Gate with their hands. Drawings, photos and videos

When building a fence around the house or suburban area necessarily raises the question: how to make gates with their hands. Drawings, photo and video materials provided in this article will help to understand the process of installation of such structures and to determine the choice of method of opening. After a careful rendering of all the subtleties and nuances you can choose the best suited a particular plot structure, and to prepare all necessary.

Modern swing gates

The contents

  • 1 Hinged gate
    • 1.1 Swing gates with his own hands (video 1)
  • 2 Installation of swing gates
    • 2.1 Installing supporting pillars: two ways
    • 2.2 Swing gates with his own hands (video 2)
  • 3 Sliding doors
  • 4 How to install cantilever gates with their hands.
    Drawings, photos and videos of milestones

    • 4.1 Sliding doors with their hands (video)
    • 4.2 cusp sash and preparing the Foundation
    • 4.3 the Necessary fittings
  • 5 Hinged gate (video)

Swing gates

The simplest and fairly easy option is the swing door with wicket door. Such a scheme is most often used when constructing fences for private homes due to simplicity of construction and the possibility of installing their own hands.

A drawing of the arrangement of swing gates with gate

Under this scheme the sash and the gate are mounted on conventional hinges welded to the support pillars. Their mounting can be performed in two ways: internal and external sides of the supports. From mounting and varieties of loops depends on the opening side of the gate. Often the folds are made in the form of metal frames, made from a shaped tube or the metal bracket. Plating may be conducted from a variety of materials, these include:

  • wood;
  • the sheet metal;
  • the corrugated sheet.

The scheme is the creation of wrought-iron gates with their hands

Look good and forged the fold, but their creation is best left to master because of the complexity of such a process. Without special skills it is impossible to raise these gates with your hands. Drawings, photos, and videos to facilitate self-Assembly of other types of gates can be found below.

Swing gates with his own hands (video 1)

Installation of swing gates

If hinged doors are scheduled to perform from a relatively lightweight material – corrugated sheet, the supporting pillars, perfect a metal pipe having a diameter of 80-100 mm. For such tasks will approach and profiled square pipe.

Themselves doors are made of tubes with a square cross section, but smaller. Recommended dimensions 40х25х3000 mm. welded to make the frame of the sash in plain frames and then reinforcing cross members or diagonals of the same material. Be sure to include space on the wings for the bolts, locks and stops opening and closing.

Swing gates in a private house

Begin assembling such structures with the installation of supporting pillars. The following describes how to perform the installation of the supports for the gate with his hands. Drawings, photos and videos will help you understand all the intricacies of the work.

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The installation of supporting pillars: two ways

Installation of supports can be produced by two methods: conventional hammering or concreting. In order to install a metal pipe in the ground in advance to make a hole and using a large sledge hammer prop. The level of driving is about 120-130 cm

This method is the simplest, guarantees the speed and reliability of future construction. The support you need to fix to the posts of fences or if you want to yard buildings. Then welded canopies, which are then pre-hung sash.

Schematic representation of the supports and frame of the swing gate

As another method of installation of the supports you can use concreting. It can be done with or without reinforcement piping metal fittings. To do this, prepare holes with a diameter of approximately 25-30 cm and a depth of 150-200 cm, These values can vary depending on the section of the support post. On the bottom of the prepared pits so-called sleep pillow layers of sand and gravel, which are then compacted.

Hinged wooden gate

After that, the post is installed on the prepared pillow, if necessary, installs the reinforcing rail and the whole structure is poured concrete. You can use cement grades M-200, 250. While the grout is fresh, the column is set at a level and fixed more props. Look good supporting columns, made of brick. In this case, locations for mounting hinges are embedded directly into the masonry.

Swing gates with his own hands (video 2)

Sliding gate

Of all the options, sliding gates can distinguish the three most common. They are:

  • console;
  • sliding;
  • suspended.

The least popular of these varieties are hanging the gate. Their installation is limited to the height of the passage, as the top mounted metal profile, on which is hung a leaf.

In regions where winters are cold and snow is not necessary to install the sliding gate option. For their full use will have to constantly clear them of ice and snow, which is not always convenient. Otherwise, such design is quite good, they do not require a large area opening.

Design of sliding doors

Very easy to make sliding doors with their hands. Drawings, photo and video materials will help to understand the peculiarities of installation of such structures. Sliding gates need to allow space along the fence. The approximate size of the sash shown in Fig.

On the earth’s surface is equipped with special rail or profile on which the wing will move with the help of special rollers. In the upper part is also mounted roller elements, and additional brackets that will hold the blade during the movement.

Sliding gates on rollers

How to install cantilever gates with their hands.
Drawings, photos and videos of milestones

Cantilever gates are considered to be more complicated in structure than their counterparts. But it is a special device ensures reliable operation even in the frosty time of year. The main advantages of gates of this type: the lack of height restrictions and the ability to install only one support post. They have no contact with the ground rail, so their use in any weather does not cause any problems.

Sliding doors with their hands (video)

Cusp sash and preparing the Foundation

The door leaf is mounted on a prepared frame, made of metal pipe, profile, or area. The bottom guide is welded to the frame beam, inside of which is mounted roller carriage. It is these base moves in both directions, by opening and closing design.

3D sketch of a cantilever gate

A useful tip! After welding of the frame, the resulting joints should be cleaned with a grinder, and to eliminate from the entire surface lesions corrosion.

To find out the size of these gates, you need conditionally to divide them into two parts: covering the opening and the counterweight. The length of the counterweight (console side) should be 35-50% of the width of the required opening. Under the console requires the construction of Foundation to withstand the load generated by the gate during movement.

Sliding gates in private house

A useful tip! Standard doorway for ease of entry through the gate should be 4 meters. Accordingly, the length of the cantilever part will be about 2 meters.

It is necessary to prepare the channel No. 20 length is equal to the cantilever of the gate. Then dug a pit adjacent to the support post. Its size should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the channel and the depth below the level of soil freezing. Also, you must create at least two reinforcement cages to anchor the steel channel to the Foundation.

Steel channel 200 mm is placed close to the pole. The 160 mm channel fits with the distance of 50 mm from the post. Embedded in the pillars are mounted flush with the brickwork (finish)

After pouring the finished Foundation required about a month to finally stand, but after a week it attains the maximum strength, then you can begin the installation of the sash.

Examples of structures of various types of sliding gates

The necessary fittings

Fittings for cantilever gate, presented on the construction market, are quite diverse. When it is selected to take into account the width of the opening and the weight of the sash. Standard set includes:

  • 6 meter beam guide;
  • two roller supports;
  • end rollers;
  • catchers of end rollers;
  • additional device with 2 rollers;
  • the plugs for the ends of the beam.

Hinged metal gate

A useful tip! To work arrangements will not cause a problem, the rollers must be secured in the same plane.

Included usually is the Assembly manual, it can help to collect all the design of the gate with their hands. Drawings, photos and videos collected in this article will help to understand in details all nuances.

Swing gates (video)


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