate and expedite the design phase and the preparation, use photo swing to give your hands from a tree, drawings of which there are many on the Internet.

Drawing wooden swing optimal size for one person

Varieties of swing garden with his own hands out of wood

Classification of garden swings is quite extensive. In this case, the main types of structures:

  • family – have a high capacity. The construction is a long bench that plays the role of a big seat, which is able to simultaneously accommodate up to 5 people. In most cases a swing of this kind equipped with its own canopy to protect from sunlight and bad weather;

Swing family-type can comfortably accommodate 3-5 people

  • baby – design can have a significant number of modifications. Most often the main components of this product are the fulcrum, a small seat and fasteners. It is important to provide adequate level of safety for the child. For these purposes, the design must be provided for protective elements that prevent the falling baby. These elements include comfortable backrest, handrails on the sides, bulkhead, front seat belts, locking the child inside the seat;

The original baby swing from the tree in the form of horses

Garden can also be a nice place for children to play.

  • portable – products with compact size and lighter weight. These characteristics allow not only to move the swing phase, but also to put them in the car for transportation to another location on holiday. Generally, securing of such products is carried out on a tree branch or on pre-manufactured support.

Portable swing can be moved anywhere on the plot, depending on weather conditions

The choice of places to host a child’s swing set with his own hands out of wood

Any type of construction, which is carried out on the territory of the country of the land begins with the design stage and select the appropriate location.

Please note! The principle that is used to select locations for the construction applies not only to a child’s swing set out of wood. These requirements are applicable to other designs.

Simple baby swings, crafted using wooden planks and rope

Whenever possible, you should pick up in the gardening area of land with a smooth surface. It is desirable that this area was sheltered from sun and precipitation. The perfect place to create the swing under the tree, where it falls in deep shadow. Allowed installation on the porch, protected by a canopy.

All of these conditions directly affect the level of operating comfort, because to sit on the seat of a swing, under a hot sun, an unpleasant and inconvenient. And unobstructed exposure to rain can cause damage to the structure.

Placing a garden swing for children, it is necessary to provide enough space for rocking

It should also take into account the fact that, as the movement of the sun across the sky, the shadow cast by a tree or other objects will move. For installation you should choose a place where the shadow is to stand in the midday time. In this period of the day, the sun provides the most powerful and aggressive influence.

Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from a tree for the garden

If we talk about the universal structures, the swing hanger type mounted on a support And shape, will be a real leisure facility for the whole family. And you can install them in large suburban areas and in small gardens at home. But the process is not costly in terms of resources of time and effort.

The construction of the chair-swing with soft case-pillow

The list of required work tools should include:

  • the tape measure and pencil (roulette is possible to replace the measuring tape);
  • jigsaw mechanical type or electrical;
  • circular saw;
  • a hacksaw;
  • a square for measuring angles (combined type);
  • truss pins;

Swing bed made by their own hands

  • test square;
  • sawhorses;
  • the thicknesser and the planer;
  • hammers, screwdrivers, clamps, wrenches;
  • chisel (25 mm);
  • electric drill with set of drill bits (10, 8 and 4.5 mm);
  • bar for grinding.

Simple wooden swing for children to play outdoors

Please note! Of course, buy ready-made design in the store is much easier and faster. But in this case it is unlikely to fully meet all your requirements in terms of design, sizes, etc. Create their own drawings of swing garden with his own hands out of wood will allow to give design all the necessary features.

Swing in a quiet corner of the garden allows you to enjoy the flavors of greens

Building a wooden swing for the garden with his own hands: drawings and selection of materials

At the initial stage is preparing the materials for creating a garden swing with his own hands, a photo of which you like the most. Based on the drawings you can easily understand the number of blanks required for building construction and what sizes they should have.

Dimensional table to create the blanks:

The detail in constructionsmore the lateral part of the blank, skoneczna length, streamradio number of blanks, pieces of the Frame part constructionspace (top)4,5х14232Распорка (lower)4,5х14962Ножка4,5х9198,74Ригель4,5х142101Детали for edinasana стойка3,5х7602Брусок (reference)3,5х795,52Брусок (seat)3,5х71202Подлокотник3,5х7602Планка спинки2,5х71302Опора for подлокотника3,5х727,52Планка сиденья2,5х7128,48Верхняя планка2,5х91301

In addition, to interconnect the above-mentioned blanks in a single structure will require the presence of fastening elements with different parameters.

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Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and instructions to create. Recommendations for installation design with visor made of polycarbonate. Classification of metal products.

Additional materials to create family or baby hanging wood swing

The final size of the structure is 2.1 m (width), 1,235 m (depth) and 1.9 m (height). It is recommended to use as raw material impregnated pine. Read more


Dimensional table of fasteners:

Type mounting elementarnye parameters, muropa with galvanized покрытием8х65Шурупы (24 PCs)8х50Шурупы8х38Шурупы (8 PCs)10х75Гвозди (roofing)2,5х40Гвозди (convex cap)2,5х65Шурупы head square shape and the washers under them (8 PCs)8х100Болты round head and the nuts under them (2 PCs)10х125Рым bolts with washers under them and the lock nuts (6 PCs)100

A useful tip! Prepare in advance suitable for wood treatment antiseptic, as well as materials for decoration. The data points selected in the design phase and planning of future construction.

In addition to fasteners you’ll need some additional materials: a pair of wooden struts for the corner zone (length 38 cm), abrasive paper with granularity of 120, hooks, equipped with a fuse (6 PCs., 5 mm) chain length 4.4 m (the thickness of the links 2 cm).

Swing with a soft mattress and comfortable pillows — great place to stay

Drawings of garden swing: how to make your own family design

To embed swing it is recommended to choose the back of the house. Even if your site is fenced from the noisy street and neighbours, this area will still be the most comfortable and quiet. The backyard in most cases, settling for the rest and you can feel free to use it for the installation of family or children’s outdoor wooden swings for the garden.

Wooden swing-bench step 1: sketch design and preparation of parts for Assembly

The markup reference of the product

For the base you will need to cut the cross beam to the specified size using the circular saw. At a distance of 15 cm from each end are mark and held the flat line. It should be all the faces on the beam. This line will be treated as outer face for support And shape.

On the front part of the foot should be applied to the markup for the oblique slices. For this purpose, the square is assembled using truss pins. The installation of one of the pins is on the larger side (at a distance of 316 mm from the corner), and the other on the smaller (at a distance of 97 mm from the corner). The foot is placed on the line and marked the position of the square. You should now have the bevel to complete the bottom cut.

Wooden swing-bench step 2: applying the glue and bond details

Then, by counting the positions of the line of the polygon on the verge of feet. For this you need to move the square in the direction along the foot to combine it with the previous position of the line. Outlining the length of the ruler, you can move the square further.

Please note! This procedure is performed as long as the polygon will not be displayed for the length of 6 times.

Wooden swing-bench step 3: fixation of the connecting parts with screws

The last line of markup is designed to cross-cut beams. These positions are marked with straight lines leading to each of the faces of the legs. To make the mold, you need to cut material on the side which is not processed.

Cut the supporting parts of the structure

To cut the material with a hacksaw, you should put it on the edge and clamp the saw in the box. The cut is strictly along the markings. Don’t forget to control side. Especially, the upper cut. Sometimes there is a need to align the bevel. This is enough to handle a plane end part of the slice.

Wooden swing-bench step 4: mounting the backrest and seat design

To form the second legs to put her first, joint to joint. After that all marks on the bevels and length are transferred into the second leg and saw off the markup.

Then both legs are stacked on edge so that the middle of the tops were placed on different sides of the cross beam. The lower part of the legs extended to the sides until, until a distance of 1.2 m. the Upper part of these parts have to fit the bolt. To check the bevels, use a ruler, applying it to the ends. Make adjustments, if need be.

Wooden swing-bench, step 5: mount the armrests

From the base of the feet measured distance of 50 cm and is applied to lower the bar. Further, the transferred lines of the legs and upper and lower bar on the relevant details. After this, the upper bar is placed on the legs. It must be done so that it was located 15 cm lower than the cross beam lies, and lies parallel relative to the first bar. Marking is carried out in exactly the same way as in the previous embodiment.

After that, the bars are removed, and the combined marking on the surface. On the set points of these elements need to be cut to the required length.

Wooden swing-bench step 6 : suspension design

Drawings of a garden swing with his own hands: build a basic part

The next phase of construction – checking the fit. Migrated marking by means of a square on the inner part of the legs.

A useful tip! You can use these 4 items as samples for the manufacture of the second side frame. She’s going the same way.

The template is set at around 22 mm and is located between the perpendicular lines on the inner side of each leg.

Wooden swing-bench step 7: process products protective compounds

Further actions are carried out in the following sequence:

  • on the external side of the leg hammered a nail with a convex head (25х65 mm);
  • the fit of the joints and hammering in nails frame;
  • the formation of holes with a drill bit whose diameter is 8 mm. the Hole should reach the Central part of each end of the bar;
  • the formation of the pilot holes with a drill whose diameter is 4.5 mm. this should be Done as deeply as possible in the middle part of the bars;

Drawing reference parts for wooden garden swings

  • tie the details through the mounting holes with screws with a square head with washers 8×100 mm. to Do this procedure with all bars;
  • the transverse beams at the appropriate place at the top of the frame;
  • the combination of the frame with faces perpendicular to the markings on the transverse beam;
  • the formation of holes with a diameter of 10 mm in the beam and in both legs;
  • clamping of parts by means of a bolt round head (125х10 mm) and a nut;
  • a reconciliation of the angles between the beam and the leg;

A-shaped design — the most reliable as a support for a swing

forming through-holes in the leg with a diameter of 4.5 mm at 30 mm from the bottom of the beam. Clamping of parts with screws (65 mm). Similar actions are performed in the upper leg. Only in this case are used for fastening other screws (38 mm).

Next you need to connect the upper bar and the bolt. The spacer is fixed through a screw, the size of which is 65 mm. the Upper part of this element is fixed to the bottom face of the beam at the end portion of the screw 38 mm in a preformed hole (4.5 mm).

The swing set on the terrace — the perfect place for hanging out with family and friends

The creation of a seat for a swing garden with his own hands out of wood

Technology of creation of the seat is carried out in stages based on the l-shaped frame of boards (40-50 mm).

Please note! Drawings of children’s swing with his own hands from wood in many ways similar to conventional designs of family type. Only in this case you can shorten the seat, making a single swing, or to add a few belts to commit each child a large seat.

Swing tray step 1: cut the pallet down to size

Step-by-step instruction of manufacturing of the seat:

  • boards should create the 3 frame parts for benches. They should have a G-shaped. Fixation is done with screws. To adjust the frame part under the bend of your spine, use carpentry tools. Because of this you will be able to achieve a comfortable posture for the back while riding;
  • frame elements should be placed along the length of the bench with the same pitch. Use a thin Board for their fastening. The resulting design will be the basis for creation of benches. The part with the vertical type of accommodation will be back, horizontal seat;

Swing tray step 2: processing of wooden seat moisture barrier composition and coating

  • the remaining area of the seat is filled with boards. Pre-run holes in them to facilitate the process of screwing the screws to prevent cracking. Ensure that the Board was located at the same distance and have equal length.
  • treat the surface with a grinding tool. Because of this you will be able to eliminate unevenness and burrs on wood;
  • secure the armrests.

Swing from the pan step 3: securing the swing by means of a cable or strong rope

Photo of a wooden swing for the garden with their hands and the process of hanging

In order to hang the seat in its lateral part (about the middle) you should set the screws with rings. Two rings are fixed at the bottom of the crossbar. These items will be used for the connection of the support and swing with the help of hangers. In this case, using the chain.

Connecting elements between the main items are the carbines. The length of the suspension is an optional extra. The optimum height for the placement of the bench is 30 cm above the ground.

Drawing double swing, suspended on a metal chain

A useful tip! The chain can be replaced with a rope or wire rope. The feasibility of this substitution is that the rope or the rope creates much less noise than the chain. But it is worth remembering that the terms of service they also reduced compared to metallic elements. Rope stretches over time under the influence of weight loads, so periodically have to correct the height of the swing.

A swing hanging on a tree with a rope

The final stage of construction

The next phase of construction will be terminated. In order to protect the finished design, swing handle need to lacerum composition. It will provide a smooth surface, will retain the natural beauty of wood and extend the operational life of the product.

Depending on personal wishes, the swing can be painted in any colors or perform the installation of a small shed. Be a little imagination at this stage, and you will be able to create a unique product.

The finished design can be decorated with pillows, blankets and other decorative elements

For more comfort you can put on the seat cushion, or small mattress, which allows to reduce the stiffness of the landing. Its size should match the size of the seat. One who is familiar with the technology of soft upholstery for furniture, it may be advisable to apply these skills when creating a swing. To make a soft, not only the seat but also the backrest and armrests, if present in your design. Do not forget that the implementation of the soft upholstery only if the product is under a roof or canopy.

Wooden and metal parts of the swing must be periodically treated with protective compounds

A photo of a child’s swing set out of wood with their hands and how to create them

Baby designs is much easier to perform, since the requirements of weight loads to them is much lower. On the other hand, rules for safety in this case to be performed rigorously, since children are extremely agile and can swing in different ways.

Children swing skateboard, hand made

The creation of children’s garden swings with their hands: video and various methods of making

The most popular designs for the garden are swings suspended type. There are a few simple methods of creating products for children.

According to the first technology uses a seat made of wood in the form of a wide and thick Board. In it are holes (a pair on each side), which is passed a rope. This is done so that the suspension has been stretched in one hole and out from another, nearby.

Children swing skateboard, step 1: prepare materials and tools

A useful tip! In order to strengthen the structure to prevent damage to the Board in the area of the holes under the seat can be installed on each side of the additional plate with through grooves. These holes should be located just below those made in the seat. The rope will pass through all the paired holes.

Baby swing from a skateboard step 2: remove the rollers from the Board and drilling holes in it

The second technology involves the creation of swing-based frame-frame made of wood. This element is tied to a horizontal bar or tree branch with ropes, and the free space is filled with small but strong plates.

Children swing skateboard step 3: prepare the wooden bars of circular cross section for armrests

As a seat for the design generated by the third means, using a half round log. It should be cut lengthwise. This seat is considered to be very durable, but requires careful handling. The surface of the timber should be well sanded and polished to get rid of knots and burrs.

Children swing skateboard, step 4: pulling the rope into the holes of the boards and bars of the armrests

The fourth option of creating a design involves the use of boards as seat and through the metal fasteners. Range of modern stores offer locking fasteners of different shapes, so you will have quite a large selection.

Children swing skateboard, step 5: consolidation of created designs on the tree with carbines

In terms of design baby swing do not impose serious limitations. To create them you can use all kinds of materials. For example, the rope can be replaced with a chain, a wooden Board used as a seat, you can replace the chair, removing his feet. Be sure to use bright colors because the abundance of colors is very popular with the children.


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